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Update Jan-06-2015: IBPS CWE result is declared Click ME
—remaining part of this article is already known to you.

  1. IBPS CWE: Sacred cutoffs
  2. Online MCQ paper: 200 marks

IBPS CWE: Sacred cutoffs

Section Max. Score SC/ST/OBC/PWD General
Reasoning 40 awaited awaited
English 40
Maths 40
GA 40
Computer 40
total 200


Section Max. Score SC/ST/OBC/PWD General
Reasoning 50 6 10
English 40 3 6
Maths 50 4 6
40 6 8
Computer 20 5 7
Total 200
  • OBC:60
  • SC:50
  • ST:26
  • HI|OC|VI: 26|47|27

Online MCQ paper: 200 marks

I request the players to do the same for IBPS-CWE-IV: share their exam-experience in comments below, preferably in following format:

  1. General Awareness 40 marks
    1. What was the span of current affairs (3 months, 6 months, 8 months..)
    2. How much was current affairs vs static theory?
    3. How much portion from banking and economy questions? Example questions?
    4. Within banking segment- how much current vs static theory?
    5. Did they ask anything from economic survey / budget 2014?
    6. How much focus on [PIN] persons in news, books, authors, awards etc.? Example questions?
    7. Did they ask any marketing questions?
    8. How many trivial GK type (e.g. how many crores allotted in xyz scheme- this type of questions asked in RBI assistant. so did IBPS CWE follow that trend?)
    9. How many questions did you attempt in this section correctly?
  2. Reasoning 40 marks
    1. Variety of questions- sitting arrangement/ syllogism / input-out etc?
    2. Did they ask non-verbal reasoning? (Image based questions) if yes what variety? (Paper folding / mirror images / dice color etc.)
    3. Overall Difficulty level and how many questions did you attempt in this section correctly?
  3. Maths/ Numerical ability 40 marks
    1. How many BODMAS questions? (e.g. 6789-7453+1241=? x 64)
    2. Questions from interest rate, profit-loss, time work etc.
    3. How many from Mensuration part (Area, Volume perimeter?)
    4. How many Data interpretation sets given? Avg. no of questions per set?
    5. Difficultly level of DI sets- (A) easy questions but lengthy calculation (B) difficult questions but easy calculation (C) both questions and calculations were difficult.
    6. Did they ask permutation, combination, probability and Venn diagrams?
    7. Did they ask any geometry theory question (line and length, angle bisector, length of diagonals in parallelogram etc)
    8. How many questions did you attempt in this section correctly?
  4. English language 40 marks
    1. How many Qs from comprehension? Their length and difficultly level compared to other exams?
    2. Did they ask separate questions on vocabulary, phrases, synonym-antonym etc? (or was it part of the comprehension passage e.g. what is the meaning of underlined word in passage)?
    3. Did they ask sentence arrangement sets like CDS?
    4. Did they ask sentence correction, if yes how difficult?
    5. How many grammar questions (active-passive, direct-indirect, do as directed.)
    6. Overall, Difficulty level and how many questions did you attempt in this section correctly?
  5. Computer Knowledge 40 marks
    1. Natural and internal breakup: how many from MS office, internet, security, hardware, software etc.
    2. how many questions did you attempt in this section correctly?


  1. Overall, how many question did you attempt (out of 200 marks)
  2. If you had appeared in previous IBPS CWE exam, what’s your observation about length-difficultly level of this year, compared to last year?
  3. Any other Wisdom and tips for future aspirants.

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266 Comments on “[IBPS CWE] Written Exam result out”

  1. IBPS – CWE (clerk) cleared…..finally alloted allahabad bank….!!! anyone from allahabad also allted allahabad bank clerk pls reply…

  2. Hi Mrunal Sir i m in the wait list of clerk from MP with 0.4 mrks can u just help,me to knw what are my chances too b cld fr joining and till when is the wait list result announced.. It would b very helpful for me..

    1. it will be announced on 31st march 2016..so use this one year for preparation of another exam.this job is secure for u..dont worry

  3. Hello Sir,

    Thank you so much for such guidance. I am selected for Postal Assistant this year but dreaming for IAS. I am done with NCERTs.
    Can you guide me how can I better prepare myself for the same.

  4. i m 22,,given 2014 upsc mains as first attempt nd waitng for result. i got PNB PO in ths ibps exam,,family suggests to join it,,i dont no abcs of banking culture nd job nature or anythng regrding punjab national bank,,.i googled a lot regarding pnb work load nd work culture,,bt i culdnt decide wethr i shuld join it or shuld wait for another upsc excitng year..
    waitng for honest reply.

  5. congratz to all those who got selection..nw i need ur guidence..i am an aspirant of ibps po exam…maths being my weakest section i am unable to clear many of my previous bank exams.How should i prepare for maths???

  6. how many que should we attempt for ibps po???this tym the pattern has als changed..how will be the questions asked in prelims and mains???

  7. I have been provisionally selected for Punjab National Bank PO and State Bank of Hyderabad PO this year.I am planning to appear in the UPSC CSE Prelims 2015.Ideally I’d have liked to prepare for the exam without the added pressure of a job but since I cannot afford to do that,I would like to know which bank would be more preferable for a Civil Services aspirant.

  8. hi can anyone give me a suggestion please..i got po in uco bank(2014 waiting list) and this year selected as a po in IDBI bank..now i am in confusion that which bank is better…

  9. Hi… I m preparing for ibps po. Need guidance regarding how to prepare ga.. any specific topics which were asked in earlier years.. plzz suggest..

  10. hi every one……all of u are telling ur achievements whichever u got.and i wish to know the preparation plans in getting them.how should one have to prepare to get a po.and which books to read…because am almost in depression as am not clearing any of exams…in banking….can anyone kindly help me in geetiing a job…pls mail me ur guidance and suggestions @jyothi.mhs@gmail.com n sve me from this confusion….

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