[Bill Summary] Road Safety & Transport Bill 2014- salient features, provisions, penalties, graded point system

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  1. Why need for new Road act?
  2. Road Safety and Transport Bill 2014
    1. #1: setup new authorities
    2. #2: Reform License, permits and policies
    3. #3: increase Punishments
    4. #4 Graded Point System for penalties
  3. Health ministry’s suggestion on Road safety bill
  4. Mock Questions

Why need for new Road act?

Some Disturbing Facts:

  • One accident every minute and one Indian dead every four minute (From such accidents)
  • Every year, 1.38 lakh Indians die in road accidents
  • Road death rate= ~17 deaths per 1 lakh population.
  • The Social cost of those deaths ~Rs 1 Lakh Crore.
  • 63% of those deaths occur on National and State Highways.

Ya, but Why need new act?

1988: Motor Vehicle Act was made. It has outlived its utility because:

  1. Drunk drivers murder dozens yet “Taarikh pe Taarikh” and bailouts. Even if convicted, fines and jailtime too low to act as ‘deterrent’.
  2. Urban areas = too many vehicles, congested roads, heavy traffic => traffic violations.
  3. Corruption at both RTO-license and traffic police level.
  4. Lack of effective road engineering, faulty Detailed project reports (DPRs) => more accidents.
  5. Need for road safety education and training.

The old act doesn’t cover these aspects. Therefore, we need a holistic Act at par with international acts in road sectors. After the death of Ex-Union Rural Development minister Gopinath Munde in a road accident, Government finally woke up and began working towards a new Act.

Road Safety and Transport Bill 2014

  • By Road transport and highway ministry.
  • This new draft bill drafted using good practices from 6 advanced countries – USA, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Germany and the UK.
  • Bill to be tabled in the Winter session of parliament.
  • let’s check its salient features

#1: setup new authorities

Two new statutory bodies:
1. Motor Vehicle Regulation & Road Safety Authority of India
  • This Independent Agency will set regulations for motor vehicle and road safety.
  • Will finance road/vehicle safety programs
  • Will be Accountable to Parliament.
2. National Road Transport & Multimodal Coordination Authority
  • To develop integrated transport systems & multi- modal hubs.
  • Will strive for feeder system and last mile connectivity.
  • Thus, it’ll also help “Make in India”, by providing seamless movement of goods and people across states and across rail-road transport modes.

#2: Reform License, permits and policies

Unified Driver Licensing System
  • Unified biometric system to avoid duplication.
  • To curb the corruption and “agent-nuisance” at RTO license offices, Government will create Automated driving test.
  • Then license exam work can be outsourced to private companies
  • Although it remains to be seen if those private license-testing companies will fall under RTI or will they also dodge RTI just like IBPS (Bank exam) and Prometric (CAT exam designer)?
Unified Vehicle Registration System
  • To Facilitate Easy transfer of vehicles across states.
  • Will make it difficult to evade taxes.
Public passenger Transport
  • Two-tier permit system : national and intrastate permit.
  • Will reduce the corruption and redtapes faced by truck transport companies.
Goods Transport & National Freight Policy
  • Will create Simplified permits and single portal clearances
  • Will Identify and develop freight networks
  • Will Indirectly reduce inflation (due to cheaper transport cost)

#3: increase Punishments

List not exhaustive and exact facts not important
Causing child death 3 lakh fine + minimum 7years
Diving under influence of drugs or desi liquor
  • Upto 50,000 fine
  • 6 months to 1 year imprisonment
  • or both
Rash driving License will be cancelled
Using vehicle in unsafe condition
  • (like that Child-bus driver in Kamal Hassan Movie “Hindustani”)
  • 1 lakh fine or 1 year jail or both
Faulty mfg. design of vehicle Company will have to pay 5 lakh fine per vehicle.
Drunk driving
  • License will be suspended for 6 months
  • 25,000 rupees fine | 3 months jail time | Or both
  • If caught again then higher fine.
Traffic signal violated 3 times
  • 15,000 fine
  • License cancelled for 1 month
  • Compulsory refresher course
Using mobile while driving
  • Fine upto 10,000.
  • License cancelled for 1 month
  • Compulsory refresher course

