[Answerkey] CSAT-2014: Science, chemistry, public health & how to prepare it for CSAT-2015

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  1. Vs. CSAT-2013
  2. Vs other exams (CDS, CAPF)
  3. Science Difficulty level of CSAT-2014
  4. CSAT-2015: How to approach Science?
    1. Step1: NCERTs topicwise
    2. Step2: After NCERT: competitive books
    3. Step3: Science-tech current affairs
  5. CSAT-2014: Answer key for Science portion
    1. Q1: Chemistry
    2. Q2: Public health- Diseases eradicated from India
    3. Q3: Public health- Nutrients
    4. Q4: Scitech- Biometric identification
    5. Q5: Scitech- NASA spacecraft

Vs. CSAT-2013

Cover CSAT 2014 Science Questions

Now even Dexter wants to appear for CSAT!

CSAT-2013 Science CSAT-2014
13 Questions 5 question- although good number of science-related questions under

  • Agriculture (e.g. transgenic crops),
  • Environment (e.g. carbon cycle, photosynthesis).
5 questions on physics Physics gone with the wind.
nothing from chemistry 1 MCQ
4 questions on public health 3
asked about disease Chikungunya, Hepatitis B and HIV-AIDS Diphtheria, chickenpox and smallpox
minerals vs muscle constriction vitamin deficiency vs diseases

Vs other exams (CDS, CAPF)

Some continuity, same change
CAPF, CDS (2014) CSAT-2014
CAPF 2014: Which of the following are not chemical changes?

  1. Tempering of iron
  2. Conversion of iron piece into an electro-magnet by passing the current around the iron
  3. Melting of iron
  4. Rusting of iron
Which of the following is/are the example/examples of chemical change?

  1. Crystallization of sodium chloride
  2. Melting of ice
  3. Souring of milk
heavy focus on science

  • CDS-2014: 22%
  • CAPF 2014: 12%
hardly 5% because they had to make space for Agriculture & environment
CDS: significant weightage given to physics, chemistry just 1 MCQ
CDS: asked questions from class 11,12 Science NCERT
  • nothing from physics.
  • in agro.portion they asked even higher level questions above 11,12 NCERT
CAPF-2014: atleast 3 questions about public health, relatively easy same

Science Difficulty level of CSAT-2014

Easy questions
Example of chemical change given directly in NCERT class7
Diseases eradicated from India? solved quicky through smart elimination  and common knowledge that diphetira and chickenpox still prevelant
vitamin deficiency disease school level GK, also given in Lucent and GS Manual
  • as such easy
  • medium: if mind develops doubt about “retinal scanning” vs “iris scanning”


Difficult question
NASA spacecraft mission
  • As such “space-tech” questions were not asked in last three prelims so most players would have ignored this topic in preparation
  • besides, even if it was prepared- hard to memorize and recall five dozen NASA missions during actual exam

CSAT-2015: How to approach Science?

Step1: NCERTs topicwise

Preparation must begin with NCERTs
Class PHYSICS Chemistry Biology
7 4, 13, 14 & 15 5 & 6 1,2,10; 11 & 12
8 11 to 16 3 to 6 2, 8, 9 & 10
9 8 to 12 1 to 4 5,6,7 & 13
10 10, 12 & 13 1 to 5 6 to 11
11 1,5,8 1,14 2 to 5
12 15 14,16 4,5 then 7 to 16
  • I’ve uploaded the NCERTs in topicwise manner,  zip files available under Mrunal.org/download
  • @non-science graduates: you may skip yellow colored cells (if you find them too difficult) but must prepare green colored cells- because those chapters have relevance with environment and agriculture.
  • @science graduates: must go through all chapters of class-11, 12 IF you’re aspiring for Combined Defense services (CDS) or Railway apprentice (SCRA).

Step2: After NCERT: competitive books

  • NCERT alone not sufficient for UPSC prelims because:
    • Biology: they don’t cover all diseases, nutrient deficiencies etc.
    • physics and chemistry: they don’t cover all real-life examples of various physics principles
  • Therefore, after NCERT, you should augment preparation with help of following
  • Mrunal’s public health compilation
  • Mrunal’s Space tech compilation
  • any “competitive book”
    • Lucent GK OR
    • General studies manual
    • Or similar book on science-tech.
  • India Yearbook Chapter on science technology- although cost:Benefit seems to be declining.

