1. IR-Diplomacy, Internal Security
    1. Dec.W1
    2. DecW4: IR Diplomacy
  2. Economy, Banking, Infra, Schemes
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    2. DecW4: Economy
  3. Polity, RPA & rights issues
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    2. DecW4: Polity
  4. Environment & Biodiversity
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  5. Mock Questions for Mains
  6. Science Tech, IT, Medical and Defense
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    2. DecW4: Science Tech, Medical, Space
  7. History and Culture
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  8. Mains-2014 Question Papers?
  9. Moral Disclaimers / FAQs

IR-Diplomacy, Internal Security

  • P+M= Important for prelim and mains
  • M+I= Important for mains, essay and interview but has none or negligible utility in prelims.
  • OLF: One line fodder point that can be quoted in some descriptive answer, essay, interview or Group discussion. but doesn’t warrant an article by itself.
  • Ignored: because (A) I see bad:cost benefit in pursuing it OR (B) I don’t think it’s important for exams.
Utility Topic
P+M India signs prisoner transfer treaty with Qatar. (In prelims, it may be asked as a places in news type MCQ. Because the way randomly UPSC is swinging trends, one should be prepared)
M+I Water diplomacy: India provides drinking water to Maldives, China to built coalpowered de-salination plant for Sri Lanka
M+I China invites India for Indo-Pacific partnership
M+I Maldives signs Maritime silkroad agreement with China
M+I Indian ocean must remain a zone of peace- Ajit Doval
M+I anti-hijacking bill
M+I Putin’s India visit 10-11 december.
M+I China-Pak economic corridor. Although topic already asked in Mains-2013, but still important as fodder for next exams
OLF Terrorists attack Uri to disrupt polling in Kashmir
OLF Pak is “mainstreaming the terrorism” by allowing Hafiz Sayeed & co. to spew venom against India in public platforms
OLF Talibans training birds as suicide bombers
OLF FBI warns about massive cyberattacks in USA
Ignored UNGA resolution asks India, Pak and Israel to abandon their nuke weapons. Ignored because Indo-Pak stand on NPT-disarmament already covered in old article.


DecW4: IR Diplomacy
P+M NATO finally ends Afghan mission. Discuss how it affects Strategic interests of India.
M+I West Pakistani refugees in Kashmir: Parliament standing Committee report.
M+I NDFB Bodoland militants massacring Tribals in Assam.
M+I Russia-Pak energy pact. How does it affect India’s strategic interest?
M+I India plans to stop supporting Palestine in UN. Discuss the possible implications of this move on Indian interests in Middle east.
M+I Union’s ceasefire agreements with Secessionist groups of North East, have failed to curb their ‘organized violence’. Discuss in light of recent events and suggest remedies.
OLF China making new Anti-terror law due to increased attacks in Xinjian province. should we do something similar as well?
OLF All civil nuclear facilities of India, are now under IAEA watch.
OLF Growing China Russia friendship. Russia being sanctioned for Crimea, so China pumping more funds there, to win loyalty against Obama’s Asian pivot
OLF Even after DGCA and Mumbai police banned drone-flying, freelances continuing, posing security threat.
OLF US state department promises better intel sharing to prevent repeat of 26/11 terrorist attack.
OLF Cyber-Vandalism: USA Soni hacking vs North Korea ball by ball commentary. Obama wants to re-induct N.Korea in states spearing terrorism, after Sony database allegedly hacked by North Koreans and so on..
OLF Ukraine Parliament dropped “non-aligned” status, planning to join NATO.
OLF China pledges more aid to Nepal.
OLF Ban ki Moon asks Pakistan not to execute the terrorists.
OLF Yoga visa: a student visa for person coming to India to learn Yoga
OLF Like Osama Bin Laden, Mulla Omar also hiding in Pakistan.
OLF China bans Gmail.
OLF Crash of AirAsia flight QZ8501
OLF Bangaluru pipe bomb blast
OLF Defense Minister Parrikar orders soldiers to respond to border violations with double force.
OLF Home ministry gives more financial powers to CAPF and intelligence agencies
Ignored UNSC’s human rights Committee wants to drag North Korea to International criminal court, for human rights violation by Kim Jong un.
Ignored Modi says Happy b’day to Sharif and Sharif says the same to Vajpayee.
Ignored US gives one extra month to India, to sign FATCA law. Basics already covered in old article.
Ignored India-Pak ball by ball on Lakhvi bail.
Ignored UN asks Myanmar to give citizenship to Rohingyas. Already basics covered in old article.
Ignored Ban ki Moon asks Sri-Lanka to cooperate with Human rights investigation. Basics already done in old article

