1. List of abbreviations
  2. IR, Diplomacy & Internal Security
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  3. Economy
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  4. Polity
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  5. Environment, Agro, Disaster
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  6. Science Tech, Defense, IT, Healthcare
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Abbreviations used in this Current Affairs Topiclist
P Only important for prelim only
P+M important for prelim and mains
M+I Important for mains, essay and interview but has none or negligible utility in prelims.
OLF One line fodder point that can be quoted in some descriptive answer, essay, interview or Group discussion. But doesn’t warrant an article by itself.
Ignored Because (A) I see bad:cost benefit in pursuing it OR (B) I don’t think it’s important for UPSC exam given the trend in last few years. (C)I already covered it in old article.

IR, Diplomacy & Internal Security

P only 5 new countries join UNSC as non-permanent members.
P+M 13th Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas at Gandhinagar, Gujarat
M+I Nepal to join Silkroad via Tibet. How does this affect Indian interests?
M+I India to clear nuclear logjam during Obama’s visit, by twreaking the insurance provisions in nuke liability law.
OLF India-Pak exchange list of nuclear facilities- exercise began since 1991.
OLF Earlier Chindu wanted to setup NCTC as central body against terrorism. But many states opposed citing possible misuse for political ends. Now intelligence agencies again demanding MHA to setup similar body. But no concrete announcement yet.
OLF Palstine joins ICC to puruse war crimes by Israel. Basics already covered in old article- how Palestine’s “observor” status makes it eligble to join UN bodies.
OLF Coastguard destroys Paki terrorist boat, Congis say it was a smuggler boat.
OLF ISIS’s twitter campaigner Mehdi arrested from Banglore. Hindu publishing ball by ball commentary on ongoing investigation.
OLF Assam has world’s highest number of internally displaced people by conflict
OLF despite LeT, Lakhvi bail issues, USA will continue giving foreign aid to Pakistan under Kerry Lugar Bill 2009. Although Tulsi Gabbard voted against it.
OLF Terrorist attack on Chalie Hebdo magazine office at Paris, France


Jan-W2: IR & Internal Security
M+I Overseas Oil exploration competition between India-China
M+I change of guards after Sri Lankan Presidential election, and its impact on Indian Interests.
OLF In 2014, India had 2 lakh refugees says UNHCR. Syrians are the highest number of refugees under UNHCR protection.
OLF in June 2014, Hamas and Fatah had formed “Unity government” in Palestine. Now Hamas wants new election.
OLF Home minister Rajnath says we’ll not talk with any Militant group enganged in violence.
OLF US-India investment initiative launched ahead of Obama’s visiit
OLF Bhutan Seeks Amul’s help to procure 2000 cows
Ignored Crashed AirAsia plane’s blackbox recovered from Java sea
Ignored Egypt court orders re-trial of Hosni Mubarak corruption cases. Not affecting India’s interests, yet


M+I Selection process of Secretary General in UN. link
M+I Sri-lanka: PM says they’ll implement 13th Amendment (born from Indo-Lanka accord in 1987), to give more powers to provinces, but Srilanka will continue to remain a unitary state.
OLF Pakistan is contemplating banning several terrorist organisations including the Haqqani network and Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD)
OLF internal-security: Home minister asks state governments to post young DM and SPs in Maoist infested areas.
OLF Indian-Americans campaigning to get US Postal Department issue a commemorative stamp for Diwali. They also got support fro msome US lawmakers, and perhaps Obama may announce it during 26th Jan visit to India
OLF US thinktank report says Pakistan’s Khusbab nuclear installation has added 4th reactor- this will help’em generate more plutonium
OLF International criminal court begins preliminary probe for Israel’s war crimes in Palestine territories.
OLF Social media/internal security: Bangladesh blocks Viber and Tango messanging services due to security concerns because difficult to keep track of conversations.
OLF SAIL India aims to open a greenfield steel plants at Bandar Abbas Port in Iran.
Ignored Obama says diplomatic talks ongoing with Iran on nuke issue, therefore IF US-Congress tries to enact any law to put new sanctions on Iran, I’ll veto them.
Ignored Sri-Lanka: allegations that one RAW agent conspiered with opposition parties to ensure fall of Rajpaksa, because he was becoming pro-Chinese
Ignored Government asks Indians not to visit Yemen due to fragile security situation
Ignored Maoists begin protests in Nepal, create obstacle against drafting new Constitution
Ignored hardliner SriLankan Buddist launch a party inspired by BJP-RSS, named “Bodu Bala Sena”, wishing they had a leader like Modi


P+M Outcomes of Obama’s India visit
M+I Shushma’s visit to China
OLF India declares 1 day of National mourning for the dead of Saudi king Abdulla Abdulla
OLF China to build a 7,000 km high-speed rail track to connect Beijing with Moscow via Kazakhstan
OLF IF Obama includes India in Customs and Border Protection agency’s Global Entry umbrella program, then Indian passport holders can enter USA in much smoother manner.
OLF Extremism: Shia militants (Huthis) takeover Yemen’s capital Sana’a
OLF China-Myanmar oil pipeline to supply oil to Kunming and Chongquin industrial hubs alone Yangtze. But it’ll bypass Malacca strait, to ensure less danger from Indian and American navies.
Ignored Defense Minister Parrikar says some Ex-PMs compromised India’s deep strategic assets but didn’t reveal the names of those “Gaddar” PMs.
Ignored US court summons John Kerry in a which some human right group demanded Obama administration to declare RSS a “Foreign terrorist organization”.
Ignored Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh ousted despited 6 months left in tenure. New Secretary is US Jaishankar. Important for PIN but beyond that not much
Ignored ISIS kills Japanese citizens
Ignored Pakistan has not banned JuD, only seized its assets. And still JuD even launches a new ambulance service.
Ignored US official says Rohingyas deserve citizenship in Myanmar. Basics already done in old article
Ignored Thai military regime gets ex-PM Yingluck Shinawatra impeached.
Ignored Nuke capable Agni missiles were not shown during 26th January parade.
Ignored Fidel Castro says he doesn’t trust USA
Ignored During ’71’s war, Paki army had raped over 2 lakh women in Bangladesh. Now Bangla government confered them title o ‘Birangana” (war-heroines) and their wards will be given compensated.



