UPSC uploads Marksheet of CSAT Prelims and Mains examination of 2013, file RTI to get your mains answercopies

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  1. UPSC 2013 Prelims and Mains score available
  2. RTI for Photocopy of Mains Answersheet

UPSC 2013 Prelims and Mains score available

UPSC has uploaded the marksheets of prelims and mains exams for every candidate (irrespective of pass / fail)

To check prelim score

Mains marksheet (those who failed in mains)

Mains + interview marksheet (those who cleared mains)

Cutoffs for Civil Service 2013 Exam

Already posted in previous article but putting here again for quick reference:

Exam CS (Prelim)* CS (Main)# CS(Final)
General 241 564 775
OBC 222 534 742
SC 207 518 719
ST 201 510 707
PH-1 Ortho 199 510 725
PH-2 Visual 184 502 718
PH-3 Hearing 163 410 613
Total 400 1750 2025

RTI for Photocopy of Mains Answersheet

In a recent ruling CIC (in June 2014) had ordered UPSC to give the photocopy of the mains answersheet to a candidate. So you can demand yours as well. Only then you can know where and why did good / bad marks.

Possible to file RTI online: or via post

Drafting is pretty simply, copy paste following text

Your name

Union Public Service Commission
Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road
New Delhi-110069

Sub: Application under Right to information Act. Seeking my evaluated papers of Civil Service Mains 2013 Exam.

Respected Sir,
My name:
My roll number:

Kindly provide me the copies of my answersheets from Civil Service (Mains) examination 2013 for following papers:

  1. General Studies paper 1 to 4
  2. Optional subject paper I and paper II
  3. English language paper
  4. Indian language paper
  5. Essay

As per the order of Hon’ble Chief Information Commissioner Shri Rajiv Mathur in CIC/SM/A/2013/001282/RM, dated June 3, 2014, he has held that every candidate has right to inspect / obtain a photocopy of his evaluated answer sheet in the civil service exam. Therefore, the said information cannot be denied / withheld under Section 8 of RTI.

RTI application charges

  • With this application, I’ve added the requisite Rs.10 application fees via Netbanking / DD / Indian postal order drawn in favor of “Accounts officer,UPSC
  • I seek the information in paper format / electronic (CD) format
  • Let me know additional charges for getting the requisite information.

Thanking you in anticipation




Mrunal notes:

  1. Legally, you can demand the information in CD/DVD format by giving Rs.50, but UPSC babus never give CD/DVD and don’t even return 50 rupees. So don’t send additional money in advance right now. At this stage only Rs. 10 as fees for filing the RTI application.
  2. After recieving your application, he’ll write back to you asking for additional money for the photocopy/CD charges. Only then you send money.
  3. if you’re filing online and donot get conformation even after successful payment via netbanking, THEN DONOT Worry. you’ll get notified in 1-2 days that your application has been accepted. (happened with me in past, so don’t apply again in that case, one application sufficient.)
  4. if you’re filling online, you may also attach a PDF copy of your hallticket (as proof that it’s you and not some third party.)
  5. Legally information within 30 days. But UPSC babus deliberately reply the letter on the very last day before deadline. So assume 35 days.
  6. other than that, request all mains players to put their optional subject marks.

Some Toppermarksheets

following interviews coming soon, but they’ve shared the marksheets with me in the meantime:

Rank 18 Dr. Roman Saini (Medical Science), First Attempt

Prelim= 125.34 GS +183.33 Aptitude= 309

Essay 145
GS I to IV: 97, 61, 108, 98,
Medical Science: 109, 112
Written 730 + Interview 154 : Total 884

Rank 50 Ms. Nima Arora (Public Administration)

Prelim GS 88 +  Aptitude 160 = 249

GS1 to 4: 55, 67, 88, 112

Public Administration optional: 110, 86
(three digits score in *RESPECT*)

Written: 648+ interview 206 = total 854

Indian History Freedom Struggle Pratik Nayak

538 Comments on “UPSC uploads Marksheet of CSAT Prelims and Mains examination of 2013, file RTI to get your mains answercopies”

  1. Mrunal Sir

    I have filed the RTI. Though I have a doubt that, how will UPSC ensure that the applicant is the same person whose answersheets are requested.
    Can we request the answersheets of other persons just by knowing their roll number?