Step3: Science-tech current affairs

  • Till few years, Hindu’s Thursday edition used to the prime source of questions in UPSC. But it has lost its former glory in since 2013’s prelims and mains- hardly anything direct coming from it. And If you begin ‘researching’ further on each topic mentioned in there = no time will be left to prepare for other topics.
  • It doesn’t mean Hindu science tech is useless- but only focus on major developments in in environment, agriculture, public health, space-tech, defense, electronics and IT.
  • Don’t get fixed over running commentaries on research. For example
  • This California research institute developed new technique to extract special compound xyz from tomato that’ll cure xyz cancer by acting on xyz enzyme that prohibits xyz thing……= useless, very bad cost benefit, even If asked.
  • But xyz institute developed vaccine for Ebola / other major disease = important.
  • Anyways, let’s being solving the questions:

CSAT-2014: Answer key for Science portion

Q1: Chemistry

Q1. Which of the following is/are the example/examples of chemical change?

  1. Crystallization of sodium chloride
  2. Melting of ice
  3. Souring of milk

Select the correct answer using the code given below.

  1. 1 and 2 only
  2. 3 only
  3. 1, 2 and 3
  4. None

NCERT science Class7 chapter 6 page 64

  • Crystallization is an example of a physical change.
  • Therefore all options involving #1 are wrong. This eliminates A and C.
  • As such we all know that souring of milk is a chemical change. But just for the sake of “proof”,
  • ICSE Class6 page 52: Souring of milk is an example of Chemical change.

Therefore, answer is B only 3.

Q2: Public health- Diseases eradicated from India

Consider the following diseases

  1. Diphtheria
  2. Chickenpox
  3. Smallpox

Which of the above diseases has/have been eradicated in India?

  1. 1 and 2 only
  2. 3 only
  3. 1, 2 and 3
  4. None
CSAT-2015 how to prepare science with Akshay Kumar

After failing to give a single hit movie in the entire decade, even Tushaar Kapoor is giving UPSC as “career-backup”!

1.Diphtheria Last year, Government introduced Pentavalent vaccine which also fights Diphtheria.  It means Diphtheria is also prevalent. But still Hinduproof
2.Chickenpox Chickenpox is still prevalent. This is common knowledge. Still here is the TheHindu-proof.
3.Smallpox Smallpox has been eradicated from India. Ref: Mrunal’s [Public Health] article series part 2

Therefore, answer B only 3.

Q3: Public health- Nutrients

Consider the following pairs :

Vitamin Deficiency disease
1. Vitamin C Scurvy
2. Vitamin D Rickets
3. Vitamin E Night blindness

Which of the pairs given above is/are correctly matched?

  1. 1 and 2 only
  2. 3 only
  3. 1, 2 and 3
  4. None
TMH General Science section, Page 140 Table 16.5
1. Vitamin C Scurvy is right.
2. Vitamin D Rickets  is right
3. Vitamin E Night blindness is wrong. Vitamin A causes Night blindness.

Therefore, Answer (A) only 1 and 2. Additional sources

  • Lucent GK Biology section page 561-62
  • NCERT Class 6(NEW), Science Textbook, Chapter 2, Page 16. Night Blindness is caused by deficiency in Vitamin A. But it doesn’t have list of other diseases.

Q4: Scitech- Biometric identification

1. In addition to fingerprint scanning, which of the following can be used in the biometric identification of a person?

  1. Iris scanning
  2. Retinal scanning
  3. Voice recognition

Select the correct answer using the code given below.

  1. 1 only
  2. 2 and 3 only
  3. 1 and 3 only
  4. 1, 2 and 3

All three are correct as per common knowledge. But, Just for the sake of proof: Biometrics in a networked society: Anil Jain Page 14 has a table, which lists all of them.

Q5: Scitech- NASA spacecraft

Which of the following pair is/are correctly matched?

Spacecraft Purpose
1. Cassini-Huygens Orbiting the Venus and transmitting data to the Earth
2. Messenger Mapping and investigating the Mercury
3. Voyager 1 and 2 Exploring the outer solar system

Select the correct answer using the code given below.

  1. 1 only
  2. 2 and 3 only
  3. 1 and 3 only
  4. 1, 2 and 3

Answer: (b) 2 and 3 only

As per NASA website, Cassini is for Saturn. Therefore, #1 is wrong, this eliminates option A, C and D. we are left with final answer B only 2 and 3.

