[Download] RBI Mains 2014-Paper 1: English comprehension, Precis, Report Writing Questions

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  1. Instructions
  2. Essay
  3. Précis writing (24 marks)
  4. Comprehension (précis based) 16 marks
  5. Report Writing 20 marks


  1. Exam taken in September 2014.
  2. 100 marks, 3 hours.
  3. All questions are compulsory.
  4. Figures to the right indicate full marks to each question.
  5. Each question should be answered on a new page and the question number must be written on the top.
  6. Précis and its title should be written in précis sheet only.
  7. The answers of parts of the same question, if any, should be written together. In other words, the answer of another questions should not be written in between the Parts of a question.
  8. Marks will be deducted if an answer far exceeds or far falls short of the set limit, or if the handwriting is illegible.
  9. Candidate should use only Blue or Black ink pen/ball point pen to write the answers.
  10. The Name, Roll No. and other entries should be written in the answer-scripts at the specified places only and these should not be written anywhere else in the answer script and supplements used, if any.


Q1. Write an argumentative essay of about 500 words, on any one of the following:—40 marks

  1. Euthanasia, a debatable phenomenon in India.
  2. Media is one of the strongest pillars of democracy.
  3. Role of R.B.I. in controlling the inflation.
  4. Stand of the NDA Government in dealing with corruption.
  5. Uses and misuses of Anti-Dowry Act.
  6. Commonwealth Games-2014 and India.

Précis writing (24 marks)

Q2A: Make a précis of the following passage in your own words, reducing it to about 230 words and give it a suitable title. Use the précis sheet specially provided for this purpose :- (24 marks)

Against the background of a stable recovery of world economy, the 6th BRICS leaders meeting from July, 15th to 16th at Fortaleza, Brazil, with the theme of Sustainable Solutions for Inclusive Growth, is definitely among the most important international events in the second half of this year. It is also an important event for China-India relations since the President of China has had his first ever meeting with the new Indian Prime Minister on the sidelines of the summit. The BRICS has become an important force to cope with the international financial crisis, in driving global economic growth and in promoting democratization of international relations.

The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are not only building upon their own strength, but also make efforts to help others. Despite the financial need for their own economy, BRICS contributed a total sum of $180 billion to the International Monetary Fund in two rounds and the efforts were well commended by the international community.

BRICS is highlighted by pragmatic co-operation in major projects. The BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) and the Financial Contingency Reserve Arrangement (CRA), which were first initiated during the 2012 BRICS summit in India, has become reality in the Fortaleza summit. The NDB and CRA will not only benefit the BRICS countries, but also provide finance to infrastructure projects in emerging markets and other developing countries. It is also aimed to assist them to better withstand risks from international financial turbulence. Other key economic co-operative projects such as joint financing by respective development banks, co-operation among industrial and business enterprises and the economic and trade liaison group will also inject new momentum for development of the BRICS countries.

As the world’s two most populous and largest developing countries as well as the founding members of the BRICS, China and India are firm supporters and active participants of the co-operation among the BRICS countries, and always take co-operation with other BRICS countries as one of the priorities in their foreign policy. China and India are also good neighbours, good friends and good partners that have established a strategic and co-operative partnership for peace and prosperity. Both countries are now facing a historical mission of growing the economy and improving people’s livelihood. The China-India bilateral co-operation and their co-operation under the BRICS framework are complementary to each other.

Our major projects include the BCIM Economic Corridor, the Chinese-style industrial parks in India, railway co-operation, and initiatives of the Silk Road Economic Belt and co-operation along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. We are also working for a ” Trans-Himalayas Economic Growth Region” driven by double-engine of China and India. All the co-operation can be benefited from the BRICS co-operation mechanism. China and India should establish a closer partnership of development to promote more integration of market, greater financial linkage, better connectivity of infrastructure as well as closer people-to-people contacts, and thus to bring our people tangible benefits.

India recently announced its Railway and Union budgets, indicating that India is set to accelerate economic development. As India’s only neighbor in BRICS, China hopes and believes that, under the strong leadership of Indian Prime Minister, India’s economy will gear up to a healthy track and develop better. China will enhance its co-operation with India by proactive and practical action.

Chinese railway department has recently sent officials and technical experts to India for substantive consultation on co-operation of the speedup of existed railway lines and the up gradation of railway stations.

It is firmly believed that, with our joint efforts, a wide-ranging, multilevel and high-quality economic co-operation between China and India will be achieved with more convergence of our two emerging markets. The common development of China and India will ensure the Asian century’s arrival.

There are still challenges for the BRICS countries to move forward. As an old saying goes, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone ; if you want to go far, go together.’ It is positively believed that as long as China, India and other BRICS members insist on building their strong partnership, deepening economic co-operation, a better future is achievable for BRICS.

