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Update Jan-06-2015: IBPS CWE result is declared Click ME
—remaining part of this article is already known to you.

  1. IBPS CWE: Sacred cutoffs
  2. Online MCQ paper: 200 marks

IBPS CWE: Sacred cutoffs

Section Max. Score SC/ST/OBC/PWD General
Reasoning 40 awaited awaited
English 40
Maths 40
GA 40
Computer 40
total 200


Section Max. Score SC/ST/OBC/PWD General
Reasoning 50 6 10
English 40 3 6
Maths 50 4 6
40 6 8
Computer 20 5 7
Total 200
  • OBC:60
  • SC:50
  • ST:26
  • HI|OC|VI: 26|47|27

Online MCQ paper: 200 marks

I request the players to do the same for IBPS-CWE-IV: share their exam-experience in comments below, preferably in following format:

  1. General Awareness 40 marks
    1. What was the span of current affairs (3 months, 6 months, 8 months..)
    2. How much was current affairs vs static theory?
    3. How much portion from banking and economy questions? Example questions?
    4. Within banking segment- how much current vs static theory?
    5. Did they ask anything from economic survey / budget 2014?
    6. How much focus on [PIN] persons in news, books, authors, awards etc.? Example questions?
    7. Did they ask any marketing questions?
    8. How many trivial GK type (e.g. how many crores allotted in xyz scheme- this type of questions asked in RBI assistant. so did IBPS CWE follow that trend?)
    9. How many questions did you attempt in this section correctly?
  2. Reasoning 40 marks
    1. Variety of questions- sitting arrangement/ syllogism / input-out etc?
    2. Did they ask non-verbal reasoning? (Image based questions) if yes what variety? (Paper folding / mirror images / dice color etc.)
    3. Overall Difficulty level and how many questions did you attempt in this section correctly?
  3. Maths/ Numerical ability 40 marks
    1. How many BODMAS questions? (e.g. 6789-7453+1241=? x 64)
    2. Questions from interest rate, profit-loss, time work etc.
    3. How many from Mensuration part (Area, Volume perimeter?)
    4. How many Data interpretation sets given? Avg. no of questions per set?
    5. Difficultly level of DI sets- (A) easy questions but lengthy calculation (B) difficult questions but easy calculation (C) both questions and calculations were difficult.
    6. Did they ask permutation, combination, probability and Venn diagrams?
    7. Did they ask any geometry theory question (line and length, angle bisector, length of diagonals in parallelogram etc)
    8. How many questions did you attempt in this section correctly?
  4. English language 40 marks
    1. How many Qs from comprehension? Their length and difficultly level compared to other exams?
    2. Did they ask separate questions on vocabulary, phrases, synonym-antonym etc? (or was it part of the comprehension passage e.g. what is the meaning of underlined word in passage)?
    3. Did they ask sentence arrangement sets like CDS?
    4. Did they ask sentence correction, if yes how difficult?
    5. How many grammar questions (active-passive, direct-indirect, do as directed.)
    6. Overall, Difficulty level and how many questions did you attempt in this section correctly?
  5. Computer Knowledge 40 marks
    1. Natural and internal breakup: how many from MS office, internet, security, hardware, software etc.
    2. how many questions did you attempt in this section correctly?


  1. Overall, how many question did you attempt (out of 200 marks)
  2. If you had appeared in previous IBPS CWE exam, what’s your observation about length-difficultly level of this year, compared to last year?
  3. Any other Wisdom and tips for future aspirants.

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266 Comments on “[IBPS CWE] Written Exam result out”

  1. today interview at boi noida

    apart from documents asked also keep all grade cards year/semester wise whichever applicable

    and PASS CERTIFICATE (along with mark sheet ) of X and XII (as they are not accepting mark sheet of X)


    it was nice but couldn’t maintain eye contact with all since they (5 membeRs) were sitting TOO Close

    being ece btech they asked about communication questions like speed of wireless and wired communication
    , data transfer protocolS . whether data is lost in encryption and 3g 4g related

    and bank and why not psu like ongc and ntpc

    I fumbled at but this is not the end

    just on the learning curve

  2. Bhaiyon kya koi batayega …ki ibps specialist it officer ki tyaari kahan se karu……kiran ya arihant ki books leke shuru ho jaun…… (I am asking mainly
    4 the it preparation) ……ya phir btech ki books utahun…bhai plzzz ki to batao…….mrunal bhai hlp

  3. sir my exam for agriculture field officer is on 14-21st feb 2015 there is 20 days remaing for exam can i have comleted all most all topic but my speed is very low so how can i crack this exam and this is very important to crack this important please help me how can i plann for prepare exam

  4. Online Test Scores of Qualified Candidates called for Interview for Common Recruitment Process for CWE Clerks-IV is out please visit ibps website.