Bank-Fin. Ignored RBI extended deadline for applying for Small bank /payment bank license to 2nd Feb. Basics already covered in old article.
Bank-Fin. P+M GDR is being used for blackmoney circulation
Bank-Fin. P+M ESIC’s Panchadeep’ e-governance programme
Bank-Fin. P+M Outcome of “Gyan Sangam” seminar of Bankers- FinMin’s blueprint to reduce NPA
Bank-Fin. OLF SEBI chief wants SEBI act amended so that no wilful defaulter can issue debt or equity instruments in capital market.
BoP OLF RBI released norms for external commercial borrowing
BoP OLF Modi increases excise duty on petrol-diesel, to earn ~6000 crore rupees. Given the falling prices of crude oil, this hiked excise duty won’t bring inflation.
BoP OLF No custom duty on import of Channa/gram/chickpeas- to promote its sowing in Indian farms.
BoP OLF India’s first packaging plant to be setup in Vizag. This will help sea-foodexporters through Visakhapatnam port
Fiscal Policy P+M Creation of Niti Ayog to replace Planning Commission.
Fiscal Policy OLF Difficult to meet the fiscal deficit target, because less than expected income from taxes.
Fiscal Policy OLF Government plans to hire a PR-firm on social-media, to generate positive interest among people in disinvestment of PSUs
Fiscal Policy P+M Niti Ayog replaces Planning commission. Arvind Panagariya becomes first vice chairman. Planning commissions’ website shifted to http://planningcommissionarchive.nic.in/
Fiscal Policy OLF Modi tells ministry to get ideas from public on how to spend budget money
Industries-MFG OLF Gujarat government has “U-Win” Smartcard for unorganized sector workers so they can get benefit of all Government schemes. Modi planning to implement same on all india- notification awaited.
infra OLF given the uncertainity over coal-supply, BEL decides to use “fuel flexible boiler” it can use 100% Indian coal to 100% imported coal.
infra OLF fall in crude oil prices, will not help air-travellers because airlines already running on loss-business so, they’re unlikely to reduce ticket prices further.
infra OLF infra: Gadkari orders new road projects to use concrete only
infra OLF Gadkari proposes “Char-dham” project to build a New national highways connecting the four shrines of Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri in Uttarakhand
infra OLF Union cabinet clears 2g Auction.
infra OLF Urban minister V.Naidu asks municipalities to increase taxes in next 2-3 years to provide better urban amnesties.
infra OLF Coal India workers go on strike, to oppose the coal ordinance.


Jan-W2: Economy
Banking-Finance P only SEBI new norms for E-IPO
Banking-Finance OLF Banks should participate in BCD (bond currency derivative) instruments- because it’ll help infrastructure finance- says RBI Dy.Governor
Banking-Finance OLF RBI signs pact with European central bank (ECB) for cooperation and information exchange.
Banking-Finance OLF SEBI wants easier norms for domestic mutual fund managers.
Banking-Finance OLF SBI interested in aquiring UTI, to create India’s largest mutual fund house.
BoP OLF World Bank advices countries to reduce fuel subsidies and built a ‘fiscal buffer’ that can be used to fight against economic distress in future.
BoP OLF Australian trade minister visits India, saas FTA-conclusion is our priority
BoP OLF Oil price falls 6 years low- ~45$ per barrel due to weak demand vs oversupply.RBI says fall in crude oil prices is a boon for India, it’ll save $50 billion in imports
Fiscal Policy Ignored FM drafts new accounting standards for business. Mostly technical stuff.
Fiscal Policy OLF Disinvestment: Government planning to sell 10% shares from Indian Oil corp.
Fiscal Policy OLF 48,000 crores lost in PDS-thefts
HRD OLF ASER-2014 report says 50% of class4 students can’t do division, only 25% of class3 students can read class2 book fluently and so on…
industry-agro OLF Government has 25 million tonnes of wheat reserves- 3 times the target. If Government wants they can export it.
industry-agro OLF India should use more fly ash (thermal power byproduct) in agriculture, says experts
Industry-Agro OLF December 2014: retail inflation increases from 4.38% to 5% due to highr food prices
Industry-MFG OLF Statistics ministry aims to launch “Time-use” surveys to measure employment levels and contribution of women in informal sector.
Industry-MFG OLF World bank says India will catch up with China’s growth rate by 2016
infra P+M Mining ordinance
infra OLF Kerala’s Idduki district becomes first in India to be linked with National Optic Fibre Network (NOFN) for rural broadband
infra Ignored World bank signs pact with Gujarat Government for smart cities.
infra OLF Government cleared 30 oil-gas discovery files of Cairna India, ONGC etc. This will fetch over 2.5 trillion cu.ft. gas


