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Unacademy Plus Mrunal Economy for Prelims and Mains UPSC!

Kindly post your SBI GDPI experience in comment. All good and detailed entries will be updated back into this article later (just like Wiz84, Uttam, Elias). So that it help the future SBI PO aspirants. Thanks in advance.

  1. Interview Experience: Wiz84 (8th Oct, Rajasthan)
  2. Interview Experience: Uttam
  3. Interview Experience: Elias
  4. Old info about SBI written result and cutoffs

Interview Experience: Wiz84 (8th Oct, Rajasthan)

my interview was on 8th October,morning batch at Jaipur…

Group Discussion

  • (panel 1,comprise of 4 Gentlemen and one very graceful south Indian mam, i will introduce them as M1=chairman,
  • M2=Lady member,
  • M3=sir from North East n most chilled out person,
  • M4=very serious looking person n really in a mood to grill,
  • M5=the silent guy)

we were a batch of 15 candidates but 3 were absent so 12 gave the GD.

Topic of Gd was ‘cleanliness is the fundamental responsibility of every citizen’ ,

  • they gv us 3 minutes to zod down the points,Gd was conducted in two rounds.
  • First 2 minutes for everyone to speak n thn again a round of 2 minutes where everyone is asked to sum up his\her view points or the whole panel, n yes they were using a buzzer n stopwatch to strictly adhere to the time limit…
  • any one can start the GD n thn baton can b transfer to the next interested candidate,i mean no compulsion to maintain order.
  • n yes v were instructed not to interrupt any candidate while he/she speaking…
  • my whole batch was gud so really cant say who performed better, i guess everyone would have got above average marks…
  • After the completion of GD they gave us a break of 15-20 minutes n thn started conducting the interviews…
  • i was the second last to be interviewed so i got a fair idea what all they were asking n i realized tht the panel was not asking much questions or not dwelling much deeper…..interview duration was 15-20 minutes,

Questions generally asked were:

  • (1)Educational background
  • (2)any prominent person related to ur place of birth
  • (3)gap in ur education
  • (4)questions from ur current work profile
  • (5)questions from ur hobbies
  • (6)n they seems really interested in MBA ppl as the asked lot many questions related to MBA subjects n marketing related questions from candidate having related profile,

but most imp thing is tht they didn asked anything from banking,economy,financial inclusion or current affairs atleast from my batch…may be tht was the first day so they r getting acquainted with the rhythm of interview.

My interview:

i entered n greeted the mam first n thn all others…
M1=chairman asked me

  • about my reason of leaving job,
  • my salary was high when i left so if i will join bank on a lower salary how will i cope,
  • reason for leaving private sector n entering public sector(he wants tangible points,some cross questioning),
  • core points of my personality,

then M4,

  • he asked me some Japanese words(as i know Japanese,i mentioned it in biodata form)
  • wht is 6sigma,how this formula is derived n its significance in manufacturing industry(i had work experience of manufacturing industry)
  • and questions related to Assembly line,

then M2,

  • she asked me just one question “don u think tht u wasted your youth and productive time while preparing for government exams all those years”
  • i strongly contradicted her( n she seemed offended,mea culpa)

then M3,

  • he asked me just one question about my hobbies n passed the baton to last member who din asked me any question(ie M5)…
  • my take from my interview:

it lasted around 20 minutes,they didn asked me big bang questions like banking n eco etc, as i was well prepared so was a lil saddened for not getting any opportunity to answer such policy related questions. Also they seems to be in hurry as i was the second last candidate n their lunch time was approaching…lols
cant really say how well i had done as i have experience of getting very poor marks for very good interview n very good marks for very average interview, so simply keeping my fingers crossed…n waiting for the result.
all the best friends…n prepare well…hope to meet during training…


Marks:  GD (20) + PI (30)
There is no minimum marks criterion to get selected finally. Your score in written(75% weightage) and GD/PI(25% weightage) would decide your final selection.

