[Troubleshoot] Site Theme/Layout problems & solutions- just clear temp cache files in your browser (+SSC extends deadline for CGL 2014 Applications)

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Mrunal's Win22 Series for Economy Updates for UPSC Prelims & Mains 2022

IMPORANT: SSC CGL has extended the last date to apply (22nd Feb for part 1 online).

  1. #1: Green bar/logo on left sidebar= can’t read text from article
  2. #2: font size is ridiculously small
  3. #3: Cannot see sidebar of “Job application/last date to apply”
  4. #4: Top black menu (with lot of links) is gone
  5. #5: Background color is stressful on eyes
  6. #6: Print button not working
  7. ya but what the hell you shifted to new theme?
  8. Features of the new theme
  9. (Free) Download links for latest web browsers

Most of the theme related issues have been sorted out. But still if site is not functioning properly, then Clear history/cache/temp files from your browser and it should display properly.

#1: Green bar/logo on left sidebar= can’t read text from article

“Green bar” problem is solved long time ago. But if text is still not visible then:

Firefox and Chrome

  • On your keyboard Press “ctrl+shift+del” key together. A new window pops up. Tick all options in it and press “clear”. then close the browser, and start again.
  • (This will clear the redundant css/cache/history/temp files and then webpage will be properly displayed.)
  • Alternatively, use Ccleaner program to clear history/temp files. http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner
  • In the worst case scenario, turn off your modem. Start after few minutes. [Reason: site detects IP address and shows very old static pages to certain group of visitors from a different server to decrease the load.]

#2: font size is ridiculously small

I’ve tested the site with different browsers. Fonts are displaying properly: (Click to enlarge following thumbnails)

Chrome v32

Mrunal site on chrome 32

Firefox v27

Mrunal site on Firefox 27

Opera v19: Click me

Internet explorer10: Click me
But still, if fonts are not displayed properly in your system, then two possible reasons:

  1. Your browser is outdated.
  2. Your browser’s inbuilt settings are overriding the site’s font size.

Solution on Google Chrome browser

  • Goto settings menu,
  • New window comes.
  • at the bottom, there is small blue link “advanced settings”
  • The menu expands. look for a button “Customize fonts”. New window comes,
  • There you pick font size as per your requirements.

Solution on Firefox browser

  • Tools menu=> Options => new window comes.
  • in this new window, click on “content” tab. and play with the settings as per your requirement. (you can even click on “advanced” button to change even more settings)

#3: Cannot see sidebar of “Job application/last date to apply”

It is available on the homepage of Mrunal.org (right column). if your screen is small, right column will be collapse, click on the green button on top right corner to expand it.

Old theme design was like this:

(left column) (main article) (right column)

old theme single page

Result= very less reading space available to read the main article, if you don’t have widescreen monitor.

Therefore, in the new theme, I’ve removed the (right column) from single articles. = so, you can read more lines without having to scroll down.

new theme-single page

The right column is only visible on the home page of Mrunal.org

#4: Top black menu (with lot of links) is gone

It is replaced by a slick new black menu (with less links).

Reason:  the previous black menu doesn’t work well on all browsers of all sizes. And created problems for people accessing the site through mobiles/tablets (and Internet Explorer).

The new Menu creates some problems for tablets (opens links rather than opening on submenus). But I’m working on it. and In the meantime, if you’re looking for a particular article, simply type a few keywords in the google search box on the left hand corner.

#5: Background color is stressful on eyes

The color combo of the main body of the article is same as usual from the old theme. i.e.

  1. top wiki-like table in coffee color,
  2. background is white,
  3. Heading1 is blue
  4. Heading2 is coffee color.

Observe the screenshot:(Click to enlarge)
colorscheme is same
so, if the website is not displayed like this in your browser. It means your harddisk still has old cookies/cache files/temporary files.
Solution: Firefox and Chrome
On your keyboard Press “ctrl+shift+del” key together. A new window pops up. Tick all options in it and press “clear”. then close the browser, and start again.
(This will clear the redundant css/cache/webpage files and then webpage will be properly displayed.)

#6: Print Button not working

Q. even if I click on the print button (pink colored button @the bottom right corner of the article), still it doesn’t open separate print page

Solution: Slowly move your mouse over it, then it’ll detect your cursor and change its color.  then you click.

However, it does seem to have some type of glitch in chrome. I’m still working to fix it.
“Judaad” solution in the meantime= type “/Print” at the end of URL and it should take you to the print page.
inconvenience regretted in the meantime.

ya but what the hell you shifted to new theme?

  • Since 2012, I had been holding on to that old theme mostly like “jugaad”- Temporarily fixing CSS/PHP codes here and there, because I did not want to waste time in testing new design.
  • As a result, site had very become slow and cluttered. From the front end, it looked okay, but behind from the server side, that old theme was held together threadbare by redundant memory sucking codes. Situation was messier than UPA coalition.
  • Few weeks back, WordPress released a new version with code improvements to the core-platform. My old theme was incompatible with it. My “jugaad” lifeline was over. I had to swallow the bitter pill, and switch to a new theme before the entire site became dysfunctional.