#4 Graded Point System for penalties

  • When you do shopping with credit card. You’re given ‘points’, later you can redeem those points for discount/gifts etc.
  • Similar concept in traffic violation, called “Graded point system”
List not exhaustive
Offense Penalty Points
  • Using vehicle in unsafe condition
  • no seat belt
2 points each
  • Using vehicles without registration
  • violating traffic signals
  • desi liquor influence
3 points each
  • Penalty points remain in your ‘account’ for 3 years.
  • If you earn total 12 points, your license will be suspended for a year.
  • If you get 12 points for second time then license will be suspended for five years.

Overall Vision of the Bill:

new Road Safety and Transport Bill 2014

  1. Reduce road accident deaths by 2 lakhs in next five years- via those hefty fines and jailtime.
  2. Improve GDP by 4% because of safe road transport
  3. Create 10 lakh new jobs (via those ‘outsourced license tests, and indirectly via GDP improvement and subsequent investment in road-transport sector).

Health ministry’s suggestion on Road safety bill

  1. long distance drivers must take “mandatory rest” during the course of their journey.
  2. “psychiatric evaluation” of heavy vehicle drivers.
  3. heavy penalty for drunk driving and use of mobile phones while driving
  4. Enforcement low beam headlights and horn related rules
  5. Drivers should be asked to pledge organ donation when they apply for license.
  6. Regular medical check-up for drivers
  7. Properly designed pedestrian crossings and speed breakers
  8. Provide ambulances along highways
  9. Don’t sell petrol unless two-wheeler driver is wearing helmats.

Criticism by Truck lobby

Truck Union did not like this bill. NOT ONE BIT. They give following reasons:

  1. Fines are too high. Will promote even more corruption. e.g. Driver will offer 1000/- to cop to let him go, instead of paying 2500 under the law. And Cop will be more willing, because 1000 rupees.
  2. Bad roads, traffic congestion and low quality vehicle-technology lead to accidents. Higher fines are not solution to accident problem, UNLESS you’re going to fix the stupid roads first.
  3. Truck industry already bleeding due to low margin and heavy costs of operation.
  4. By and large, truck drivers follow traffic rules. The main culprits are those rich-brats with BMWs- they should be made to pay heavy fines.

Mock Questions

CSAT Prelim: which of the given is a statutory body? Which of the following are the provisions under Road Safety bill 2014 -they will give you some of the good sounding “suggestions” which are not part of the bill (e.g. mandatory sleep for truckdrivers), you’ve to eliminate accordingly.

  1. Write a note on the salient features of the draft bill on Motor vehicles and suggest further amendments in it. 200 words.
  2. Discuss the need for the National Road Policy? What are the reasons for high accident deaths in India? How does the draft Motor Vehicle act address those issues? 200 words.
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28 Comments on “[Bill Summary] Road Safety & Transport Bill 2014- salient features, provisions, penalties, graded point system”

  1. ok…seems sort of fine…but there is one issue regarding this.(i think)

    there should be more stringent punishment for the corrupted rto officers/traffic sergeants/ police officials …if they overlook any violation for a bribe..but there is no mention of this…

    just making law or many committees or regulating bodies with big technical names (like National Road Transport & Multimodal Coordination Authority, Motor Vehicle Regulation & Road Safety Authority of India bla bla bla) will not work if the corrupting tendencies are not stopped.