About Group Discussion

  1. There would be around 10-12 candidate in GD group.
  2. There would be 3-4 people to observe the discussion. Same people will be in the interview panel.
  3. They might ask questions on whatever you said in your GD.
  4. Topic will be decided by the panel and if the group is not comfortable with the given topic it could be changed.
  5. Do not hesitate if you do not understand the topic and ask the panel to make it clear. Guys from both Hindi/English medium are included in the group and the panel give topic in English. So, Hindi medium students can ask for clarifications.
  6. Everyone will be given time to put forward his/her opinions
  7. Topic could be technical as well as general. (Topic in GD I attended was about technical education)
  8. You can speak in Hindi/English. Don’t know if they allow other languages.

Once the GD is over there would be a gap and then Interview starts.

About Interview

  • 3-4 people in panel.
  • Questions asked may not be from banking. (In my interview they didn’t ask a single question related to banking and similar thing happened with my other friends who appeared for interview.)

Last year, they had asked me following questions:

  1. My hobby(photography and reading books): Effect of digital equipments on photography and some basic concepts of photography.
  2. Reasons for leaving previous job.
  3. Role of Election commission, CAG and names of current CEC and CAG.
  4. Current affair – Coal block allocation issue, PRISM, and a tribe from Siberia (forgot the name of tribe)
  5. Name and formula of gas leaked in Bhopal gas tragedy and formula of some other gases (I am a science graduate).
  6. Recent book I read. and more question around it.
  7. Conversion of degree Celsius to __

*Questions asked in our group ranged from invasion of Alexander, to cold current around japan, modern history, basic science questions, current events.

My experience: The board was cordial. They did not penalised me for not answering some questions. I was honest in my answers so they awarded me. Be confident and be honest. Rest will be taken care by the board.
My marks: GD – 17/20, PI – 26/30


I believe GD and PI will largely depend on the board. My GD, last year, was about curbing gold imports. But there were random topics as well, like – ‘things which make us happy’. And it is not really a GD. Everyone will get to speak in turns for about 2 mins. So no fighting or interruptions. They give a few minutes to think. Note down a few points in your notepad. Listen to others while they speak. Express your ideas when your turn comes. Nothing to worry about.

And my interview – I loved it (except the part where i made a big blunder towards the end and chairman almost kicked me out :P). The board was really cool. We had a nice chat for about 15-20 mins. I was a B.Tech doing MA in economics (IGNOU). So they asked me economics – mostly from micro, macro and developmental.(in fact, they told me they did not know much about Naval architecture (My major in B.tech) and they asked me to choose a topic from where they may ask questions. And I told them I was comfortable with microeconomics). No banking (like what is NEFT) terminologies asked. No objective type questions (like who is the chairman of …) were asked. But there were a few questions from my B.Tech as well and a few questions on my work ex.

They asked about why i left my earlier job, what were the exams i had written etc. (Most of the guys who appeared in my session from Delhi were civil service aspirants. I also told them that i had given prelims. A few boards were not very pleased to hear that. But my board did not seem to mind).

Please note that the panel consists of very senior/retired officers. They are GOOD. So, my advice is, please do not lie/confuse them/or appear arrogant. Also, please make sure you convey that you would love the PO job. My interview went really good until i told something which made them feel I did not want to work in rural postings.
(Na, I did not make it last year. Missed by about 1 mark).

How to prepare for bank interviews?

The fundamental rules remain one and same:

  1. Stop Feeling Guilty and Tell me about yourself, Stupid cutoffs and Insecurities about Profile
  2. Why BankPO? Preparing the Sales Pitch: Career growth, job satisfaction, negative factors, work-profile, Promotion, hierarchy, Sample Answers
  3. Banking, Economy, Current Affairs, HR and GK related questions for BankPO/MT
  4. Graduation related Questions: IT, B.E., B.Tech, Biotech, B.Com, BBA, Arts, sample questions from previous interviews
  5. Stress Interviews, When things don’t go as planned, B.Tech, Engineers and IT Why BankPO?

Old info about SBI PO written result and vacancies

click on following area to expand:

Indian History Freedom Struggle Pratik Nayak

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  1. whether the interview is category wise or marks wise ? anyone have idea!

  2. Hey u wrote that even after obtaining 17/20and 26/30..u missed by 1 mark. I m really scared with this. I mean these are good enough.

