[Answerkey] CSAT-2014: Geography-Indian, Physical, World with explanations for all sets, Changpa, Sarees & 10 Degree Channel

Difficultly level .vs CSAT 2013 .vs other exams How to prepare Geography for CSAT-2015? Physical Geography World Geography Indian Geography [Act 1] Physical Geography Q1: Evolution vs Glacial cycles Q2: Seasonal wind reversal [Act 2] India Eco/Human Geography Q1: [...]

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[Answerkey] CSAT-2014: Science, chemistry, public health & how to prepare it for CSAT-2015

Vs. CSAT-2013 Vs other exams (CDS, CAPF) Science Difficulty level of CSAT-2014 CSAT-2015: How to approach Science? Step1: NCERTs topicwise Step2: After NCERT: competitive books Step3: Science-tech current affairs CSAT-2014: Answer key for Science portion Q1: Chemistry Q2: Public [...]

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[Answerkey] CSAT-2014: Polity Questions with explanations for all booklets

Polity Analysis: vs CSAT 2013 Polity: Analysis vs other exam Polity Brief Analysis: CSAT 2014 itself How to approach Polity in CSAT-2015? Answers: Polity Executive (2MCQ) President's Powers Governor's discretionary power Answers: Legislature related (3MCQ) No Confidence motion Parliament [...]

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