Comprehension (précis based) 16 marks

Q2B: Answer any two of the following questions based on the above passage (10 marks)

  1. What are the major objectives of the BRICS Bank?
  2. How can pragmatic co-operation in major projects be ensured through the BRICS ?
  3. Illustrate how can the China- India bilateral co-operation be achieved under the framework of the BRICS?

Q2C: Use any three of the following phrases in sentences of your own, to bring out its meaning (6 marks)

  1. to cope with
  2. pragmatic co-operation
  3. trade liaison
  4. tangible benefits
  5. gear up.

Report Writing 20 marks

Q3. Attempt any one of the following in about 250 words: 20 marks.

  1. It has been reported to R.B.I. that few banks are violating the prescribed norms while granting loans to the Private Companies. As the General Manager of R.B.I., direct a committee to be instantly constituted to look into the matter and recommend the remedial measures to be initiated against such banks. Draft a committee report.
  2. On behalf of RBI, issue a circular to all the subsidiary banks to open special cell to deal with educational loan applications for higher education in India and abroad and expedite the essential procedures to sanction the loans within a specific period of 10 days.
  3. The Chairman of Customers’ Association has reported to R.B.I. that banks located in rural areas are not able to function well due to frequent cuts in power supply. It causes tremendous inconvenience to customers who come from far off places and go back without their work being done. On behalf of R.B.I., draft a letter to the Chairman of the Association, assuring him that the matter will be seriously taken into account and rural banks will be instructed to make provision for the installation of generators to address this problem permanently in case of power failure.

Courtesy: Mr. Hari krishnan D, for sharing the mains 2014 papers.
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  1. Its difficult to cope up with the new syllabus, unless any guidance is provided.
    The government sought pragmatic co-operation from opposite parties, on the issue of nuclear deal for moving ahead.
    The strong trade liaison between India and China helped the petty businessman too.
    Her new home can be categorized as tangible benefit, while the luxurious life remains the intangible benefit.
    Lets gear up for the mains examination and stop wasting time here and there (So what ?!?)

    1. koi chance nahi, tier-1 ki cutt off general ki 102 thi, or tier1+2 ko mila ker cutt off sayad 380-400+ se jayada hoga(interview post ki liye), per sayad apko non-interview post mil sakte he

  2. I am not able to register for the Uttrakhand PCS. Whenever I finish the form, it says “Error! You used special characters that are not allowed in the form.”
    Albeit I didn’t use any special characters, I keep on getting this message whenever I try to register.

    Is anyone facing a similar issue?

    1. don’t use even comma (,) between 2 words. just give a blank space wherever separation of words require.

  3. can any1 tell me that is it good too make hand written notes for all sub n buks we read lik ncert, spectrum,tamil nadu history buks……etc…. ue it is enough to read it plz help me out i m in a confusion as i m targeting 2015 ias…n ras 2014…

    1. Even if you prepared notes, while revising them you will feel like revisiting books. mark what you read, if you notice any extra gorgeous fact related to it (in newspaper or magazine or tv or any other medium), note it down and add it in your answer which you will be practicing daily (Whole explanation is my personal opinion, not inviting any critisization)

  4. Sir ,I have to start mains preparation I need ur guidance how to start and coz time is less for mains 2014 . I have no idea how to do writing practice for essay and answers. I have read ur preparation guide but because time is very less its too much i get confused

    1. First revise what you read in prelims, Practice answer writing on random questions i.e atleast start from 500 words now and pick up pace as you proceed. Dont waste more hours on current as you will fizzle out rather prepare very famous topics (Mars orbiter, food subsidy wto et al). GS paper 1 will take time i.e history + geograpgy (Prepare it time bound i.e max 20 days). Paper 2 will take less time (Laxmikanth, IR , and again some very famous topics from internet like RTI ) IR is available in every current magazine with a special section . Paper 3 is more prelims centered, I can give you a book list which can be helpful. paper 4 to masha allah, i.e only few points from a single book and you are done with GS . Optional and essay has to covered extensively but again time bound say 30 days max (as i assume you are aware with bigger concepts of it) . Most Toppers in past years have wasted 1 month after prelims as they have an idea before prelims what upsc demand and what exactly they have to go through . Read this line from syllabus ” The nature and standard of questions in GS will be such that a well educated person will be able to answer them without any specialized study” . I assume syllabus of mains is with you , even if you dont have it is available in notification.

  5. I gave the mains paper Mrunal sir…it was an awesome experience and what i liked that i wrote more than of my ability as i think so…it was a guidance from your part because of which i can give the paper with such confidence. Just missed the paper of Finance with few factual data, otherwise would have been confident to clear the mains. Whatever the result may be, i liked it. Thank u very much

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