[Essays] October Week2: Corruption, Child Labour, Probity, Good Governance, Injustice, Optimism

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  1. Corruption and Crime
  2. Public Services and Accountability
  3. Governance
  4. India and World
  5. Society and Religion

Write an essay on any one of the following topics, in not more than 2500 words. (250 marks)

Corruption and Crime

  1. Indian way of life has made all laws and institutions function defectively.
  2. Criminalisation of politics is anathema to the sacredness of democracy.
  3. Corruption- the formidable enemy of the India.
  4. Corruption is the violator of human rights, mother of economic imbalance.
  5. Immoral acquisition of wealth destroys the energy of people believing in honesty.
  6. Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere. (Martin Luther King Jr.)
  7. The basis of Optimism is sheer terror. (Oscar Wilde)

Public Services and Accountability

  1. Without re-invention of the civil service, the promise of socio-economic reforms is hollow.
  2. Importance of probity in public life.
  3. Accountability is the soul of public service.


  1. Over the years, India has outgrown its institutions. (Rajanbhai)
  2. We don’t need more state or less state but rather better state intervention. (Nobel Economist Jene Tirole).

India and World

  1. Re-emergence of India on the global stage. (Norway PM)
  2. India an amazing country with unlimited potential (Zuckerberg)
  3. Today’s World needs Universalist, tolerant and rationalist ideals more than ever before.

Society and Religion

  1. Organized religion is the biggest obstacles in the path of God. (Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi-because all religious leaders have become centres of power, money, corruption, fraudulence.)
  2. Child labor perpetuates all forms of social evils. (Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi: child labour=>illiteracy => poverty =>lack of family planning=>population explosion =>more poverty => more child labour, child-abuse, alcoholism.)
  3. In place of a ‘rural-urban dichotomy’, the phenomenon of ‘rural-urban continuum’ is the order of the day. (Pranab)
  4. With community resilience and civil defence system, India can sustain any disaster and disease outbreak.
  5. Hindu, Muslims, Indians, Pakistanis – all need to join a common struggle for education and against extremism. (Nobel Committee chairman on selection of 2014 peace prize winners).

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8 Comments on “[Essays] October Week2: Corruption, Child Labour, Probity, Good Governance, Injustice, Optimism”

  1. worthy points…..a good “CONSOLIDATED” effort…even by combining the QUOTES of great persons…thanx mrunalsir….

    1. how to read essay points givn by u sir…unabl to locate consolidated points….or is it dt only
      topics r given….another thing…esp in tabular form information givn here ….smhow last column information cut ….unabl to understand

  2. Topic :”Science without religion is lame.Religion without science is blind”

    key points:

    -science and religion meaning
    -roles of religion and science
    -what empowers what
    -context of development
    — -postives of science
    —drawbacks of science
    —-role of religion
    -context of environment
    -context of underpriviledged
    —rise of terrorism
    —development of WMD’s
    -link with morality
    –link with colonialism of india
    -Theory of Marx,Gramsci
    -“how to balance”
    the end

    total words:1100,

    Please review!

  3. Sorry if this has been clarified before. Should we collect all points from sources and then try to write the essay or should we just write this in exam mode, with no external source help and within timeline ?

  4. sir am practicing the questions given by you ………..but i don’t know weather the answers given by me is right are wrong can u help me by valuating my answers……

  5. please give content or key points of all topics mentioned above

  6. topic:Rise of Asia and decline of America,

    civilisation->city states->nation states->revolution->colonisation
    -parameters for comaparisons
    ——productivity and
    ——freedoms and rights
    ——women,gender developmt status
    ——respective capabilities
    ——climate change
    ——clean energy capability
    ——asia geopolitis
    ——ukraine impact
    ——400Bn pipeline

    —–asian century

    please review friends!
    time taken:2 hrs.

  7. Good evening sir,I have cracked Haryana judicial services preliminary exam.i m preparing for mains exam.i m facing problem in selection of the topics to prepare fr exam n hw to write an essay.i hope U would help me with ur full support.thank you sir…

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