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142 Comments on “[Answerkey] CSAT-2014: Science, chemistry, public health & how to prepare it for CSAT-2015”

  1. gave paper at home…..paper 1-86,
    paper 2-162.5 according to shankar ias
    key…….giving prelims in 2016, presently i am in
    third year of engineering…..plz suggest
    how to improve score in paper 1 and
    how to prepare for mains exam
    considering i have 2.5 years from now

    1. raja…..kiddo…..solving the paper at home and in actual exam hall is as different as chalk and cheese………deduct 100 marks from your score….tht is what u wl get in the actual prelims…

      1. don’t discourage him. dont forget he is not a serious aspirant yet, but still a commendable job.
        good job for a 3rd year student.

        my advise, improve your basics. rest is daily dose of Hindu. that will be enough!

      2. dont demoralize him/her , Atleast he tried

      3. He is an emerging aspirant, kindly motivate him until he suffer pressure under SARKARI FAN .

      4. i think you are right Natasha, dont mind the comments, it makes a difference.. and one should not use abusive language here.. real exam and solving at home is very different.. yes he tried but there was no need to share his/her marks here.. no need to tell us ur intelligence when you merely need an advice..

      5. Hello,bro ,i am also in 3rd year of engineering and wantto give exam in 2016 .Can we prepare together?

        Btw ,i really appreciate your prepararion that you got this much score at this preparation stage?how didi you did it?

        1. tandav
          yes we can chalk out step by step plan for preparation,where we can supplement each others preparation keeping our motivation high.bro in which college and in which branch you are pursuing engineering.

          1. Hello raja,
            Sorry for late reply-mid semestar exams going on
            You are totally correct.let’s study together.
            Can you give me your personal e mail id or facebook id so that i can privately contact you?
            Do u whatsapp?
            We can make group of early starters like us.

        2. tandav brother….you can find my email in comments below…..i can’t post it now because my comment is being moderated whenever i post my email id

          1. Raja,
            I don’t think mrunal will approve comment along with email id.
            Can u think any other option for contact?
            Btw,It may take tome for me to reply you today onwards bcz my exams starting,
            So plz keep cheching this page consistenly….

      6. ghar se de de k to hum bhi top kr chuke hain do teen bar :)

        1. pratap brother great going.do upsc provides prelims qualifying score or topper’s score as well ? how much are you getting in exam like condition at home? i think you are also in graduation itself and giving examination at home. btw we can form a group and set our priorities and study thereupon.

      7. You can discourage guys like this

    2. Hello Bro !! Me too in 3rd year engineering.
      Please share your study plan , schedule and book list .
      How can you get sufficient time for Civil Services Preparation with due B.Tech course ?

      Thanks In Advance

    3. It’s My humble request to you bro.. Please reply to my query.

      and To all Respected Member and Honorable Teacher Mrunal ,

      Kindly Suggest some practical ways to implement the strategies and Study-plans. I mean I know all the books to be followed.

      But could not able even to finish even NCERTS in last 6-8 months.

      I tried out reading books but then all forget in about 1-2 days . and again I lost all my dedication to read that book or topic. and after some days I completely lost my interest in Even opening books. yeah I am serious about civil services and My only Aim is to Serve my Nation. Please Do not considered my noob player.

      I know that this comment is useless in this article but I do not find the proper place to share all my Ideas as earlier comments were not appearing in mrunal.org and I do not have any study group or friends and preparating in isolation from Society and world.

      please respected seniors , help me by replying , Mrunal Sir Please , If you see this comment please reply.

      Many Many Thanks , God Bless You.

      1. hi vivek,
        brother,sometimes i also find it
        difficult to manage both graduation and
        civils preparation.but continuity and
        revision are key here.initially i also
        found this preparation humongous,but
        once i got regular ie. after classes, given
        4-5 hours exclusively for civils
        preparation and weekend for revision i
        was able to memorize and retain
        things….i have read laxmikanth
        polity,ramesh Singh economy,bipan
        chandra freedom struggle twice and
        11,12th geography,sociology and tn
        history book once..till dec 2015 i am
        focussing mainly on static part of
        syllabus thereafter i will start serious
        reading,note making and analysisof
        report,yearbook,fyp etc. till then i have
        finalized my optional as anthropology
        after reading basic books of almost 10
        optionals and found anthropology most
        interesting,so next on my list is to
        finish my optional ie.
        anthropology…..btw brother from
        where you are pursuing your
        engineering and in which branch.

