Write Essay on any one of the following topics. 2500 words, 3 hours.

  1. International relations, Diplomacy
  2. Democracy and governance
  3. Social Issues and Women empowerment
  4. Education, Economy, HRD

International relations, Diplomacy

  1. International cooperation is not a “zero sum game.”
  2. If “world’s factory” and “world’s back office” worked together…(President Xi)
  3. “No genuine Asian century would come without the development of China, India and other developing countries” – Xi Jinping in The Hindu.
  4. When India and China speak in one voice, the world will pay attention. (Chinese President Xi Jinping in India)
  5. India and China- the twin civilizations with “intellectual fire power” (Amartya Sen)
  6. China and India- the twin “express trains” for driving regional development.
  7. China and India- the twin anchors of regional peace.

Democracy and governance

  1. Democratic government demands not only a parliamentary majority but also a parliamentary minority- (Ivory Jennings. Current Context- Leader of opposition issue.)
  2. Magnanimity in politics is not seldom the truest wisdom. (Edmund Burke, Frontline quoted)
  3. A great empire and little minds go ill together (Edmund Burke, Frontline quoted)
  4. “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”  (George Orwell. Current context-CBI whistleblower)
  5. “Freedom is a celebration; independence is a challenge.” – Pranab in Independence day speech.
  6. “In a democracy, good governance is exercise of power for efficient and effective management of our economic and social resources for the well-being of the people.”
  7. India is a “harmonious” and “stable democracy” in spite of its cultural and linguistic diversities.  (Dalai Lama )
  8. Media- the strongest pillars of democracy. (Context- TRAI chairman said- political parties should not own TV channels, and same essay asked in RBI mains 2014).
  9. A clean judiciary is a constitutional imperative for any working democracy. (some column)

Social Issues and Women empowerment

  1. “When women are safe, nations are safe” (President of Liberia, Sir John Sirleaf)
  2. Has Indian Society has become silent to injustices? (Some seminar)
  3. Daughter aversion. (Context- deep seated patriarchal mindsets leading to the preference for sons over daughters.)
  4. Can girl-child grow without fear in India?
  5. Only sustained and systematic efforts in families, communities and in society can end violence against women.
  6. Not only women but men also need to participate on an equal footing in gender justice.
  7. Healthy mothers and healthy children are crucial for India to realize the demographic dividend. (Melinda Gates)
  8. The promise of women empowerment is hollow without breaking away from gender stereotypes first.
  9. Gender is a matter of culture without which either a man or a woman cannot lead a harmonious life.
  10. We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another (Jonathan Swift. Current context- Love Jihad controversy in India, ISIS/Shia-Sunni in Middle East.)

Education, Economy, HRD

  1. A nation that treats its intellectual capital in a shabby manner is doomed to remain backward.
  2. Libraries- the dilapidated temples of Modern India.
  3. Economy is the material part of development. Education is the essential part of it.
  4. The difference between rich and poor people is not their education it is the assets versus liabilities.(Robert Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich dad, Poor dad”.)
  5. India is going to be the information power of world. (Robert Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich dad, Poor dad”.)
  6. Through innovation, hard work and cutting edge research, our engineers have played an anchoring role in the making of our nation. (Modi on 154 birth anniversary of Sir M. Visvesvaraya)
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