  3. Hi All

    I got selected in SBI PO written 2014.Will be appearing for interview in October.Can someone experienced please explain what type of questions will they focus on for a BTECH ECE student.Also I am working in an IT company as a software engineer.
    Thanks in advance!!!

  4. hi selected in sbi po phase 1. but is it essential to carry all semester grade sheets as i dont have them

    1. They will ask for it. I did not have it last year. They allowed me to attend GD/PI. And there were guys with something missing. They had to give something in writing. Do not worry. I don’t think they will pain you. Just be polite and give some reason. It is not the interview panel which check your documents.

  5. Sir, I have appeared for UPSC Prelims 2014 and on comparing my marks with the answers given in CL and Vajiram institute, I found It is around 207-210. Sir, I am from General category. Should I prepare for the Mains ? Sir, what is the expected date of declaration of results of Prelims? And what is your idea about cut-off this year?


  6. The questions in the interview may or may not depend upon ur qualification. I was also working in the IT company at the time of interview last year. But they asked me only indian economy related question. No question were from my educational background.
    So, just prepare what u can, about ECE and IT(basics for both) and economy related current affairs.
    And most important is ur confidence. Last yr i was interview by board of four retired CGMs. They were very cordial and asked basic question, no rocket science.

    Best of Luck!

  7. My sbi po interview is on 18 th october and i want to know whether sbi would disclose the written test exam before the interview or not.Also have they given the interview dates randomly or category wise?

    1. Me too having my intrvw on 18….u belong to wich place buddy??

  8. does any one have GDPI on 8th oct in Delhi?

  9. hi, i’ve been selected for the phase 2 of sbi po 2014. when applied for obc certificate,i was told my community not in central gazette publication of obc list ,so cn’t provide.but my community certificate, it is mentioned BC. i’ve mentioned OBC in my online application form when applying for sbi po.meaning,i m creamy layer of BC. so can i change it during the application verification process or won’t i be allowed to attend the interview .pls somebody clarify

  10. Hi frds , I have qualified the phase 1 of SBI po.. Is it necessary to submit all the required documents during the phase 2 ? I don’t have the character certificate of college.. and its not possible for me to get it now.. would they disqualify me on this ground ? I am really very tensed.. :( .. I have arranged the character certi from gazetted officer.. pls reply..

    1. please share your no. of attempts in SBI..it will be helpful for upcoming SBi ASSO xm

    2. Certificate from gazetted officer should do. Last year I submitted two certificates signed by gazetted officers. No issues. And there was a guy with only one character certificate. They let him attend the interview too. :-)

  11. I think he is lying man.means if ur score is dis mammoth no one on earth can reject u..The only possiblility i think is his written score might have been very inferior.



  14. what to prepare for GD and interview? Can any one guide?

  15. Hi All….my interview was on 8th October,morning batch at Jaipur with Mrunal. You can read it in the article itself.

    1. Thank you Wiz84 for sharing your interview experience with us.

      1. pleasure is always mine sir….i contributed a little in the wonderful work u r doing for everyone out here in the sea of uncertainty. god bless u…

      2. Hi mrunal got selected in 2013 SBI PO , scored 25/30 in interview. Thought that I could help out other candidates , so have put my experience in writing just in time.

        Hi all , my name is Rahul Rai and I cleared SBI PO 2013 and was allotted Gujarat Circle. I am an alumni of Amity University Noida and a computer science engineer. While I was in college I was placed HCL but did not join for obvious reasons and started preparing for govt. exams.

        My score in SBI PO –

        Objective(200)= 123
        Written(50)= 32
        GD(20) + Interview(30) = 12+25

        Overall normalized score = 65 out of 100 (last general candidate selected at 63 normalized score)

        I am hereby giving my interview experience as I scored really well in the interview , i.e. 25 out of 30.

        The panel was of 4 male members . One of them was some kind of psychological expert , he never spoke.
        Here it goes – I entered the room and they were already done with a quick look at my resume.

        M1: you know German , you have mentioned it in your resume.
        Me : yes. (totally caught unaware , never thought this will be the first thing they will ask after courtesies)
        So M1 said that he also knows german
        And started asking me very tough german word meanings
        I told ki I know only basic stuff like counting , a few paras etc.
        He asked counting in german and I answered correctly he was satisfied then.