Banking-Finance OLF ESIC has decided to quit Medical education field saying it’s not our ‘core function’, they’ll hand over the medical colleges to respective state governments. Moral of the story- Insurance-walle ko medical college nahi kholnaa chaayiye.
Banking-Finance P+M Rajanbhai reduces repo rate by 0.25%. Matter covered in my latest lecture in youtube.
Banking-Finance OLF Rajanbhai says if company fails then promoters should absorbe losses. Otherwise heads capitalism wins, tails system loses.
Banking-Finance Ignored “ICICIBankPay”- allows ICICI customer transfer money via twitter account, check balanace, recharge mobile etc. such bankingGK not asked in previous prelims
Banking-Finance Ignored 11.50 cr. bank accounts opened in PM-Jan Dhan. Basics already covered in old article
Banking-Finance Ignored Modi asks Rajanbhai to see feasibility of introducing 25 rupees note- to overcome shortage of 5 rupee coins
BoP OLF global economy will expand by 3% this year
BoP Ignored Economist Jagdish Bhagwati says Modil will relax FDI in multi-brand retail within a year- but small traders protest against his statement
BoP OLF World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) Director General, Roberto Azevedo says Bali Trade Facilitation agreement with help developing countries’ to integrate into the world economy. Matter already covered in old article
BoP OLF Fuel retailers announced price reduction but simultenously Government hiked excise duty on petrol and diesel, thereby hardly any reduction on customer’s pocket. Government wants to raise ~20k crores with this game
BoP Ignored Petrol costs higher than ATF because of excise duty hike
BoP Ignored EU lifts ban on Indian mangoes- basics already covered in old article
BoP OLF Rajanbhai has expressed concern over “foreign investment tourists” in debt market. Because their “hot money” runs away from India, even on a whiff of speculation, thereby creating volatility in market, and destabilizing rupee exchange rate.
Fiscal Policy OLF Obama planning to close tax-benefits given to trust funds. This will ensure wealthy Americans don’t evade taxes using loopholes. Perhaps India should also consider something similar on charity bodies.
Fiscal Policy Ignored dates: Budget session to being from 23rd Feb, rail budget on 26, economic survey on 27, General budget on 28. Topics important but dates are not
Fiscal Policy OLF Government decided to slow down disinvestment process because (1) PSU share prices declining and (2) trade union strikes.
Fiscal Policy OLF Government again thinking of using CPSE-ETF (Exchange traded fund) mechanism to raise another 5000 crores from market. Concept already explained in old article
HRD OLF IITs and IIMs will launch free online courses
HRD P+M Social justice ministry launches Venture capital fund and Green biz.scheme for SC. (I’ll compile and publish all such schemes simultenously within next Economic survey summary- for better revision)
HRD Ignored UPA Government did not release religious data with Census-2011. Now Modi planning to release it. well, let him release first, then some sort of ascending-descending order could be asked in MCQ about religious minoirities / state-wise distribution
Industry-Agro OLF buffer food stock guidelines have not be revised since 2002. Modi plans to sell away excess wheat in open market to reduce inflation and reduce cost-of-storage in FCI & fetch ~50,000 crore via sales
Industry-agro OLF Government launches “Make in NorthEast” Initiative- with focus on tea-processing, organic farming, spa-tourism etc.
Industry-MFG OLF IMF says India will beat China’s growth rate in 2016
infra OLF only deserving cities will be given funding for smart city project- says U.D.minister
infra OLF Rail minister Suresh Prabhu says Rail-finances are in deep trouble- we are caught in vicious cycle of low profit= poor services.
infra OLF Air India begins 10% cost cutting- it’ll help them save ~1400 crore annually
infra OLF Rail minister says we need private capital, not privatization
infra P+M Government launches “HRIDAY” heritage city development with 100% central funding; Modi reviews Housing for all 2022. I’ll cover them with economic survey ch. On urban Development.


