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Kindly post your SBI GDPI experience in comment. All good and detailed entries will be updated back into this article later (just like Wiz84, Uttam, Elias). So that it help the future SBI PO aspirants. Thanks in advance.

  1. Interview Experience: Wiz84 (8th Oct, Rajasthan)
  2. Interview Experience: Uttam
  3. Interview Experience: Elias
  4. Old info about SBI written result and cutoffs

Interview Experience: Wiz84 (8th Oct, Rajasthan)

my interview was on 8th October,morning batch at Jaipur…

Group Discussion

  • (panel 1,comprise of 4 Gentlemen and one very graceful south Indian mam, i will introduce them as M1=chairman,
  • M2=Lady member,
  • M3=sir from North East n most chilled out person,
  • M4=very serious looking person n really in a mood to grill,
  • M5=the silent guy)

we were a batch of 15 candidates but 3 were absent so 12 gave the GD.

Topic of Gd was ‘cleanliness is the fundamental responsibility of every citizen’ ,

  • they gv us 3 minutes to zod down the points,Gd was conducted in two rounds.
  • First 2 minutes for everyone to speak n thn again a round of 2 minutes where everyone is asked to sum up his\her view points or the whole panel, n yes they were using a buzzer n stopwatch to strictly adhere to the time limit…
  • any one can start the GD n thn baton can b transfer to the next interested candidate,i mean no compulsion to maintain order.
  • n yes v were instructed not to interrupt any candidate while he/she speaking…
  • my whole batch was gud so really cant say who performed better, i guess everyone would have got above average marks…
  • After the completion of GD they gave us a break of 15-20 minutes n thn started conducting the interviews…
  • i was the second last to be interviewed so i got a fair idea what all they were asking n i realized tht the panel was not asking much questions or not dwelling much deeper…..interview duration was 15-20 minutes,

Questions generally asked were:

  • (1)Educational background
  • (2)any prominent person related to ur place of birth
  • (3)gap in ur education
  • (4)questions from ur current work profile
  • (5)questions from ur hobbies
  • (6)n they seems really interested in MBA ppl as the asked lot many questions related to MBA subjects n marketing related questions from candidate having related profile,

but most imp thing is tht they didn asked anything from banking,economy,financial inclusion or current affairs atleast from my batch…may be tht was the first day so they r getting acquainted with the rhythm of interview.

My interview:

i entered n greeted the mam first n thn all others…
M1=chairman asked me

  • about my reason of leaving job,
  • my salary was high when i left so if i will join bank on a lower salary how will i cope,
  • reason for leaving private sector n entering public sector(he wants tangible points,some cross questioning),
  • core points of my personality,

then M4,

  • he asked me some Japanese words(as i know Japanese,i mentioned it in biodata form)
  • wht is 6sigma,how this formula is derived n its significance in manufacturing industry(i had work experience of manufacturing industry)
  • and questions related to Assembly line,

then M2,

  • she asked me just one question “don u think tht u wasted your youth and productive time while preparing for government exams all those years”
  • i strongly contradicted her( n she seemed offended,mea culpa)

then M3,

  • he asked me just one question about my hobbies n passed the baton to last member who din asked me any question(ie M5)…
  • my take from my interview:

it lasted around 20 minutes,they didn asked me big bang questions like banking n eco etc, as i was well prepared so was a lil saddened for not getting any opportunity to answer such policy related questions. Also they seems to be in hurry as i was the second last candidate n their lunch time was approaching…lols
cant really say how well i had done as i have experience of getting very poor marks for very good interview n very good marks for very average interview, so simply keeping my fingers crossed…n waiting for the result.
all the best friends…n prepare well…hope to meet during training…


Marks:  GD (20) + PI (30)
There is no minimum marks criterion to get selected finally. Your score in written(75% weightage) and GD/PI(25% weightage) would decide your final selection.

About Group Discussion

  1. There would be around 10-12 candidate in GD group.
  2. There would be 3-4 people to observe the discussion. Same people will be in the interview panel.
  3. They might ask questions on whatever you said in your GD.
  4. Topic will be decided by the panel and if the group is not comfortable with the given topic it could be changed.
  5. Do not hesitate if you do not understand the topic and ask the panel to make it clear. Guys from both Hindi/English medium are included in the group and the panel give topic in English. So, Hindi medium students can ask for clarifications.
  6. Everyone will be given time to put forward his/her opinions
  7. Topic could be technical as well as general. (Topic in GD I attended was about technical education)
  8. You can speak in Hindi/English. Don’t know if they allow other languages.

Once the GD is over there would be a gap and then Interview starts.

About Interview

  • 3-4 people in panel.
  • Questions asked may not be from banking. (In my interview they didn’t ask a single question related to banking and similar thing happened with my other friends who appeared for interview.)

Last year, they had asked me following questions:

  1. My hobby(photography and reading books): Effect of digital equipments on photography and some basic concepts of photography.
  2. Reasons for leaving previous job.
  3. Role of Election commission, CAG and names of current CEC and CAG.
  4. Current affair – Coal block allocation issue, PRISM, and a tribe from Siberia (forgot the name of tribe)
  5. Name and formula of gas leaked in Bhopal gas tragedy and formula of some other gases (I am a science graduate).
  6. Recent book I read. and more question around it.
  7. Conversion of degree Celsius to __

*Questions asked in our group ranged from invasion of Alexander, to cold current around japan, modern history, basic science questions, current events.

