1. Shuddhi sabhas and tanzim bodies
  2. Tablighi Jamat and Deobandh
  3. Love Jihad

Shuddhi sabhas and tanzim bodies

  • Earlier, if a Hindu converted to another religion, he was not allowed to return back.
  • Swami Shradhananda and Swami Dayananda Saraswati propagated suddhi movement- to accept people back to Hindiusm, who had earlier changed religion under pressure or coercion.
  • 1921: Moplah reballion in Malabar. Hindu-Muslim harmony was lost, leading to chain reactions in India.
  • 1920s: Arya Samaj began Shuddhi campaign. Particularly for converting Malkhana Rajputs back into Kshtriyas.
  • As a counter responce- Muslim leaders begin Tanzim (organization) and Tablighi (propoganda / religious proselytisation) movement in N.India.
  • Tanzim-Tabligh were mean to promote muslim prayers, orgnization and culture. Dr.Saifudin Kitchlew important leader.

Gandhi on religious conversions

  • B.R. Ambedkar and Pandita Ramabai Saraswati in Maharashtra had resorted to conversion as a form of protest against the iniquities of the Hindu caste society
  • Gandh said “real conversion proceeded from the heart and a heart conversion was impossible without an intelligent grasp of one’s faith”
  • Gandhi did not reject conversion, but disapproved religion-conversion done via force or inducements.

Tablighi Jamat and Deobandh

why in news? Its leader Maulana Zubair Hasan died recently.

  • Tablighi Jamat movement started as off-shoot of Deoband movement in North India
  • to reform Islamic traditions during British era.
  • By Mohmmad Kandhlawi in 1926,and then transformed into a missionary organisation.
  • The movement followed fundamentals of sunni Islam.
  • It has been a pacifist organisation,
  • stays away from political issues
  • spread across many countries including UK, France, Canada and Central Asian countries.

by the way, what is Deoband movement?

  • The name Doband is came from a town in UP- Deoband
  • Pan-Islamic movement, led by Nationalist Muslims like Sibli Nomani, Nantovi and Gangoi.
  • Were against the partition of Pakistan along religious lines.
  • Democratic, anti-imperialist, progressive interpretation of Islamic tradition, political freedom and equality.

Love Jihad

ofcourse this is not part of ‘mains’ syllabus. But, some eccentric UPSC interview panel-members asking such things.

Love Jihad
  • is an alleged conspiracy by Muslim men to entice, marry and convert Hindu women to Islam.
  • BJP, RSS, ABVP, BJP yuva morcha et al, have joined hands to fight love jihad in Western Uttar Pradesh.
Hitler Made similar allegations in his book Mein Kampf. That Jew men were trapping German Christian women, thus polluting their racial purity.
  • If a boy/girl converts religion just for the sake of marriage, it is illegal. If Hindu girls are forced into Islam, that is also illegal.
  • urged Muslim youths to avoid such a (marriage) situation that gave the BJP an opportunity to “target” the entire community.
Sunni clerics
  • A few isolated cases of inter-religion marriage.
  • But Media and political parties are sensationalizing it.
  • There is no such systematic campaign by Muslims to convert Hindu women.
UP Government said in Highcourt, there is no Love-jihad in UP. (only Goonda-raj and Nakal-maafia)
Maneka Gandhi Have not received any such complaint so far, in ministry of women and child.
Rajnath Singh Home minister is yet to study this term.
Mrunal We need following reform:

Few yearsback, Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh gave a suggestion -all the state assembly elections and parliament elections should be done simultaneously. Right now, there is some election or byelection here and there every few months, and as a result…

  1. Parties 24/7 involved in appeasement, sensationlization, communalism, pseudo-secularism, casteism, regionalism. But, none of them remembers Godhara, Love Jihad or Muzaffarnagar etc. once the election is over.
  2. even if party wants to reform (say leaving all communal-secular-caste thing and focus on rebuilding party with development agenda), yet there is not enough timegap- because there is some stupid election around the corner. so they have to fall back yet again to same communal-secular-caste thing as to stay in the debate.
  3. Lot of black money spent, to win such elections.
  4. Both Union and state governments announce lot of election-freebies, waste public money in newspaper ads to showcase their achievements- just before the model code of conduct begins.
  5. and When it comes to taking bold steps like petrol price hike, railway fare hike or removing LPG subsidies- they use the same “model code of conduct” as an excuse for not doing so.

Follow up to that-

  1. One person should be allowed to contest from one place only (so there is no vacant post and bypolls when they resign from one seat).
  2. there should be no by-polls anywhere. If someone is dead, arrested or resigns from the seat, consider it empty till the five year cycle ends. Because absence or presence of one MP/MLA doesn’t really affect ground development. Government can handover the MPLADS funds district administration directly- after all they’re the ones responsible to implementation.