Banking-Finance OLF Rajanbhai ordered banks to disclose more information about their loan rates and service-fees on website by 1st April 2015- to bring more transparency in business.
Banking-Finance OLF Rajanbhai orders banks not to ask “no due certificate” from small borrowers- so they can take loans in hassle-free manner.
Banking-Finance OLF Microfinance/microcredit is no panacea for poverty because Spandan (a microfinance company) gave Rs.10,000 loans to ~120 SHGs and yet even after 5 years, there is no improvement in their education, healthcare or female empowerments- says a research study
Banking-Finance OLF Government approves 74% FDI in HDFC.
Banking-Finance Ignored SEBI relaxes delisting of shares from stock-exchanges
Banking-Finance Ignored Earlier ESIC decided to close its medical college and focus on its core-operations only i.e. insurance service. Indian Medical Association requests PM and President to stop this, otherwise students and faculties career will be endangered.
Banking-Finance Ignored under SARFAESI act, two types of entities- those bank who follow RBI’s definition for NPA and those who frame their own NPA guidelines. SC says banks free to decide their NPA definitions in second category
BoP OLF Jaitley says foreign investors are happy irrespective of whether we bring economic reforms through law or through ordinance. And we are not planning to increase tax rates soon.
BoP P+M Just when USA’s quantitative easing and fed tapering topics ceased, European Union comes up with its own version of Quantitative easing policy, to harass the UPSC aspirants.
BoP P+M India not ready for full capital account convertability says RBI dy.gov HR Khan
BoP Ignored Apple records 18 billion profit. Highest ever in corporate history. BizGK not important for UPSC
BoP Ignored Earlier India banned some US agro-poultry products for fear of Avian influenza under SPS agreement. WTO panel rejected this move, so now we’ve appealed against that decision. Basics done in mains-2013 revision article.
Fiscal Policy OLF Government to sell 10% stakes in Coal India. Plans to fetch 24,000 crores
Fiscal Policy OLF Earlier IT Department had issued notice to Vodafone for a transfer-pricing-tax-evasion case. Bombay HC ordered in Vodafone’s favor. Government decided not to purpuse this matter further in HC/SC- to win confidence of foreign investors. Basics already done in old article – more updates in future lecture.
Fiscal Policy OLF Disinvestment: after selling 10% shares from coal India, Government gets ~22k crores. Although for FY16, Government planning to disinvest smaller PSUs only
Fiscal Policy Ignored Coal block auction will begin from Feb 2015, likely to fetch 100 billion$ to the government and hopefully electricity rates will be lowerwed. SC refuses to intervene, Government refuses to compensate previous owners. Basics already done in old revision note, let the topic develop further then it deserves update. Ball by ball commentary not important
Fiscal Policy Ignored Fiscal deficit overshoots budget target. Let the new budget come.
HRD P+M Modi launches ‘Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao’
HRD P+M report of Shanta Kumar expert committee on TPDS-FCI reforms
HRD P+M Labour is a concurrent subject hence plethora of wage-laws in India. Government planning to release a new wage-code to streamline both unorgnized and organize sector wages.
HRD Ignored Delhi university wants to introduce credit-transfer scheme in new academic session but HRD ministry sought clarification.
Industries-MFG P only until now, India’s GDP was calculated with base year 2004-05. Base year changed to 2011-12. Subsequently 2012’13’s GDP growth rate is increased from ~4.7%to ~7%.
Industries-MFG P only CSO to launch new index for retail inflation in Feb 2015
industry-agro OLF Karnataka farmers given e-Kisaan Tablet designed by Infosys, containing apps for rainwater harvesting, food processing and sustainable farming practices.
industry-agro OLF Government orders compulsory jute packaging of sugar and foodgrains- to ensure demand for jute bags.
infra OLF Govt wants to develop 99 rivers as water highways- Sutlej-Beas included.
infra OLF UP govt plans high speed metro rail to connect lucknow to kanpur.
infra OLF TRAI issues draft rules for full mobile number portability – throughout India by updating MNP rules 2009.
infra OLF under 5/20 rule, only an airline with 5 years xp and 20 aircrafts can get permission to run international flights from India. Government planning to relax this norm, plus asking airlines to reserve some of their capacity to Northeast, J&K etc.
infra OLF ONGC unconditionally agreed to partner with Cairn India in exploring Rajasthan oil block.
infra P+M National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation (NHIDCL). In news because logo and website launched
infra Ignored Cabinet decides 3G spectrum base price as Rs.3705 crore
infra Ignored DTH (dish TV etc) want Government to declare their sector as an “infrastructure” sector- so they can avail loans at concessional rates and get tax benefits.
infra Ignored Spectrum auction delayed till march because Government yet to workout pricing for 2100MhZ band



P only Government plans to give “Classical language” status to Marathi soon.
P+M Article 371-J and excluse website for it.
P+M Himmat App for Women safety
P+M SC refuses to hear pleas against Rajasthan ordiance which bars people below class8 education from contesting Panchayat elections.
P+M Home ministry proposes “IUCAW” crime units to help women in distress in 20% district of every state
M+I Law panel asks Government to amend law- so that if husband is unable to provide for the wife- his family should give the money.
OLF I&B ministry will ban live coverage of Anti-terrorism operations by amending “Cable Television network rules, 1994”.
OLF Good-Governance: CPWD releases “Maintanance Charter” showing deadline of solving complaints
OLF Bill: Government wants to update Whistleblower act to remove national security and sovereignty related issues. Let Cabinet clear the bill first.
OLF Corruption: Lokpal act requires departments to upload employees’ asset info. of their website. But DoPT simplifies forms for official assets of bureaucrates. They won’t have to give exact bank account numbers etc. so that it can’t be misused on internet.
OLF NIA will investigate Assam Massacre by NDFB (Songbijit) group
OLF E-governance: Puducherry’s Lt.Governor launches SAFE app- Storage Analysis and Archival Solution for Finance- for keeping track of public Expenditure
OLF E-governance: Gadkari launches webportal to give online approval to heavy vehicles.
OLF 32k RTI appeals pending because CIC not appointed yet
OLF Government not to scrap collegium system until members are appointed for National Judicial appointment commission (NJAC)
OLF Govt extendeds AFSPA in Assam for one more year.
OLF If post is delayed, we can’t sue post Office in consumer court because they’re protected under Indian post office act.
OLF SC has inhouse mechanism to deal with complaints against the judges. SC has released their operating procedure in public domain- to retain public faith in judiciary.
OLF CIC orders Government to upload information about bungalows allotted to political parties.
OLF CBI says India has 22 lakh NGOS and hardly 20% of them file annual income / expense reports. And Tamilnadu state government is refusing to share NGO data with CBI. On the other hand Union Government ordered Rajanbhai to block foreign funds of 4 NGOs
OLF E-governance: Hyderabad police launches online portal, offenders can now pay traffic challangean through netbanking/card.
OLF SC refuses to hear plea against NJAC
OLF Earlier CIC had ruled that political parties fall under RTI but they’ve not yet complied and now refused to come to CIC hearing.
OLF SC orders BCCI to pay service tax on selling recorded cricket matches to private TV-channels.
OLF Minority minister Najma Heptulla says there is no need for a new anti-conversion law.
OLF Goa CIC orders Archbishop is a public authority and falls under RTI
OLF Andhra Pradesh Government will shift to “Zero based budgeting” system from next year
Ignored Raabert Vadra’s land deals in Rajasthan canceled.
Ignored Tharoor’s wife was murdered says Delhi police.