  5. Clerk final result out. Check your email.

  6. IBPS PO IV Out!
    But unable to check due to server issue… Is any body able to check out that?

  7. Thanku sir
    Cleared ibps po 4

  8. Got selected in Bank of India as P.O
    Thanks Mrunal Bhai.

    1. preparing for bank this year , got ur 7 pillars and working on it , but not getting banking exam related current affairs ,, pls help soon

  9. got selected …..bank of india po :)
    thank u mrunal sir for u r awesum guidance

  10. finally got selected . syndicate bank. loves u mrunal . bhai u have a great part in my success. although i have never got opportunity to see you

    1. Hi Neha. Me too got selected in Syndicate Bank. Do inform about further process ok….

    2. and this story is 4 u mrunal my interview experience: you have asked ppl to share their experience.so since i am selected . i thought its good time to do that.
      although i could had publish it on other website but it was yours i thought was worthy of it . my first attempt was in po 3 i qualified the written exam and was selected 4 interview but had low marks so confidence was down. while giving interview i new nothing . not even where south block and north block are in delhi . although i am from delhi itself.
      in my second attempt . i scored 93 in gen. frankly speaking i i just read about your tips of interview prep. i never read news paper so my g a was worst but during the time of interview . i utilise the the hindu print archive option . all of their previous edition of news paper are present over there . in 3 days i just read about all the economic news and other which i found useful. approximately 6 months newspaper were read by me in just 3 days. all of your banking and economy related articles i had read while i gave my first attempt. so it was like revising them from your website in 2 days. i also used gk today . com . i have never gone to a coaching institute.
      but it was yours website which proved to be like the real guidence.
      during my interview . i was tense . coz i was failed earlier in interview. i tried to show people that i am not afraid. but literally i was afraid of failure again.
      luckily i got an easy interview group who asked me about banking sector only. here i would like to mention that i also used to listen that market mantra programm over all india radio . they gives really good info. thanks to listening that programme i was having extra info . to show off in front of panel that i have good info about the sector .coz that programme provides really good great info,

      as my interview got over . panel gave me a compliment that i had good info about the sector though i am from science background.
      i got 50 out of 100 . they gave me 64 in interview . that was a bit dissapointing . i had expected more.
      i got syndicate bank . as po . and here the story ends.

      in the end . pls don’t mind the grammatical mistakes . coz i am from science background. so we aren’t good at language.
      i really loves you bhai . for your guidence

      one thing i would like to mention. while someone gives 1st attempt panel ask them more related to g a . but in second attempt . they mostly asked related to bank sector. may be its my guess . but i felt so .
      coz its psycology . first time preparent gives more importance to bank sector terms and roles only . while in second attempt they realise that ga is also important.
      any way may be its my thought only. but its what i just realised.

  11. thank you sir… got PO with PNB

    1. Me too.. You are from which State???

      1. Delhi. any idea where would training be?

    2. i also got pnb, congrats!! , which state?

      1. I am from Assam.. u?

    3. me too in pnb :)
      from bihar

  12. Got selected PO in Syndicate Bank. Was in the news for some high profile corruption. lol. Anyone else got Syndicate bank? Pls do inform regarding further process

    1. Most importantly… Thank you Mrunal bhai and all others who posted their experiences. It really helped a lot. Wouldn’t have been possible without you guys!!! Thanks once again!!

      1. Got selected into Syndicate bank as PO.
        Thanks sir

      2. there is a group of po4 syndicate bank selected candidates over pagal guy . u r welcome to join that

        1. I joined. Thanks :-)

        2. Could you please post the link of the group (specific to our purpose)?

    2. your contact details?

  13. thanks a lotttt mrunal sir and everyone who helped me to get through, got selected ( ibps po )in indian overseas bank.:-)

  14. Got IDBI… any ideas when they call fr joining??

  15. mrunal sir n team thank you a lot… i am allotted Bank of india via ibps po 4

    1. Hello miss
      i’ve too allotted boi

  16. Got canara bank…….i got 54 marks bt didnt get pnb or bob ….. Anyway anyone who too got canara bank?

  17. Thanks mrunal sir….selected as canara bank po…….but in dilemma whether to join or not…..Didn’t clear upsc prelims even once ….wrote twice……..This will be my third attempt…..will there be time to prepare for civils after joining the bank or even at the time of training….if anyone knows plse reply….Also writing ssc cgl tier 2 this time which is also my second time writing tier 2…..so hoping for some suggestions……

    1. it will be very very dificult to prepare if you join…but you should join as a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush…otherwise who knows..you may not get in either.

