[Result] SBI PO 2013 final result is out, 1513 candidates selected as probationary officers

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Unacademy Plus Mrunal Economy for Prelims and Mains UPSC!

Finally SBI PO-2013 final result is declared.
Result PDF uploaded here:

  1. sbi.co.in/webfiles/uploads/files/1375697334447_SBI_PO_ROLL_NUMBERS_ENGLISH.pdf
  2.  (alternative link) if SBI server too busy click me for google docs link

@Those who’re selected

Congratulation and download your selection-letter from here: sbi.co.in/user.htm?action=sbiporesultaug

  • Total 1513 candidates selected
  • Maximum selections in the roll number range 76********

@Those who couldn’t make it

You had reached upto the Group discussion/interview stage of SBI-PO, that alone proves that you’ve the caliber.

Many good exams upcoming: RBI grade B, IBPS-So don’t lose hope, sustain your momentum.

my best wishes for your next adventure.

Speed of result delivery

  • Written exam was taken in the last week of April 2013.
  • Final result comes in the first week of Aug 2013.
  • Approximately just 100 days, and recruitment is done. (despite the fact that ~17 lakh candidates had applied for the PO job.)
  • Perhaps UPSC, SSC and State PCS should learn something from SBI.
Indian History Freedom Struggle Pratik Nayak

427 Comments on “[Result] SBI PO 2013 final result is out, 1513 candidates selected as probationary officers”

  1. maine suna hai kuch goverment job management ke paas me hoti hai jo direct appointment letter dete hai kya se baat sach hai ?

  2. Reply to this comment

    HI Madhu

  3. hello folks,

    a silly doubt probably.. can I go to the medical test in casuals or do I need to be dressed in formals???

    1. your choice…

  4. hey parth,

    Can you tell me what all was there in the medical test and have you got the appointment letter at the same time

    1. Blood sugar test
      urine test
      chest x-ray
      eye checkup
      ultrasound- full abdomen

      these tests were only a formality- but it cost me around 1500 rupee.

      1. hey parth…wen was ur medical?? which circle hv u been allotted??

        1. on 19th august….i am in delhi circle

      2. for people at Mumbai circle Rs. 3500/-

  5. has anybody got joining letter affter medical?

  6. Has anyone completed medicals?

    1. i am from bbsr circle my medical was on 20th aug. the joining letter will come after submission of medical reports by their doctors.

  7. In a quandary…I am currently working with Accenture Gurgaon and my joining date is 9 September (medical tomorrow 23 August – New Delhi Circle).
    I haven’t yet resigned from my company and in any case I wont be able to join SBI on 9 September ( thanks to the notice period that I’ll have to serve after putting down my papers ).

    I am from Delhi and have been allotted New Delhi Circle…if I request for an extension in my doj – is it possible that they will allot me a different circle ?

    PS. I personally think the bank should have given at least a month or two’s time to the experienced candidates after medical clearance.

    1. u get time till december to join sbi….your circle will not be changed…hope this helps….

      1. Hi Parth

        What is d duration of initial training??
        And after the initial training, what is d schedule of training in the respective circle?

        And please give ur no..need a lot f details..
        I hv got Ahmedabad circle..and hv asked for extension.

        1. hii nimisha, my initial training went for 3 weeks in hyderabad. I have been posted in dehradun (delhi circle). I will be posted here for 8 months as per schedule, but it may differ for different circles.

          my no.- 9102488827

          1. hey Parth..

            hv been trying ur no..bt its nt reachable..
            did they provide for stay arrangements in hyderabad & nanital??
            ru on fb?? plz giv ur fb link..


          2. I stayed all 3 weeks in hyderabad at 2 different locations, begumpet and gachibowli. The arrangement was excellent. The staff was very nice and courteous. I had an unforgettable time their.
            find me thru parth_sarathi@hotmail.com

          3. sorry..in dehradun

  8. How to file rti against sbi? I qualify evry section and ourall cutoff but they did not checked my descreptive paper. Why?
    Plz tell me. Marks are out. Let discus.

    1. hey manmohan..wat was ur overall marks? same case with me as yours…do share ur marks details..thnx

    2. I guess even though 50 marks( descriptive English) are added to your objective total, it may not exceeded the prescribed overall cut off for 250 marks.

      1. tat shud nt b the reason for awarding zero marks…shud b? anyways i m getting 113 w/o descriptive marks ..so less than 50 marks wud hv made me into the list…thnxxx

    3. same with me,getting 100+ marks,but descriptive test marks were “zero”.

      1. Yaaa…exactly..
        what is the reason for a ZERO in descriptive test????Was it so bad as to not even get min qualifying marks???!!!