        1. @ Raja @ vivek….at this very tender age, you are having a GOAL unlike me (i took one year to decide this goal)….very happy to see your enthusiasm…keep this enthusiasm till you reach your goal….take inspiration from Prince Dhawan (3rd rank, 2012), Roman Saini (18th rank, 2013) and many more who have appeared in this exam in their final year of graduation and cleared with high ranks….all the best to you

          1. @ raja thankyou Bro , For your valuable tips and suggestions , Your experience about initial phase of preparations will help me a lot … Thanks a lot brother ..I am pursuing B.tech from Guru Nanak Dev Engg college in ECE.

            @vk thankyou Sir , For your kind and highly motivated tips . Your Tips about second phase is of immense help and valuable.

            Thank You , Respected Seniors !!

        2. Good choice of optional, listen to no one and keep reading. if you want i can give you a flow chart of Anthropology.

          1. thnx for replying praveen sir,
            i need flowchart it will guide my optional preparation.thnx in advance sir

      2. Dont worry too much…you are on right track, first finish your academic with good percentage (remember your academic background plays SOME role in your interview), then start serious preparation for CSE (can start in final year also)….in your semester holidays and weekends read those NCERT’s THOROUGHLY two-three readings along with making notes when you read them for third time…in the meanwhile read daily HINDU + Indian express papers (you get them in your college library, but its upto you to make notes from newspapers cz you are giving exam after two years)….after reading NCERT’s shift to standard books, which you come to know from mrunal site….hope this will help you….all the best

        1. thank you very much vk sir….is it cost beneficial to make notes from newspaper since now itself….or instead read and re read standard books

          1. yes cost benefit ratio is bad if you make notes now only…you can do one thing…note down few very very imp points while reading newspapers so tat you can use them in essay paper, ethics paper…or even in governance related topics of paper 2 gs…but dont do it thoroughly, dedicate your most of the time for standard books and ncerts, read and re-read them, make notes from ncert’s…i Have seen some people in Delhi who read ncert’s just for the sake, dont do tat mistake…also dont neglect your academic area…

    4. don’t take anthro without a background in it….normally opted by anthropologists and doctors,,,,due to its heavy tilt towards medicine…if your okay with writing 500 wrds in 10 mins on cri-du-chat syndrome, turner’s syndrome or Down’s, then go ahead….plus it’s a sociology-heavy subject in paper 2….there are a lot of manageable optionals dude…..do a re-look at them…..anthropology…well….I’d say no from personal experience in 2012 and 2013 mains…..

      1. natasha ma’am i have prior exposure to both biology(taken it as an additional subject in +2 exam) and sociology (elective in my college). anthropology is basically fusion of these two subjects,i have luxury of time so let’s see.but i will try to increase my writing speed.thank you very much ma’am for replying.btw please tell me the best book for physical anthropology(b m das or p nath or any other) in the sense in which best clarity of content is there

    5. Read hindu newspaper and practice writing. try to complete the syllabus of your optional before your final year of graduation.

      1. point noted sir.thank you very much

    6. its good……read the authentic book …….only all the best friend

      1. sir,
        one doubt,while reading standard book i find everything in it important thus making my notes very bulky.how to overcome this.ANY SENIORS PLZ PLZ HELP.

        1. While making notes important thing is to check previous years question papers and get an idea on what kind questions are being asked for Civils (both prelims and mains). Then would get a better picture about how to make notes from the books.

        2. while making notes write key words for full para as short as possible otherwise their no difff between ur notes or ref book u took equal time in revising both…remember y r u making notes to reduce ur revision time….:-) all d best

  2. Q4: Voice recognition shall not be correct answer since mimicry is a known example to ward off unique identification. Practical example is sachin tendulkar’s voice sample

    1. Yes it shouldn’t be and according to Michigan university also. Even Aadhar also uses iris scan and fingerprint only as biometric identification. Retinal scan fails if retina is transplanted(technology now possible since 2008) and voice patterns are behavioral, They changes. Just like in certain pitch, frequency and amplitude it is impossible to distinguish between sitar and guitar. I am very sure ans is only Iris.