My experience: The board was cordial. They did not penalised me for not answering some questions. I was honest in my answers so they awarded me. Be confident and be honest. Rest will be taken care by the board.
My marks: GD – 17/20, PI – 26/30


I believe GD and PI will largely depend on the board. My GD, last year, was about curbing gold imports. But there were random topics as well, like – ‘things which make us happy’. And it is not really a GD. Everyone will get to speak in turns for about 2 mins. So no fighting or interruptions. They give a few minutes to think. Note down a few points in your notepad. Listen to others while they speak. Express your ideas when your turn comes. Nothing to worry about.

And my interview – I loved it (except the part where i made a big blunder towards the end and chairman almost kicked me out :P). The board was really cool. We had a nice chat for about 15-20 mins. I was a B.Tech doing MA in economics (IGNOU). So they asked me economics – mostly from micro, macro and developmental.(in fact, they told me they did not know much about Naval architecture (My major in B.tech) and they asked me to choose a topic from where they may ask questions. And I told them I was comfortable with microeconomics). No banking (like what is NEFT) terminologies asked. No objective type questions (like who is the chairman of …) were asked. But there were a few questions from my B.Tech as well and a few questions on my work ex.

They asked about why i left my earlier job, what were the exams i had written etc. (Most of the guys who appeared in my session from Delhi were civil service aspirants. I also told them that i had given prelims. A few boards were not very pleased to hear that. But my board did not seem to mind).

Please note that the panel consists of very senior/retired officers. They are GOOD. So, my advice is, please do not lie/confuse them/or appear arrogant. Also, please make sure you convey that you would love the PO job. My interview went really good until i told something which made them feel I did not want to work in rural postings.
(Na, I did not make it last year. Missed by about 1 mark).

How to prepare for bank interviews?

The fundamental rules remain one and same:

  1. Stop Feeling Guilty and Tell me about yourself, Stupid cutoffs and Insecurities about Profile
  2. Why BankPO? Preparing the Sales Pitch: Career growth, job satisfaction, negative factors, work-profile, Promotion, hierarchy, Sample Answers
  3. Banking, Economy, Current Affairs, HR and GK related questions for BankPO/MT
  4. Graduation related Questions: IT, B.E., B.Tech, Biotech, B.Com, BBA, Arts, sample questions from previous interviews
  5. Stress Interviews, When things don’t go as planned, B.Tech, Engineers and IT Why BankPO?

Old info about SBI PO written result and vacancies

click on following area to expand:
[accordion] [accordion_item title=”SBI PO written result”]
SBI PO Phase 1 (online test) was held in June-July 2014. Its result declared. Use any one of the following links:

  1. Official PDF on SBI
  2. Backup PDF on my server

What next?

  • from 15th September: The passed candidates will be able to download their call letters and biodata forms.
  • From 8th October: Phase II (Group discussion and personal interviews GDPI) will start.

[accordion_item title=”SBI PO 2014:No. of Vacancies”]

SBI PO 2014 Number of vacancies
SC 235 VH 29
ST 439 OH 31
OBC 405 Total (PH) 60
GEN 758
TOTAL 1837


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  1. Interview Questions and GD @State Bank Learning Centre, Panchkula (13-10-2014)

    GD topic :- E-Commerce Vs Brick and Mortar Stores

    Interview Questions
    Chairman- Questions Related to a personality with my name

    M1= Who is the editor of ‘The hindu’ ?
    Other Publications by the same group ?
    Why the name frontline ?
    M2 = What is GDP ?
    What is Indian GDP Growth Rate?
    What is American Growth Rate?
    Though We have ,More gowth rate than USA why so much concern ?
    M3 = What is UIDAI ?
    Name of the Card issued by them ?
    Do you have AADHAR CARD ?
    M4= What are differential equations ?
    Use of them differential equations ?
    What is integral equations ?
    What is Integration ?
    Who will win Haryana Assembly Elections ? I said I don’t know but CONGRESS is not coming back to power. Then he said i didn’t asked that. Tell me who will form the government . I said may be coalition govt. No winner

  2. Some candidates were asked about leader of Islamic state, why drones were in news about 2 days back. Candidates with banking background had their interview mostly on their work profile in the bank.


    Gd topic: e-commerce vs brick and mortar shops

    Interview :
    board of 5 (4 male + 1 female ) The board was very cordial.

    Chairman : questions related to my name and home state, mars orbiter mission and its head, name of two Indian physicists.
    M1 (lady) : questions relating to hobby – last book read and about its author , and economic recession.
    M2 : questions on ISIS –what is it and what do they want?
    M3 : name Indian IT companies and their CEO’s, what are drones and why in news recently?
    M4 : define gdp, how is it calculated, what is india’s gdp?

  4. i had gd and interview on 14th at trivandrum. gd topic was ‘should govt divest its shareholdings in the PSU banks’. there were 5 gents and a lady in the panel. They had given 2.50 min for each of us to talk on the topic and after that 10 min for general discussion. in interview they asked about my fathers occupation and related topics to that. they asked most of the questions about the current issues like nobel prize, hudhud i.e which all districts it hit, about rbi governors speech 2 days back, 2 questions on banking eventhough i was a engineering graduate. about ombudsman and what will banks do for safeguarding their savings and all. Please do read atleast last 3 days of newspaper including the interview day’s. thankyou