Jan-W2: Polity
P+M Ordinance Raj- Citizenship ordinance
P+M UGC’s INFLIBNET portal will have e-content for undergraduation and post-graduation courses, in a month. Topic itself isn’t exam-worthy- but let’s hope this “e-material” provides alternative to the defunct egyankosh- for prelims and mains.
OLF Presidential rule recommended for J&K after resignation of Omar Abdulla
OLF CPWD engineer dismissed from service after remaining on unauthorized leave for 25 years. It shows the lack of stringent HRM-producedures in personnel administration.
OLF E-governance: Election commission launched “Delhi Election” App to help voters find out their Constituencies and other information
OLF National consumer body says RTI applicant is not a consumer, he cannot approach consumer court for deficiency in service by the Public information officer, just because he paid Rs.10. RTI has built-in provisions for appeal at FAA and CIC level.
OLF rights issues: WHO considers trans-sexualism a “gender identity disorder”. Russian government used this, to debar them from getting driving license- same for gays and lesbians
OLF E-governance: Railways “m-indicator” app for women safety.
Ignored Celebrity prisoner Sanjay Dutt’s furlough controversy
Ignored Bihar CM Jeetan Ram- controversial statements to rumors of removal.
Ignored Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim booked for castrating 400 followers in his Ashram.


Jan-W3- Polity
P+M Censor board chairman Leela Samson & 12 other members resigns after Ram Rahim’s “Messanger of God” movie cleared by Appellate board. Union Government says they did not interfere with censor board. The structure function of censor board and its appellate board becomes important for GS-2 Government organizations.
P+M Article 108: the preconditions of a joint sitting of Parliament.
P+M EC allowed Tibetian refugees to registered voters id cards for Delhi assembly elections. It’ll help them get Indian citizenship
OLF controversy surrounding Perumal Murugan’s book “Madhorubagan” (one part woman) in Tamilnadu. Free speech vs public order
OLF Kiran Bedi’s 6P formula for women safety: people (parents, principal etc.), politician, police, prosecution, prison and press. Can come handy in essay and interviews
OLF Tribal rights: in the late 90s, Reang (Bru) tribals fled from Mizoram to Tripura, due to ethnic violence. Government gives each person 1 soap, 1 t-shirt and 1 pant for the whole year- saying if we give more facilities they’ll only stay in relief camps instead of going back to settle in Mizoram. SC reprimanded Government for this mindset.
OLF rights issues: Pope Francis asked men to listen to women’s ideas more and not be male chauvinists.
OLF Child-rights: Pope says couples need to show ‘responsible parenting’ rather than breeding like rabbits.
OLF Rights issues: Navy is working on a policy to allow women officers on-board warships in the next few years.
OLF RPA: Chief Election Commissioner H.S. Brahma says India has 83 crore eligible voters= even more than the population of Europe!
OLF E-governance: Andhra Pradesh police launched I-CLIK (Instant- Complaint Login Internet Kiosk)- to help public and especially women.
OLF Rights issues: Gurgaon traffic police launched Pink-Autos exclusively for women
OLF Gujarat becomes first state in the country to allow direct recruitment of Police inspectors.
Ignored BJP leader Javadekar says 20 staets will have BJP Chief ministers before next Lok Sabha poll
Ignored Shazia Ilmi and Kiran Bedi join BJP
Ignored Over 15k CCTV camera installed for Obama visit. Delhi HC says keep them running even after Obama leaves, to increase vigilance in Delhi.
Ignored Punjab state government launches a new scheme “Drugs peddlers ke baare mein information n dedo yojana”. If you give such tip on helpline number 181 or on mobile number 7696-181-181 through WhatsApp, then you’ll be awarded Rs.10,000
Ignored SC says it can’t give bail to a murder convict on the grounds of insanity alone.
Ignored Government says there is no deliberate delay in appointment of CIC, CV and Lokpal, we’lll appoint them soon.
Ignored Last year 7% of SC judgements dealt with Constitutional matters
Ignored rights issue: Mcdonald staff throws out a street kid from its premise- even though a customer was willing to buy him food.
Ignored Haryana Government had decided to reduce retirement age of Government employees from 60 to 58- to ensure more job opportunity for youth. Punjab-Haryana HC refuses to entertain pleas agaist this decision


Jan-W4- Polity
P+M Original preamble did not contain the words “socialist and secular”. They were added during emergency, now communication minister Ravishankar Prasad says there should be a ‘debate’ on whether we should revert to old preamble?
M+I SC verdict on BCCI- bringing it par on other Government organization- for RTI and public accountability. Now anyone can drag BCCI in court.
M+I need for amending Cinematograph Act 1952 and censor board, based on Justice Mukul Mudgal Committee recommendations back in 2013 i.e. (1) five categories of films: U, U/A, A, under-12, under-15. (2) let junta file grievances to separate tribunal (3) add more officers (4) digitized platform for clearing moving- so that delays, discretion and corruption reduced. New Censor chief PAhlaj Nihalani says he’ll implement them.
M+I Pranab’s speech for 66th Republic day = essay fodder.
OLF Nithari killer Surender Koli’s death sentence commuted to Life sentence by Allahabad HC, because inordinate delay in deciding his mercy petition.
OLF Delhi police had arrested one Liaquat Shah for terrorism charges, NIA investigation reveals it to be bogus, NIA recomends action against guilty cops
OLF After rape incident, Government had banned online taxi booking service “Uber”. But to dodge the ban they setup a frontal company, now Ola-cabs following its footsteps.
OLF in present system, a woman can get only short-service commission upto 10 years in the army, hence unable to draw pension or reach top-ranks in the army. They had won the court-case but issues remain
OLF E-governance: Chandigarh Civic administration launched a mobile app to deliver all citizen- centric services.
OLF SC says a toilet in structure is not a toilet in reality until it has proper cleaning and maintanace
OLF Gujarat Forensic univ. signs MoU with a Finland company to build a “Cyber-army” against terrorists!
OLF E-Governance: Modi aims for m-governance and make mobile numbers as new identity for citizens- something akin to Apple-Pay
OLF E-governance: award-winning projects at 18th E-governance conference
OLF Women-rights: Australian court releases a stalker after he claims he was inspired by Bollywood movies that stalking woman is “OK”, and they finally fall in love! Perhaps a wakeup call for how movies are written and produced in India
Ignored EC censures Kejriwal for violating model code of conduct through his communal speeches
Ignored CM Akhilesh Yadav says law and order situation better than other states, IF you look at statistics only.
Ignored Padma Awards. Such PIN-award MCQs not seen in recent CSATs.
Ignored Ahmedabad Muni.Corps asked all schools to organize “Saraswati puja” on Vasant Panchami- creating controversy because notification sent even to Urdu Schools.
Ignored Hindu Mahasabha asked Saif, Amir etc celebrities to convert to hinduism to prove loyality to their wives.
Ignored When National anthem is played, Principal Dignitary & persons in uniform take salute. Those in civil dress stand in attention. Vice President did not salute during 26th Jan hence some controversy in social media.
Ignored Kejriwal says if same party rules both union and states then its dangerous for democracy!
Ignored Human rights watch (HRW) – a top international NGO body criticises India’s record- violence against minorities, women and tribals.
Ignored Pravasi Bharatiya Awards made from 22-carat gold worth Rs.2.75 lakhs; while Padma awards brass worth only Rs.200 each


