As such I’m working on the Hindu topiclist April Week1 and 2 and while going through the excel file, I designed a few mock interview questions on current polity for time pass. Here it goes:

  1. Freedom of Speech: Perumal’s Madhorubagan, AIB Roast show on youtube, BBC documentary “India’s daughter”. Your views on each of them.
  2. Jat reservation, Maratha reservation, Muslim reservation, Transgender Reservation, Reservation of women in Police. Your views on each of them.
  3. If you were given the freedom to spent entire Nirbhaya Fund, what will you do? Followup: What will you do beyond mobile safety apps, emergency helplines, Taxi GPS, Cops in Buses and CCTV cameras at public places, to protect women?
  4. you’re aware of the Lynch mob attacking a jail in Dimapur, dragging the alleged rapist and murdering him on Town square. If you’re the jailor in such situation, mob wants to take away an alleged rapist/pedophile/terrorist, while you’re severely understaffed and firing weapons is difficult given the presence of women and children, what will you do?
  5. Andhra plans to withdraw ration cards, LPG connections and welfare benefits of Red sanderwood smugglers. What if the said person wants to re-join main stream after prison term as a reformed man? Secondly, are you in favour of implementing the same model all India level for rapists? And if you agree, then how does one crime justify social ostracization and other does not?
  6. Smart policing: how will you implement? and if you say you’ll use your engineering, IT or xyz technical degree, then does it mean other person from xyz stream is less fit for civil service?
  7. CJI Dattu wants to finish all criminal trials within 5 years. What should be done to implement this target?
  8. CIC says he’s helpless against Political parties’ refusal to fall in RTI regime. What should be done?
  9. NGOs complaint against India at international forums, Government tries to ban their travel/funding. Your views. (Greenpeace)
  10. Proposed bill to allow Ayurvedic / Homeo doctors to perform abortion under Medical Termination of Pregnancy act. Agree?
  11. Are you in favour of SC Passive euthanasia? and France’s law to put terminally ill patients to deep sleep?
  12. We should ban people below class8 education from contesting election in local bodies, as Rajasthan has done. Agree?
  13. We should ban independent candidates from elections, as per the Law commission 255th report. Agree?
  14. Gujarat’s compulsory voting model and anti-terror bill: agree?
  15. Gujarat HC says Muslim girls can marry at age of 15. What are your views on Uniform civil code?
  16. Should we remove the words “Socialist and secular” from Indian Constitution?
  17. Justification for Ordinance raj and need for Constitutional amendment to stop it. Your views
  18. Kiran Aggarwal Committee’s suggestion to reduce IAS training period to ~75 weeks. Do you agree? Then why should IFS be made to undergo ~3 years training?
  19. How to reform recruitment system in State services? How about abolishing state services altogether? (Vyapam, UPPSC whatsapp paper leak)
  20. Does your mother tongue deserve Classical language status? If yes, then does it mean other states’ languages are ‘inferior’?