[Essays] January Week4: Socialist Preamble, Democracy without participation, women-the deities of household fire

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Mrunal’s UPSC GSM3-2020 Model Answer lecture: Science Technology, Internal Security Border Management Questions from last Mains Exam Solved!
  1. Democracy-Development
  2. Society
  3. Religion, Philosophy
  4. Ethics / GS4


  1. In future, it would be perfectly possible for thinking people to devise some other form of social organisation which might be better than the socialist organisation of today or of tomorrow. (Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. Context: ongoing controversy of removing the words socialist and secular, from preamble.)
  2. Indian Constitution: the holy book of democracy
  3. e-Governance: the most easy, effective and economical governance”.  (Governor of Gujarat, Shri Om Prakash Kohli.)
  4. Three dimensions of sustainability – economic, ecological and social
  5. The Role of youth in shaping innovative economics in Modern India. (Youth minister Sarbananda Sonowal)
  6. Democracy can’t succeed without participation of people.


  1. India’s future will remain both visible yet elusive if we do not discover the ability to continually cleanse ourselves of retrograde habits and social ills.
  2. Women- not just the deities of the household fire, but also the flame of the soul itself. (Tagore)
  3. “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” (Benjamin Franklin)
  4. The Common elements of pluralism, humanity and heritage in Indian society.
  5. If youth are made the decision makers of Indian society….(Sonowal)
  6. Youth: the power house of new innovations, aspirations and social changes (Sonowal)
  7. The success of a society is measured by its values, institutions and instruments of governance.
  8. Our national narrative has been shaped by the principles of its past and triumphs of today.
  9. Only an educated and informed mass can ensure preservation of our liberty. (Thomas Jefferson)
  10. Difference between Terrorism vs Satyagrah (this column)
  11. Only a nation that respects and empowers its women can become a global power. (Pranab)

Religion, Philosophy

  1. The most powerful example of India`s soft power lies in our definition of the relationship between faith and polity.
  2. When religion- the force for unity, becomes a cause of conflict…
  3. The day power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know its peace.
  4. “If we can have a United Nations Organization, cannot we have a United Religions Organization?” (President Radhakrishnan)
  5. Gita- the poem of political, social and spiritual crisis of man. (Nehru)
  6. Are we capable of striking a balance between free speech, secular tradition and the demands of a multicultural society?
  7. Different religions are beautiful flowers from the same garden, they’re branches of the same majestic tree. (Obama quoting Gandhi)

Ethics / GS4

Comment / Elaborate on following statements:

  1. Truth is one, paths are many.
  2. It’s easy to stand in the crowd, but takes courage to stand alone.
  3. Great leaders absorb the failures instead of putting the blame on others (Kalam). Elucidate with real-life example.
  4. Aiming small is a crime. (Kalam)

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39 Comments on “[Essays] January Week4: Socialist Preamble, Democracy without participation, women-the deities of household fire”

  1. Oh sir, i am a fresher…….. I came here with a lot of enthusiasm but,……. really don’t know what to write here. By the way….. I can write a little on many of the topics. but in gujju. not English, ….. Uff. :-o

  2. it would be perfectly possible……..(by Dr. Ambedkar)
    key points-
    preamble shows the core values to be preached in india & socialism,secularism was practiced during independence struggle too.
    Was used in karachi resolution of 1931.
    gandhi & nehru were followers of secularism
    removing these words might give wrong msgs to minorities who are erstwhile seeing anti campaign against them
    although these words added by an amendment but SC in bommai case has upheld that secularism is an integral part of constitution

  3. sir, i want to know that how to go through CSE Pre both GS & CSAT &.what are the books requred to qualify pre exam.
    also suggest what should b the strategy for main exam & what are recommended books for GS papers.
    thanx sir

  4. Sir, aap Jo current affairs ka topic list dete hai …uske content & details ham study kar le to kya uske baad bhi hame Hindu read karna hoga… Coz it is very difficult to get the Hindu copy… Costly & very irregular… & i think you cover all the topics. (as you mention the “ignored” list also.:-) ……. And any friend who knows from where to get Hindu in gandhinagar and nearby areas… Plz reply.

    1. I find it too easy to read The Hindu online. Just google “The Hindu” and open “today’s paper” link. All news are given category wise there. It’s easy to make notes from online newspaper. All the best.

  5. When religion- the force for unity, becomes a cause of conflict…

    With recent happenings It is wide spread that Religion is not a issue but the understanding of religion and intentions of people ehind it. We need to understand religion and why we profess religion. Some people has made it a path to show their furor or dominion against the goodwill of it. Religion we profess based on the doctrines of certain ethos which guide us to lead our inner selves towards salvation. We accept a faith which gives us peace in turmoil, love in hatredness, calmness in anger, sympathy in pain and so on. But those who conflicts against it never understood it ever

    Recent Charlie Hebdo attack can be seen with two different perspective, One is based on the spiritual attack over religion which is not justified for a few while another is based on anger or hatredness to take lives of attackers while going against the doctrine of self. In the country Like france it is totally acceptable based on freedom of speech even though if things which can hurt the sentiments of the people leaving the excruciating pain in the soul which preserve the religion at first or foremost. Constitutionally it is acceptable but is it morally right or socially ethical (acceptable)? In a globlized society with such a diversity we cant not presume the constitutionally giving right of freedom of speech an acceptable choice at the cost someone’s faith or belief. It wont be acceptable to anyone to use expletives based on the constiotutional right of ‘freedom of speech’. Someone precisely quoted that “Your freedom ends from where my nose starts”

    Similarly attackers who claimed to take revenge for their Islam, It is not justiciable based on their own religion take lives of people who mock at something or someone. Whatever would be the case but taking lives against a Sarcasm is condemnable thing. which can nver be justified over some words which are painful for some people.