        M2 then asked about amity
        He said that amity is big brand .. is it indian.. how many campuses? I told all about it . Was impressed
        Told about achievements of my various seniors too in various disciplines.

        M3 : then y u didnt join hcl??
        I told not good enough package i deserve more
        He said okk
        Then he asked ki what do you know in banking
        I said that I know nothing much as i m engineering graduate and that I prepared banking basics like repo reverse repo crr slr etc
        So he dint question further in that respect.
        M3 said ki okk .. I want to know ki what do you know.. not what you dont know..

        M1: So tell me from which area i should ask questions ??
        Then i said ki you can ask from any general awareness topic Or gk stuff
        So as they had my 4 biodata copies already with them, he said that you hv written reading as hobby.
        I said yess i like to read historical fiction Like da vinci code , angels and demons, Immortals of meluha, Etc etc. They got impressed.

        So now the M2 guy took over
        He said that I think you have interest in history
        I said yes and then he started asking questions from history , like a quick fire round.

        M2 :When was indus valley civilization established
        I replied started 2500 bc and ended 1750 bc
        He said ok.. now tell who deciphered indus valley script?
        I said it has not been deciphered.
        But he said no it has been.
        I said no u r wrong.

        Then he said ok.. now tell about sarnath and sanchi?
        I told all historical facts related to them..
        Then he asked sabse tough who excavated sanchi??
        I remembered that i had somewhere read about Cunningham and guessed he was the one who did it.

        He asked who was he ??
        I replied first director general of archaeological survey of india. It was a guess so I asked permission to guess, was not sure about it at all.
        Was really really impressed

        Then asked about Lothal?
        I told it was port city of harappan civilization
        Then he stopped asking at last when i started reciting in front of him names of all excavators like b b lal john marshal etc
        In fact He said okk okk now you can stop.

        And told that he gives me 100/100 in history and that i am very thorough with my interest but sadly it is not history exam. Not a great time to mock and I was quite nervous at that point of time. Point to mention – History is my UPSC optional. :)

        So now M3 takes over. Our gd topic was ” women are better managers “, So all 8 people who spoke before me supported this theme.
        But i was only one ( my turn was 9th ) who opposed this theory altogether. By saying being better manager has nothing to do with gender prejudice all are equal.. gave preamble and constitutional references. ( maybe this backfired = poor score in GD)

        The panel was same in interview and gd … and they noted down what I has said in GD
        Now in interview when M3 started he said-
        M3: you were very precise and too the point in GD. What did you think of gd topic as you were only one who vehemently denied it
        Me : I said frankly it was absurd in my opinion. ( Absurd was not the right word to use but somehow came out of my mouth and He was taken aback .. I was also afraid that what have I said )

        Then he asked tauntingly ( changed from appreciating stance )
        M3 : what in your view should be the title then?
        I tried to calmly handle the situation
        I said that Sir what i want to say is that in india our constitution treats women as welfare subject because they were downtrodden and ill treated .. but constitution never said that anyone is better than someone on the basis of prejudices of caste and gender etc.

        He was now a bit relieved. The angry expression was gone from his face. I was relieved too . Phew!!
        So i said that in my view it should have been ” are women equally good managers ” then i would have supported it…
        Now he was very much satisfied with this answer and nodded … And passed on again to the first guy.. ( the fourth guy infact never spoke during the half an hour interview )

        After all such questions, M1 started with economics :
        Why rupee is falling , Why gold price is falling, What is policy paralysis, FDI in bank,
        Can nationalised bank accept FDI specially SBI.
        In this question I was not sure so told that I guess that they cant.

        So now again after economics .. M2 had his turn :
        He asked me about recent supreme court judgments.
        I told the one about representation of people act 1951 related one And about electoral reforms.

        Then he said that no there is one more. I told that supreme court has directed govt to regulate acid bottle sale due to attack on women
        Then he again said ki nhi another one , I answered sir there is one more banning caste based rallies in UP .. but it is by allahabd high court.. i think you want to know about that. Then he said that haan i wanted to know that.