    4. Hi all,

      I have spoken with the SBI Recrutiment Cell on this number 022 – 2282 0427. They are saying that though the cutoff is 80 as has been shown but the selection is done

      1) For General – 1:5 Ratio
      2) For Others – 1:7 Ratio

      So Descriptive Papers of only those candidates in General Category who are scoring above 108 Marks have been checked.

      Moreover they are going to upload an explanation citing the reason within a couple of days.


    5. Hi all,

      I have spoken with the SBI Recruitment Cell on this number 022 – 2282 0427. They are saying that though the cutoff is 80 as has been shown but the selection is done

      1) For General – 1:5 Ratio
      2) For Others – 1:7 Ratio

      So Descriptive Papers of only those candidates in General Category who are scoring above 108 Marks have been checked.

      Moreover they are going to upload an explanation citing the reason within a couple of days.


      1. HELLO sir, can you please get the info regarding the second allotment for SBI PO is that possible, if so when can we expect that allotment??

        1. me too having the same problem


  9. Successful candidates please share your marks in all sub-tests. Thanks.

  10. Hi parth sarthi,

    U r from which circle?? Whether they are declaring it same day??
    N wat abt documents verification

    1. hii gaurav, i am from delhi circle. i had to visit sbi office two days to get medical test done and cleared by the sbi doctor. after the test was cleared they gave me “appointment letter” the same time. i have to report to hyderabad on 2nd september.

    2. the document verification happened on the first day itself when we went for the medical examination….

  11. I got above the cutoff in section wise and also total in omr paper.but my descriptive is not checked.how can I know the reason of this??

    1. same is d case with me. I m also puzzled why dis happend?

  12. MY MARKS…..

    1 Reasoning 50 10 13 26.00
    2 Data Analysis & Interpretation 50 10 13 49.00
    3 General Awareness /
    Marketing / Computer
    Knowledge 50 10 14 35.00
    4 English Language 50 10 13 41.00

    Minimum Qualifying marks in
    OBJECTIVE TEST (out of 200) 70 80 151.00

    5 Descriptive type test
    (English Language) 50 18 20 26.00

    Total Marks secured
    by you(out of 250) 177.00

    Marks secured in the Written Test by
    Last Candidate called for GD &
    INTERVIEW (out of 250) SC ST OBC GEN OH VH
    128 116 137 151 118 132

    6 Group Discussion 20 16.00
    7 Interview 30 23.00
    8 Total 50 39.00

    Minimum Qualifying marks in GD &
    Interview (out of 50) SC/ST/OBC/OH/VH GEN
    18 20

    Total marks secured by you Out of 300 Normalized to 100
    216.00 72.60

    1. 1. Reasoning – 26
      2. DI – 49
      3. GK – 35
      4. English – 41

      Total – 151

      Descriptive – 26
      Total(in written) = 177

      GD – 16
      Interview – 23

      Total – 39
      Total(out of 300) = 216
      Total (out of 100) = 72.60


        1. they don’t give rank.

      2. u must be topper ………..

      3. my daughter got Reasoning – 25, Data Analysis & Interpretation – 41, GK/Marketing/Computer knowledge – 37, English – 36 (Total 139), Descriptive (English) – 32. Thus total marks secured 171/250. But, unfortunately, she got only 7/20 in GD and 11/30 in PI (totaling 18 out of 50). Under this ‘subjective’ element of GD and PI, since she scored only 18 – and cut off being minimum of 20, she has not been selected by SBI. Is it fate? Will SBI look into this kind of subjective elements and do the needful? Is there any possibility of releasing 2nd list by SBI? If yes, when? Will SBI and someone thro’ some light on these issues?

        1. @GOVINDAN: sir,i am very sorry to hear about ur daughter. but, i have no idea about the SBI selection criteria and how they decide cut offs. but, if there comes out a second list i hope ur daughter’s name will figure in that.

          1. I got 54.10 & the cut off is 54.20(OBC).
            Is there any chances of waiting list?

      4. my roll no. is 7610118384 and DOB is 28-06-1989

        1. dude how did u prepared for DI and english..
          please let me know

      5. u got selected as sbi po?? tell me our strategy of winning po?

  13. Hi,
    Actually I got 77 total qualifying in each section but my descriptive paper was not corrected and for OBC 70 is the qualifying mark. I am puzzled why. Please help me with this.


  14. medical kab hoyega

  15. same here..cleared all sectional cutoffs and overall cut off but descriptive paper is 0..pls can anyone explain the reason for this..

    1. Same doubt!!!!
      whom to ask?????

      1. @Murali and shalini….
        U may not have cleared the descriptive paper, dats why it is showing ‘0’ marks….

    2. me too same problem…what to do?? should we file RTI??