      1. rightly said………

    2. Same dilemma. My question is whether we can breach the service bond before probation period ? I have always been unclear about the legality aspects of service bonds in India. Can someone pls enlighten me.

      I plan to join Canara. Appear SSC & UPSC. Then I will wait till final allocations of SSC atleast. Breach bond and join & then try UPSC. I have left job once and believe me it’s not easy being unemployed for like forever. Even for you turning down a job offer at such a point of time in your youth life won’t be called a very good choice.


      1. Thanks B & aditya

      2. You may resign and pay the bond amount even in the probation period and it is absolutely legal.

      3. Same here .. left job an year back (being unemployed is not at all easy).. age 26 .. this would be my first civil prelims … and preparations have not yet reached the level as required ,so in dilemma if i should join or wait to give my first prelims and take some more months to prepare and accordingly able to assess myself better in the UPSC race ….nyways Got allotted to Syndicate bank & can someone guide here for the steps to be followed now as far as this recruitment is concerned ???

        1. When its UPSC dont care about the level you are at. It wont ever be enough. Just give it your best shot. Best of luck..

      4. Yes, you can leave the bank in probation period by giving notice period (normally one month) and the bond amount.

      5. In Canara Bank bond amount is Rs 25000. Which is much lesser than any other bank. If u want to quit job U need to give 3 months notice period.otherwise u have to pay 3 months salary if u want quit immediately. Bank job is more hectic and tedious. Everyday u have to stretch up to 8 in night.sometimes work in Sundays also.Everything depends on ur posting place and ur manager.

        1. Thank you prakash for the details regarding bond. This sounds to be very less as compared with other banks. Usual bond amount is 2lac for most banks. I have a doubt there.. If bond amount is 25k why would someone pay three month salary?

          Regarding the work i believe that it depends on the person also. Some people are always there in every organization who dont care about the job or the manager.. ;-)

        2. what if one joins a bank as a clerk instead of P.O. stratigically and begins I A S preparation seriously.Will it be possible then?PLEASE throw some light on it . You seem to have good knowledge about banking work.

    3. same situation with me, got pnb and writing CGL tier 2 and going to appear upsc, i heard that it is difficult to prepare for exams while working in bank…can we take extension for joining..guys please throw some light on this..

      1. Hi, i asked for extension to join IDBI bank in last year, they have not replied at that time, but surprisingly during my mains preparation, I got mail & letter from them that to join IDBI in 2nd batch…due to UPSC mains exam, I did not join it…but my another friend who also wrote mains, later joined SBI as PO was telling that its hectic schedule & wont get any time for the preparation of exams (UPSC & SSC)…SSC is better job than bank PO, try to write SSC tier 2 exam very seriously (im also writing, but I got very less marks in tier 1, so dont have hope)…if you dont mind,may I know how much you got in tier-1

        1. thanks VK for sharing your views, i agree that ssc is better job than PO, i am in the dilemma
          whether to join pnb or not , i got 105 in tier1 and iam hopeful of getting something through cgl 2014. but my friends says that i should not leave bank like pnb.. i do think that upsc cannot be cleared while working in bank as po.

    4. Hi if u r dreaming for civil services,do not join Bank. I am working in Bank its impossible to get time

      1. 100% correct & I agree you, If you have interest in doing civil service, dont join bank job…try for it sincerely…moreover you wont get any time for preparation

      2. Prakash , what if one joins as a clerk instead of P.O. Will it possible to get time for studying for I.C.S.

      3. what are the working hours of a bank kindly specify

    5. Hi Rajiv…dont worry, in UPSC civil service exam, Prelims is the toughest stage I believe…I cleared it in my 3rd attempt (my other four friends also cleared it in their 3rd attempt) & quite confident that I will get interview call, so dont worry, but before joining bank job think twice, SSC is much better & if you get place in central secretariat, only 5 days work, very good chance to prepare for CSE…for this reason I turned down the offer of IDBI bank…best wishes

      1. i agree with you completely, but since upsc is time consuming and expensive exam , you better need some good pay job in hand (most preferably via ssc- CS ,ED).so i think one should secure job via ssc for job as well as financial security..and continue preparing for CSE. but in my case i got pnb and it is hard to leave such bank and iam thinking about it…your views.