        Now he asked about social problems in India. I said that there are truck loads. Recited all indian problems one by one

        Then atlast when they were all satisfied, they looked towards each other and said that you can leave now.

        Then i said good evening to all , specially to fourth guy who dint ask anything and came out.

        1. Did you mention in your biodata form.that you appeared for upsc where they ask you to mention all the exams that you appeared for in.the past 3 yrs?

        2. @rahul rai

          can you please tell me after passing out from college you have joined any coaching for preparation?

          and if the answer is yes then please tell me for which exam you have joined the coaching i mean you have joined for UPSC preparation or for only SBIpo exam??

  16. thnx wiz84…… mine is also there in jaipur…..
    mrunal sir…. they eill trap me in d ques. as m dentist….. hw to answer….

  17. General Awareness Questions
    Which of the following has not euro as its
    currency? denmark
    One question on CASA- current and saving
    Nikkei index- tokyo stock exchange
    Maharashtra Governor- chennamani vidyasagar
    Padma Vibhusan- Dr. Ragunath Mashelkar
    Book selected for man booker prize by neel
    mukherjee- The lives of others
    Us open male winner – Marin Čilić
    Ebola spread in which region- West africa
    The lives of others author- Neel Mukherjee’s
    Rbi 10 rupees plastic note not in which state –
    A question about RFID, denotes RFID radio
    frequency identification
    Sbi card less scheme
    Who is the father of industry in India Jamesdji
    Capital of UAE- Abu Dhabi
    Highest Density in a State as per census 2011?
    Which Bank has started Cardless Transaction?
    India’s first mute film – Alam ara
    No question on Asian games or Commonwealth

  18. sir could you explain the difference between sampoorna vitteyea samavesan and pm jandhan yojana?

  19. GD Topic: With technological advancements, should we stop building brick-mortar banks ?

    Interview Experience:(Delhi, Panel I)

    5 Members ( Chairman(Lady) and 4 Gentle men)
    3 of the above 5, were present during our GD.They were noting down our arguments and asked questions on them in the interview.

    The Questions:
    Ch-Are you always happy ? What is your definition of happiness ?
    Ch-you had cleared pmrdf. why you did not join it ?
    ch-your salary was good, why did you leave your job ?
    ch-Bank PO job is all about data entry in the computer, how your programming skills will help the bank ?
    Ch-Explain your teaching hobby ? where do you teach ? why you are not becoming a teacher ?
    M1-Tell us the geography of your district ?
    M1-What types of crops they grow in Kharif and rabi season ?
    M1-What you can suggest to improve agriculture in your area ?
    M1-Do they grow Sugarcane ?
    M1-Your state is mineral rich, why there is issues in extracting the minerals and what should be done ?
    M2-Questions on my arguments what i had told in GD ?
    M2-Question on digital divide and urban rural divide ?
    and discussion on my answers.
    M3-Difference between RBI and SBI ?
    M4-How many medals India own in Asian ?
    M4-Who all got gold medals ?

  20. Elias Kurian plz answer my query my eng degree is in grade system n in educational qualifications they have mentioned abt total marks can i write grade points there plzzz reply

  21. 1.Pre shipment and post shipment is related to in finance- Export finance

    2.State with lowest population density- Arunachal Pradesh

    3.RBI release Draft Guidelines for Licensing of Payments Banks,Small Banks-100 cr

    4.Time Limit fixed by RBI for For Resolution of complaints of ATM not withdrawl money-7 days

    5.RRCAT rajaraman is located in-Indore,MP

    6.Insurance Cover in PM Jan Dhan Yojna- Rs . 30000

    7.‘The Bank That Begins With U’ is tagline of –United bank of India

    8.Individual Borrowercan check their credit report from –CIBIL

    9.BCSBI codesBankingCodesand Standards Board of India are related to-Banks

    10.Settlement in RTGS to settle with in -1 Day

    11.EBT full form-Electronic Benefits Transfer

    12.Hanoi is Capital of –Vietnam

    13.Naseeb Jung is –Lieutenant governor of Delhi

    14.Full form of B in ‘ABSA’ full form-Application supported by blocked amount

    15.Banking account that has been not claimed for 10m yr-Unclaimed or Dormant account

    16.RBI has recently mandate a two step mobile authentification for e-commerce-car rental company-UBER

    17.PMGSY -Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana under the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India.