Environment, Agro, Disaster

P only Carbon Fertilization effect
P only Indian Ocean exploration expedition by NIO
P only New plant species found: Chlorophytum palghatense,
P+M Hamara Jal, Hamara Jeewan initiative by Water resources ministry.
P+M Floating Solar Power plant at Kolkata
P+M Prakash Path- LED bulb distribution scheme
OLF In 2014, India lost 64 tigers, says NTCA.
OLF Forest rights act is not delaying projects, says Government
OLF Kerala plants to become fully organic farming state by 2016.
OLF Public sector banks will give loans for setting up solar-panels on home during construction or renovation.
OLF govt wants to add 100MW solar energy in next 2 years.
Ignored MDU-1: new fiber rich cluster bean variety developed in Tamilnadu. Ignored because it doesn’t have a fancy name.


Jan-W2: Environment, Agro, Disaster
P only Raksha Blue vaccine for bluetongue disease among the cattle
P only India’s highest zoo at Darjeeling begins conversation program for Himalayan herbivoers.
P only Kribhko’s Neem Coated Urea- features, benefits
P+M River interlinking projects to fix water shortage in Metros- For Delhi: Sarda and Yamuna; For Mumbai: Damanganga and Pinjal
P+M NRDC’s superabsorbent Hydrogel technology
P+M China obtained 15 years deep-sea exploration rights of Indian Ocean from ISA (International seabed authority). Now it has sent a manned mission to search polimetalic nodules in Indian ocean
OLF Bangladesh’s estuarine islands are sinking because of tidal erosion
OLF Government wants to achieve 1 lakh MW solar power generation by 2022. They’ve asked PSUs to invest in solar energy to achieve this target.
OLF NGT’s judgment ‘Maili Se Nirmal Yamuna project 2017’- banning waste dumping in Yamuna river, otherwise 5000 to 50,000 rupees fine
OLF Bill Gates foundation partners with Urban Development ministry for Swatch Bharat Abhiyan
OLF Agra district bans burning of coal and cow-dungs to protect Taj Mahal
OLF Japan offers to help moderanization of Indian ship breaking industry at Alang, Gujarat IF we ratify Hong kong convention on ship recyling.
Ignored Greenpeace Campaigner Pillai offloaded at airport so she couldn’t meet British MP about how Indian coal mining ops are hurting tribals.
Ignored 3 new plant species in W.Ghats- don’t have much MCQ worthy info. bad cost:benefit
Ignored Dolphin like creature’s fossils found near Scotland


Jan-W3- Environment, Agro
P only Government allows private biodiesel makers to sell it directly to customers like Indian railway.
P only Kerala’s Periyar Tiger reserve got biennial award for local participation in Tiger conservation
P only Tamilandu parties asking Government to drop the idea of making Kanyakumari tiger sanctury because it’ll affect Kani tribals.
P only Mexico plans to use drone-petrolling for protection of Vaquita Marine- world’s smallest porpoise and a critically endangered species
P+M Eco-sensitive zones and eco-fragile zones. Important because Government plans to notify 60 eco-sensitive zones this year
M+I Modi’s first meeting of the PM’s Council on Climate Change. provides good fodder for descriptive questions. link
OLF Maneka Gandhi says Tamilnadu’s Jallikattu (Bull-taming sport) is a western concept. It’s good that SC has banned it for Animal cruelty
OLF American scientists say 2014 was Earth hottest year
OLF Environment minister seeks transboundary cooperation for developing Hindu-Kush Himalayan region
OLF USA wants to collaborate with India for clean energy but Modi’s “Make in India” requirement will pose challenge in selling American solar energy devices in India
OLF 2015-16 will be celebrated as “Jal Kranti Varsh” by water resources ministry
OLF National green tribunal (NGT) prohibits parking on Delhi roads, else fine of Rs.1000
P+M Kerala Government drafted a bill to provide compensation to Plachimada villagers for ecological damage by Coca Cola factory. But Union Government says its unconstitutional because it violates Art.253, Green tribunal act.
Ignored Delhi HC ordered Government to unfreeze Greenpeace NGO’s funds, because there was no material record against that NGO.
Ignored Asiatic lion survey is conducted in Gir, Gujarat every five years. This time from 2nd to 5th May, 2015


