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  2. Platinum Category
  3. The Three winners
  4. Gold category
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  6. Bronze category
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Here comes the result for the Writing competition of October 2013. Zip file containing all entries, given at bottom of this page.

If we combine the good entries from September+October competition, you’ve really decent collection of articles/material/fodder material/revision ready notes for the following topics of UPSC Mains 2013:

  1. General studies Paper 1
    • Art/Culture
    • Post-independence consolidation and reorganization
    • Effects of Globalization on Indian Society.
    • Social empowerment
  2. General studies Paper 2
    • Comparison of the Indian constitutional scheme with that of other countries
    • Salient features of the Representation of People’s Act.
    • Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests
    • e-governance- applications, models, successes, limitations, and potential;
    • Welfare schemes for vulnerable sections of the population
    • Issues relating to poverty and hunger.
    • India and its neighborhood- relations.
    • + Many current affair topics about Polity
  3. General studies Paper 3
    • Inclusive growth
    • PDS, Food security
    • Infrastructure, investment models+ Many current affair topics about Economy
    • Environmental impact assessment
    • robotics, nanotechnology
    • Disaster Management
    • Intellectual Property Rights
    • Role of external state and non-state actors in creating challenges to internal security.
    • Role of media and social networking sites in internal security
    • basics of cyber security;
    • money-laundering and its prevention
    • Security challenges and their management in border areas;
    • linkages of organized crime with terrorism
  4. General studies Paper 4
    • Contribution of Thinkers from India and World
    • Corporate governance

The collective savings of manhours, electricity and internet bandwidth, as a result of these notes =it’d run into lakhs of rupees. Therefore, I consider this competition a great success.

By the way, some readers suggested I should release them into non-copiable PDF files to prevent others (=Delhi’s Xerox centers/coaching/magazine wallas/spam-bloggers) from using these entries but I’m releasing them as editable MS word files so you can further trim, update, consolidate, merge these articles as per your requirements- to make the best revision notes for your personal use.

Platinum Category

Names in alphabetical order. My only regret is that I don’t have 16 books otherwise I’d have definitely given it to them.

Aditya Ravichandran India Bangladesh. Comprehensive, just like his previous article submission on India-Afghanistan during September competition. Should help for GS2: India and its neighborhood- relations.
Ankush Pratap Singh Border Management. Pretty thorough and updated, full of maps, provided direct points for India’s border issues with each of its neighbors. Should help for GS3 Security challenges and their management in border areas, as well as GS2: India and its neighborhood relations + interview.
Devaraj Subramanian PIB October compilation. He has covered the news related to IR, Sci-tech, economy etc. from Pib.nic.in and supplemented it with newspaper reports. Excellent to the point coverage. Should serve as ‘lighthouse’ on how to use Pib.nic.in efficiently.
Kavi Deependra Diesel Pricing policy. His article should settle all the doubts regarding Subsidy, Under-Recovery, the recent issue about EPP/TPP. So next time you see a debate/column about diesel pricing, you can grasp it even better.
Manasa Srinivasan Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission. Has covered all the All the suggestions in brief for quick revision.
Manikandan A Manual Scavenging and Government initiatives. Nice coverage for rights issues related topics under GS2.
Marudavanan.S Illegal Immigration and Ethnic Conflicts of NE India. Has started coverage from pre-independence history till now. Should help for GS1 Post-independence consolidation and reorganization within the country as well as GS3 internal security.
Rahul Singh WTO vs Food security. Agreement on Agriculture, India’s stand on Agro subsidies etc. Should help for GS2: global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests.
R.Dharmendra Cropping Patterns. He has covered variety of food crops, cash crops, oilseeds, spices and fruits. Will help in GS3 + also for UPSC’s newfound love for agriculture in CSAT and CAPF MCQs.
Rajith Comparing Constitution. Made a nifty tabulated note out of M.Laxmikanth’s public administration book, this should help to non-public administration candidates for GS2 topic: Comparison of the Indian constitutional scheme with that of other countries
Rimpa Dutta Resolving Issues in the India-Bangladesh relationships. Has discussed about water, border, security issues affecting the cordial relationship and the solutions for them. Should help for GS3+ interview.
Sandip Yadav Compilation of Culture-Dance-Painting-Drama. Very nice collection, full of pictures and revision friendly bullets and headings. if you keep updating this with other books- becomes a killer revision note for 2 markers under GS1, as well as for UPSC’s newfound love of ‘culture’ in CSAT MCQs.
Santosh Kumar Behera India After independence. Has covered major events from NCERT etc. total 92 pages but still quick revision for the way he has assembled it. (PS: Not considered for prize, because he said giving out of goodwill, don’t want the books.)
Shrey Khanna Comparing Constitution. Has covered the polity-administration of US, UK , France, German, Swiz and China for GS2. At the end of each country, he has given quick revision table comparing them with India.
Sunny Raj Terrorism. Yes terrorism is a very clichéd topic, but he has given neat fodder points- useful for any Essay/Group discussion/interview. that’s why in platinum category.
Swati Tiwari Role of NGO and SHG. Supplemented with lot of diagrams, ready revision and fodder points + gave historical overview. Useful for GS2.