  2. i think there should be cctv at every chowk speciaaly where traffic police is taking fine so that corruption can be tackled

  3. Proper training of the drivers ,high morale traffic police ,proper instructions chart for the drivers alongside the road,good quality road are some of the remedies to curb road accidents

  4. sir
    through chrome browser print is not coming & ur website is not opening in any web browser pls rectify the fault
    thank u

    1. rp, i just tested, print pdf function is working fine in chrome. may be some plugin in your browser is preventing it. disable and try again.

      1. No, Mr.Mrunal.Probably You ARE NOT CORRECT ,I have tried 4 multiple time,even with Maxthon cloud Browser,Print is not comming(As it aws early time,But giving a new format)
        I hv to copy & re-shape in MSWord format, Then I get Print(PLz.Trust me,Its Time Westing )

  5. Good but not complete article – speed limit on highways , framework to prevent overloading , private partn. In vehicle fitness test , motor accident fund for immediate relief to accident , promotion of brts , road safety police setup, gps in school bus , right to way for ambulances and fire tenders over vip and many more imp points regarding sundar committee and planning comm fellow rakesh mohans report. A lot missing

    1. if he spends so much time on research before writing every article, then only 1 article can be published per month.

      At max 100 or 200 words can be asked in mains. for that given content is more than sufficient.

  6. Dear Mrunal Sir,
    I have bee reading your articles for quite some time now and i like them. I have just one request to you that please review the general studeies section of IES ( Engineering services exams) also. There are lot many website which gives ideas about UPSC ias and IBPS but none regarding IES specially for general sudiespaper.
    Please update the percent of static and current affairs portion and etc it will be a big help

    Thanks and regards

  7. yesterday i was hearing on All India Radio, they have mentioned one death at each 10 sec !!!! owing to ROAD accident !!

  8. Why not to fine the road contractor? because I have seen trucks coming on your face to avoid potholes. Make a point system to give feedback. Each vehicle with its registration no would rank the roads from registered mobile no. If the person finds guilty, file an FIR against making travelers vulnerable to death.

  9. Hi Mrunal,
    Plz share the information about intelligence officer post. Also suggest me will it be a good profile if I want to simultaneously prepare for UPSC.

  10. sir , can u list the source of this article this would be great help , i want 2 read in depth plz

  11. health ministry recommendation that cheak up driver health related issue but how it is possible?? our health infrastructure is better for that..again n again repetation that our education infra was not good bt we implement RTE and output is you know..that is somw quite related with PMJDY(pm jan dhan yojna),,first make better infra to handle this type such planning…

  12. Mrunal sir, Thank u very much for providing very knowledgble information to our door step with free of cost. U r not only guiding UPSC aspirants but everybody….. in building their career/ideas/plans…

  13. What about the rich brats like son if ministers if celebs. They have greater social responsibility and move over much of the road accidents are done by them. So, scricter punishment for those fellows. What say guys!!!!.

  14. First of all thanks to mrunal for this articles which is very helpfuul in CIVIL SERIVCE prep.and aftety is that billl er some the good news regarding the public road safety

  15. I think the draft has been updated since this article was written. But nevertheless, good read to understand the basics of road safety issues.
    I think this draft is very limited in scope both in technical and governance levels. It doesn’t point to any study being conducted regarding the relative weightage of causes contributing to such large number of deaths. Without such a study any attempt at improving system is susceptible to misgivings if a few intelligent individuals. Nevertheless, a law is required at earliest and such a study shall be included as a regular function to guide future policy.
    To substantiate what I mean, a system shall be developed to investigate and register precise cause of every accident which will give crisp numbers pointing to particular cause allowing specific action.

    On governance front, this draft proposes a few measures to streamline processes intended to do away with inefficiency and corruption. Recalling that there is no use of rights without a guarantee of enforcement, this draft doesn’t allow for public scrutiny. There is no simple way a highway commuter can complain to relevant authority regarding a violation he comes through. A system without public scrutiny is a dark room where corrupt means to evade the law are developed before the law itself. Need is of a simple technology based grievance system allowing any commuter to complain and putting onus with the authority to correct and revert to complainant.

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