Jan-W4- Environment, Agro
P only Blooming of Neela Kurinji in Western Ghats after 12 years period
P only SC continues ban on night-travel in Bandipur tiger reserve, Karnataka- to prevent death of wild-animals in accidents.
P only North Karnataka farmers seek GI status for Gulbargas toor
P+M Status of Tiger report 2014
OLF Green tribunal orders West Bengal to seup a panel for monitering Sunderbans, ensure costal zone regulations are not violated.
OLF Union Government planning to setup Sweage treatment plants in all 118 towns and cities on Ganga banks
Ignored Obama’s agra trip was cancelled. Theory #1: SC order for battery operated cars only. So Obama’s “Beast” could not be taken. Theory #2: Obama wanted to leave early for Saudi hence cancelled the plan.
Ignored Ex-Congi environment minister Jayanthi Natrajan says she rejected files on environment clearance because Congi-high-command and Rahulbaba had ordered her to do so.
Ignored Scientists found oldest snake-fossile called “Eophis underwoodi” near Oxford, England
Ignored Environment ministry suggests SC about doubling the parking fees, allowing only Bharat Stage-3 or stage-4 vehicles only etc. but what the minister doesn’t understand is- Delhi is beyond saving, just like Gotham city.


Science Tech, Defense, IT, Healthcare

Defense OLF We can’t make world class aerospace engines due to shortage of titanium. US bullet proof vests are 10-12 times heavier hence unable to suit Indian men.
IT/electronics P+M net neutrality, VOIP, Airtel
IT/electronics OLF USA’s NSA found it difficult to crack Zoho email service. Indian Sridhar Vembu is founder of this company.
IT/electronics OLF ASSOCHAM says cybercrime will doubple in 2015.
IT/electronics Ignored Samsung working on “Internet of Things” e.g person removes his earphones after reaching home then same song will resume on his home-theater. Ignored because basics of “Internet of Things” already covered in revision notes for GS3.
Medical P only Bombay Bloodgroup
Medical P+M Modi wants to declare health as a fundamental right, although no concrete announcement on Constitutional amendment.
Medical OLF 2/3rd of Cancer cases are just bad luck and not because of environment or genetic factors.
Medical OLF NATMO publishing Braille maps for VH
Medical OLF rising number of Caesaren deliveries in Kerala’s Government hospitals because doctors get more money in Caesarean than in normal delivery.
Medical OLF can Aspirin cure dementia? Australian university trying to find out.
Medical OLF 2011: Fukushima radiation leakage. Finally in 203 their rice passed the radation test hence fit for consumption.
Medical OLF Punjab bans the sale of loose cigarettes and tobacco
Medical OLF Government planning to shift from”sickcare” to “healthcare” – because preventive health will empower everyone.
Medical Ignored new compound 6-thiodG can stop cancer cells.
Medical Ignored AIIMS says Asaram Bapu doesn’t need surgery or bail.
Medical Ignored BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj asks Hindu couples to produce 4 children.
Sci-Tech Ignored 102nd science congress: talks about aeroplane knowledge existed 7000 years ago and then debate war between “Communal” vs “Secular” columnists in theHindu
Space-Tech OLF NASA working on inflatable aircraft for landing men on mars
Space-tech P only ISRO prepares to launch IRNSS-1D. Although basics already covered in old article- IRNSS will have 7 saetellites, this is the 4th one to be launched after A,B and C.
Space-tech P only Comet Lovejoy
Space-tech Ignored Modi approves Neutrino project. Basics already covered in old article.
Space-tech Ignored Spider telescopes will circle around Antarctica to obserev microwaves in space.
Space-tech Ignored Keplar telescope finds 8 new planets. This type of MCQs ceased to appear since last few exams hence ignored.


Jan-W2: Science Tech, Defense, IT, Healthcare
P only Space-tech NASA building Volcanobot to explore extra-terrestrial volcanos.
P only Space-tech ISRO’s fire-retardant compound CASPOL.
P only Medical Insecticide resistant “Super mosquito”
P only Medical MenAfriVac: a vaccine against Meningitis
OLF Space-tech Nissan and NASA joined hands to manufacture self-driving cars but no fancy brand name given yet
OLF Medical Modk orders Health ministry to draft accountability mechanism for doctors. Although no notification /rules out yet.
OLF Medical WHO wants to eliminate TB by 2050, but India unlikely to meet this target.
OLF IT/electronics President Obama wants new laws- requiring companies to inform customers within 30 days, If their site was hacked. Another law- to prevent companies from selling information of students to advertizement / tele-marketing/spam companies.
OLF Medical China relaxed one child policy. If either husband/wife was the single child of their parents, the couple can have 2nd child but only after approval from Government. 10 lakh couples applied so far.
OLF Medical Health ministry working on roadmap to solve malnutrition problem in tribal kids.
OLF IT/electronics There will be 213 million mobile users in India by June 2015
OLF Medical new Amendment bill to ban sale of loose cigars and increase fine on smoking at public places absent o Rs.1000
OLF IT/electronics Misuse of technology: Whatsapp is being used for betting on cockfights in Andhra Pradesh
OLF Medical Government requested SC to take action against online-sex determination ads
OLF Medical During Obama’s visit India-US will sign MoU to jointly fight Ebola
Ignored Medical ESAT-6 protein from TB bacteria can be used for better treatment. Ignored because research still in infant stage and no fancy names involved.
Ignored Medical new antibiotics from soil-bacteria
Ignored Medical Goa sports minister says he can heal gays and lesbians with medicine.
Ignored Medical Virgin coconut oil is high lauric acid, helps in obesity.


