1. IR, Security
  2. Democracy
  3. Ethics, Accountability
  4. Indian Economy, Development
  5. Education, Science, Public health

IR, Security

  1. The end of American century is nigh.
  2. Parliament- the very heart of a democracy. (Context: Terrorist attacks on Canadian parliament and earlier on Indian parliament.)
  3. Can India carve out a foreign policy with friendship to all, without sacrificing its interests?
  4. India’s growing power ought to be felt by its adversaries and not flaunted.
  5. In 21st Century, the inter-religious understanding is pre-requisite to end the fanaticism.


  1. If pluralism is undermined, democracy will be in grave danger.
  2. Secularism, pluralism and the right to dissent- the three ethos of Indian Democracy.
  3. A minority government is akin to enjoying power without responsibility. (says Shivsena)
  4. Can intellectuals and think tanks make a difference in a democracy?
  5. Country which forgets history, can never create it (Modi)
  6. Sardar- the true architect of Modern India.

Ethics, Accountability

  1. Accountability of public functionaries is an integral part of any good governance framework. (Pranab)
  2. Activism and restraint are the two sides of the same coin. (Jaitley- why CAG should not sensationalize scams).
  3. Censorship to art, is same as lynching is to justice. (Henry Louis Gates)
  4. If Media converted pen into broom…
  5. A lifetime in prison is a hidden death sentence. (Pope wants all nations to stop death sentence and lifetime imprisonment).

Indian Economy, Development

  1. Can economic growth be rapid, inclusive and sustainable at the same time?
  2. Can social inclusion and macroeconomic stability be achieved at the same time? (Brazilian President succeeded in first but failed in second).
  3. Illiteracy and Poverty have bi-directional relationship.
  4. Child labour and poverty have bi-directional relationship.

Education, Science, Public health

  1. Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. (Einstein)
  2. The scientific explanation of the origin of universe and humans, doesn’t exclude the role of God. (Pope).
  3. Clean India is a precursor to a healthy India. (Modi)
  4. Can public and private sector play complementary role to each other in healthcare and education?
  5. Philosophy is an ivory-tower exercise with no practical relevance to our day-to-living.
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