Economy, Banking, Infra, Schemes

Utility Topic
P+M 3rd Report of Shome’s Tax Administration and Reform Commission (TARC).
P+M GST bill reintroduction.
P+M Amendments to RRB Act
P+M Ashok Lahiri highlevel Committee on tax clarity
M+I: Later India should build a strategic petroleum reserve storage similar to China and USA.
M+I: Later Government planning to give Indians the freedom to choose electricity distribution companies (DISCOMS).
P+M RBI monetary policy update: rates kept unchanged
OLF SAIL 5% disinvestment began
OLF Government to outsource cleaning work in 50 major rail stations
P only pre-paid card limit, styleup card by SBI
P only Wheat MSP increased to 1450 Rs per quintal. Same way Copra: Rs.5500/quintal. Such oneliner facts are important for CAPF exam!
Ignored 53% Indians hooked to internet every hour.
Ignored proposed 9 high speed red-corridors for 160-200 kmphs. Reason: when railbudget and economic survey comes, it’ll contain all such data within it.
Ignored Amendments to Companies Act 2013. Mostly technical stuff. Not important except for interviews of B.Com/MBA profile candidates
Ignored PM holds meeting with CMs for replacing Planning commission. Basics already covered, more attention only after something substantial happens


DecW4: Economy
P only pre-2005 currency notes exchange deadline is June 30
P only SEBI new norms for Mutual funds
P only Government splits CMD posts in Public sector banks
P+M Insurance ordinance to increase FDI from 26% to 49%
P+M SEBI norms for Municipal bonds
P+M Pahal scheme for directly sending LPG subsidy to user’s bank account
M+I Parliamentary panel wants FDI banned in Brownfield Pharma projects, fearing MNCs will take over, and availability of cheap drugs will decline.
M+I World bank changed its goal from poverty eradication to shared prosperity
OLF only 17% of India junta has health insurance
OLF Hyderabad planning “Food security cards” (FSC) from 2015
OLF Tamilnadu: VAT on mobile is 14.5% so e-commerce sites sending from states where VAT is 5%
OLF Chennai-Bengaluru industrial corridor Master plan in March 2015
OLF Deep Sea port at Bhorsagar, Sundarabans. MoU to be signed in Feb 2015
OLF Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian says Rajanbhai should reduce repo rate to boost investment. Jaitley says the same. But Bhai is not interested in “flip-flopping” repo rate until stable inflation is achieved. लेकिन भाई की बात समजने को कोई तैयार नही.
OLF EPFO will launch special drive to cover contractual workers.
  • Latest social audit report says Rs.1000 crores misappropriated in MNREGA. Andhra has scammed the most.
  • Rural ministry planning mobile monitoring system on MNREGA for checking worker attendance, work measurement etc.
OLF Jan Dhan accounts to be linked with Adhar- to prevent overdraft misuse.
OLF Govt planning interest subvention scheme for housing loans
OLF RINL’s disinvestment delayed because concerns over Chinese steel dumping
OLF Gold import curbs have catalyzed smuggling, says government.
OLF Snapdeal ties up with India Post to help Varanasi weavers sell products online.
OLF PM, FM and Bank CMDs to hold “Gyan Sangam” meet in January at PUNE, to chalkout revival strategy for public sector banks.
OLF Government planning to put maximum limit of Rs.20,000 for economy airfares, to prevent private airlines from duping customers using hidden charges.
OLF Steel ministry wishes to merge small PSUs with larger ones, to get economies of scale.
OLF Latest NSSO survey says hardly 40% rural families depend on agriculture now.
OLF China challenging India in polished diamond trade.
OLF CAG says NHAI gave undue benefit to highway developer companies at the expense of public.
OLF Rajanbhai says Government’s debt waiver programs are ineffective at helping agriculture growth or preventing farmer suicides.
OLF Modi orders ministries to give first preference to DESHI electronic products in Sarkaari tenders.
OLF International coal prices likely to fall due to oversupply and weakening of currencies of coal-exporting countries.
OLF Modi approves disinvestment and VRS in Central Inland water transport Corp.
OLF Government to setup a Saffron development authority in J&K
Ignored MSME minister says National Coir policy to be rolled out in a month. Let him notify it first.
Ignored RBI guidelines on non-cooperative borrowers. (too technical + bol-bachchan)
Ignored Indians companies borrowed over 19 billion from abroad, using Junk bonds.
Ignored Modi to hold meetings for how to implement Make in India. Meeting outcomes yet to come and basics already covered in old revision article.
Ignored Satyam Verdict to come in March.
Ignored Coal auction may violate CVC norms. Coal auction website launched and other ball by ball commentary. (Basics already covered in revision note).
Ignored PSBs have written off loans >1 lakh crore in last 5 years.
Ignored Jailed TMC MP Kunal Ghose says Mamta main beneficiary of Saradha chit fund scam.
Ignored Govt to increase focus on inland waterways. Government wants more foreign investment in Waterwars…Nitin Gadkari repeats this tape in every seminar.
Ignored Delhi HC asks RBI and banks about the logic behind ATM withdrawl charges. Topic ignored till verdict comes.
Ignored Modi says Railways won’t be privatized.
Ignored Modi clears 8 FDI proposals worth 35 crores. Neither names nor figure are highprofile enough to warrant attention for exams.
Ignored SEBI allows company promoters to become Public shareholders. Technical nitty-gritties not important.
Ignored SEBI allows one-time registration for DPs. You only need to know the basic functions of DP in DEMAT-PAN card system.
Ignored Union plans common clearing house for commodity exchanges
Ignored IRDA name changed to IRDA of India under Insurance ordinance. Ignored because same will be covered in Polity.
Ignored TRAI recommends new base price for 3G auction. Ball by ball commentary not important
Ignored Modi wants PM Krishi Sinchai yojana merged with MNREGA. Ignored because all this will be covered in budget-economic survey. Not much point doing ball by ball in between.

