UPSC declares official cutoffs for 2013: Even Prelims had minimum passing marks in each paper! Cutoffs increased sharply for each category

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  1. Official cutoffs for CS
  2. Minimum passing marks: Prelims
  3. Prelim Cutoffs Comparison Last three years
  4. Minimum Passing Marks Mains

UPSC has declared the official cutoff marks for Civil service exam 2013 (Prelims, mains and interview stage)

Original source:

You wont find above link on the FrontPage of UPSC website but if you click on “Examination” section & then scroll down to “cutoff marks”, you’ll see it.

Official CSAT cutoffs

Exam CS (Prelim)* CS (Main)# CS(Final)
General 241 564 775
OBC 222 534 742
SC 207 518 719
ST 200 510 707
PH-1 Ortho 199 510 725
PH-2 Visual 184 502 718
PH-3 Hearing 163 410 613
Total 400 1750 2025
  • *Subject to minimum of 30 marks in Paper-I and 70 marks in Paper-II.
  • #Subject to 10% marks in each of the seven competitive papers i.e. Essay, GS-I, GS-II, GS‑III, GS-IV, Optional –I and Optional-II.

Minimum passing marks: Prelims

  • From the above * and # , now we know UPSC’s official system of “minimum passing marks” (this was never disclosed in RTIs so far).
  • it implies that if you failed to reach minimum passing marks in any one paper then they won’t select you for next stage, even if you get best marks in other papers.
  • BUT overall merit list prepared by combing scores of both GS + Aptitue paper.
MAX marks Minimum
Must get
atleast __ MCQs
CSAT (GS) 100 Q x 2 = 200 30 15
CSAT (Aptitude) 80 Q x 2.5= 200 70 28
total 400

*assume no MCQs is wrongly attempted.

PS: unlike Bank exams there is no sectional cutoffs within an individual paper. (This is confirmed via RTI many times)

Prelim CSAT Cutoffs: Comparing last 3 years

chart UPSC CSAT Cutoffs 2011-2013

Cutoffs increased significantly between 2012 vs 2013!


out of 400 2011 2012 2013
GEN 198 209 241
OBC 175 190 222
SC 165 185 207
ST 161 181 200
PH1- Ortho 135 160 199
PH2-Visual 124 164 184
PH3-Hearing 96 111 163

Minimum Passing Marks Mains

Subject Max.
Compulsory English 300 75*
Compulsory Indian Language 300 90*
Essay 250 25
GS1 250 25
GS2 250 25
GS3 250 25
GS4 250 25
OPT.PAPER1 250 25
OPT.PAPER2 250 25
TOTAL (ignoring Compulsory papers, they’re not counted in merit) 1750

*UPSC officially mentioned these minimum passing marks of language papers, in the Notification of CSE-2014.

PS: In 2011 and 2012, UPSC did not have two options and two GS papers, so comparative table of 2011 vs 12 vs 13 is meaningless. Because entire mains system is changed.

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