Kindly post your SBI GDPI experience in comment. All good and detailed entries will be updated back into this article later (just like Wiz84, Uttam, Elias). So that it help the future SBI PO aspirants. Thanks in advance.

  1. Interview Experience: Wiz84 (8th Oct, Rajasthan)
  2. Interview Experience: Uttam
  3. Interview Experience: Elias
  4. Old info about SBI written result and cutoffs

Interview Experience: Wiz84 (8th Oct, Rajasthan)

my interview was on 8th October,morning batch at Jaipur…

Group Discussion

  • (panel 1,comprise of 4 Gentlemen and one very graceful south Indian mam, i will introduce them as M1=chairman,
  • M2=Lady member,
  • M3=sir from North East n most chilled out person,
  • M4=very serious looking person n really in a mood to grill,
  • M5=the silent guy)

we were a batch of 15 candidates but 3 were absent so 12 gave the GD.

Topic of Gd was ‘cleanliness is the fundamental responsibility of every citizen’ ,

  • they gv us 3 minutes to zod down the points,Gd was conducted in two rounds.
  • First 2 minutes for everyone to speak n thn again a round of 2 minutes where everyone is asked to sum up his\her view points or the whole panel, n yes they were using a buzzer n stopwatch to strictly adhere to the time limit…
  • any one can start the GD n thn baton can b transfer to the next interested candidate,i mean no compulsion to maintain order.
  • n yes v were instructed not to interrupt any candidate while he/she speaking…
  • my whole batch was gud so really cant say who performed better, i guess everyone would have got above average marks…
  • After the completion of GD they gave us a break of 15-20 minutes n thn started conducting the interviews…
  • i was the second last to be interviewed so i got a fair idea what all they were asking n i realized tht the panel was not asking much questions or not dwelling much deeper…..interview duration was 15-20 minutes,

Questions generally asked were:

  • (1)Educational background
  • (2)any prominent person related to ur place of birth
  • (3)gap in ur education
  • (4)questions from ur current work profile
  • (5)questions from ur hobbies
  • (6)n they seems really interested in MBA ppl as the asked lot many questions related to MBA subjects n marketing related questions from candidate having related profile,

but most imp thing is tht they didn asked anything from banking,economy,financial inclusion or current affairs atleast from my batch…may be tht was the first day so they r getting acquainted with the rhythm of interview.

My interview:

i entered n greeted the mam first n thn all others…
M1=chairman asked me

  • about my reason of leaving job,
  • my salary was high when i left so if i will join bank on a lower salary how will i cope,
  • reason for leaving private sector n entering public sector(he wants tangible points,some cross questioning),
  • core points of my personality,

then M4,

  • he asked me some Japanese words(as i know Japanese,i mentioned it in biodata form)
  • wht is 6sigma,how this formula is derived n its significance in manufacturing industry(i had work experience of manufacturing industry)
  • and questions related to Assembly line,

then M2,

  • she asked me just one question “don u think tht u wasted your youth and productive time while preparing for government exams all those years”
  • i strongly contradicted her( n she seemed offended,mea culpa)

then M3,

  • he asked me just one question about my hobbies n passed the baton to last member who din asked me any question(ie M5)…
  • my take from my interview:

it lasted around 20 minutes,they didn asked me big bang questions like banking n eco etc, as i was well prepared so was a lil saddened for not getting any opportunity to answer such policy related questions. Also they seems to be in hurry as i was the second last candidate n their lunch time was approaching…lols
cant really say how well i had done as i have experience of getting very poor marks for very good interview n very good marks for very average interview, so simply keeping my fingers crossed…n waiting for the result.
all the best friends…n prepare well…hope to meet during training…


Marks:  GD (20) + PI (30)
There is no minimum marks criterion to get selected finally. Your score in written(75% weightage) and GD/PI(25% weightage) would decide your final selection.