        1. Hi sumit, if you want to aim for high, you have to take some risks..more risk, more benefit, I turned down the offer of IDBI bank PO, which did not have any bond regulations, but I do not regret for that…last time i wrote SSC tier 2 also, missed final selection narrowly by 3 marks…dont worry you got good marks in Tier-1, write SSC tier-2 as good as possible…if you got selected through SSC then leave your bank job & immediately start preparing for UPSC…with one-two years of serious preparation, UPSC exam can be cracked by anyone…its my personal view that bank job is not suitable when you want to prepare for Civil services…best wishes

          1. thanks vk, i also think on the same line…and that is my plan..best wishes to you.

      2. Hi vk… Actually I got IDBI this tym… Nd I do want to make my career in banking… Can u pls tell me when do the call the frst batch for training.. I mean approximate timeframe…

        1. First you should undergo medical exam(you will get reimbursement once you join the bank) & document verification…I underwent it in Apollo hospital of Chennai, later you will get appointment order through both post & mail…I got joining date on August 18 in Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Banking & Finance in Hyderabad…it will take approximately 2-3 months…IDBI is good bank & 2nd highest salary after SBI…good luck

          1. Thnx brthr.. :-) I hope medical xaminations isnt too deep nd elaborate unlike we hv in armed forces jobs…?? Nd one more yr.. Do they keep originsl docs with them for verification?? Its just dat I want to be sure once dat I am FINALLY selected(enough of this provisional thing ;-) )..so dat I can prepare fr jaiiib etc. next…

        2. No medical examinations is just for formality…some 6-7 tests are there (for around 1000 rupees)…& all are normal tests like BP/Sugar/eye/hearing etc…more importantly they wont keep our mark sheets with them, they just verify & give you back

          1. Thnx buddy… :-)

          2. hey vk bro,
            kindly reply my query

            i’ve got boi (bank of india), i have a physical deficiency in left hand but less than 40% (only 16% deficiency), so i do not avail any sort of quota, i got recruitment under general category itself

            will there would be any problem during medical examination regarding my physical deficiency
            what should i do ??

            Please reply soon, thanks in advance bro.

          3. Hi vk….I have hearing problem ….i cannot hear almost 95% of my right ear and my left ear is normal and healthy…..will it create any problem?

          4. sir plz tell joining date of PNB clerk ??

      3. Thanks VK for your encouraging words.

        1. you should be fit as permost civilian jobs medical guidelines…if there is any problem you should file a writ in high court against the employer…either they should take you as a normal candidate, if not then you should get resevation benefit under Persons with disabilities Act..in either case you win.

        2. If employers deny you employment on this ground it is a violation of your fundamental rights under A.14 and 16 of the constitution, courts will definitely give you justice, don’t worry and don’t go down without a fight if it comes to that.

      4. Hi VK….I am also preparing for Civil Service Exams….please share your study plan for prelims….If possible, could you send me any PDF to my mail regarding the preparation of prelims…plz reply…

        e-mail- [email protected]

      5. hi vk sir,,i hv a query,,i hv writtn 2014 mains ,,its my first attempt nd still waitng for result,,also got pnb po,,family suggests to join it but i m confused wht to do,,i m 22 years old,,nd passd gradution recently,,also gave ssc tier 1 bt i ws nt eligible as my ignou result cm 1 mnth later aftr the date of ssc notification,,my tier1 marks 110,,.i wanna know,,wethr is it really tough to prepare for civil while doing po job,,because i hv to look after myself,,nd currently i m givng home tutions toothers nd it consumed my 6-8 hours daily..so i want to know why here ppl r so scepticl tht they wll nt get time aftr 8 hr job…it may be other problm like work load or office politics or anythng like ths,,..plse enlightn me,,i wll be thnkful to u,,,thnk u

  18. I got in Corporation Bank

  19. Thanks a tonne to Mrunal Sir and his team who are working day and night to help others from low economic background or directionless people to understand the scenario of various stages and facets of life.
    Although we may never be able to congratulate face to face but i personally wish if there is any means to help your organisation to continue such quality work forever so as to continue this social service forever for GenX and implore other community memebrs to contribue in some way or the other …!!!