  2. Good morning sir, I am frm andrapradesh first time prefng for civils main so I want study materials in telugu language

  3. why upsc not disclosing indian forest service prelims cut off?????
    just becoz it is higher than cse prelims cut off

    ESSAY (PAPER-I) 060

    PT Marks:
    GS-I 104
    GS-II 175

  5. Hi mrunal sir/dear friends,
    I have lost my hall ticket. how to see my marks I have registration number only? thanks a lot in advance ,…plz suggest

  6. which ministry or department to choose for filing rti for National Insurance Company ao exam 2013.
    plz mrunal or anybody help help help !

  7. Rank 10 Medha roopam’s Marks

    paper-1 = 103
    paper-2 = 138

    Total = 242 / 500

    GS ethics = 118

    reference: from beautifulmindias

  8. Mrunal Sir,
    Any confirmation on whether UPSC is actually giving the Mains papers evaluated copies as per CIC Ruling as mentioned by you ?
    Some of my friends diverting me from filing RTI saying that DoPT will sort such applicants and might blacklist them in future over some pretext or other. Does this argument sounds valid..??
    I am confused..kindly help..

  9. Sir i have lost my admit card for csp pre 2013. How can i c my marksheet. I definitely was on the verge of qualifying the prelims. eager to know my marks… helps helps (courtesy one two three)

    1. U can call Upsc on 01123098591 extra num is 4336.tell them ur Reg ID .he will give ur roll num. I also lost but got it now

  10. Hi,
    I lost my rollno, but I have registration no. How can I get the roll no. now to check my marks in prelims? can anybody suggest??

  11. update Jun-25-2014:
    UPSC babu changed the cutoff PDF file on their server. new file shows ST cutoff 201 (in the beginning it showed 200).

    1. @MRUNAL
      I am among the victim…hmmm my marks was 200.17 but cud nt clear pre, st category and written an application to the Secretary upsc informing about the same discrepancy… then upsc increased the cut off itself from 200 to 201

  12. Is it possible that someone can share their answersheets online?i mean is it allowed?
    Just wanted to get an idea how answers are to be written??

  13. there is a rumour that if we file any rti in upsc they might tend to either debar us or may give discriminated treatment to us. Although I know that this is illogical but this is what I have heard.

    So I would request the post holders/ rankers to file an rti with the upsc and share your answer sheets with all of us. this would enable us to know where exactly have we mistaken and also the marking pattern of upsc.

    awaiting positive reply
    spread the word.

  14. @mrunal
    i would like to know how many students from sanskrit optional got selected.
    what were the highest marks in sanskrit?
    kindly help me in this regard.

    1. Mohit that is unlikely to yield any result. CPIO will not divulge any information any information that is not on “record”. If the panel gave you low marks arbitrarily, they wouldn’t have put specific reasons on file record.

  15. is it possible to know the mains 7 paper marks after failing to qualify in compulsory Indian Language paper,by filing an RTI ?please let me know,
    my condition at present is like “dhobi ka kutta,na ghar ka na ghaat ka!(HINDI muhavra)..(though i was screwed in Hindi(76),Please help!

    1. pratik, sorry for your Hindi debacle, same here ….how did u get your mark for Hindi….? i need to know as my log in draws a blank…really confused….also about the mark of other papers….pl let me know…thanks

  16. ESSAY (PAPER-I) 53
    not recommended

    Mrunal, can there b a request for review of marks of essay ??
    Is there any chance for making to reserve list at 10 mark difference ?? Please reply

  17. Hello!!
    Has anyone got correspondence from UPSC regarding RTI??
    I had filed my RTI application regarding procurement of answer sheets on 21st of June… No replies yet..please guide me, will it take more time??

    1. Just a mail that the RTI application has been filed successfully and Nothing else afterwards. I had applied on 19th of June. I will share here if I get some updates.

  18. I had put an RTI application following your guidance. But unfortunately the website does not seem to work now and I am unable to track my application. It says SSL error. Any Idea how to track my application? Thanks in Advance.

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