    While in India our constitution gives us the right to profess any religion, we people who claim to be secular constitutionally and socially dont accept the fact that we hate people of other fraternity just based on religion or caste. India being so diverse religiously that in every 100 kms you would find a difference in culture, religion, language and society, Still we will find out the reason of hatredness rather than love. This is something inherent in the society which needs a change to teach fraternity rather religion.

    With recent Ghar Vapsi proclamation by some sycophants to show the dominion of the religion over minority based on the fear of losing majority is another good example where those who are claiming to be faithful or authentic about their religion forgot the values inherited in their own religion. While our own epic Ramayana shows empathy about Kevat, being lower in caste. but these self-asserted Hindu nationalist who claimed to true with religion are the culprit of same religion and victim of power voraciousness. If they would have understood the value of religion they won’t be having a fear rather would be having an empathy over fraternity.

    Religion never teaches us something against fraternity, The myths which are resounding in today’s political and socio-economical scenario are defined on political and materialistic objective which sought the dominion at the cost of someone else values and will. If will persists things become stronger if it has positivity but can lead to disaster if not. Our people should understand the value attached with all human beings and profess the fraternity as the religion suggest not the dominion which is as short-lived as eye blinks

    1. good attempt, but few things i noticed beginning is not that much good first two line cud be anywhere but at not at the start. u cud have cite other religions too. One thing which differs from what i wrote is that u put many current affairs things, which is good.
      so very good to get very good marks

      1. Yeah Starting an aritcle/essay on a good note needs a hell lot of perspective and whole structure of essay which use to be done in high rated articles especially in EPW/Yojana. But here there were three perspective which we could look in to…

        First, World perspective and how to look in to religion based on different theory of religions in different part of world

        Second, Historical evidence in indian cuture and its prospects in the society including the impact of “epics of different religion”

        Third, Political perspective in respect to our cosntitution based on past evidence and debate especially in modern India perspective (Socio-Economic)

        But As these topics are based on current scenarios, I tried to convey an idea in terms of what and where it could lead to.

        But if same thing would come in essay in the mains then we might have to give a wider perspective as it would be 2500 words essay and 3 hrs time while this is just 600 words written in 45 mins or so.

        Thank you for giving precious observation will try to right another one tommorrow while keeping your points in mind. (Your link is not working kindly re-post)

        1. we can try to write essay in 1.5 hrs based on upsc new criteria. considering 45 mnts, ur essay is good

  6. Dont ignore all topics are very important. Mostly from current affaires and hindu. Good job for aspirants.

  7. Mrunal sir , I am preparing for the rbi grade b officer exam . So can u please send me previous years solved papers of 2nd phase ? Please kindly reply sir.
    I am a regular reader of these site for my self study. So can you please mail me that best study material along with this solved papers ???……….
    My mail – vsvno1@gmail.com

    1. There two libraries/reading room near indirapuram (within the distance of 15 km as per my search). One is Noida public library in noida sector 15 and the other one in mayur vihar phase-2 hardayal municipal library

  8. hello sir,
    I am finding difficulty in attempting the essay part .please suggest some technics to write a good essay.

  9. ::Indian Constitution: the holy book of democracy::

    The principal reason behind the successful democracy in India, which is home to most diverse socio- economic- cultural population, could list the farsightedness of our constitution makers. They laid the strong foundation of Indian democracy by drafting a meticulously balanced, dynamic and world’s lengthiest written constitution which has been drawn from various sources enabling them to choose the best practices from all over the world.

    The constitution has helped us in:
    (i) Establishing the rule of law,
    (ii) Constitutional supremacy.
    (iii) Enforced unity and integrity of nation.
    (iv) Harmony and balance between fundamental rights and directive principles.
    (v) Separation and balance between three pillars of democracy.
    (vi) Free and fair elections.
    (vii) Principle of equality.
    (viii) Free and fair elections.
    (ix) Independence of Judiciary.
    (x) Limited power of parliament to amend the constitution.
    (xi) Freedom and dignity of every individual.

    Our constitution has effectively maintained it’s prominence in every walk of governance since the time it was constituted.
    It has been framed in such a way that it demonstrate a perfect blend of rigidity and flexibility.

    The main reason behind failed democracy in our neighbouring nation Pakistan is the failure of the constitution. But our nation is perfect example of democratic nation. In the light of above facts, there will be no exaggeration in calling Indian Constitution: the holy book of democracy.