    2. I agree with U, but it’s upon UPSC.

    3. i agree with u …. problem of mimicry can be a problem

    4. Kurukshetra july,2014 “biometric atm” wala article…clearly stipulates that all are correct

  3. Hey Mrunal, you forgot that photosynthesis question?

    1. carbon cycle, photosynthesis- everything under environment.

      1. Got that now. Thanks!

  4. Crab mite spider scorpion question ??
    Missing in science..
    Though answer is crab

    1. Diatoms-crustaceans-herrings ??

    2. mite is answer all other r antropoda family ncert 7

      1. You are right! As per NCERT class 9 Science textbook the answer will be ‘mite’. NCERT , Class 9, Science, Chapter 7- ‘DIVERSITY IN LIVING ORGANISM’ Page no. 90.

        1. Dear Rashi…even though mite is not mentioned in NCERT book, all four of them belong to arthopoda phylum only. You have to look into their sub phyla classification. Crab is a crustacean while rest of them are chelicerates.
          source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthropod#Classification

      2. No ans is crab only. First, all four are arthropoda. Now crab has crustacean subclass and all other belongs to arachnida. Ans is crab only.

        1. Yup you are right but the fact is you found it on wikipedia which i did too but when in ncert its clearly written about mite so i doubt upsc will refer wiku or any other source…

          1. oh come on! :D
            From where have you got this info that I found it on wikipedia? For MBBS entrance examination there is one very reliable and famous book, Zoology by Ramesh Gupta, many aspirant might know about it and those who had given AFMC and CPMT will definately concur to it. In that book it is clearly given classes and subclasses of arthropods in animal kingdom chapter and crab is crustacean and all are arachnids. I know its in ncert too and I marked mite only based on that but when I cross checked it with I found my mistake.
            Btw I wish upsc choose mite only based on ncert as art students are never expected to know these much details. Fingers crossed.

          2. NCERT mentions only Phylum Arthropoda, but the question asked for Class
            Mite, Spider n Scorpion – Class Arachnid
            Crab – Class Crustacean

      3. hey mite can never be the answer crab is the correct one mite is an arthropod though it does not fall in class insecta…till where crab is considered it is a crustacean while rest are arthropods(class arachnida)

    3. @Winner,

      can u tell….which chapter and page no of this information

  5. Sir plz tell when 2015 prelims will be held , will it be in May or Aug like this year ?

    1. In aug u can check it on upsc website.

  6. Addition of 1 mL concentrated HCl (12M) to 4 mL of a saturated solution of NaCl causes NaCl to crystallize… answer is all of them are chemical changes.. even NaOH+HCL produce crystallization of NaCl… bt if it were written precipitation of NaCl then it would have been a physical change

    1. Melting of ice ??
      Bro.. Correct answer is (b) C only.
      Neither crystallisation nor melting is chemical change.

    2. Option has crystallization of NaCl and not solution of NaCl and HCl, so i dont think your logic of Hcl can be applied here.

  7. crystallization of sodium chloride is a physical change which is clearly mentioned in ncert class 7th. please don’t fool yourself. accept the truth.

  8. hey guys don’t waste your time on rumors (NBT age ???) next year prelims is on 16.05.2015 so focus on study.

    1. Date of notification is 16-05-2015 but exam on 23-08-2015
      But keep on studying :)

      1. oh! after 1 year … i was thinking 2015 prelim will be held as per regular schedule i.e. May 2015

    2. Aug 23, 2015 is the prelims date.

  9. @ mrunal sir?? will the results come early or as usual after 2 months,as already we applied option,medium,venue……in prelims itself???
    any idea??

    cut off -any idea??

  10. Crystallisation of sodium chloride is a chemical change. When dissolved in water, the sodium chloride framework disintegrates as the Na+ and Cl− ions become surrounded by the polar water molecules. When it is crystallised, NaCl is formed.