Polity, RPA & rights issues

Utility Topic
P+M bill to amend medical termination of pregnancy Act
P+M Modi bill to repeal 90 amendment ent acts
M+I SC asks Government’s help to curb online ads for sex-determination
M+I IT Act-section 66A and the proposed ‘web filter’ against pornography, SC verdict awaited
M+I CBSE toppers against CCE: continous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE)
M+I UGC’s Prof. Goverdhan Mehta Committee to improve National higher education framework. Later when report comes.
M+I: Later Uber taxi rape in Delhi. Need for regulations.
M+I: Later Survey finds Child marriage still rampanent
M+I: Later Schools should be made liable if student is sexually abused. SC verdict awaited
P+M Shadow Committee system by Opposition
OLF Delhi HC gives verdict on 40 year old murder case of Rail minister LN Mishra
OLF Gujarat HC says Muslim girls can marry at 15.
OLF City Spiders for Puducherry and SWAT teams for Delhi
OLF Ashram of Godmen have become centers of Terror
OLF Modi Government says UPA’s decision to give reservation to Jats is right. [Bigger picture worth mains/interview will emerge later when Maratha reservation verdict comes].
OLF Delhi HC asks information ministry why are you not curbing astrology based TV shows?
OLF Kiran Aggarwal Committee says reduce IAS training period from 103 to 75 weeks and change the training syllabus. Government yet to decide
OLF Survey says Women without mental disability, are dumped into asylums.
OLF Government orders officers not to use private gmail ids for official communication because servers stories data outside hence its breach of Public records Act
Ignored Babri Masjid petitioner Mohd. Hashim Ansari withdraws from the case.
Ignored Janta Dal parties planning a merger. Let them merge first.
Ignored Modi to Follow Vajpayee’s “Insaniyat” approach for Kashmir. Mostly bolbachchan.
Ignored private detective agencies regulation bill 2007
Ignored Bombay HC says no need to relook at Fadnavis proving majority in Vidhan Sabha using voice vote.
Ignored NIA officials too afraid to touch bomb-sacks. Asked a child to check the shelves in Bardhaman
Ignored Mullaperiyar Ball by ball. Basics already covered in old article.
Ignored Rohtaks sisters who thrashed men in a bus. Later turns out to be an alleged case of seat dispute rather than eve teasing.
Ignored Union Minister Sadhvi Nirajnan Jyoti controversial remarks against opposition parties.


