[Result] UPSC Mains result declared, 2797 out of 15,008 selected for interviews starting from 8th March

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  • 2015, December-18-23: UPSC conducted the Mains examination of 15,008 candidates
  • 2016, February-19th: Mains Result declared and total 2797 candidates selected for the interview stage. Click me to see the result PDF file.
  • 2016, February-23rd: Schedule will be uploaded on the UPSC website.
  • 2016, March-8th: Interview will begin at UPSC Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi-110069.
  • The candidates will be required to produce the original Certificates in support of their claims pertaining to Age, Educational Qualifications, Community, Physical Handicap and other documents such as Attestation Form and TA Form etc. at the time of their Personality Test.
  • The formats of SC/ST/OBC/ PH Certificates, Attestation Form and TA Form, etc. can be downloaded from UPSC website.
  • No request for change in the date and time of the Personality Test, intimated to the candidates, will be entertained under any circumstances.
  • The candidates are advised to notify changes in their address, if any, to the Commission immediately through Fax or letters.
  • The mark sheets of candidates, who have not qualified, will be put on the Commission’s Website within 15 days from the date of publication of the final result (after conducting Personality Test) and will remain available on the Website for a period of 60 days.

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185 Comments on “[Result] UPSC Mains result declared, 2797 out of 15,008 selected for interviews starting from 8th March”

  1. When is ur interview!?

  2. Thank you Mrunal Sir for all your support. I have cleared the mains. Now interview. Preparations going on in full swing.

    1. best of luck..

    2. Can you please shares your email id? you can help me when you can find free time plz :)

  3. What is your Message? Search before asking questions & confine discussions to exams related matter only. please tells me about best book and material for SSC exam because I want to clear SSC in 1st attempt

  4. Hello. Can you please shed some light on measures for identification of beneficiaries. SECC is covered comprehensively, but what can be the different measures for different sectors – eg SECC is beneficial in case of transferring social security related payments, but less so for PDS. Hoping to hear back from you.

    Thank you.

  5. Cleared mains !
    2 Years of consistent hard work !!
    <First attempt<<First mains<<<First interview !!!
    Thanks a lot mrunal ji…

  6. Guys I have applied for SSC CGL 2016 Exam but I didnt filled properly. Can I edit it again???????

  7. for SSC is there need to buy 2016 year book(manorama,arihant,scholastic,Disha,India 2016) if needed which book is best from above list sir ?

  8. Hello can you please tell me am i eligible for ias 2016 my dob is 19 aug 1981 and i belong to obc.

  9. Thank you Mrunal Patel Sir,
    Bhagwan ki duwa se aur aapke aashirwaad se main mains clear kar gaya. Ab interview ki tayyari full swing mein hai.

  10. Please share ur experience with geography as optional. ..especially those who cleared mains with it…at ur convenience…

  11. does UPSC provide detailed interview schedule on its website ,available for general public to view?
    and are the interviews held chronologically according to the roll numbers?

  12. arey this 3 year old eco stuff in mrunal sir’s archives … can we still use this for reference stuff this year 2016 ?

  13. any body who write mains this year plz share your experience
    especially those who couldn’t clear. tell what mistakes you fill that should be avoided while writing mains

    and also who buzy in preparing interview share your thought.

    1. i wrote mains 2015.It was my first attempt and I did not join any mainstream coaching.
      The exam went well as whatever questions I attempted I felt good but some mistakes that I realized during exam were as follows:
      1.Due to lack of practice,I found it difficult to complete the question papers.In some papers, only 60 to 70 percent paper was attempted only.I always had a lot of material to write in every question and I sometimes gave more time to my fav question due to which other questions suffered
      2.Have ready-made answers for various current issues.You won’t have time to tackle and design answer in the exam hall.8 minutes are enough for writing an answer but not for thinking, formatting, editing and writing an answer.The more you think here the more speedier u will be in the exam hall.Think about contemporary issues and its background ,its pros ,its cons ,its challenges ,solution for that etc right now here.If even 5 such issue come in the exam your lot of time will be saved.
      3.Write optional by using relevant keywords which can give your answer depth.A general answer in optional would not fetch better marks.Don’t be a specialist in gs papers and don’t be a generalist in optional.I was a generalist in both.
      I practiced less and bled hard.Avoid these mistakes.hope i helped you.Watch ira singhal and gaurav aggarwal’s interviews.

      1. how to identify contemporary issues, daily something important is happening……..

        1. what happens daily is news.A news corresponds to a broader issue.For example NPA of banks is rising is a news which corresponds to the issue that health of banking system is not right.find out the reasons why is it so and what are the possible implications and solutions.Arunachal pradesh mein political instability chal rahi hai.this is a news now how central government control government in states through governors can be one of the issues.so we have to think about the issue.

      2. yes you did. thanks for giving me an idea about mains. i failed in 2015 prelims and it was my first attempt.
        but my dream is always to become a civil servant.
        and will try my maximum to reach there. can you tell me how to study the prelims in a good way?

      3. I too wrote Mains 2015 examination. I couldn’t clear it this time. I went coaching class and test batch also.But i think I missed in essay part because i wrote only four essays before giving mains.
        I have fairly attended 80 percent in all GS. During initial times i wrote answers in paragraph then as time went i switched on to points only approach. I dono clearly what went wrong.
        My optional was Political science and IR. In optionals i think i wrote well first paper but in paper ii i wrote in general manner.This may have pushed me for another learning curve.

        1. And i didn’t saw PRS website before going into exam. As a result i do not know the answers for many Act related questions

        2. Hi 80% of 250 marks is 200. SO u mean u left 50 marks in gs in each paper or overall?
          How was your marks in optional?

  14. Gd mng sir,
    sir plz tell me how to score more in ies general ability paper

  15. Thanks abhinav and anas…..got it…

  16. ‌me gujarati medium ka student hu muje upsc ki preparation karni he meri age 18 he aur me abhi diploma engineering kar raha hu to muje kuch tips dije ye

  17. can colour blind apply for upsc

    1. By reading the notification, I think, yes.

    2. colour blind medically unfit for technical services like IRTS etc.

  18. I’m doing pg in geo and wanna crack upsc exam.I don’t know how to start?

  19. Sir I’m first year student…i want to become civil servnt….what is a preparation strategy for upsc…??????
    Plz ans..????

  20. Upsc does not provide detailed interview schedule for everyone to view. Only the candidate himself can see it.

    Interviews are not held chronologically.

  21. Mistake no. 1 :Got excited on questions which I knew wrote long answers resulting in leaving 2-3 questions in every paper

    Mistake no. 2:Used pilot pen or V7 pen, though I practiced writing with dot pen

    Mistake no. 3:Sometimes not read question fully
    Mistake no. 4:Not enough revision of geography paper 1,therefore unable to write good answers as was not able to recall examples and names in human geography

  22. with respect to mains result 2015- has upsc declared the marks of the candidates selected for personality test?

  23. Is there anyone having UPSC civil services personality test in May .?..I am having it on May 5…

  24. I m persuing btech 2nd year from EE nd want to preare for ias ….what should i do
    Pls help

  25. can anyone tell when will be civil service 2015 interview ending?

  26. Sir ! Upsc civil interview result kab tak aayega ?

    Pls reply…..

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