  10. Essay on religious fundamentalism-a challenge to national security. Sir , could u plz help me with this topic


    When religion- the force for unity, becomes a cause of conflict…

    Religions, all over the world, as seen by some intellectuals as the manifestation of the society’s regulatory mechanism, have evolved in the context of unifying the followers into a coherent group or community with a defined way of life. A religion intends to inculcate a sense of commonness and cooperation not just among its followers but also among other living beings. It can be seen as a customized and integrated form of the human values and approaches towards the living beings, human’s own surroundings and other elements of the universe. Different religions may have different tenets but all of them meet the same purpose-smooth functioning of the society. It is rightly said that all the religions lead to God.

    A religion is, however not static. It is open to explanations and interpretations by the society as per the needs of the time. Thus, it is also subjected to manipulations to meet selfish political and social interests of few individuals. It is here that a religion becomes a source of conflict in the society, thereby disrupting peace and security of a country. Also, when religion takes the shape of fundamentalism, rooted in the conservative interpretation of the religion as against the liberal values of modernity, it becomes a source of creating animosity.

    India is a land of all major religions and historically this multiplicity and diversity has developed India into the land of ‘rainbow culture’. The streaming of Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism from Hinduism and the soothing effect of Sufism on Indian culture proves that religious diversity could be accommodated to negate the possibility of the religions becoming a source of conflict. However, the policy of ‘divide and rule’ of the Britishers made religion a political instrument by using religion to create differences among the nationalists. The two nation theory, subsequent partition of our country followed by mass rioting on the basis of religion is a glaring example of the manipulation of religion to dilute its unifying nature.

    The Indian constitution itself approves of the unifying nature of a religion by recognizing that religious diversity strengthens India as a nation. Therefore, it has made provisions like protection of the rights of religious minorities and allowing them to propagate their religion. However, today India is grappling with the serious problem of religious fundamentalism. Our immediate neighbor, Pakistan tries to incite our citizens in the name of religion. Unfortunately, some Muslim youth have become the victim of religious subversion by responding to their appeal. The emergence of organizations like Indian Mujahideen and SIMI reflect the gravity of the situation. Communalism which seeks to undermine religious tolerance and disregard the contribution of all the religions in the development of the nation has also threatened our culture. The recent cases of religious conversions in Meerut, Badayun and other parts of the country go against the values of coexistence as enshrined in our constitution and give birth to incendiary concepts like ‘Love Jihad’ which threatens national unity.

    Internationally, the Islamic fundamentalism has emerged as a major challenge to world peace. The recent havoc caused by the Islamic State (IS) has resulted into killing of thousands of innocent people in the name of creating an Islamic state though Islam prohibits killing if women, children and the innocent. Similarly religious intolerance is also witnessed in Hinduism and Christanity, partly as a reaction to Islamic fundamentalism and partly due to their use as an instrument of political assertion and dominance. The modern concept of ‘multiculturalism’ is also testing waters as Western countries are increasingly trying to curb the religious freedom of the migrants to strengthen their peace and security.

    Thus, the conflict arises on the basis of religion when the religious leaders or influential self serving interests disown their moral duty of exploiting religion as a means to guide the common people towards the path of spiritual attainment and happiness. When religion which has a universal character is put to use to political, economic and social coercion, disregard peaceful coexistence and assert supremacy over people of other religions, a conflict is bound to happen. The need of the hour is to let the religions of the world evolve into the framework of modern values like democracy, sovereignty, tolerance, liberty and fraternity rather than coercing them to remain static. After all, religion is created by human beings to serve the needs of human beings.

    1. good effort anyway!
      now shortcomings : longer sentences not desirable. it may cause error too like in 1st paragraph
      A religion intends to inculcate a sense of commonness and cooperation not just among its followers but also among other living beings. here what actually means “other living beings” is not clear.
      2nd introduction does not say anything about conflict due to religion. it should give complete overview.
      after introduction we need to define religion and later how a person emotionally attached with it.
      i think it is emotional part which make it more vulnerable to misuse.
      we can site example from recent events as done in essay.
      conclusion here is good as promote change.

    2. A religion intends to inculcate a sense of commonness…maja nahi aaya commonness word se lagta hai some sort of necessity.

      Internationally, the Islamic fundamentalism has emerged as a major challenge to world peace….cud hav avoided
      u said the reason of conflict is islam and other religion merely reacting

      two nation theory ..good pt

      overall accha hai

  12. sir i want to prepare for upsc assisant commandant …sir plzzz suggest me some books nd give me suggestion to how to crack this exam

  13. Plz help me.bcz maine punjabi main upsc exam daine hai cn u gve topic details.and tips for writting skills?

  14. Sir please guide me about FCI exam.
    sir i have done my BE in mechanical engineering..
    can i apply for assistant depot in fci….
    Sir what is the pattern of question paper

  15. Sir I have problem regarding creamy layer related to Obc . my father is working with PSU( coal India ) as class C employee and his total income from salary is above 8 lakh ,which is the current limit announced by the govt. Will I come under creamy layer?
    Please reply sir.

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