That’s why shifted to new theme. It’s mostly “push” factors than “pull factors”.
I agree, the color combo is not the best in the world, but please bear with me for a few more days. Because If I continue to work on  fixing the theme color combo then I won’t be left with time to work on rail budget, interim budget and CDS answerskey articles. So, more color tweaking has been postponed for a few days/weeks. And Inconvenience highly regretted in the meantime.

Features of the new theme

  1. (In theory) highly optimized PHP & CSS codes. Overall site performance improved- whether you open new page or write new comment, it functions silky smooth with minimum consumption of internet bandwidth.
site google pagespeed score out of 100 (higher is better)
google itself 91
facebook 90
Mrunal 86
Hindu 72
idsa.in 67
pib.nic.in 60

Although in real life- the difference is only of a few microseconds. But over the month, it’ll save quite a few megabytes in your internet bill (especially on mobile plans).

  1. Single articles have only one column on left side= more reading space, less need to scroll down the page. (job application column only visible on home page.)
  2. New theme has “Responsive” design. Meaning it automatically adjusts itself according to the size of your browser. It’ll collapses menus and sidebars when you open the site in tablets and mobile phones] For (Android) mobiles/tablets please use UC browser or Opera browser for best results. Keep your device in horizontal /landscape position.

(Free) Download links for latest web browsers

  1. Chrome
  2. Firefox
  3. Opera
  4. (Android) UC Browser
  5. (Android) Opera Browser
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58 Comments on “[Troubleshoot] Site Theme/Layout problems & solutions- just clear temp cache files in your browser (+SSC extends deadline for CGL 2014 Applications)”

  1. got it mrunal sir….the problem is that we dont see the things with others point of view now after ur explaination …i also agree with ur changed theme…and its rightly said that only one thing is CONSTANT IN THIS WORLD AND THATS “CHANGE”….

  2. mrunal….. do u operate this site on ur own… or u hv hired a web-designer for this…. to run and maintain this site… on ur behalf ??….m jusst asking… :P coz u r enhancing it day by day..whicih is very appreciable…

  3. sir, i cant access ur archive page which i prevoiusly bookmarked… while i try to open it, am getting a blank page… what should be done??

  4. mrunal ji samsung galaxy s7562 with opera mini browser having problem with opening of tables content of older post ie some part of the table is not opening… since opera mini is fastest in android browsers so it must be used…..plz have a look

  5. Sir,
    The only change I would recommend is to change the front page headline like view. Missing old thumbnails.

  6. oh i always knew i made up a bad engineer but i was not sure. This article confirms that , a way far too technical for me. Nevertheless i could make out something good has happened. Apologies for pressing the panic button. Thank you for addressing the issue and keep it up sir.

  7. Mrunal’s EXCLUSIVE layout and contents are the reason beside this site’s huge popularity…This site is UNIQUE in its all round style of comprehensive cum simple presentation…keep it up sir…all the prayers with U….much much thanks…

  8. Well done Mrunal bhai … ThanQ . !! Purane wale me Rahul Gandhi wala Advertisement bahut jyda aata tha :P

  9. Hi Mrunal Bhai,
    India 2014 has been released. I already have India 2013 and read some portion out of it. Should I purchase new one or can continue with 2013??

  10. Mrunal, good job! The only element I miss in the new design is those good ol’ thumbnails. Sunny Deol’s pic for law articles always reminded me of ‘तारीख पे तारीख’! :-D
    I hope you will restore the thumbnails in near future. Cheers to good work!

  11. mobile opera doesnt open up mrunal.org lyk b4,mrunal sir pls look into it,many ppl hv aces to ur inputs thru smartphones only.previosly it opened quite wel on low end smartphone,bt alas nw its opening in as interactive way as b4.pls look into tis mater urgently.

  12. Thanks..But I have a silly question though..since many of them would be banking on this treasure….hope you have taken care of security concerns …If some nonsense fella/your immediate rivals/coaching juntas try bringing down the website/try hacking it….then wealth of info would be compromised…
    I know its a silly one …but strong and potential info to look into.

    All the best if you are preparing for this year exam too! wish to see you up there

  13. SSC has increased age limit for post of Statistical Investigator Grade-II, Assistant Enforcement Officer,Sub-Inspector, CBI.
    is this change is permanent or it is only for 2014 ??

  14. your old site used to easily open in opera browser in low end smartphones till date…now when u have changed the appearance…the mobile site is not tat attractive nor are people like me who generaly access ur site thru mobiles are able to get the ease in access in locating as well as following the new topics…also many other imp matters appearing in ur sites previous version are missing in the new version of ur site(esp. in mobile site used on phones) kindly rectify this asap so that ur site is easily accesible to low and mid end smartphone users rather than just high end smartphones

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