  20. Frnd plz clarify my doubt……

    I m jat by caste and my dob is 02 aug 1984. I was having obc certificate and applied for nabard in obc category as there was age relaxation of three years for obc. Having cleared both grade a and grade b phase 1, got call letter for phase 2. Now recently supreme court has scraped jat reservation. Though i m sure that i will be counted as general candidate for phase 2 result, but the doubt remains that m i even eligible or not because i m 31 years old.

    Sincere n quick replies are welcome.

    1. Don’t worry friend, you will have the benefit of reservation, SC says about it

    2. Hi Amit…could u tell me how much questions u attended in the prelims of NABARD…..and how was the paper….i mean difficulty level of paper..plz reply…

  21. This website helped a lot to succeed through the means of self study….Started Preparation in August 2014 and today I have been selected as a PO in PNB through IBPS and also got selected as an AO in UIIC.
    Thank you for providing such a valuable service to the students like us.

  22. selected as po in idbi
    please mention pros and cons of this bank??

    1. Me too got IDBI… Info I got frm my sources suggests d biggest pros are a very cooperative management regarding HR policies and a sort of corporate culture at even branch level… Cons doesnt seems to be much apart frm the fact that it isnt one of the biggest banks in indian banking sectr…

      1. cngrts pankaj… me too got idbi. u r frm which state???

    2. They are completely govt. owned. I have talked to them about this and they say it is a bit different than other PSBs which you realise only when you join it.
      Second, their approach is more like private sector banks. Remove that tag of govt. owned from their boards, everything about them will appear like private sector banks including the branch architecture, behavioral approach and aggressiveness to do business.
      They even hire groups of salesman to acquire new accounts and fixed deposits.

  23. Chaudhary bhai ….congratulations…..aapka written mein kya score tha…
    And interview mein

    1. Bhai overall 47.60 h… Intrw m 70 nd written m 84… Yr written m km reh gye kaafi…

      1. Koi na yaar…..ye to mila……aage job ke sath try krte rehna….agar kisi doosre bnk mein jana hai to……

        1. Bank to badhiya h yr.. No issues with dat..par prob h ye jat obc reservation waali… Coz I am selected under obc category..ab pta ni idbi waale bhi obc hi consider karenge ya nhi.. Bs isi baat ki prob h yr..

      2. chaudhary bhai , I also have 84 in written n 54 in interview n not selected

  24. Guys – Anybody got into Union Bank of India? Provide some information on that if you have any…

  25. Guys ..one social question…..would u mind if a Muslim boy and hindu girl marry with their own choice or vice what ….what would be ur reaction


      1. Even I had thought so in the same way .. …but on ground zero situation is so bad …I didn’t even imagine in a dream ..fundamental rights are crushed ….I think we need another 100 years to actually implement our constitution in spirit rather than in letter

        1. While studying Indian constitution we feel so much nicer because it’s the best in the world …but it’s implementation is just done by the courts when the provisions are violated

    2. Now Don’t start love jihad on MRunal s website!! Find out some other platform

      1. Bro …love jihad is just a political creation to put hatred among people …….Please think in a liberal way ..

        1. If I assume you are a Muslim boy, then i wound request you to include LIBERAL word in Islamic dictionary…. Never seen any Muslim girl marrying Hindu guy in general public… Neither your original question includes VICE -VERSA!!!

          1. I have no issues with u bro …problem is myself not in a right path .regarding Islamic teachings..and for the vice versa I would have left the choice with the individual ..no interference

        2. even getting married in the same hindu category is also difficult. have you ever given thought to it.

    3. If you have good job earning more than 30K per month no problem. If he is a cycle mechanic or some jobless fellow then it is a problem irrespective of any religion. So for that follow Mrunal tips/studyplans and study hard honestly and crack civil services

      1. thank you buddy …..but I feel even that is not possible in India …its easy only if we have millions of dollars ….otherwise for the others fundamental rights have to be sacrificed

    4. Bhai this website is meant only for preparation purpose if you have these type of social and personal problems just google ,you will find numerous website and blogs

      Kuchh to common sense lagaya karo ki kaun sa problem kahan pe post kiya jaaye

      Its my humble request to all ,please dont make this tupe of post

  26. thanq very much mrunal sir…alloted syndicate bank as po


  28. got Bank of India in Probationary officer . anyone got the same?

  29. If you have good job earning more than 30K per month no problem. If he is a cycle mechanic or some jobless fellow then it is a problem irrespective of any religion.

  30. Any one having any idea about DENA Bank is it worth joining or should I aim for next year PO ?Any help would be highly appreciated :)

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