DecW4: Polity
P only Telengana’s Karimnagar muni. To become first in India to introduce zero hour discussion.
P only Andhra Pradesh to increase Vidhan Parishad seats
P+M Outcomes of 2014-Winter session of Lok Sabha
P+M Citizenship amendment bill 2014
P+M Rajasthan ordinance barring people below class8 education from contesting Panchayat elections.
P+M Bill: 15 states ratify NJAC Bill (121st Amendment)
P+M Advertising standards council of India orders Amazon to stop claiming “India’s largest online retail store”. Organization’s structure function needs to be prepared.
P+M Ordinance Raj: Arbitration Act 1986
P+M Modi is considering to give Constitutional status to OBC commission.
P+M Govt planning joint sessions of parliament in 2015,  to get important bills passed.
P+M Land Acquisition ordinance.
M+I Govt. endorses SC’s passive euthanasia guidelines.
M+I Need for amending CRPF Act
M+I CLPR’s “rights in Review” report 2014- about SC’s notable judgments related to citizen rights.
M+I Home ministry’s new guidelines for acid attacks
OLF Maharashtra state RTI rules forbidding RTIs above 150 words, and how it vitiates the spirit of act.
OLF Andhra Government will withdraw ration cards, LPG connections and welfare benefits of Red sanderwood smugglers. Although makes a curious ethical-case study case as well- for example what if criminal wants to re-join mainstream but can’t because he is not getting welfare benefits after prison!?
OLF CVC forms panel to give sanctions against corrupt officers to CBI
OLF DoPT’s IMG Khan Committee recommends online-SSC exam
OLF DoPT orders ministries and dept.to stop using private mail ids because (1) CERT says security threat (2) Public records Act ’93 prohibits official data being stored outside
OLF 25th Dec the b’day of Vajpayee and Malviya to be celebrated as good governance day.
OLF Delhi HC says they won’t lift ban on Uber Taxi App.
OLF Under Lokpal act, Government employees have to disclose foreign banks account details.
OLF Each state to have on SMART police station – with basic amnesties, receptionist, restroom for constables.
Ignored Sarv Khap Panchayat wants gotra marriages banned.
Ignored Home ministry forms GP Mathur Committee to examine need to setup SIT for Sikh riots. Report in 3 months.
  • CBSE schools ordered to hold “good governance” essay competition on 25th December. Critiques claim it’s a move to overshadow Christmas festival.
  • HRD ministry extended good governance competition to 26th December also because some students couldn’t attend and PIL filed in Delhi HC.
Ignored UGC planning new accountability mechanism for research funds because of plagerism nuisance.
Ignored Kolkata’s Jadavpur University convocation protests because of earlier police brutality.
Ignored CIC to decide if corporate debt restructuring falls under RTI- well let the decision come first.
Ignored Polavaram Project committed formed to finish dam by 2018. Basics already covered in old article.
Ignored Home ministry forms an expert group to tackle cybercrime. Let the report come
Ignored Rape victim of Asaram Bapu goes missing.
Ignored Election result of J&K and Jharkhand
Ignored HRD ministry vs. IIT D Chief RK Shevgoankar.
Ignored Amit Shah’s name removed from Sohrabuddin Fake encounter case.

