[RBI Officer] Prelims 2014- question lists given from comments Page No.2 onwards

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You can find the list of questions from comment page number 2

Request: share your exam experience

RBI Grade B officer (Preliminary) exam was held on August 3, 2014 (Sunday) in two sessions. But since this exam is to be conducted online=>difficult for next years’ aspirant to find “previous question” papers. Therefore, I request all the readers, to share following data AFTER exam is over, in the comments below.

  1. What was the Span of current affairs latest and oldest topic asked in General Awareness?
  2. How much PIN (persons in news?) by the way, PIN-2014 series has been uploaded long time back. in case you missed, go to https://mrunal.org/current#pin
  3. General idea on “topicwise breakup” – in general awareness. How much economy (budget related), how much banking sector related and so on. Did they ask computer awareness in it?
  4. How tough was English section compared to SBI PO and CSAT?
  5. How tough / lengthy was Maths/DI section compared to other exams. Did they ask chillar questions like profit loss, or was it entirely focused on lengthy data interpretation as in SBI PO? what was the overall breakup?
  6. Reasoning section: did they ask high level reasoning like syllogism, assertion-reasoning, course of action etc?
  7. Other observations about pattern, trend, wisdom, tips for future aspirants.

To check your Prelim result
What next?

RBI will send call letters to selected candidates via email

Timetable for RBI Mains 2014
Paper I – English September 13, 2014
02.30 PM to 05.30 PM
Paper II – Economic & Social Issues September 14, 2014
09.30 AM to 12.30 PM
Paper III – Finance & Management September 14, 2014


02.30 PM to 05.30 PM

RBI Previous Mains papers (2002-2012)

Following link contains questions papers fro 2002 to 2012 (2012’s prelim held in August 2013 and Mains in November 2013)

Cutoff marks for RBI Prelim 2014

GA/GK 80 32 28 26 26 26
English 30 12 10 9 9 9
Maths 30 12 10 9 9 9
Reason 60 24 21 19 19 19
TOTAL 200 104 94 89 69 69

Overall, cutoff has “decreased”- compared to 2013’s prelim. but that is expected given the toughness of this year’s exam.

RBI Prelim 2013 Cutoffs
Section Max Gen OBC SC ST PH
GA/GK 80 36 32 30 30 30
English 30 14 12 11 11 11
Maths 30 14 12 11 11 11
Reason 60 27 24 22 22 22
TOTAL 200 126 113 106 96 96

Thank you all for sharing your prelim experiance in the comments- it’ll be of great help to future aspirants.

Indian History Freedom Struggle Pratik Nayak

592 Comments on “[RBI Officer] Prelims 2014- question lists given from comments Page No.2 onwards”

  1. cleared prelims.. (114)
    thanks mrunal

  2. ga-54

  3. 101 marks :(
    gk=52 eng =23 quant =11 reasoning = 15 only.. reasoning le doobi !!

  4. tight schedule. Can’t take mains exam. Duty calls.

  5. hey all…one thing is clear…they set sectional cutoffs at 45%(gen),40%(obc),37.5%(sc and st) and this time they set at 40%(gen),35%(obc),32.5%(sc and st) irrespective to the toughness of quant and gs…
    I got atleast 10 marks less than what I expected…is this some kind of scaling or just my fault in evaluating my score or something else…please comment guys if you also fell same…

    PS- I cleared phase-1..

  6. got 115
    n 10 in quant
    not cleared

  7. Although i didn’t clear it I would still like to thank Mrunal for being really supportive and encouraging. May you get all you aspire for and more. Regards.

  8. quant put me down.. :( … cleared last time even given interview… but this time “online” exam dissappointed me…

    1. Ananya please tell that how many questions you attempted in quant.. even i am afraid wrt quant only.. total attempts 152 but in quant only 15.. Please share your last year experience too, like how approx many people cleared written last time and how many went through to interview.. My best wishes are with you.. i missed last time narrowly by few marks only.. hope for best this time..

      1. oh my god.. i missed quant cut off by 2 marks while cleared overall cut off by getting 112 marks.. very sad..

