1. Prologue
  2. DIY-P1: Beginning the Prelim cum Mains preparation
  3. DIY-P2: Approaching Science Tech, IT, Space, Defense
  4. DIY-P3: Approaching Environment, Agriculture, Geography, Economy & Polity
  5. DIY-P4: Approaching History, Culture, IR/Diplomacy
  6. DIY-P5: theHindu Reading from Frontpage to Editorial
  7. DIY-P6: theHindu: Reading from Economy to theEnd
  8. Recommended books to kick start UPSC prep


  • Here starts my first lecture for the new year and new prelims- brief analysis of last year’s prelim-GS paper and how to read thehindu newspaper for UPSC?
  • Often candidates outside Delhi, underestimate and neglect thehindu for preparation of their general studies and thereby hurting their own chances of getting good ranks in civil services exam.
  • PowerPoint available at http://Mrunal.org/download

DIY-P1: Beginning the Prelim cum Mains preparation

analysis of last UPSC prelim paper

  • the difference between a UPSC lover and a UPSC killer
  • the syllabus and analysis of general studies for preliminary and Mains examination
  • how to approach science and technology for prelims cum Mains preparation
  • overview of the MCQ asked from public health topic in UPSC 2015 preliminary exam
  • how to cover the public health, pharmacy and medicine related News from the Hindu, for UPSC prelims and Mains

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/bJ87N_ZpFCo

DIY-P2: Approaching Science Tech, IT, Space, Defense

science tech for general studies

  • within science and technology topic, how to approach information technology (IT), space and defense, agriculture inherently related topics from the Hindu newspaper
  • how to prepare ISRO related topics for UPSC prelims, mains and interview
  • how to meticulously prepare the defense innovation and joint exercises
  • how to prepare the theoretical portion of science and technology from NCERTs and general studies manuals.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/d1P5RAn3JpM

DIY-P3: Approaching Environment, Agriculture, Geography, Economy & Polity

environment and biodiversity for UPSC prelims

  • Environment & Biodiversity: five subtypes of MCQ asked in UPSC 2015 Prelims
  • Relevance of the Hindu newspaper preparation of environment for prelims and Mains
  • Why read India yearbook?
  • Why read NIOS and NCERTs for wildlife, flora, fauna and pollution related MCQs in UPSC prelims?
  • How to approach physical, Indian and world geography for Prelims and Mains? How to cultivate map reading skills?
  • How to approach economy, banking, finance for prelims, mains and interview?
  • How to approach Indian polity and Constitution? Relevance of M. Laxmikanth, India yearbook, the Hindu newspaper and Prsindia.org

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/d5jaw2EyfI8

DIY-P4: Approaching History, Culture, IR/Diplomacy

international relations diplomacy and diaspora for general studies paper2

  • how to prepare Indian culture, ancient and mediaeval and modern India and world history?
  • Importance of NIOS, Tamilnadu textbooks, Spectrum and Bipan Chandra.
  • Why old NCERTs are not relevant except for World history?
  • Analysis of MCQs asked from history and culture topic in UPSC 2015
  • Approaching international relations (IR), diplomacy and diaspora topics for Mains. Analysis of the IR/grouping questions asked in Prelims-2015.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/a839lzLqiTs

DIY-P5: the Hindu Reading from Frontpage to Editorial

how to read the hindu

  • Why read thehindu newspaper for UPSC civil services IAS/IPS exam?
  • Understanding the PMIF framework: Prelims, mains, interview or fodder?
  • How to analyse the news on frontpage from prelims, mains and interview perspective?
  • How to fasttrack page 2 to 7 which are littered with coaching ads and Delhi crime?
  • How to fast track page 8 to 9 where hardly few centimeters of space is given to “The NATION”!
  • Why read the columns, letters to editors and the editorials, and how to make notes out of them?
  • Sample editorial – “All in the spirit of equality”- how to digest it for UPSC prelims, mains and interview perspective.
  • How to eliminate useless news from the perspective pages i.e. page 11 and 12.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/iw9RRWjZ_eE

DIY-P6: theHindu: Reading from Economy to theEnd

how to read hindu newspaper for current affairs

  • How to read the economy, banking, finance pages in thehindu newspaper for UPSC point of view.
  • Why it is useless to follow day to day sharemarket and IRDA-RBI-SEBI notifications?
  • Why read the open page in Tuesday edition?
  • Why ignore sports pages, except during high profile mains / interview related news?
  • Sample news: Lodha Committee- how to prepare it for prelims, mains and interview.
  • Why should we read last page about “Life”?
  • How to follow the PIN- persons in news, dead in news, places in news, books, authors, awards and diaspora news in the hindu?
  • Why Government advertisements are important?
  • Why should we read the speeches of president and vice president?
  • Few tips on magazines, notes making, time management, repeated failures and career backups

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/Ii-kDrIo8dM

Recommended books to kick start UPSC prep

Relevance Subject Title Hindi English Kindle
Pre+Mains Culture Ms. Ishani Pandya (AIR-502  | ICLS) Lecture & Powerpoints Free
Pre+Mains GS Theory NIOS, NCERT, IGNOU & Tamilnadu State Books Free
Pre+Mains Economy Mrunal’s Lecture & Powerpoints – Budget and Economic survey Free
Mains Economy GSM3: Food Processing Industry Free
Pre General Last 21 Years CSAT Prelims Topicwise Paperset by Disha Publication Buy Buy Buy
Pre+Mains Current Affairs TheHindu, Frontline, Yojana Magazine, prsindia.org, idsa.in
Pre+Mains Geography Ms. Rajtanil Solanki (AIR-367 | IRS) lectures & Powerpoints Free
Mains Geography GSM1: Factors affecting location of Industries Free
Pre+Mains Geography School Atlas-Orient Blackswan Buy
Pre History Lucent GK (for Ancient, Medieval, Modern) Buy Buy
Pre+Mains History A Brief History of Modern India by Rajiv Ahir (Spectrum Publication) Buy Buy
Pre+Mains History Bipan Chandra: India’s struggle for independence Buy Buy
Mains History Bipan Chandra: India since independence Buy Buy
Pre+Mains Polity India 2016 (Yearbook) Buy Buy
Pre+Mains Polity Indian Polity by M.Laxmikanth Buy Buy
Prelims Polity Laxmikanth’s Objective Polity MCQs for Practice Buy
Mains Polity GSM3: Land Reforms Free
Mains Ethics GS4: Articles and Lecture Videos @Mrunal.org Free