  11. Dear Yash,
    It is not a chemical change. It is purely a physical change, a reversible process. Chemical change means breaking up and formation of new chemical bonds like combustion, rusting, firing of crackers etc. Chemical change occurs through acid base rxns, oxidation, reduction etc. Complete change in all properties occurs.
    Whereas formation of ions in aqueous solution(H2O) is not a breaking up of bonds, it is called dissociation. Physical change involves change in physical properties only. A physical change also involves rearrangement of atoms like in crystallization. Mind it, rearrangement does not mean formation of covalent or ionic bonds. If you boil off water all dissociated ions will form NaCl again. A boiling is a physical process where you supply energy and water molecules evaporates in given pressure. Thus no where in crystallization process a ‘chemical change” is involved and thus it is a physical change.

  12. hahahhahaha nice… DEXTER………. dexter ka EXPERIMENT bigadne wali DEE DEE… koon hai upsc mei ?? ek tha DPA jo ab chala gya…

  13. Soured milk is a food product produced from the acidification of milk using Vinegar (Acetic Acid CH3COOH).
    Yes, It is a chemical change. Just sharing details for little extra information. :)

    1. Not only Acetic acid, lemon juice or by fermentation by bacteria. (lactic acid) :D

  14. Mrunal sir, with reference to Q4: Scitech- Biometric identification

    1. In addition to fingerprint scanning, which of the following can be used in the biometric identification of a person?

    Iris scanning
    Retinal scanning
    Voice recognition, ‘

    sir I believe voice recognition can never be part of biometric identification as it is extremely easy to mimic voice of others…..so I eliminated 3…….only…marked only Iris scanning…..awaiting views….

    1. Madam, mimicry would not be able to deceive something called ‘frequency spectrum analysis’ applied in voice recognition……………….when voice spectrum analysis is done the frequency components and the relative strength of different frequency components of your voice sample won’t be identical to someone else mimicking you.
      This should clear your doubt…. :)

      1. muje exams se dar lagane laga he … examfobia kya karun dimag ne kam karana band kar diya he esa lagata he dimag bech khaya he mene pahale me ek accha student raha hun par ab kya ho raha he samaj me nahi aa raha he
        HELP ME PLZ

        1. bro, i had the same problem but managed to handle it…
          go through any mock test series and simulate yourself. you have to face your fear…that is the only way to overcome it…

          1. hmm u r right …..
            thax ……………. koshish to karani padegi

    2. @natasha
      question is on different methods used in biometric identification of a person only and not the accuracy of each method. voice recognition may not be accurate but is a method!

    3. Question is only asking about methods that can be used for biometric identification
      It is not talking about merits or demerits of the given options
      Then why to worrt about whether a particular option can be tempered or not.

  15. and of course frequency is just one of the tests involved in ascertaining the speaker’s identity and there are many other technicalities involved which cannot be faked by some mimics like Raju Srivastavas or Sunil Pals……………

    1. SIR, Iris scanning can be used as reliable ID but Voice recognition means “KHUL JA SIMSIM”, so it could be never reliable and it is always used alongwith other ID like iris or fingerprint . kindly check biometrics.idealtest.org and if u hav further info, then pls share.

      1. so even going by what you are saying voice recognition is used even if only with other identification processes.
        and the question was not whether the identification has to be isolated or along with something else…..
        and if iris identification is enough why d you think the ADHAAR identification uses both finger print and iris identification ???????………………
        all I was saying that it can be used as identification………………………

        1. boss, read the question pls…:”In addition to fingerprint scanning, which of the following ….?
          you got your answer…it’s only Iris,,,and fingerprint scanning..which was given in the question….

          1. yes, as we do the photo-biometric data collection, we only collect finger print data and scan the iris of the person for preparation of Adhar card..thats why i think the question is based on this only..

  16. Hi Mrunal, there is one question on Photo voltaic effect which might fall under physics right?

  17. instead of indulging in theatrics like “KHUL JA SIMSIM” I happen to go through most authentic sources like — Signal and System — Oppenheim and Whilsky (written by professors at MIT ) and Communication books written by the likes of B.P. Lathi………….. and other books like these which I came across during my Communication engineering studies………………………
    and nowhere, on the site referred by you, it is mentioned that voice recognition is not acceptable…………. go through the security protocols and identification processes employed by the world renowned government institutions like CIA, Pentagon etc… and you will know what i am saying………………

  18. Sir, I Respect Eng. Students and I m not questionig Ur knowledge, But my humble request to U that here needs a practical Approach too. U hav better ex. of UIDAI. Even in Hollywood Movies they use VOICE recognition alongwith IRIS recognition. So pls wait for official key.