    Venue- SBI, Local Head Office, Patna
    Date- 14 October, 2014
    Time-11 AM

    I entered the campus at 10:30. We were asked to wait in the lobby. Everything started in the back drop of fraudulent candidate’s incident. On 8th October and 9th October, four candidates were caught and handed over to police at Patna LHO, for whom some scholar wrote the test. The paper cuttings of the same were spread on the table besides the couch. A middle aged Gentleman came whose moustache ran up to the chin end. He said politely but firmly, “I do not know you but you know yourself, if there are some dubious candidates, here is the opportunity, you can make an excuse and go out. Nobody can help you once the process starts”. He kept repeating the same thing again and again. His message was very clear as recently was of our Defense Minister Mr. Jaitley to Pakistan- “If you want to be adventurous with us, we will make your adventure unaffordable”. The Gentleman was retired Captain in army and was security in charge of the campus. The army personnel either from Short Service Commission or prematurely retire from Permanent Service Commission, later joins bank or other corporate, management institutions.
    I have been through corporate, SSB, SSC processes but I must admit that the infrastructure at SBI LHO bettered every one of them, whether it was the Waiting halls, the conference rooms, the dining hall, the interviewing room, the lavatories, everything. It seems that SBI is spending all it assets on local head office only.
    325 candidates are to be interviewed from Bihar and Jharkhand region from 8th to 22nd October. Approximate 28 candidates are to be interviewed everyday in two sessions. There is only 1 panel.
    Moving ahead, the Captain took us to the 7th floor which has the SBI Vigilance department where the officers were to verify ,rather I would say scrutinize us. One by one we were getting verified. When my turn came and I entered the room, four officers were verifying each four of us under camera surveillance. The officer took my file and kept it aside and the first thing he asked,”tell me the route through which you reached your exam centre”. That was unexpected. I replied,” from my house NH23 is 1km, then we head towards nayamore……”. I am from Bokaro, I thought he was just asking formally and he did not know anything about the city, so I made it short. He said,” are Chas bridge to paar karvao”. They were serious about it.
    Further questions like – On what topic did you write the essay, letter and the paragraph? What was the exam date? How was the arrangement of the class where you took the exam? Further he had a doubt about one of my certificates; he made me call to my father with the landline. When I kept the call, he says-“ Did you say you are Rahul?”. Yen Macha chill. “kya Sir mera ghar ka naam hai”, I replied. “Itni scrutiny to Army vale bhi nahi karte” I added. “Babu ye bihar hai” he was wearing a smile.
    Another candidate just besides me had a photo which appeared doubtful to them as they thought he was trying to hide his identity. The student said that his mother has taken the photograph at home. I mean that was funny. We know our mothers will do everything best for us, but we should leave photography to the professionals, at least when we are applying for a job. Later, his academic background was not that great and their doubt grew deeper. The question asked to him- (a+b)^2 , 19^2, 24^2 , 48+52 etc. You might not believe it but this is what has happened. I almost burst into laughter when the last question was asked.
    Another candidate pasted a couple of years back photo in his application. In that picture he had hair but now he was almost half bald. He was grilled the most till the end.
    One of us was called again because his thumb impression did not match because he recently had a cut on his thumb. They were matching the thumb impression with magnifying glass.
    Everyone was clear from our batch. I am not sure this is the story at every local head offices but this is what is happening at Patna. It may sound fun now but it was not at real time.
    1) When you download the bio-data form, download each page on a separate sheet, not at the back of a sheet.
    2) If you are a OBC candidate, it is better if you carry your residential certificate, just on safe side.
    1) If you do not remember something just tell that, do not beat around the bush, it is their duty, if you are genuine, you will be clean at the end.

    Apart from that the staff was cordial; you do not have to go outside for anything.
    Part2 will follow.

  6. This is what happened at LHO hyderabad
    GD topic : Role of corporate hospitals.
    Rules remained the same as enough gyaan has been given already about this.
    Going to the interview
    It ranges from Ebola virus to Poverty in India
    Total 5 members of panel
    Only 3 members asked questons
    About SBI?
    answered for 2 mins
    Subsidiaries of SBI?
    told SBI life insurance
    SBI mutual funds
    asked about Mutual funds?
    4. Asked what is the term about risk which was used at the end of Mutual funds tv ads
    Answer is market risk which my brain did nt remind me till i am in the interview room
    5.Meaning of term “Safe sailing”
    6.Now goes to poverty
    what are the countries with more poor population other India
    Could nt recollect
    They said the answer somalia China Bangladesh
    Is proverty declined in INDIA?

  7. My interview was on qatal ki subah 14th at 8 am in bhubaneswar
    GD topic: “All examinations should be open book”
    Everyone given 2 minutes and then 15 mins open house.

    Interview questions:
    1. Why leave an IT job for banking?
    2. What is banking system
    3. Role of RBI
    4. Who has won Nobel prize in economics and for what?
    5. History of Nobel Prize and from where does the money come for it