    18.Authorised dealer is a person authorised by RBI to deal in-Foreign Exchange

    19.Inter-governmental body that develops and promotes policies to protect the global financial system against money laundering and terrorist financing is – The Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

    20.In case of basic savings bank deposit account (BSBDA) the total of debits by way of cash withdrawals and transfers will not exceed ten thousand rupees in a-Month

    21.Which location has nuclear power plant-Kakrapar

    22. Finding Fanny movie director – Homi Adajania

    23. Who is john Kerry? US finance secretary visited to india recently

    24.Half girlfriend writer- Chetan Bhagat

    25.Pakistan player banned for what – Illegal bowling action

    26. Hafeez Saeed is the leader of which organisation

    27 MICR full form – Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

    28.Repo rate definition

    29. Largest desert – Sahara Desert

    30. Currency of China – Yuan

    1. can you please tell me the no of question you attempted??

  22. Mrunal sir plese help–
    sir ,sbi gd can be given in hindi or it is necessary to do gd in english.

  23. Can we speak in Hindi in GD…….?

  24. Had my gd/pi in chennai. GD Topic- are indian youth inclined towards nation building? 3 mins given to brainstorm.5 member panel saw our progress in GD.

    1st round: each candidate given 2 mins time, any order as you wish. try being 2nd or 3rd if not 1st. they told we can talk only once in this round. 5 member panel saw our progress in GD.

    2nd round:Total of 15 mins given, anyone can talk, interrupt ie actual format of GD.

    PI: started immediately after GD in the order given to us earlier.
    My questions:

    1.under what circumstances you joined BTech I.T?
    2.when did you realise it was not what you wanted?
    3.media glare- true or false in today’s world?
    4.hobby related questions
    5.are indian youth neglecting vernacular languages?
    6.why not civil service :P

    PS: and GD would be in English as far as i know.

  25. interview was at BKC,Mumbai…Damn gud interview..panel wz really chilld out…asked all current affairs q…on SAARC,G-8,BRICS,Asian games,india’s medals in that,planning commission,indian super league as my hobby is football,priority sector lending,pak ceasefire violations,android and its latest versions!!!!! chairman actually said very good..so b confident…key to success!!!! all da best ppl!!!

    1. Where to read these current affair questions from?

  26. Hi all,
    I’m Nikhil Kambale. I had been selected to SBI-PO phase 2 and here is my experience.

    Date: 8th October 2014
    Centre: Local Head office, Bandra, Mumbai.
    Panel: 1
    Reporting time: 8 am

    First of all we were asked to have breakfast in their canteen till 9am. Then we all moved to their conference room for document verification. total 14 candidates for each panel and there were two panels that day.
    ( I guess they made groups based on our categories, because all of my group were from same category)

    After document verification, Group discussion started. One guy of our group had not reported till that time so the panel chairman asked officials to put him in the noon session.
    Later the chairperson introduced himself and gave some words to make us calm down. Other panel members also introduced themselves.

    Group discussion:
    We had a notepad and a pencil. After giving topic, panel gave us 3 minutes to think about the topic and write down what we are going to put in discussion.
    Topic of discussion: ‘Media activism hampering free-thinking’
    Each candidate had 2 minutes time limit to express his thoughts. If anyone goes beyond that, one of panel member would ring the bell. There was no particular order in which we had to speak.Anyone can start after another making sure there was no interruption.
    About language, the panel was okay with English or Hindi. They also allowed few members to speak in hindi even when the candidate had started in english. So language isn’t a problem at all.
    After that panel also gave us 1 minute if we wish to add anything to we had said earlier.

    Interview panel member had five people, a lady and four male person.

    In our group most candidates (including me!) experienced that panel wanted what our graduation knowledge could help the bank. ( As there was a lot variety, from Doctor to Hotel management graduates :) )

    My Interview experience was okay. I’m hoping an average score.
    The questions they asked were,
    1. In what way, your knowledge of civil engineering can help the bank. after my answer few questions followed.
    2. Why banking after Engineering ( I had prepared very well for this que.so answered)
    3. what are the revenue resources of a bank
    4. what is stock exchange? name few. ( The interview place is opposite to National Stock Exchange building hence the question)
    5. Are you aware of international politics? then they asked me about referendum in Scotland. Its verdict.
    6. Few other questions regarding current affairs which were quite easy.