The Three winners

This ranking is only for the sake of giving three book prize. Otherwise all 16 are winners in their own capacity. Tough to choose, even individual Jury members had quite different views. But ultimately I’ve gone by majority view.

First Prize

Goes to Border Management article by Ankush Pratap Singh. He has provided direct points for India’s border issues with each of its neighbors. Article is through with past and present issues. Should help for GS3 Security challenges and their management in border areas, as well as GS2: India and its neighborhood relations + interview.

Second prize

Goes to Culture compilation by Sandip Yadav. He has made a neat compilation of painting, dance, drama, architecture, music from ccrtiindia and other resources. IF you keep updating this word file with whatever new points you come across from other books, websites etc. it’ll become a killer revision note for MCQs and 2Markers.

Third prize

Goes to Diesel Pricing policy by Kavi Deependra. His article should settle the doubts regarding Subsidy, Under-Recovery and the recent controversy about EPP/TPP. So next time you see a debate/column about diesel pricing, you can grasp it even better.

Congratulations to these winners, I’ll contact them one more time to confirm their address and then prize books will be dispatched.

Gold category

Names in Alphabetical order. These are excellent entries in terms of writer’s effort, layman friendly language and revision-ready coverage.

Abhishek Kumar Women’s Movement. Goodwill contribution, author asked not to consider it for prize.
Abhishek Sharma Border Management. Goodwill contribution, author asked not to consider it for prize.
Abinaya Sakthivel Rural credit in India.
Akanksha Tiwari WTO vs agriculture subsidies. Explains Agreement on Agriculture, India’s stand and concerns. Combined Akansha+ Rahul Singh’s article =topic is almost ‘the end’ in terms of revision.
Anil Kumar Sports related schemes. good coverage for otherwise neglected topic.
Anjneya Varshney Border Management. Goodwill contribution, author asked not to consider it for prize.
Anurag Mishra major schemes and they analysis: MNREGA, ICDS, SEZ. Gives features, problems, solutions.
Anurag Ramkumar Mishra SEZ- features, problems, controversies.
Arun Chettiar Robotics, Nanoscience and Nobel 2013. Very comprehensive article as far as GS3 goes.
Chitralekha Tiwari Health related schemes and Issues.
Dashrath Hembade International Economy-Bodies. Quick revision for GS3
Deepak Padmakumar Integration of Princely states. For GS1, neatly summarized note.
Dipankar Sharma PIB compilation Jan to April 2013.
Divya V Prabhu Egypt Crisis, the whole coverage since the beginning, in a layman friendly language.
Harshit Narang India and its neighbours. Goodwill contribution, author asked not to consider it for prize.
Hepzibah Beulah Comparing Constitution
Indrajeet singh Indian Judiciary- some issues
Jasleen Kaur Cyber security, overview of Indian laws
K.Manikandan Telengana Issue explained. Neat coverage for GD/interview.
Kartikey Jani Rural education. gave salient features of various schemes and the problems.
Nabeel Mohammed Salim Rupee depreciation. He explained the domestic and foreign causes behind.
Nameet GST: issues, benefits. Has given direct points that should help for any descriptive Qs, Group discussion or interview.
Neelanjay Sarkar Mohan’s China visit. Brief coverage of all the deals and issues for quick revision for GS3.
Neeraj Kumar Representation Of The People Act. Goodwill contribution, author asked not to consider it for prize. But writer’s effort is commendable in making the topic layman friendly.
Neha Mittal Money Laundering. Current provisions, future suggestions.
Nikita Kametkar Dances of India. Goodwill contribution, author asked not to consider it for prize. Contains photos and brief features.
Nilesh Nayan Reorganization of States. Also listed the demand for new states.
P.Sasidhar Reddy Devolution of Powers. Should also help in Public Administration.
Pradyumn Gaurav Shale Gas the Sanjivani for India. Significance, Potential.
Prithvirajsinh Zala Conflict in 7 sisters. Combine this with Marudavanant’s article Illegal Immigration and Ethnic Conflicts of NE India=the topic is almost finished.
R.PADMA KISHORE Language problem and national consolidation. Neat summary note from Bipin Chandra – useful for GS1 as well as GD/interviews.
Rahul Singh TPP Vs RCEP Vs TTIP – Implication on India
S. Gopal Raghuram Rajan Panel Report.
S.Aruna Foreign Educational Institutions bill
Suraj Gupta Nuclear Energy, its importance to India and World and Liability Law
Vikram Prakash Otari Fall of rupee. He explained it with the analogy of swine flu and onion pricing.