    Group discussion
    After the document verification we were taken to the well furnished Conference Room. There was a U- shaped long table. We took our seats and were provided with notepad and a pen. The officer coordinating us made a call, “All is set, Sir”. We were waiting and the 4 Gentlemen and a lady made a grant entry just like the cast of the latest flick of Farah khan- Happy New Year, which is definitely going to be a crap. A dialogue they show in the promotions-“There are only two kinds of people in this world- the winners and the losers…..”. There were definitely the winners. When I imagine a banker, I could see somebody with less hair, a pot on the tummy, looks tired, diabetic etc. I am saying this without disrespecting the profession. They were completely unlike the officers we see in the local branches. They were courteously dressed and had dynamic personality. They took their seats briskly. The president of the panel was tall and was in his late 50’s but looked younger than his age. He took the seat at the centre of the curve of U. Two of the others were besides him and the other two sat at the terminals. The designation of the president was of Chief General Manager, as told by the coordinating officer. If somebody does not aspire different things or does not want some ‘KICK’ in life, I think it can be a prospective career.
    The president briefed us about the rules of the Game.
    “You will be given a topic and you will be given 2 mins to jot down your points and then you have to speak individually for 2 mins, anybody can speak at random. But start it by clarifying whether you are speaking for or against the motion. And after that there will be open discussions.”
    Your topic is,” Should India have smaller States”.
    I have hardly written anything and they pressed the buzzer. A lady started addressing and spoke for the motion. Another Gentleman spoke for the motion.
    I was third to speak and started as “ My worthy friends, I would like to respectfully disagree on the stand you have taken, so I am speaking against the motion.” I started with little history- linguistic basis of bifurcation, current situation, telangana, Jharkhand, other recent demands, first mentioned the pros of smaller states- easy administration, capital city develops etc then focused on the cons like political symbolism, unstable government, corruption etc, and ended on the lines only political will and cooperation of aware people is needed. The centre and state should join hands with the people to make the place better to live in”. I kept the points but was not fluent and even stuttered.
    We had a good batch and everybody made decent points. After the last candidate spoke the president again gave instructions.
    “Now there will be an open discussion and if you think you have new points what was not discussed earlier, you can come in but make sure it is not more than 30secs. You do not necessarily need to come in but make sure if you do, do not try to come again and again.”
    The open discussion was hardly for 5 mins and the buzzer was pressed. I could spoke once.
    If somebody has a beforehand GD experience, it was unlike the usual one. There was no fish market, no chaos, and no heated arguments. It is also fair for the first timers who have butterflies in their stomach. And even language is not a barrier; one of the Gentlemen from our batch spoke very well in Hindi. The point is that have confidence in yourselves and just go out and express your selves, you will easily sail through. The process does not tilt in favor of experienced. It is unlike SSB’s.
    After that four of us were taken for interview and rest was sent for lunch.
    PART 3 will follow

  9. Hyderabad centre
    Gd: role of private hospitals !
    Interview ! Mine was last at 6 pm !
    They asked me if I had felt bored waiting ! I said I enjoyed interacting with all the students ! He asked me if I had asked everyone about questions asked ! I said no ! Then he said there is no harm asking ! And then I said I asked 2 students and I found that u are not repeating questions so I just left ! He said I m impressed by waving his eye brows !
    1st member
    Are u aspiring fro civils services ?
    I said yes ! I will appear for it in future after some years but I may or may not ! ( though this year it’s my 2nd attempt- I bluffed)
    Other women member asked if I will leave sbi po if I get ias or ips
    I said definitely madam !
    She said it means ur wasting our money !
    1st member supported me that everyone will leave for such a post and he said to chase my dream since there is no harm aspiring for such a service !
    I said I may or may not Bcoz already there will b a lot of pressure in sbi ! Right now my only aim is to become an sbi po and in future only if I get ias or ips I will leave it !
    1st member asked what if I get other services
    I said till then I ll have a lot of experience here and sbi po is Al very good post !
    Then 1st member has started asking about banking sector !
    Fii fdi ! What they actually mean !
    Told perfectly
    Measures by rbi to tame inflation
    Told it
    Asked about omo !
    Explained how they inject and take our money !
    Next women member picked up from there !
    She said difference between Fii and fdi and full form of it!
    Answered crystal clear !
    Then she said I have asked this question to many but no ne answered I hope u will answer it !
    After 1991 india needed money and one more thing ! What is that!
    I said technology !
    She waved her head hardly and told very good !
    Then next member has taken the task and he is isthe main member with full of knowledge !
    Asked about npas
    Asset quality management
    Indemnity vs guarantee
    Couldn’t answer properly
    He said u can answer questions using ur brain ! U just have that potential ! So I m giving u 2 mins ! If u don’t get I will move on to next question !but I answered vaguely about npas !
    Some other banking terms he has asked like moral suasion !
    He asked means for savings in india ! Answered it confidently !
    Then he went for hobbies (reading news and playing snooker )
    Did u follow maharashtra elections?
    I said i don’t follow politics ! Then suddenly 3 members started making fun and laughed for some time !
    Asked about dlf case ! I replied i don’t know !
    Why jayalalitha in news !
    Answered it
    Who was the judge of that case
    Sorry sir I don’t know !
    Finally he asked difference between snooker and billiards !
    Explained them perfectly !
    That’s it ! Interview has ended !

  10. 14/10 Afternoon. Trivandrum local office.
    GD topic : Should we lower the age limit for trying juveniles as adults in case of heinous crimes to 15.
    2.5 mins for everyone. Then common 10 minutes.
    Most of us supported lowering of age. I stood against it.

    6 members. Only 3 talked.
    Asked about naval architecture (my majors), reason for quitting job, whether I had written IBPS and Associate bank. Told them I had applied and will be appearing. Then asked about RBI mains. (And nothing about civil service, although i had mentioned it in the bio data)

    Then the real drama starts- they were angry because I did not agree for lowering age during the GD. They did not even give time for me to justify. All the examples which I told were thrown back at me as a different question. A member even told all the rapists should be hanged and another one asked me why I had so much sympathy for rapists!! Oh man, they were real angry and the topic prevailed for more than 15 minutes until the chairman told me the interview is over and I may leave. First stress interview I have faced till now!

    1) I happened to see my bio data which was held by a member. He had, with his blue pen ticked every column. So I guess the board members went through what I had written in that thoroughly. So don’t take it lightly.
    2) Unless someone took a strong stand in GD, most of the questions which were asked were indirectly related to resume. But all those who took a strong stand in GD had to substantiate that during interview.
    3) I think SBI conducts interview in separate batches for different category.
    4) Last time, at Delhi, they told us that south Indians conducted interview in North India and vice versa. But my panel (Trivandrum) had only 2 North Indians(or maybe 3). And the chairman was definitely a south Indian.
    5) Even if you don’t have a certificate, it is OK. They will ask you to give an undertaking. That is all.
    6) I really appreciate this- SBI actually want everyone to attend interview. They may reschedule one’s interview when absolutely necessary.