    Also for interview the panel was okay with English and Hindi.
    My interview lasted for 12-15 minutes. Less than others ( I guess because it was lunch time then ;) :) )

    Hope it helps you all. If any question, do ask. :)

    1. Hi, Nikhil!!! It may not be appropriate to ask you this…… Yet, tell me what did you said when you were asked “Why banking after engineering?”

      1. Well I told them that I was looking for a job which would give me an opportunity to serve society and pays me handsomely at same time. In private sector they don’t offer good pay for civil engineers like in government sector. A bank job like in SBI which is one of the largest in country would pay me well and also offer opportunities to serve nation.
        I gave example of Dr. Rajan who is an Electrical engineer and working as the governor.
        I was going to say more but the chairperson asked me to stop.

    2. Are you a working employee??? If so, what’s your reason for leaving the current job?? Moreover, please tell me will I have to write the reason for leaving IF WE ARE STILL IN THE JOB ???

      1. No I’m not working employee so cannot say anything on that part.

    3. What were those current affair questions and another guy has posted the current affairs questions were about SAARC, BRICS, G8. So where can I get a quick hang of all this from? My interview is on 19th.

  27. hii frnds ..anybody appearing for cds on 26 oct….admit cards have been uploaded..

    1. @kirti dalal yes i am appearing for cds on 26th oct.

      1. @ rocky…can u tell me that either there is sectional cut off considered or combined i.e. paper1 and paper 2???

  28. hi friends,
    I am from chennai.
    my interview was on 11th october panel 1 in chennai.
    reporting time 8.00 AM
    me reached the venue at 7.45 AM
    document verification starts at 8 am and went up to 9.45 am.total candidates called 15.
    absentees 2. one candidate didn’t bring identity and character certificates. he was not allowed for interview.
    GD started at 10 am. topic is – should india be indulge in space missions?
    3 mins given to brainstorm.5 member panel ( 1 lady member) saw our progress in GD.

    1st round: each candidate given 2 mins time, any order as you wish.they told we can talk only once in this round.
    2nd round:Total of 15 mins given, anyone can talk, interrupt ie actual format of GD.

    then the interview starts at 11am.
    i am the 7th member to attend the interview.
    Entered and wished lady member first and 4 other members.

    chairman- asked about my fav subject in graduation.( myself BE ECE).
    then he asked me to tell about myself in 1 min about why they should select me ?
    then he asked any challenges i have faced in my life both personal and professional front.

    lady member M1- what are my hobbies?
    she asked me if u got posted in northeast would you go?
    she asked about what u think about october 15 elections and asked do u think what will be the people’s mindset

    M2- asked about portonovo where my dad worked.

    M3- i am native of kanyakumari district .so asked abt my native place.
    then he asked questions about judicial overreach ( My father is working as sub judge so he asked abt judiciary)
    then he asked how many years india had non congress govt after 1977?

    M4- asked about lower hierarchy of judiciary and its powers
    asked why judgements got reversed in appeals.

    then chairman told my interview was over. no question on my graduation subjects( chairman asked fav subject – no questions on subjects)
    time- around 9-10 mins.
    friends prepare well what u hav written in your bio data.
    kindly prepare about father’s occupation.
    all the board members were cordial.
    ALL the best .

