[Essays] January 2015 Week1: Religion-A form of Enslavement, Market Oriented Education, Constructive Criticism

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Mrunal’s UPSC GSM3-2020 Model Answer lecture: Science Technology, Internal Security Border Management Questions from last Mains Exam Solved!
  1. India, Democracy, Development
  2. Diplomacy, Globalization
  3. Religion, Society, Culture
  4. Education and research
  5. GS4: Ethics Paper

Write essay on following topics in 1500 words each.

India, Democracy, Development

  1. Importance of constructive criticism in a democracy. (Modi says criticism prevents democracy from wandering on a wrong path but that the same time baseless allegations weaken democracy.)
  2. All human rights revolve around three fundamental areas — dignity, freedom and equality
  3. Is Neo-leftist mindset an obstacle to development? [102nd Science congress says Neo-leftists are hurting scientific development- because of their constant opposition to GM-crops, nuclear power, privatization for efficiency etc.]
  4. The widening wealth gap and wasteful consumption. (This is one of the 3 themes at Parliament of World religions-2015 summit.)

Diplomacy, Globalization

  1. India with its non-imperialist and secular past- has lot of lessons for world peace and happiness. (RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat)
  2. India and China- the Epicentres of Asian geopolitics (Ramchandra Guha).
  3. Climate change: the tragedy of Commons.
  4. Can ever India catch up with China? (This Column)
  5. The inextricable linkage between Peace and Gender equality.

Religion, Society, Culture

  1. Has religion itself become a modern form of enslavement? [Context: Amir’s movie PK.]
  2. Fusion of science and spirituality in a world divided between Chauvinists and rationalists. [Context: Indians knew how to fly planes 7000 years ago.]
  3. Goodwill, Tolerance and Brotherhood: the three pillars of a Pluralist society.
  4. Terrorism is the corruption of society as a whole
  5. Has social media commodified our privacy and gamified our social-bonds? (This column)

Education and research

  1. Innovation has to be interdisciplinary in content and universal in application (Kerala Governor Sathasivam.)
  2. Market-oriented professional education or Academic liberal education? (Hamid Ansari says need fine balance between both)
  3. The problems of access, equity and quality in Indian education system. (Hamid Ansari)
  4. Reinventing India as an innovation nation (Lecture topic of Dr.R.A.Mashelkar)
  5. A home without books is like tree without birds. (yes, “if words are sharper than swords” can be asked in Mains-2014 then any clichéd quote can be asked.)

GS4: Ethics Paper

Comment / elaborate / discuss following statements:

  1. “Planning is a continuous movement towards desired goals.” (Nehru)
  2. A leader is only as good as his team. Elaborate with a historic example.
  3. Examine the need and suggest remedies for “Spiritual and moral renewal” in public service. [Pope says it is must because even Church officials are misusing public funds meant for poor].
  4. Throw away morality and justice, and people will do the right thing, Throw away industry and profit, and there won’t be any thieves. (Tao Te Ching)
  5. Self- the source of power, knowledge and happiness.

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Indian History Freedom Struggle Pratik Nayak

19 Comments on “[Essays] January 2015 Week1: Religion-A form of Enslavement, Market Oriented Education, Constructive Criticism”

  1. GS-4 Ethics paper
    1. A leader is only as good as his team. Elaborate with a historic example.

    Leaders are symbolic of people’s aspirations ,anticipation and innate goals. In present times, although many team members individually fulfill their commitments and obligations towards professional, social and spiritual aims although sub-consciously they seek solace in their colleagues or superiors’ actions.
    They look upon their leaders as some sort of messiah who can rescue them in distress, articulate their ideal actions on ground in order to be successful in the particular organisation, act as a demi –god in critical situations besides being a all rounder in every sphere be it career oriented , interpersonal linkages or other unlinked spheres.

    However when enshrined ideals are translated into action by the leader coupled with his team , the reality appears stark. Given external aggressions, pressures coupled with various factors like team spirit and co-ordination, the expected result would differ in most cases. Henceforth, team assessment, efficiency and individual concerted efforts (besides team spirit) are some of the hallmarks for a successful execution.
    The weakest link in the chain determines its strength. If a linkage in a chain is weak even though rest may be tough; it would eventually suffer fatigue and fail. So a uniform structured team is highly desired and essential.

    The KONKAN RAILWAY built along the south western coast of India is a glaring example. Renowned engineer E SREEDHARAN and his team had successfully executed the construction in six years . The rail route was unconventional and took a arduous but shorter route . Konkan Railway Corporation was not a regular division of Indian railways but a subsidiary. Painstaking efforts were put to tunnel long stretches in mountain and ghat like features using latest techniques which were new to Indian Railways. The route was completed before time for the first time in history of Indian Railways. The same aforementioned person is credited with the timely execution of DELHI METRO project which was historic in terms of mass urban transport systems.

    In summation, it is evident that amalgamation of a able, efficient leader with a vibrant team can lead to new pinnacles of success paths.
    Thus it is imperative to constitute a fine balance of both.

  2. Dude Mrunal, I am from a city where there is no “professional” guidance available for UPSC . I always have had wanted to join online forum/studycircle where I can know how others are studying and can discuss with them. I think there was such kind of circle earlier available on your site. Can you start it again or if it is there, can you please guide me. *any other person is also welcomed for helping*
    Thank You.

  3. friends and seniors…, i am a beginner in the preparation on civil ,
    services competitive exam. kindly give me some initial tips to start its preparation. i seek yours valuable guidance.
    thank u sir

  4. Hello Everybody,
    Can anyone tell the model and syllabus of the computer based recruitment test for senior administrative officer in drdo conducted by upsc?

    1. Hello Kesav, did you get any sample paper for drdo admin exam. I am also need model papers. could you please help.

    1. @ abhishek & @Anjana

      thanks for comments


      communist history stuff:-Norman Lowe and Bipan Chandra.

      IAEA stuff,posco news from the hindu

  5. sir..i attempted in mains paper…gs1 paper 21 que out of 25
    gs 2nd paper 18 que out of 20
    gs 3rd paper 19 que out fo 20
    gs 4th paper all attempted

    opt geography
    1st paper all Attempted
    2nd paper 30 marks left…
    essay on
    1.power vs accounbility
    total 100 marks around left….
    what I can start preparation of interview…

  6. Hi Team Mrunal, thanks for posting such a nice article on essay writing. Can you please answer one query of mine. Whenever I start writing essays I stuck in the initial process only i.e. how to start the introduction and finally how to conclude it (duffer type query, I know). I am not able to frame the sentence which look good in the introduction. I am too tensed, it would be kind of you if you help me out. :)

    1. Gauri, I would suggest you some references from where you can easily bring about strength in your writing of intro and conclusion.
      1. Yojna 2.Kurukshetra 3. 12 FYP documents based on the subject you want to write on(specified in Mrunal as well) 4. Env survey by The hindu 5.Industry survy by the hindu 6. NCERT(Sociology,Polity,Geography,History and Science)
      These sources are the best sources I have come across so for for intro,conclusion and material as well. Have a focus in mind that today you want to look forward to study only introduction,next time it may be for conclusions; sometimes it can be for good connectors between various themes and views. Plan to read them and cultivate good vocab from them and even sentences. Thats only way to be ready. And while writing essay pls brainstorm first that what you want to write and then design your intro and then finally conclusion. Else you would end up repeating the ideas.

  7. Hi….. i am a Hindi medium student for me it is difficult to write essay in English. So please guide me for practice of essay writing and grammar and vocab building.

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