    Personal Interview

    I mentioned before in Part-2 that 4 of us were taken to the Interview and the rest marched forward to the dining hall. Since I was number 5, I was suggested to wind up the lunch quickly. I know you are more excited about the food than the interview experience. Do not worry both bones and greens are there in sumptuous way.”Pura Intezaam hai”. The batches in the morning were also provided with a Snacks box; I was curious but did not have the courage to ask them.

    I took a very light lunch with more salads and decided to leave the dining table early. After all I did not want to enter the interviewing room with a tooth pick in hand, caressing my tummy and resume with a belch- ” karyakaram shuru kiya jaye(let the show begin)”. Before I go ahead I would like to have my say on dress code.

    Dress Code

    I am taking the lines from Mrunal Sir’s article which I liked and copy pasting it here. I hope he would not have copy right issues with me.

    Copying a few lines from NSA Shiv Shankar Menon’s speech to IFS officers:

    “A word about dress. Some younger colleagues have asked me why dress so formally and why they could not dress as they chose. The answer is that we normally dress to make the other person take us seriously and to be persuasive, not to express our personalities or look good or stylish, or for comfort. Like it or not, people judge you by your appearance. How we dress depends on the culture we operate in and the statement we choose to make.

    I have a theory about why diplomats, soldiers and bankers dress so conservatively, each in their own uniforms. Notice how the more an occupation deals with risk, the more uniform their dress is? A soldier risks his life, the banker risks your money, and the diplomat deals with the risks of war and peace. It is in order to convey the assurance that they know what they are doing, to reassure society, the client or the interlocutor that these professions dress in what amounts to a uniform. And it seems to work.”(End of copy paste)

    I have heard different opinions from different people. Some People ask whether they should wear a coat or not, they should knot a tie or not. Does it make them odd in the group if nobody is wearing those?

    I personally feel it is all your personal choice, if you can carry a Tie or for that matter a Coat, why not wear it. But you do not want to do it on somebody else’s advice if you are not comfortable with it, why you will like to suffocate yourself when the situation is already like a hot pressure cooker. I personally prefer a dark trouser and light colored shirt with a dark formal tie. But I would like to reiterate, it is all about your comfort Zone.

    As far as Lady’s are concerned, in my batch a lady wore a black coat and trouser, she managed herself well. But In my opinion nothing beats when a lady enters a room in a light colored Cotton Salwar Suit, with hair properly tugged behind, with no or very light make up and no accessories except a watch on her left hand. But again it is all about your personal choice and opinions and we can agree to disagree on that.


    Moving ahead, I entered confidently into the waiting hall. It does not matter how many interviews you have given before or how much confident you were before, the pressure starts to build in. If I will count from my final year, it was going to be the 26 or 27th time (of course with zero success rate) that I have entered into the final or penultimate stage of a recruiting process but still I found a new situation to worry about. This was the first time a lady was in the panel of men, I was circumspect whether to wish the lady first or the President. I asked the coordinating officer. He was very friendly. He said again this is a personal choice and it varies but he said when you will enter the room the president will be in front of you.

    The room in which we were interviewed was of Arundhati Madam’s. A year back I had a IBPS po interview and when I entered, the room ended before it started. When the green light glowed and I could hear the buzzer, I got ready and entered the room with confidence. It was not just a room but an opulent suite, and the process was conducted in the first half of the room. There was couch parallel to me and two other perpendicular to it, on each side. A chair was at somewhat 9 to 10 feet. That was of course for me. I think the arrangement should be like this or a U table when more people are in the panel.

    The president and one more gentleman was sitting on the central couch, lets call them P and R1. The lady and one more gentleman was sitting on the couch left to me, let us call them W and L1 respectively. Then finally one more gentleman sat on my right side couch, He is R2. Once again to clarify the sitting arrangement- clock wise from me – W, L1; P,R1; R2

    The president was in front of me, I wished him then the lady and the others. I was offered the seat. I sat using the whole depth of the chair, with back aligning to the chair and hands resting on the thighs but I was nervous. I think almost everyone had my Bio-data in his hand. Mr President broke the ice.

    P: Alright Avinash, You have done Electrical and Electronics Engineering.(I am engineering graduate, 2012 passout) What is the difference between Electrical and Electronics Engineer??

    (he straight away hit my soaring nerve, this question was expected but I was unprepared)

    Me: Electrical is about the basic concepts of Electricity and electronics is all about it’s application.

    P: (Pointing towards the AC) what is it Electrical or Electronic device??

    Me: (Unsure) Electronic device

    P: Why??

    Me: it works on the principle (he looked unconvinced)

    P: Alright if the cooler at my home stops working whom should I call, electrical or electronics……(I interrupted ,I was getting cornered and was moving nowhere, I had no options)

    Me: I am getting confused Sir.(the lady looked at P and smiled)

    P: (with a smile) am I confusing you??\

    Me: No sir (I was a name sake engineer, I get irritated even somebody calls me that)

    P: You did your course from VTU. What does it stands for??

    Me: Visvesvaraya Technological University (first time I was confident)

    P: who was he?

    Me: (confidently)a renowned Civil engineer. Engineer’s day celebrated on his birthday. Krishna sagar dam in mandya is built by him.(he looked at me as if saying- beta pura ratta mar k aaye ho)

    (I knew this but another candidate from same university refreshed it in the waiting hall)

    P: What is your college’s name??

    Me: RNSIT (he expected the full form) Rama Nagappa Shetty institute of technology.

    P: where is it??

    Me: channasandra, banshankri- kengri link road(still he was giving a dude no idea look)South Bangalore

    P: who won that constituency seat in lok sabha election(where did that came from)

    Me: Anant kumar, he is a central minister now(I noticed him during the election when he was releasing the names of BJP candidates, my friend comes from the same region and I discussed the same from him, so luckily remembered)

    P: his famous political rival in that constituency

    Me: nandan nilekani

    p: who is he ?

    me: worked at Infosys and chairman of UIDAI

    P: who is the CM of Karnataka

    Me: Siddaramaiya

    P: party??