    1. You are right .. we should wait for the official key……and
      PS. – I admire the decorum and decency observed by you while putting forward your thoughts…………. :) :)

  19. People who r getting 230+ , Respect for you guys/girls…i gave my all and could manage 205+ …so many sources are being given by mrunal…i wonder if it is humanly possible to form a strategy with so many links…this move by upsc will destroy the coaching factories…only people like mrunal would be the guiding light …keep up the good work sir but i hope u wud advice aspirants like me to stick to few sources :) waiting for mains strategy irrespective of whethr i clear it or not

  20. yes brother,sometimes i also find it difficult to manage both graduation and civils preparation.but continuity and revision are key here.initially i also found this preparation humongous,but once i got regular ie. after classes, given 4-5 hours exclusively for civils preparation and weekend for revision i was able to memorize and retain things….i have read laxmikanth polity,ramesh Singh economy,bipan chandra freedom struggle twice and 11,12th geography,sociology and tn history book once..till dec 2015 i am focussing mainly on static part of syllabus thereafter i will start serious reading,note making and analysisof newspaper,magazines,arc report,yearbook,fyp etc. till then i have finalized my optional as anthropology after reading basic books of almost 10 optionals and found anthropology most interesting,so next on my list is to finish my optional ie. anthropology…..btw brother from where you are pursuing your engineering and in which branch.

  21. Identification
    What is Biometric
    The use of physical
    characteristics and traits
    for the identification of
    individuals. The earliest
    methods of biometric
    identification included
    fingerprint and
    handwriting. More
    recent methods include
    iris/eye scan, face scan,
    voice print, and hand
    Types of Biometric
    1. Fingerprint
    2. Iris
    3. Retina
    4. Finger Geometry
    5. Signature/Handwriting
    6. Voice
    7. Facial Proportions
    8. Hand Geometry
    source: Voice-Commands.Com | e-Speaking |

  22. totally agree,giving exam in actual conditions where everything is on stake is completely different game but i have luxury of at least two years where i can fill up my loopholes….ma’am kindly suggest me how much time should i have taken in paper 2 to balance the real exam conditions(in home it had taken precisely 1 hour and 54 minutes to complete the paper including time taken in filling omr sheet) so that i can shell out strategy for same.In paper 1 i had mainly focussed on static part so i think it had not taken a toll on my score even in real exam condition.but ma’am kindly tell me the way to improve my writing skills and how much time i should devote to newspaper reading once i start preparing notes from the same.

  23. hello….i have filled wrong year of passing in my ibps po form….pl help and tell me what to do….i got my degree in 7 aug 2011, but in application it is showing 7 aug 2001…..pl help….i m very much tensed……

  24. IN Banking Correspondent question, Which answer is correct a or b or c. As per PIB.nic.in inputs there is no mention of subsidies and social security benefits etc in BC Duties/Roles.
    So only second option is correct.
    Dear Mrunal please clarify.

  25. Mrunal can we see our answer sheets of mains 2013 at UPSC offices if not its photocopies?? As upsc denied photocopies due to above said reasons. Pls Reply at the earliest as in that case i will file related RTI to upsc.

  26. @mrunal sir I have highest regards for your sincere selfless service. But giving such detailed answer key seems to me a futile exercise specially when time for mains is less than 110 days. People like waste our time in needless discussions which ensures that even if we do crack Prelims we could not make a comeback for mains. My humble submission to you is that you could please write articles targeted to mains in between answer discussion(or publish answers on a single day after surmising all answers so that it does not waste enough time in comment wars).

    One more thing could be done is that closing of comment section within a stipulated time on answer key articles as we have multiple channels to communicate to you.

    Everyone is admirer of your commitment and selfless service.Please write articles for mains as it will awake us for the bigger challenge ahead.

  27. Mrunal sir, about biometric identification que. I came across an article which said ‘voice recognition’ cannot be included in Biometric identification as one’s voice may undergo change depending on his age. Also one can Fake someone else’s voice. Please clarify on this.

  28. mrunal i am not receiving your new posts via mail….dont know why its not updating …kindly plz check.

  29. hai mrunal sir

    ur blog for civils services is very good and i completed my graduation(b.tech computers) and i would like to approach civils service(IAS)
    as am not good at geography and economy,sir suggest me the best books for geography and economy

    thank you in advance

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