Jan-W3-Science Tech, Defense, IT, Healthcare
Defense P+M DRDO’s Agni-V test (on Jan 31st)
Defense OLF LCA (Tejas) still has to cross many tests before it can become battle ready. It’ll take years
IT/electronics P only new technology to watch 3d effects without 3d glasses
IT/electronics Ignored Google halts production of Google-glass, but will release a new consumer friendly version soon.
IT/electronics Ignored Indian-American builds braille printer with Lego parts. I covered this already last year 2014. but Indianexpress only noticed this news in January, 2015
Medical Ignored Novartis Glivec Nexavar patent fight. It is becoming “Vodafone” of patent cases- seems the topic will never end
Medical OLF China starts clinical trials on using stem-cells to cure spinal cord injury
Medical P only Mali declared Ebola free. List of countries “affected” and list of compares “list of countries became free”- becomes important for prelim list, given the ball-by-ball commentary on ebola every week.
Medical Ignored WHO says 50% of Chinese men are smokers
Medical P only Stemrad belt to protect you against Radiation
Medical Ignored Andhra Pradesh CM says his state is facing “demographic” crisis therefore people should produce more kids, else we’ll become similar to Japan
Medical OLF WHO says Indians face high chances of dying in non-communicable diseases (NCDs) — heart, cancer, diabetes and respiratory ailments.
Medical OLF NACO=>funds to Union Government => funds to State Government. But some states not releasing AIDS-funding to NGOs on time, hence Hyderabad-NGOs stopped working.
Medical OLF Women-child ministry will give Rs.1 crore award to 1-crore award for any innovative village attaining a balanced sex ratio.
Medical Ignored From Genome studies, Research found TB baterium had originated from China
Space-tech OLF false alarm at International space station. Russian and American space agencies trying to fix it.
Space-tech P only 11 years ago, Britain’s Beagle-2 spacecraft went missing in Mars. Now it’s found
Space-tech P only “Ceres” is a dwarf planet in Mars-Jupiter asteroid belt. NASA’s Dawn space craft recently captured its photos
Jan-W4-Science Tech, Defense, IT, Healthcare
Defense P only DRDO’s Agni-5 launched from Odisha’s wheeler island in a caniester mounted on a truck, it can carry 1.1 tonne nuke warehead for 5000kms. India’s first Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM)
IT/electronics P+M Government setsup AK Bhargava Committee for examine “Net Neutrality”. Report awaited.
IT/electronics P+M Microsoft’s 3D Hololens
Medical OLF Haryana doctors compulsorily required to install a tracking device on their ultrasound machine- which automatically transfers test-database to Chief medical officer. This helps curbing nuisance of female foeticide and doctors no longer need to manually fill the compliance forms under PNDT act.
Medical M+I After epicfail response in Ebola crisis, now WHO mulling reforms in its operational structure
Medical P only After Nigeria, Senegal- now Mali becomes 3rd country  in world to be declared Ebola free.
Medical Ignored Cases of swine flu in and around Delhi. All major diseases-symptops should be prepared in self-study irrespective of whether they appear in hindu or not.
Medical P only “Penghu-1” prehistoric human found in Taiwan. It is older than the oldest specimen of Homo Sepians
Medical Ignored Scientists found nerve cells governing thirst in humans
Medical Ignored Thar rail express- two passenger died in Crimean Congo fever. All major diseases-symptops should be prepared in self-study irrespective of whether they appear in hindu or not.
Medical M+I SC orders Google, Yahoo and Microsoft search engines not ot display ads about sex-determination tests.
Robotics OLF Scientists using drones for researching on irrigation, applying plant-herbicide, fertilizer etc.
Space-tech P only Ceres is a dwarf planet between Mars and Jupiter. NASA’s Ceres spacecraft reached near it.

History and Culture

P only Sulba Sutra- origin of Pythagorean theorem
P only Chandayan Harrapan Site: housing plans found
P only pre-historic rock paintings at Marayur-Chinnar forest.


Jan-W2: History and Culture
P only Buddhist relic casket founded at Phanigiri, Nalgonda
Ignored Swamy says he’ll ask Modi to release Bose’s file. Matter already covered in old article.


Jan-W3-History and Culture
P only Hauz-e-Shamsi built by Illtutmish in 1230 CE in Mehrauli, Delhi. ASI cleaned it up for arriawal of Himalayan water birds
Ignored Union cultural ministry working on Museum acquisition policy. Let’em notify first


Jan-W4-History and Culture
P+M contribution of AMU alumni Raja Mahendra Pratap in Freedom struggle
OLF PM Modi gifts Obama, a telegram of Secretary State Dean Acheson to Indian Constituent assembly in 1946
Ignored Maharashtra Government decides to buy the bunglow where Dr.Ambedkar lived during his studies in London.

Moral Disclaimers / FAQs

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Q. You’re creating tables with fancy codes like (P+M, M+I etc.) What new gimmick is this?

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Q. In above excel file, you’ve used gibberish codes like “00P, 0P+M, OLF, z_ignored”, why?
It helps sorting all cells quickly in ascending or descending order based on their specific utility. 00P means only for prelims, 0P+M = Prelim and mains, OLF = One line fodder.

Current Affairs Topiclist for UPSC

Q. What is the purpose of listing these topics? You have not written any content about them!

Ans. Those are the topics from Hindu, Indian express, PIB, frontline etc. which I consider important for UPSC prelims and mains. I’ll be covering them at my own pace.

Q. Will you finish all these topics in your articles before the mains exam?

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Q. Then why have you listed these topics?

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