    Me: congress

    P: Who is Shashi Tharoor? (The only reason I could make out now that why I was asked so much about political personalities is that in GD I talked about political will, political instability etc)

    Me: MP from Kerela

    P: from which constituency

    Me: No idea,sir

    P: what is the capital of Kerala?

    Me: Thiru-vanantpuram (I stammered)

    P: He is from there. Why he was recently in news?

    Me: Sir, he praised Mr PM and was removed from the congress spokesperson

    P: what do you know more about him?

    Me: He came second to Ban ki moon for the post of general secretary in UN

    P: do you know about his personal life?

    Me: Are you talking about his wife?

    P: Oh yes. What was her name?

    Me: Sunanda pushkar

    P: what happened to her?

    M:She was found dead in his room in leela palace hotel in Delhi(That’s how it came in the news)

    P: what happened to her?

    Me: the case is under investigation ( I replied as if I am the Investigating officer and he is journalist from media house)

    P: Why she was in news recently?

    Me: the AIIMs doctor gave a report that she was poisoned.

    Anyways the post is going way to long, I will cut it short. He asked few questions about Mr. Modi like where did he fought elections from? Which constituency did he leave and why?

    P: which 2 countries did he visited last month?

    Me: US

    P: and? (I remembered the countries but I had doubt about the last month)

    Me: Brazil?

    P: no

    Me: Nepal?

    P: no

    Me: Bhutan? (This type of guess work is dangerous, puts you in bad light)

    P: no

    Me: (I quitted) I do not know

    P: Japan (I felt like saying are haan yaar,de taali, I controlled my emotions)

    Later he asked about the twin sister pact between Varanasi and the japan city. I replied.

    P: Kyoto is famous for?

    Me: Kyoto protocol on Global warming.

    P: it was way back, of late?

    Me: No idea,sir

    P: what was the pact about Kashi and Kyoto?

    Me: I do not know but with your permission can I make a guess?

    P: Please go ahead.

    me: Sir, Mr. Modi fought election on making Kashi clean and may Kyoto will help in the cause.(I unnecessarily pushed and that was an absurd and immature answer)

    P: anyways in GD you said Ranchi, Raipur and Dehradun are smart cities. Are they?

    Me: (I corrected myself) No sir what I meant was that they are now better in infrastructure than before. They are not smart cities.

    P: what is a smart city?

    Me: I defined

    P: how many smart cities government planning to make?

    Me: 100

    Finally Mr. President took a glass of water and gave the Baton to R1.

    R1: You stayed in Bangalore for 4 years but did not learn Kannada?

    (There was column in bio data which mentions the languages you know apart English and I wrote only Hindi)

    Me: Sir, I know elementary Kannada, but I am not fluent. I can communicate though.

    R1: Can you respond me in Kannada?

    Me: ( I was completely trapped, I hardly knew more than few words) I will try Sir (held my breath).

    R1: Did you have your lunch?

    Me: Ootta itta Sir (I was just lucky that day and every one of them broke into a smile)

    I remember when I was in the first semester of my college, I was in PG. The mess boy used to bring our Tiffin and used to shout ‘Oota Aaita’. Later the watchman used to ask us ‘Ootta Itta bhaiya’ I used to say ‘itta, itta’ . The tag line of KBC is completely apt ‘Sikhna band to jitna Band’.

    I have put Bangalore as one of my preferred circle and may be that can be the reason , so many question on Karnataka.

    R1 said that he is done and pointed towards R2.

    R2: Aap hame kaun se jagah ghumana chahenge Karnataka me

    (He was only one to speak in Hindi but that was broken it seems he was from south and I had put travelling as one of my interests)

    Me: Ooty, Mysore to hai hi, Bangalore bhi, Mangalore bhi, Bi..dar

    R2: Bidar me kya hai

    Me: Gul..(Mr P thought I want to say Gulbarga)

    Actually I wanted to say gol gumbaj in Bijapur but that was not coming.

    Me: I do not remember one.

    Finally W: you have mentioned two email id’s here. When and where did it come from?

    Me: Madam, internet was developed from US def…( I was interrupted)

    W: No, No, I am asking about email.

    Me: (with less confidence) hotmail from India, I do not know the year.

    W: (she corrected me politely) An Indian developed it but it did not start from India.

    Me: Alright madam.(they looked at each other and Mr P said )

    P: Alright thank you Avinash.

    Mr L1 did not ask anything. I was mostly interviewed by Mr President, other Panelist hardly each question each.

    There were no questions from Banking and Economy but no question was at random. The interview revolved around Current affairs, political personalities, Karnataka Circle and the Biodata.

    The mistake I did was that I did not smile during the whole Interview. Sometimes I pushed way too far. Long back I have stopped speculating the results because whether we pass or fail, we have to keep moving forward, if we fall back, nobody will wait for us.

    Anyways it is almost the end of SBI PO 2014 for me and it will be unfair if I will not be grateful to the portals which helped in the preparation.

    Sources of Preparation: Mrunal.org, bankersadda, Gr8Ambitonz, pagalguy

    Thank you for reading the long post and all the best.