        1. bad phase.
          overall score 114.
          gk 53
          qa 06
          eng 19
          reasoning 36.

          couldnt clear sectional cutoff in quant..
          messed up

        2. me too total 104 missed resoning cut off by two marks

    2. Hi Ananya, would you please share your last year experience of descriptive test and interview. It would be of great help if you would share the last year cut-off in descriptive test.

  9. Failed in rbi exam with a huge margin….did the blunder of attempting all the questions with wild guesses….writing this bcz aspirants should learn a lesson from my example….all the very best to the successful candidates

  10. @mrunal bhai
    cleared prelims..score 52(G.K)+16(ENG)+12(QUANT)+26(REASON)=106(gen category)..im happy bcoz had only attempted 16 in english (all right) and 13 in quant (may be 1 wrong)…now rbi mains from 13 sep..also have ssc tier 2 on 21 sep..
    Thnx for all ur guidance..pls let me knw should we follow the same booklist and strategy which u had given last year for rbi mains..sir suggest some good sources for finance and management paper

    1. hi neeraj ..
      are these ssc tier 2 dates confirmed by them .. i couldn’t find anywhere on their site..
      can you please share the source ??

        1. Thanks Neeraj

  11. 44 12 5 23=84 OBC…… missed cut offfthis year….. my casual attitude at exam killed me….. my chances for clearing 2nd phase were high….. i literally left quanti questins….. otherwise chances of final selection are much higher for me….. as i am banking finance domain person….

  12. Disappointed missing the date with RBI phase-2 by 2 marks….quant put me off….congrats those who got through….

  13. 1801 candidate selected for phase 2…….and i am not one of them…

  14. Cleared – Total 129; GA-49; VA-24;QA-18;LR-38;
    Last yr – Total 133; GA-45; VA-28;QA-18;LR-42;

  15. what about the results of sbi po

    1. SBI Po is last hope.. will surely clear sectional cut off but afraid of overall cutoff.. attempted only 129..
      missed RBi quant cut off by 2 marks while overall cut off through 112..

      1. Bhai same here. Got 117 but quant 11. Missed by one mark. Genuinely fear if same happen with sbi po. Let’s hope for good.:)

        1. only 1512 candidates have been called for the second phase in RBI………..while in SBI interview even if they call 3 candidates for every vacancy – it amounts to 5511 candidates considering 1837 posts up for grab…………

          1. BTW abhitak result lag jana chahiye tha. Also hats off to Raghuram Rajan.

  16. total–116
    Didnot clear
    sectional quant–>9

  17. dint know that there is sectional cut off . anyways gave the xam for timepass
    quant-3 attempted just 5. doctor hoon nahi aata maths
    logical -30
    anyways dint clear
    preparing for upsc

  18. Sir,
    Can you please give the link to download IGNOU BA economics

  19. I have cleared with 124.
    GA 52 Eng 19 QA 12 RA 41 . I belong to OBC. I sat for afternoon batch.,

    Question paper standard was not good coz everytime RBI gives much weightage to GA and RA. RA was quite good this time . But GA was like a walk in park . About 30 questions were dead easy and not even in clerical level i doubt would they ask Who’s our finance minister ? . I’m not discouraging anyone but RBI standard in GA has slipped and disastrously what has happened is QA went tougher lead to fall by 1 or 2 marks for serious aspirants.

    QA Split up
    1. 5 (Finding the wrong number) – Able to solve only one , Tough
    2. 5 quadratic eqns – Thank almighty , able to solve all. Easy.
    3. 2 sets of 5 DI qns (Both looked simple but calculations were himalayan) – Was able to solve 7 – Tough.
    3. 5 Data Sufficiency(Normal Looking ) – Able to solve only 2 – Time Consuming – Moderately tough .
    4. 5 other questions(Like probability , etc..) – Usually this section will have atleast 2 easy questions but this time it was really tough – Couldnt solve any – Tough

    QA was difficult as far as RBI Phase 1 is concerned . Expected they would deduct sec cut off to 8/9 but sadly they kept it as 10. LAST TIME THEY HAVE SELECTED MORE THAN 2000 THOUGH VACANCIES WERE LITTLE LESS COMPARED TO THIS TIME. THIS TIME , IF I’M WRONG PLEASE CORRECT., THEY HAVE SELECTED ONLY 1830 +/-. This annoys me.,