About Group Discussion

  1. There would be around 10-12 candidate in GD group.
  2. There would be 3-4 people to observe the discussion. Same people will be in the interview panel.
  3. They might ask questions on whatever you said in your GD.
  4. Topic will be decided by the panel and if the group is not comfortable with the given topic it could be changed.
  5. Do not hesitate if you do not understand the topic and ask the panel to make it clear. Guys from both Hindi/English medium are included in the group and the panel give topic in English. So, Hindi medium students can ask for clarifications.
  6. Everyone will be given time to put forward his/her opinions
  7. Topic could be technical as well as general. (Topic in GD I attended was about technical education)
  8. You can speak in Hindi/English. Don’t know if they allow other languages.

Once the GD is over there would be a gap and then Interview starts.

About Interview

  • 3-4 people in panel.
  • Questions asked may not be from banking. (In my interview they didn’t ask a single question related to banking and similar thing happened with my other friends who appeared for interview.)

Last year, they had asked me following questions:

  1. My hobby(photography and reading books): Effect of digital equipments on photography and some basic concepts of photography.
  2. Reasons for leaving previous job.
  3. Role of Election commission, CAG and names of current CEC and CAG.
  4. Current affair – Coal block allocation issue, PRISM, and a tribe from Siberia (forgot the name of tribe)
  5. Name and formula of gas leaked in Bhopal gas tragedy and formula of some other gases (I am a science graduate).
  6. Recent book I read. and more question around it.
  7. Conversion of degree Celsius to __

*Questions asked in our group ranged from invasion of Alexander, to cold current around japan, modern history, basic science questions, current events.

My experience: The board was cordial. They did not penalised me for not answering some questions. I was honest in my answers so they awarded me. Be confident and be honest. Rest will be taken care by the board.
My marks: GD – 17/20, PI – 26/30


I believe GD and PI will largely depend on the board. My GD, last year, was about curbing gold imports. But there were random topics as well, like – ‘things which make us happy’. And it is not really a GD. Everyone will get to speak in turns for about 2 mins. So no fighting or interruptions. They give a few minutes to think. Note down a few points in your notepad. Listen to others while they speak. Express your ideas when your turn comes. Nothing to worry about.

And my interview – I loved it (except the part where i made a big blunder towards the end and chairman almost kicked me out :P). The board was really cool. We had a nice chat for about 15-20 mins. I was a B.Tech doing MA in economics (IGNOU). So they asked me economics – mostly from micro, macro and developmental.(in fact, they told me they did not know much about Naval architecture (My major in and they asked me to choose a topic from where they may ask questions. And I told them I was comfortable with microeconomics). No banking (like what is NEFT) terminologies asked. No objective type questions (like who is the chairman of …) were asked. But there were a few questions from my B.Tech as well and a few questions on my work ex.

They asked about why i left my earlier job, what were the exams i had written etc. (Most of the guys who appeared in my session from Delhi were civil service aspirants. I also told them that i had given prelims. A few boards were not very pleased to hear that. But my board did not seem to mind).

Please note that the panel consists of very senior/retired officers. They are GOOD. So, my advice is, please do not lie/confuse them/or appear arrogant. Also, please make sure you convey that you would love the PO job. My interview went really good until i told something which made them feel I did not want to work in rural postings.
(Na, I did not make it last year. Missed by about 1 mark).

How to prepare for bank interviews?

The fundamental rules remain one and same:

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Old info about SBI PO written result and vacancies

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SBI PO Phase 1 (online test) was held in June-July 2014. Its result declared. Use any one of the following links:

  1. Official PDF on SBI
  2. Backup PDF on my server

What next?

  • from 15th September: The passed candidates will be able to download their call letters and biodata forms.
  • From 8th October: Phase II (Group discussion and personal interviews GDPI) will start.

[accordion_item title=”SBI PO 2014:No. of Vacancies”]

SBI PO 2014 Number of vacancies
SC 235 VH 29
ST 439 OH 31
OBC 405 Total (PH) 60
GEN 758
TOTAL 1837