DoPT has clarified that English marks (Class X Level) will not be counted in the CSAT merit.

Candidates are advised NOT To attempt them.  and use that time for question questions.

IMPORANT: This is only for those 8-9 easy English questions above decision making section.

For those who’re still in doubt, a typical CSAT question paper looks like this:

Subject: Attempt or not?
  1. Comprehension questions (printed in both Hindi and English)
Have to attempt. their marks will be counted
  1. Maths
same as above
  1. reasoning
same as above
  1. English (class-X) level- Comprehension i.e.usually 8-9 EASY MCQs above decision making section in the end part of the paper.
No need to attempt. Their marks will not be counted for gradation or merit.
  1. Decision Making questions
Yes have to attempt. Their marks will be counted.
Total Marks 200 MINUS the marks for English section
Total Duration 2 hours
Negative Marking yes
Exam Date Unchanged.