    Candidates who have succeeded in phase 1 have only less time for phase 2 unlike last time. Last time , they gave Phase II timetable only after week of results. This time they were superfast ( Hats off to RBI HRD) UPSC has to learn from them .
    All the very best to success., I know how hard it is to remain in failure by 1 mark . Please never ever lose hope. RBI Gr.B will come every year and sharpen you for next year’s exam. Coz RBI Grade B has superfast recruitment process and final results came in 8 months( date of phase 1(25Aug2013) and declaration of final results 29Apr) . This time it may even get reduced to 6 months.
    So , never lose hope .

  20. Is thr any chance 4 vaccancies of grade b officers nxt yr??

    1. @anagha
      one of the rbi officials present at the venue of prelims told in my classroom that the next vacancies for grade b will directly come after 2 years..may be in 2016..but im not sure how much can we rely on it..keeping in mind the no. of retirements due in the coming years in the banking sector and the massive recruitments through ibps and in sbi going on we can say that rbi might also recruit again next year

  21. @ Anagha
    Since 2011 , it comes every year. Following that trend , there will be exam next year .
    Don’t believe in circulated news. Give your best effort . Smarter effort . Will be rewarded for sure. Wishes.

  22. GA – Since the exam is online , be best prepared with current affairs content for last 4 months and till at least 7 days before the exam .
    Learn banking related., i again stress banking related terms and RBI related terms well . Be well versed in it. RBI Website and INDIAN ECONOMY by RAMESH SINGH and MRUNAL Content will suffice

    Solve many tough puzzles . I would suggest you register either with any of online exam practice sites such as BSC onlinetest / any other renowned web site . Use MK Pandey and MRUNAL.

    Simply solve all previous question papers from BSC book and use english in magazines also.

    Learn Data Interpretation and number series very well to the core. That we cant guess questions, it was easy last time and hard this time. Practice other concepts in BSC / Kiran / Rajesh Verma / Mrunal Contents.

    Do a lot of mock tests at home with RBI specified time limit. Ensure you have timer switched on. Do as many as 20 mock tests in QA+Eng+RA combined everytime. Split time as eg:(QA – 40 min , Eng – 20 , RA – 45)like wise.

    – – A best possible effort of two/three weeks provided u do reasoning well to an extent will give selection–

    1. Thanks for your advice and efforts you have put in.


  24. I had a knack of solving Quant,Reasoning and English section 3 yrs ago.Always thought GA was my weakness, After a brief hiatus of MBA, tried RBI this time. Had toiled days & nights for GA section. But worst of it happened in the exam. Can’t believe Quant got me out this season.. Not Through.. Overconfidence sucks big time!
    Thanks Mrunal anyways.. You’re a gift to the poor wandering souls like me.

  25. ga-60

    1. Hello sir,can u pls help me in suggesting books for finance management (phase 2 ) it ll b grateful to me… thk uso much

  26. R/sir,

    I got 106 but i failed in Qa i got just 9 marks …
    now a days there is not regular type DI comes and QA also comes diff. level pl suggest us for cracking QA i refer Sarvesh kumar but i didnt get ..solved there ..pl suggest me.


  28. GS/GK – 50
    Reasoning – 37
    English – 21
    QA – 11 So Sad.

  29. Dear all,

    Please don’t post the questions you faced in any blog after your exam is done, as the will be facing the same questions. As you are going to help your competitors in an ILLEGAL way.Mrunal,please don’t keep a post like what u did for this year RBI prelims.

    1. the questions are never the same … any govt or bank exam … guarantee … relax

      1. my friend and I got same questions he wrote in the afternoon.Anyways its upto you to decide whats wrong or right and get rid of these good samaritan views of helping others in exam,it will increase the cut-off andmay be I have to mention I got 109 marks to avoid getting branded as a cry baby.

  30. Cyano illegal toh yahan sab kuch hi hai India mein(seat kharide n beche jate hai)…so chill…atleast ppl r being helped…anyways der vl b books on dis so..

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