1. Democracy-Development
  2. Society
  3. Religion, Philosophy
  4. Ethics / GS4


  1. In future, it would be perfectly possible for thinking people to devise some other form of social organisation which might be better than the socialist organisation of today or of tomorrow. (Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. Context: ongoing controversy of removing the words socialist and secular, from preamble.)
  2. Indian Constitution: the holy book of democracy
  3. e-Governance: the most easy, effective and economical governance”.  (Governor of Gujarat, Shri Om Prakash Kohli.)
  4. Three dimensions of sustainability – economic, ecological and social
  5. The Role of youth in shaping innovative economics in Modern India. (Youth minister Sarbananda Sonowal)
  6. Democracy can’t succeed without participation of people.


  1. India’s future will remain both visible yet elusive if we do not discover the ability to continually cleanse ourselves of retrograde habits and social ills.
  2. Women- not just the deities of the household fire, but also the flame of the soul itself. (Tagore)
  3. “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” (Benjamin Franklin)
  4. The Common elements of pluralism, humanity and heritage in Indian society.
  5. If youth are made the decision makers of Indian society….(Sonowal)
  6. Youth: the power house of new innovations, aspirations and social changes (Sonowal)
  7. The success of a society is measured by its values, institutions and instruments of governance.
  8. Our national narrative has been shaped by the principles of its past and triumphs of today.
  9. Only an educated and informed mass can ensure preservation of our liberty. (Thomas Jefferson)
  10. Difference between Terrorism vs Satyagrah (this column)
  11. Only a nation that respects and empowers its women can become a global power. (Pranab)

Religion, Philosophy

  1. The most powerful example of India`s soft power lies in our definition of the relationship between faith and polity.
  2. When religion- the force for unity, becomes a cause of conflict…
  3. The day power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know its peace.
  4. “If we can have a United Nations Organization, cannot we have a United Religions Organization?” (President Radhakrishnan)
  5. Gita- the poem of political, social and spiritual crisis of man. (Nehru)
  6. Are we capable of striking a balance between free speech, secular tradition and the demands of a multicultural society?
  7. Different religions are beautiful flowers from the same garden, they’re branches of the same majestic tree. (Obama quoting Gandhi)

Ethics / GS4

Comment / Elaborate on following statements:

  1. Truth is one, paths are many.
  2. It’s easy to stand in the crowd, but takes courage to stand alone.
  3. Great leaders absorb the failures instead of putting the blame on others (Kalam). Elucidate with real-life example.
  4. Aiming small is a crime. (Kalam)

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