Environment & Biodiversity

Utility Topic
P+M Lima COP-20 climate summit
P+M Swatch-Bharat kosh
M+I Government relaxes norms for E-Rickshaws.
P+M Old laptop batteries can be used for powering slums
P only Conserving indigenous Javeri territory in Brazil
P only Mastodon elephants of North America
P only Banning Oxytoxin drug used for increasing milk production
DecW4: Environment-Biodiversity
P only Chillai Khurd and Chillai Kalan: Cold weather period in Kashmir
P only NTCA wants two new tiger reserves at Cauvery and MM Hills, But Karnataka Government says nope, because too much human population will be displaced.
P only Koral leaf nosed bats
P+M Marine Debri; Coral Bleaching due to El Nino, and how by 2050 Corals will vanish
P+M Plant protection code by Tea board of india
P+M Green climate fund to accept donations from private sector.
OLF NGT case: US and Europe trains have emission standards, India doesn’t. NGT tells Railways to ensure diesel trains don’t pollute.
OLF IPCC Chief Pankaj Pachauri says national targets should be reviewed on regular basis.
OLF register on http://www%2Ersmcnewdelhi@imd.gov.in/ to get free SMS alert during natural disasters
OLF NGT orders Railways to install dustbins. मतलब की जबतक कोर्ट हुक्म न करे, रेलवे वाले खुद से इतना काम भी नही करेंगे.
OLF INCOIS working on a GIS based 3D protocol for tsunami warning; India to give $1 million to UN ESCAP trust fund for better tsunami prediction
OLF Swatch-bharat: Modi nominates Mumbai’s Dabba-walla for campaign.
OLF Union wants to declare 100 kms area between Gaumukh to Uttarkashi as “eco sensitive zone” so that new hydro-projects, mining, industries etc can’t be setup but Uttarakhand cabinet passes resolution against this move.
OLF Hyderabad HC bans cockfights during Sankranti. लेकिन कुछ लोकल नेताओ को इससे मजा नही आया वे दबे स्वर में विरोध कर रहे है.
OLF NGT orders Police to confiscate Mobile DJ systems for noise pollution during new year celebrations. और राजस्थान के कुछ जिलो में मजदूर बिना DJ के कटाई करने से मनाई कर रहे है. अब देखना है इस विषय में कोन किसके खिलाफ PIL करता है.
ignored NDMA reconstituted. Except Modi, no high profile names hence not much important for MCQs

Mock Questions for Mains

Most of these questions are based on statements given by Ministers in the Winter session of parliament.

  1. Discuss the potential and challenges in making the Northeastern region as India’s capital of organic agriculture. (Modi says he aim to do so using “tricolor” revolution- orange for solar energy, white for milk, and blue for using Bramhaputra water for Development and green for farming.)
  2. The single-minded focus on industrial growth leads money-centred violent economy and not to a sustainable, harmonious development. Do you agree? Justify for stand.
  3. Certain states of India are hugely dependent on the remittances sent by migrants both from within and outside India. Such “money order economy” is unsustainable for long term. Do you agree? Suggest remedial steps if any.
  4. Suggests the measures for Improving Performance of Public Sector Banks in India. (actually finmin itself invited the suggestions on mygov.in. Standard answer- implement P.J.Nayak Committee report)
  5. Indian economy cannot grow at double digit rate without exploration and exploitation Mineral resources. In this context, suggest the measures for promoting sustainable mining with adequate safeguards for environment and tribal societies. (PIB gave the list- click me)
  6. Recently, Government has decided to shift from BOT(Toll) model to EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) Model. Discuss the justification behind this move. (Refer to my revision note)
  7. Investments in infrastructure projects is a force multiplier. Elaborate
  8. “Tourism Promotion can be an effective tool to contain extremism in India.” Discuss.
  9. The rising demand of electricity cannot be met alone with power generation from coal based thermal power plants. An energy-mix of coal, hydro, renewable and nuclear sources is required. According to you, which one of them should be given the first priority and why?
  10. Explain the importance of an easy monetary policy for revival of investment and growth in India. (Context: Rajanbhai is not reducing repo rate despite fall in inflation.)
  11. National Population Policy (NPP), 2000 envisages promoting small family norm without prescribing for any number of children. Discuss the benefits and challenges in imposing a statutory norm for 2-child in India. (Context: Health minister says although 79th Amendment bill aimed to do so and disqualify MP/MLA with more than 2 kids but at present Modi has no plans for it.)
  12. As per the National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO), over 44 crore Indian are employed in unorganized sector. Enumerate the steps taken by Government of India for their social security and welfare. Ans. PIB article
  13. List the measures taken by Government of India to accelerate the pace of exploration and production of oil and gas in the country, and discuss additional reforms suggested by Dr. Vijay Kelkal Committee in this regard. (Partial answer at PIB article)
  14. India is the fourth largest producer of crude steel in the world, yet a very marginal net exporter, owing to the poor techno-economic performance of our steel plants. Suggest the measures for making Indian steel industry globally competitive. [Hints: overcome geographical factors, remove bottlenecks in coal-iron-ore supply, promote investment, HR-R&D]
  15. Discuss the importance of Rashtriya Mahila Kosh (RMK) as a catalyst for financial independence of Women in India.
  16. There is a great scope for leveraging the Post Offices Network of the Country for increasing financial inclusion and improving penetration of e-commerce in India. Discuss with special reference to TSR Subraminan report. [Hint answer in Page 11 to 14 of his report]
  17. One of the prime responsibilities of the state, is to reduce the economic inequalities amongst its citizens. Discuss the measures taken by government of India in this regard and examine the reasons for failures therein. (Ans. List of schemes given at PIB.)
  18. E-Rickshaws and e-Carts provide affordable and clean last mile connectivity in the transport system. But regulatory obstacles are hampering their penetration in India. Examine critically and suggest remedies.
  19. Measures taken under and after the Green revolution, have begun to yield diminishing rate of returns. Examine critically and suggest remedies. [Hint: mindless use of Nitro-fertilizers decreased crop yields, NPK-regime ignores micronutrients, need to use pesticides judicially, more focus on organic manure, bio-pesticides etc.]
  20. Between 2000-14, the share of Agriculture in India’s GDP, has declined from 22% to 14%. What are the lacunas in present policy framework? Discuss the need for a new farmer-oriented agricultural policy.
  21. Between 2012-2014, number of serious corporate fraud cases have doubled. Discuss the measures taken by Government of India and suggest further remedies to curb this menace. [Hint: already done setting SFIO as per Naresh Chandra, implemented Companies act with whistleblower protection, auditing reforms, gave statutory status to SFIO; further reform: implement FSLRC].
  22. Discuss in brief, the steps initiated by government during the year 2014-15, to arrest the slowdown in the Indian economy. (Release ID: PIB Article)