  12. Uff…
    Finally, I mean literally finally done with my interview…
    You guys can’t imagine how happy and relieved I am??? Not because I did extremely well, but the fact that my interview (which I so calleda war) is over…
    Interview experience
    20th October 2014
    Panel I
    24 Hours before the scheduled time…
    Reached Hyderabad and went to my friends place and I was with like hell of excitement and my friend was telling me stop freaking out andI should thank Raghu for baring me all the day. I tried to sleep at 9.45pm but couldn’t sleeptill 12.30am. My mind was full of thought about tomorrow…
    Then suddenly GD started and I was second person to speak about the topic leadership qualities and after I spoke, everyone were clapping…
    Yeah its not true, it was really a dream at 4am. Then tried to sleep but couldn’t. Finally at 5am, I was asleep. Then at 5.30am alarm started ringing, I got up.
    Guys Don’t blame me, I kept alarm at 6.15am, it was my stupid friends alarm who wanted to wake up for going gym which he didn’t even realize. So, again tried to sleep but couldn’t. Finally my alarm rang and I started and got ready n reached the staff college by 7.30am with the help of my friend Raghavendra KR.
    I was full of excitement which people call nervousness. Sharp at 8am, 3 gentleman came and started document verification, it was really too smooth. Then got food coupons for breakfast where I met my panel members. Suddenly, I felt why am I nervous?? Because the guys had very narrow profile compared to me. Suddenly, I was confident that I can easily match them or even better them.
    My panel had 14 members with one only one girl. To my surprise, all were present and half of them are freshers. So, was too confident because I already worked in two fortune 500 companies (Reliance and Samsung) and now in Canara bank as PO certainly gave me full confidence. So far the ambience, supportive nature of sbi people made me fall in love with SBI again.
    9.30am: Five panel members came andwere very cool with one beautiful madam among five. Initially thought Arundati Bhattacharya has come, but then realized she is not so. Told the rules which have been already shared by everyone. I then started my race of impressing the panel by saying I want to thank the staff for making us feel comfortable here. Then, they gave the topic and I was like can I start the conversation, then I realized got to note down points for few minutes. I was too keen to start the conversation. By the way, the topic was INDIAN FOREIGN POLICY. Kind of easy topic, everyone started noting down the points and suddenly bell rang. I was asking whether can I start, by the time guy beside me started speaking. I let him talk, then I took the baton and was good first time. Then all spoke very well except 2 or 3 who were shivering like anything. Finally second round of gd started and I took the baton at 4th and added few points and concluded diplomatically. Gd was overall good except few people cross talking in between n few too nervous. But I was kind of good though not gr8. Prepared many contemporary issues, today’s election results etc etc but the topic was too general and few panelists were sleeping in between n few were noting down our points.
    Then interviews started, and I was 9th one to go inside. So, had to wait till 12.05pm. But spent timechatting with people there. Was enjoying there. Then, 3 were called to go to interview room and then again tension was around. But thanks to the coordinator who chatted with me and was cool. Then, finally my turn came…
    I went inside by taking permission, wished all n took permission to sit down there. The seat was too weird and small, so took time to adjust n expecting introduce yourself question but typical question about my name came very famous personality by your name MUZIBUR RAHIMAN which I have been answering from my childhood. But things got deeper and they were asking so many things around him and Bangladesh for fIrst 4 minutes (DAMN I should have researched about it). But then the lady skipped the topic n asked about Canara bank, swo, car ratio. Could answer 80% of the query. Then, one guy spoke about my mother father n biofuels, biogas, biomass, muziburrahimans assassination, ziya ul haq. Could answer 85%of his queries but got the best thing there, I made them to laugh by saying my brothers name ziya ul haq who is enemy of muziburrahiman n we used to quarrel with each other ironically. Then, final guy asked me about few hr topics, Mohammad younus’s Nobel prize, csr etc. Could answer 90 % or more of his queries. Then, they looked convinced and asked me to leave. I said thank you so much n this really is the best recruitment experience I ever had n came out. That’s it.. its over.. was never nervous both in gd n pi. I just loved the way things have gone n the coordinating guy was telling, you will be selected. Everything looked positive there.
    But can’t say anything, everything depends on written scores. Fingers crossed… Can’t type anything… badly need to sleep.. good ni8 guys

  13. Converted. Thank god. Rbi po interview and cs mains pending. Had sent mrunal bhai my interview experience that day itself. Must have missed it somehow. Anyway this was it.

    This is my SBI PO GD and interview experience. 8:00 am slot.

    Certificates: One copy to be attested and countersigned by us. Resume, as downloaded page number-wise. 5 copies of resume. All certificates separate. As per order on white-board. Recommended to reach 15 mins before. Cross checked.and counterchecked by staff before submitting. Date on caste certificate crucial. One person was not allowed to sit in due to lack of properly dated caste certificate.

    GD: 15 people. Topic- Government should divest its shareholdings in PSU Banks3 minutes to prepare, 2.5 per person to speak. 10 minutes, open discussion. We thought it would be by turn and three people spoke, but fourth a girl jumped in and spoke breaking the sequence. I went in last and gave a brief history of privatization, IG era politics anf 1991. I concluded by stating merits of private sector vis a vis government sector, tilting towards a privatization need. Most others were for PSB remaining as such. 10 min discussion was uneventful but very disciplined and orderly. At the end the chair scolded us for not summarizing but no such intimation was given. We let it slide.

    Interview- Mine was 11th so it was around 12:20. For 35 minutes. I was instantly questioned on my late entry into GD. I politely replied that it was not important when I spoke as long as I had my points across. They seemed to like that answer but I can’t be sure. Detailed cross section of GD points and a clearcut mandate to prove us wrong. I stuck to my points where I knew I was absolutely right and politely acknowledged my lack of knowledge. I am a civil graduate so asked about my subject. Got 2/3 questions right.

    Basics: If you are from banking field, get ready to get grilled. If you are from economics stream, ditto.
    During GD all your points will be noted down and you WILL be grilled on the same. Every argument will be reversed and shoved at you. No need to lose your cool. Hobbies are a huge draw if they don’t have much to Grill you on GD. So please be prepared.
    One must refrain from creating a hostile situation in GD.