Silver category

(without meaning even an ounce of disrespect to any individual) These articles could have been in Gold/platinum/even prize winners, but I/jury felt that:

  1. They could have added some more angles/ fodder points AND/OR
  2. They could have compressed/structured/simplified the article a little bit more.

But that doesn’t take away the fact these articles are really good and useful for the exam. So my respects and salutations for their effort and their spirit of sharing.

Names in Alphabetical order:

Abhishek Omatry Border security
Abilash R K History-Ancient Dynasties
Aditya Sangotra Poverty line estimation
AGAM JAIN Nobel 2013
Amit sankhla Nanotech
Anam Singla Agri and Rural Development
Ankit Agarwal Street Vendor’s bill
Anshul Prakash Vaccines, PATH controversy. Goodwill contribution, author asked not to consider it for prize.
Anurag Singh comparison of courts of India, ex-USSR, China and USA
Arun Chettiar World history-Germany,Italy,Vietnam
Ashutosh Katiyar Biopiracy
Ashutosh Katiyar Nuclear Fusion
Atul Yadav PIN compilation for Sept.2013
B L Venkat Narayana M Terrorism
B. Hari Teja Telegram
B.Udhayakumar Food security, PDS, AAY etc.
B.Udhayakumar PDS system related points from IGNOU
B.Udhayakumar Border Management
Bharath Kamaraj R India’s relations with Ethiopia, Bhutan, Tajik etc.
Dinesh R.T.I vs political parties
Eswar Prasad Choudhury rights issue
Eswar Prasad Choudhury Israel-Palestine
Inderjit Singh Changes in Industrial Policy and its effect on growth. Goodwill contribution, author asked not to consider it for prize.
Jagat .A.Poriya Constitution of India
Jyoti Anandani Public Health in India
M V Teja Chilamakuri India’s relations with Afghanistan
MAHARSHI RAVAL Cyber security policy in India
Manisha Chakravarty Features of Indian Society. Decent fodder points for GS1
Mohammed Yunus Montreal protocol
Naina Agarwal World History Fall of Berlin Wall
Nalinesh Chand Disaster  Management
Nava Bharavi Pampana Money Laundering
Neeraj Gaur PDS and TDPS. Goodwill contribution, author asked not to consider it for prize.
PRATIK POMANNAWAR Diaspora schemes
Rajan Clinical Trials
Rakesh Prudhvi Kasthuri Uttarakhand tragedy
Ravi Kunal Nayyar Money Laundering, its impact on nations
SDHANGSU KUMAR GHOSH Tourism in India some fodder points
Sunil Chinese String in Space
Sweety Gupta Immigration and Emigration policies
VIJAY PRAKASH Environment impact Assessment
VIKRANTH RAJA A WTO and food security
Vishvender Rana Biofuels
Vishwajeet kumar singh UIDAI
Vivek Kataria Disaster  Management

Bronze category

Would have been in higher category if they had been less essay-ish and more revision friendly, as per the competition rules. Again I say that without meaning an ounce of disrespect to anyone. These are good reads, provide nice fodder points for the exam, hence I appreciate your gesture of sharing knowledge with the community.

Names in Alphabetical order:

Ajit Kumar Nayak Agricultural Subsidy
Akshay Anand Secularism and Communlism
Alok Kumar India’s economy story: There is hope yet
Bharath Dabbikar Superstition
Debalina Biswas Capital Punishment
G.Dineshkumar Presidential system vs Parliamentary system
Muhammed Rafi P Analysing India’s past and present
Naresh idea of india becomimg super power
Neeraj Gaur NOTA judgement
Payal Agarwal Food Wastage- whose Fault
Payal Agarwal Nuclear weapon
Ravi Sharma Science and Religion
Rupal Agarwal Population of India
Shashikant Mehta TERRORISM
Vidya Sagar Jagati Slum problem

Optional Subject

Aiman Reyaz Philosophy: Rene Descartes
Jeeva Geomorphology mindmap
Nilesh Kumar Garasiya Public Administration paradigms

Download the Zip file

For October 2013 entries: Zip file size 13MB

server#1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0DPgaYAtDgmbzQ2N2RXVVQweVE/edit?usp=sharing


server#2: https://files.secureserver.net/0sSWGE9zrrGfe9

(on google drive  link, click on “file”=>Download (ctrl+S) then it’ll allow you to download the zip file)

google docs folder for writing competition

For September 2013 entries:



server #2: https://files.secureserver.net/0sQhJCGsj77XvZ


  1. Thanks everyone for participating and sharing. And if anyone feels hurt for not getting his/her due recognition/ranking despite the contribution, then my sincerest apologies.
  2. Notification for November competition will be released soon
  3. Some entries have been rejected when I (or Jury members) felt that article was borderline to copyright violation of some book, or lifted too much from wiki/coaching material etc. without putting much effort.
  4. However if you think you didn’t belong that category and yet your article is not in above list, then probably I made some error while making the excel spreadsheets of author vs subject. In that case, plz contact me via email and I’ll update the list.