Science Tech, IT, Medical and Defense

Utility Subject Topic
P+M IT/electronics i-MOT software for monitering terror network
P+M Medical vanadia nanowires to reduce cell damage
P+M Sci-Tech GSAT-16, althogh basics already covered in earlier articles.
P+M Sci-Tech Pravati-2 Garlic variety
P+M Space-tech Defense: Agni-4 test fired, final decision to purchase Rafale jets
P+M Robotics (Robotics) Kiva Robot of Amazon, Robotic Chitah
P+M Space-tech Space tech: GSAT-6, GSLV Mk-III, NASA’s new horizon mission for Pluto
P only Medical Watson sells his nobel medal for chairty. So his discovery becomes automaticaly important for prelims
P only Medical HIV becoming less aggressive.
P only Sci-Tech Hayabusa2 explorer
P only Sci-Tech Glonass K satellite
OLF Sci-Tech fish drier using solar-biomass energy
Ignored Medical DGCA add Addendum 2015 to Pharmacopoeia 2014. This is important for pharmacists’ interviews. Not much anywhere else.
Ignored Sci-Tech Google to release new slimmer version of Google glasses. Well let it come first.
Ignored Sci-Tech Artificial intelligence could eliminate mankind: Hawking
Ignored Space-tech Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) news repeated but topic already covered.


DecW4: Science Tech, Medical, Space
P+M Defense Global Hawk UAV drone – India interested to buy from USA. already published article.
P+M Defense Naval version of LCA. done
P+M Defense Panchi UAV by DRDO. done
P+M Defense China JL-2 missile and sea based nuke deterrent. done
Ignored Defense Agni-5 Launch postponed.
P+M IT/electronics Ezhil Programming language in Tamil.
P+M IT/electronics Hyper loop trains-will run faster than bullet trains.
Ignored IT/electronics China arrests 30,000 for online porn and gambling
P+M IT/electronics ICRISAT Green Phablet
OLF IT/electronics Telecom Department orders ISPs to ban 32 websites including pastebin, dailymotion, vimeo etc. using Section 69A of IT act.
P+M IT/electronics White-FI and Digital locker.
OLF Medical India needs to reduce dependence on Chinese bulk-drugs.
OLF Medical FDA to allow gay men to donate blood.
OLF Medical govt admits Japanese encephalitis cases increasing
P+M Medical Government to launch Action plan against Diarrhea, pneumonia
P+M Medical MoM Incubator
Ignored Medical Artemisinin-naphthoquine drug-combo should be used for Malaria, says a research report.
M+I Medical National policy for drug demand reduction
P+M Medical Sugamya Bharat Campaign
P+M Medical Mission Indradhanush for full immunization of Children by 2020
P+M Medical National Health Policy 2015
Ignored Medical monkey saves his electrocuted friend on railway station
OLF Robotics C-DAC’s protable device to lift injured cattle and large animals. It doesn’t have a fancy name yet, hence not that important.
P+M Robotics Robotic sea turtle by Indian origin scientists
P+M Sci-Tech top-10 science breakthroughs in 2014 (although selective)
P+M Sci-Tech ACIS helmets with airbags for save batsmen from bouncers
P+M Space-tech ISRO’s Multi-object tracking radar
P only Space-tech NASA maps water-vapor distribution in Mars
P only Space-tech NASA’s SMAP instrument to measure soil moisture.