    PS: Sir, I got through my prelims also and want to thank you for your guidance. And Thankyou for acknowledging me in the RBI mains qp post. That was nice.

    Yours faithfully

    1. do we need to attest our certificate copies from any govt. official , or self attested copies are enough…??
      please reply soon.

  14. SBI PO 2014 Interview marks:

    Interview– 30/30
    GD– 19/20

    I hope I get the same kind of result in UPSC Civil Services Interviews :)
    Thank You Mrunal !

    1. Hi Rupam,

      Firstly,Congrats for the marks you scored in GD and interview.
      Can you please suggest me to get maximum marks in interview,Your suggestions can help to fetch the job please.

    2. Rupam ji first of all congrats on your good marks and i also hope that you get selected in civil services……secondly where did u learn to be so good in gd and pi . what all steps you took to get good marks in gd and pi …. please tell me as i also have sbi assoc po interview….

  15. sorry for this late update frens as i was away from my place after finishing the CSM 2014…
    i got 18 in GD and 27 marks in Interview and finally allotted Ahmedabad circle…looking forward for joining,
    apart from other things ‘Thanks Mrunal'(though thanks is a small word) for the confidence u gave and also to help to see things with completely new perspective…
    @Rupam: congrats buddy…n ATB for CSM as well…

    1. @WIZ84- hey wiz since u r already in Ahmedabad circle of SBI.. I wanted to ask how do u handle civil services preparation with ur job..? is it too taxing? I got Bank of india via ibps.. and somehow I am expecting selection via SBI ASSOCIATE PO too final result is not yet out.. so I just want to ask is it possible to balance SBI PO WITH CIVIL SERVICE…

    2. sir i want to know how do you handle civils preparation with work. were you able to balance studies during training period

  16. Sir , I gave my sbi po associate online exam in english, and also did my education from english medium, but since my mother tongue is hindi, I am more comfortable with that, can I opt for interview and gd for sbi po ssociate in hindi . will it have any wrong impression on the panel ?…………. also sir please suggest some gd topics which are more likely to be asked this time.

    Thank you

  17. Hello everyone!
    Can anyone plz suggest me some imp points i should keep in mind while prep for sbi po …
    N suggest me same for rbi po ..n when rbi release po vacany notification ..

  18. sir if i will give exam of sbi po in english then i am eligible to choose for interview in hindi…..plz suggest me

  19. i have complete my 10+2 with 57&58% now i am pursuing b.com 2year but i am hearing impairment and iam hard in communication after my complete of graduate is i select in sbi bank po jobs tell me…. & also tell me how my interview can be taken & tell me interview question about my study and my my self, please tell me as soon……………………………….

  20. Sir,can I produce conduct certificate given by college at the end of course as character certificate for sbi po interview

  21. First of all I am a follower of Mrunal.org and do look forward to UPSC and RBI, Bank PO guidance. I have been selected as PO in SBI (2015). So I would like to share my interview experience. Hope this helps.
    Interview in Panchkula (Chandigarh)
    1. GD Topic: Mutual Funds will lead to growth of Capital Markets
    IN my group everyone had 3 min to speak in the first round and then there was a 10 min general discussion to summarise. Only 3-4 people in the GD could react well to the topic (topic was a bit unexepected).
    As I am from commerce background, this was not new but might have been tough for other streams. Everyone does read about it in newspapers though so one could have talked a bit about professional mgt, risk diversification, benefits for small investor and the role of the regulator SEBI and link it to growth of capital markets.
    2. Interview: Panel of 5- Chairperson in the centre and 2 members each on either side me being right across the table from the Chairman. My interview was the 2nd in the afternoon group right after the GD. The panel was cordial.
    Chairperson (C1): Asked about Hobbies (Newspaper reading). The usual question i.e. which newspaper and the headline for the day, also about my previous job, why I left, what are my dreams, what do I want to do till retirement?
    Me: The Indian Express and the headline was SC striking down meat ban in certain parts of Maharashtra. The chairperson probed me on whether such bans should be there
    Interviewer: About Job, I said nothing negative about my previous job but that my knowledge was not being utilised fully to which the C1 agreed. So that went ok.
    Member 1(Female): Looked a senior bank executive: Asked about RBI Policy on banks’ cost of funding.(This came up because of my profile, of interest rates analyst at a trading firm), biggest interest rate risk for banks. I answered SLR securities.
    The first candidate before me who was an Engineer from Punjab was asked about Punjab, his hobbies, a few Rabi crops but not much about banking.
    M2: Asked general question about SAARC, its role and all the members. I could answer well.
    M3: No question.
    M4: Asked about Standard deviation and its use. Again a bit close to my background. I tried to relate it to stocks (which were not asked). General definition or use would have been sufficient.
    Then in the end C1 asked me about how I liked the GD experience. I tried to be safe and said that I could have added more points and the discussion could have been better. To this C1 smiled and said Hw ws it ok if only 2-3 people knew about mutual funds. On this note he closed the interview and said Thank you. I said the same.
    All in all it was a good experience. I got good marks in the interview as well as GD which helped me clear the cut off. My take away was that they do not want to stress you out.They ask about our aims, and whether you will stick to the job.
    Prepare certain questions in advance such as about yourself, education, goals etc. Previous interviews also help. Read the newspapers Indian Express and Hindu with general banking topics covered.

  22. Any one can suggest me how to get maximum marks in gd pi
    1Question If i get 0 marks in gd and 29 marks in pi
    Can i qualify.. Or any Minimum pass marks in gd pi for qualifying.

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