    3. I had inquired about this and I got a reply stating this–

      Dear Candidate
      We refer to your trail mail and advise as under

      Descriptive papers of ONLY those candidates have been evaluated who have qualified in all the subjects and have secured marks in the Objective Test equal to or more than the marks mentioned below:
      SC 82
      ST 70
      OBC 93
      GEN 108
      OH 73
      VH 70

      DGM CRPD

  16. same here guys..i got 89 in objective test n i think to get the GD call we had to get minimum 151 marks.
    even if i would have got 50 out of 50 in descriptive test then also i couldnt make 151 as
    89+50=139 only..
    i dnt knw exactly but perhaps this may be the reason for not getting GD call.
    But why they are showing 0 marks even i dnt knw..

    wht say guys??

  17. Hey applied for extension stating the reason of civil services mains????
    Please share….

    1. yes i did. till December 31 it won’t be a problem. but you cannot give IAS mains as a reason. go for something else and please don’t give a medical reason

      1. did your request for extension get approved?

        1. i submitted it yesterday when i went for my appointment letter. they approved it informally. today after formal approval they’ll send the confirmation letter in 3-4 days. they were ok with the reason i mentioned

          1. what reason did u mentioned

          2. plz share what reason can be given in place of notice/medical/mains reason?

          3. kindly tell me what reson did u mentioned.
            my joining date is 30 sep

  18. Can u please suggest a reason???

    1. some family issues, any Master’s Degree Exam of some university etc

      1. Did you just mention about it or did they ask you to show some proof for it?

  19. @dushyant
    Can you please tell us the reason you have given so we can get an idea of what kind of excuses we can make..

    1. i enrolled my self this year for ignou MPA. so just said my mid-sessional exams in December

  20. I have not mentioned any reason as of now….thinking about that….

  21. Reasoning 27
    Data analysis 44
    GS 34
    Eng 19
    Descriptive 33
    total 157
    Interview 19(9+10) (cut off was 20, which means I disqualified in interview,I did perform well in GD no doubt in that)
    (had I got 33 or 34 in overall interview marks I would’ve been in the selected list)
    Guys, what I want to share here is my experience…
    The above result was not surprising to me, as I knew it the moment I came out of the Interview hall.
    Reason being, I bluffed on three issues and I was caught on the spot.
    one about, my civils preparation, two about my reason for not joining TCS, three about the situation of current economy(I misleadingly told that IIP of this 1st quarter is more than previous year’s 1st quarter).
    though I didn’t prepare at all either for written or for Interview, I can’t show the reason as a scapegoat. The real reason for my failure is lack of honesty, but it was not inherent in my character. I was misguided by some people and took the task of bluffing, in which I utterly failed. any organisation looks for honest candidates. so, I request all the aspirants of any exam to not to bluff at any cost and do what your heart says.
    This I will surely keep in my mind, if I clear mains this year and go for interview.

  22. Can anyone suggest a valid reason that can be quoted for getting an extension before Joining SBI? I am giving my Civil services Mains this year. N having heard that the work as PO will be hectic, have no other choice to properly prepare. So Plz help me with ur Suggestions.

    1. please someone throw some light. I am also in the same boat… Do i need to request for extension at the time of medical or later ?

  23. Is there any1 who got selected in indian overseas bank for the post of rural development oficr thrugh ibps (spcecl recruitment of oficrs) whose reportng is on 22nd sep.2013 ???

  24. my daughter missed an opportunity to join SBI as PO as she just got 18 out 20 cutoff in respect of GD. In other subjects, she scored very well. Is there any scope for release of 2nd list with less cut off mark in GD and other papers. someone with the knowhow may advise people like us suitably. Please, at least, let us know the probability of releasing 2nd list with slightly less cut off marks.

    1. sir, i dont think ur daughter will be there in 2nd list..becoz..since the ratio was 1:2..so ur daughter got eliminated..so there is no meaning in releasing waiting list which wil contain the eliminated candidates..

      But there is a great chance, dat sbi wil release 2n list of interviews (fresh candidates)..

      Hope u got my point..
      Thank u..

      1. I got 54.10 & the cut off is 54.20(OBC).
        Is there any chances of being in the waiting list if there is any?

    2. Its unfortunate..even i have got 164 but only 18 in gd+int..but if second list will come it will be only for those who have passed in gd+pi.So..as per me..no second list for us.

  25. meri joining 18 Sep ko hai Delhi circle me


  27. Please guide me for documents verification, medical round…..whether same day clearance will be given or after some days and medical is it tough to clear????

  28. SK. SUSHANT KANDWAL aapki joining kab hai
    kya aapko pta lga hai aapki joining kis date ko hai

  29. meri joining 2nd sept ko gurgaon apex training institute mein thi. mere medical 20th ko tha par main dene nahi gaya. main civil main ki preparation kar raha hun. isiliye main bank join nahi kar raha.

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