History and Culture

Utility Topic
P only Government to develop Buddhist tourism centres in Ghantasala/Krishna region of Andhra Pradesh, with Japanese help. For mains it’s at most just an “OLF” (one line fodder)
P only Muzris port- some new facts appeared. Will update old article.
P only rock paintings of Kadapa
P only Thatheras brass and copper craft gets UNESCO tag
P+M Justice VR Krishna Iyer- contribution as “personalities” in post-independent India.
OLF Sushma wants Gita be declared as National Scripture, Congies oppose.
Ignored Questions raised on succession in British Crown after testing Richard the third’s DNA line
Ignored Modi Government refuses to disclose files related to Subhashchandra Bose saying it’ll hurt diplomatic relations with some countries.
Ignored PIB 2nd December had truckload of matter on sports related Government schemes, policies, interventions. But since UPSC asked too much sports in Essay and GS2 paper of Mains-2014, not much point in chasing it for next exam.


DecW4: History and Culture
P only Buddhist sites found @Pakistan
P only Adarsh Smaraks across India
P+M C. Iyodhee Thass Pandithar. There is no guarantee freedom fighter type questions won’t reappear again, hence needs ot be prepared.
P+M Bharat Ratna Malviya and Vajpayee
P+M Kuka movement-in news because new postal stamp released
P+M Gyan Sangam meeting at Pune between Government and Bank CMDs to banking sector reforms.
M only Baba Amte: 100th Birthday

UPSC related developments?

Q. I want Mains-2014 question paper for xyz subject or compulsory language paper.
Ans. Keep watching this folder: ( Files.secureserver.net/0fiTObWTXNUtV4) I’ll be uploading papers as and when I get them. However if you can’t find a particular paper, just wait for 35-40 days more. By the time UPSC will upload papers on its official website, like they had done after Mains-2013.
update: new papers added in that folder- Civil engineering, Mechanical Engineer, Gujarati literature, Punjabi literature and Malayalam compulsory.

Moral Disclaimers / FAQs

Q. This is only December week1 and week4. What about Week2 and Week3?

Ans. Yes, this stupid mains exam created manpower crunch. Will take some time to get back to regular pace. But, Yes Dec.W2 and W4 list will be published soon, along with [PIN] for December 2014.

Q. You’ve framed some mock questions under economy decW1, why did not you do it for other parts?

Ans. Same as above.

Q. Until now, you gave bullet list of topics. This time, you’re creating tables with fancy codes like (P+M, M+I etc.) What new gimmick is this?

"End result" of the gimmick= a neatly arranged topiclist

“End result” of the gimmick= a neatly arranged topiclist

Ans. yes, the big picture will emerge after I’m done collecting topic list from W1 to W4. Then I’ll upload an excel file. This technique helps keeping tab on current affairs in an efficient manner, because data can be filtered out as per requirements.

Q. What is the purpose of listing these topics? You have not written any content about them!

Ans. those are the topics from Hindu, Indian express, PIB, frontline etc. which I consider important for UPSC prelims and mains. I’ll be covering them at my own pace.

Q. Will you finish all these topics in your articles before the mains exam?

Ans. No. Unlike Salman Khan, I make no “commitment” of delivering full-length articles those topics.

Q. Then why have you listed these topics?

Ans. To help the serious players crosscheck and update their notes accordingly.