  29. SBI PO GD/PI EXPERIENCE 11/10/14-Panel I Reporting Time:8:00am
    No. of students eligible/present = 6 (all obc)
    After a thorough verification, led to an awesome well-equipped conference room for GD. As usual, after waiting or mixing up with each other, 4 males and 1 female ( 3 north of 60 and 2 north of 45 yrs of age) arrived for obvious reasons. The main member asked us to write our thoughts on “India in the year 2020”.
    2 minutes passed. One by one, our thoughts started oozing out of our hearts and the bell kept ringing after every 2 minutes.
    There was nothing to GD about in the end. We were asked to add any more points if any. I did, and so did two other aspirants too.
    After GD, we were taken to a waiting lobby adjoining a closed secret room. We were asked to wait there and called one by one. We were being treated with tea as we sat there waiting. I was the last one to go into that room behind that imposing wooden door. Everyone who came out was treated with a lunch box. There were these two officials babysitting us in the lobby. They were the ones who were making fun of the interviewers more than us.
    The aspirants kept going in and coming out of that room while I kept going to the loo after consuming two cups of tea and a glass of chilling packaged water.
    They told me that they are only asking about graduation subjects, hobbies and current affairs. The enormous smartphone that I had bought only a day before was put to use in the most gruesome ways to fill any gaps.
    Finally the bell rang and it was meant for me. I went carefully rolling into the room and wished them a good morning in the most polite manner I could and so did they. I was asked to take a seat but I took a deep breath too as complimentary.
    After a few seconds, a story unfolded as follows:
    M1(male-main) : You are from Pantnagar?
    Tell me something about Gobind Ballabh Pant?(Ans: Do u really care about what was my answer?Google it!)
    Can you think of someone else with the surname Pant? (Couldn’t think of Sumitranandan Pant! Bad? Really bad)
    Had Pdt. GB Pant been alive, would he have supported bifurcation of UP?( I said, its impossible to tell if he would have or not)
    Your hobby is trekking, so where have you been to? (I told him I have been to only two places, Roopkund lake and Kedarkantha but I have completely fallen in love with and want to do more!) Have you ever heard of the Valley of Flowers?(I said yes but I have never been there) Why haven’t you been there? ( I said it’s one of the easiest and most beautiful treks and on my to-do list as soon as I get this job)You have studied History, English and Public Administration which means you have covered a wider canvas of things than “engineering”, why you couldn’t think of Sumitranandan Pant?(I said I could think of many other people but just couldn’t recall that name,I’m sorry, he smiled and said it’s okay!)
    Then M1 gave the baton to M2(male).
    M2: Do you know about din-i-ilahi and who was its founder? ( I answered!!) Do you know why Akbar founded it? ( I answered again!!)Do you know who opposed this religion most vehemently?( I pondered!! But couldn’t think of that person, then he explained to me all about din-i-illahi and gave the baton to the M3, another male senior citizen)
    M3: What’s special about Roopkund?(told him about the skulls and the skeletons)Do you know about Zoravar Singh?(I said no sir)Who’s skeletons are those?(I told him nobody knows that for sure! But he persisted that they are of Zoravar’s and his men who were returning from Tibet. I rested my case but not just like that so he said that you guys only read blogs and all other members agreed to it and to prove it he asked me if had read any book in the last five years, and yes he was right..I read blogs and I love them all)
    M4(a middle-aged male and the only person who asked me the question in Hindi and the only person I talked to in Hindi)Kya aapne SIDCUL k baare mai sun a hai? ( Maine bataya diya) What is so special about Pantnagar? ( History of Pantnagar+green revolution+Norman borlaug etc.) What is white revolution and blue revolution? Who was the father of milk revolution? And blah blah blah…
    M1(again): What else can you about in History apart from the Mughals? First tell me the names of all the Mughal kings from the first to the last!( till Shah Alam, we all know how easy is that!! And the last one Zafar too!!) What else in History?(I said history of Islam! and he told me that if I was thinking that he knew nothing about the history of Islam, then I was wrong. I told him that I really like history of Islam very interesting even if I’m born in a Hindu family) What is ISIS? ( What the f! He asked me about ISIS but I was thinking he would ask something about the prophet, now I was sure he didn’t know much about Islamic history!!) How it is a threat to the international peace? Who is it’s leader?( believe me guys! I just couldn’t recall his name and asked for some time which he gave to me..and yes I got it!!Phew!!)
    M5(the only female, tall, fair, beautiful and Bang-oleee!!) What is the difference between selling and marketing?
    So, this is 60% of what that happened to me inside that room but 100% authentic.
    All the best to all…don’t forget to carry the caste certificate, the latest one!


    1. Have u mentioned about these exams in ur bio data form ??

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