1. Prologue
  2. #1: Election Related
    1. RPA: Election Countermanding in Tamilnadu
    2. Q1-2016: State Election result
    3. Election: Misc. developments
  3. #2: Parliament related
    1. Parliament misbehavior
    2. Computerized drawing of Qs for Question hour?
    3. Double dissolution in Australian Parliament
    4. Parliament: Misc. Developments
  4. #3: Judiciary related
  5. #4: Education related
    1. NEET ordinance aka CSAT dhamaal v2.0
    2. TSR Subramanian committee- New Education Policy
  6. #5: Rights issues
    1. Divyang Department
    2. Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan: PH-friendly environment
    3. Jat Quota Stayed
  7. #6: Schemes in News
  8. #7: Appointments


  • Just compilation of polity related current affairs / GK titbits from May 2016. Mostly from Indianexpress, since theHindu has gone crazier than usual with its non-exam oriented coverage.

#1: Election Related

RPA: Election Countermanding in Tamilnadu

Relevance: General Studies Mains Paper-2

  • EC has cancelled the assembly polls in Araykurichi and Thanjavur Constituency of Tamilnadu, due to widespread use of money, liquor, petrol-cards, gift cards and milk-tokens by candidates to win votes.
  • TN Governor displeased that he was not consulted.
  • But under RPA act, EC is empowered to cancel/countermand polling in case of bribery, muscle power, booth rigging etc. malpractices.
  • Election commission doesn’t need to consult/seek permission from governor or any other authority in such cases.

Q1-2016: State Election result

PIN for SSC, State PCS and Bank exams
State Governor Winner Party
West Bengal Kesari Nath Tripathi TMC, West Bengal. CM Mamta Benerjee.
Tamilandu K.Rosaiah AIADMK, CM Jaya Lalithaa
Kerala Justice(Retd.) P.Sathasivam
  • CPM’s Left Democratic front. But CPM has decided VS Achyutanandan (92) will not be CM, he’ll act as guide like Castro in Cuba.
  • Pinarayi Vijayan (72) ) will be made the CM.
Assam Padmanabha Balakrishna Acharya,
  • BJP+ group. CM Sarbananda Sonowal.
  • Ex-Congman Himanta Biswa played key role In making BJP win.
Puducherry Lt. Governor Kiran Bedi
  • DMK-Cong won.
  • Congress’s V.Narayanasamy became CM. He will have to win MLA seat within six months.
  • Under the Union Territory Act, the president appoints the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers. A maximum of six ministers are permissible for the Union Territory.
  • CM Oath taken in presence of Lt.Governor.

Election: Misc. developments

  • President’s rule was imposed. But SC allowed sitting CM Harish to prove majority on house, he won and Union withdrew president’s rule.
Right to contest election
  • Odisha’s Gram Panchayat Act 1964 bars patients of deafness-muteness, TB and Leprosy from contesting Gram Panchayat elections. Now they’ve brought to bill to remove this provision since Odisha is home to >2 lakh leopracy victims and thousands of TB and disabled.
Women reservation
  • Panchayati Raj ministry is working on a bill to provide for 50% reservation to women in rural and urban bodies.
Vafaadaari Bond
  • W.Bengal MLAs are required to sign a Rs.100 judicial stamp paper pledging their loyality to Congress party headed by Sonia and Rahul.

#2: Parliament related

Parliament misbehavior

Term Meaning Lok Sabha Rule Rajya Sabha Rule
  • Speaker can remove an MP for the whole day, for gross disorderly behavior
  • This is used mostly against one or two individual unruly MPs.
373 255
  • Speaker can suspend an MP for infinite time for persistently abusing the house. Although, house can revoke suspension by passing a resolution.
  • Usually, this is applied against a group of MP creating rucksuck.
374 256

Computerized drawing of Qs for Question hour?

  • Starred question in Parliament: Minister has to reply during question hour.
  • Unstarrred question: written reply given.
  • TMC MP allege that present manual system is bad, because some MPs are getting more chances to ask question. So he has demanded computerized system to decide which MP gets to ask questions.

Double dissolution in Australian Parliament

Syllabus: GS-Mains Paper2 Comparing Constitutions
India Australia
President Governor general
Lok Sabha House of representatives
Rajya Sabha Senate
Rajya Sabha is permanent house. It can’t be dissolved. Only Lok Sabha can be dissolved.
  • On Advice of PM, the Governor General can dissolve both the houses.
  • 2016, May: PM Turnbull has recommend Double dissolution because deadlock over passing budget and building-regulator bill. He wants fresh election in July.

Parliament: Misc. Developments

Geospatial information regulation bill
  • Triggered panic and outrage because of its draconian provisions. E.g. you can’t take photo with a GPS-enabled mobile and “tag” it. Because it’ll mean “acquiring geospatial data”, which is forbidden in this bill!
Giani Zail Singh
  • 100th birth anniversary on May 2016. He had used suspensive veto on Postal bill, which wanted to give surveillance power to government over Indian post. Neither President Zail Singh, nor his successor President R.Venkataraman signed the bill.  Ultimately the bill was referred back to the Upper house where it is still listed as a pending bill.
Parliamentary panels/ committees
  • Parliamentary Standing committee (PAC) criticized the government for not allotting sufficient fund for China border protection.
  • PAC asks Rajanbhai to explain real cause behind Bad loans.
  • Standing committee on IT: Spectrum Sale in 2016 will earn ~64,000cr non-tax revenue for government. But players buying higher frequency bands- should be made to deposit 50% of the amount at once. And remaining in 10 years’ installments.
  • Standing committee on MSME: Mundra Yojana is sluggish. MFIs should be given bigger role, interest rates should be reduced.
Vijay Mallaya
  • This Karnataka Rajya Sabha MP resigned, 2 months before expiry of his term, owing the various loan default and fraud cases on him.

#3: Judiciary related


  • Indian Extradition Act 1962 governs the norms.
  • India can request extradition from any country. But other country can (1) consider it on priority basis, if they’ve signed extradition treaty with us (2) if no treaty, they may consider it as per their own domestic laws.
  • India has extradition treaty with 39 countries. Oldest with Chile, before independence.
  • Deportation is police process, where accused has no chance of hearing in foreign country.
  • Extradition is Judicial process, where accused gets hearing.
  • We’ve signed treaty with UK as well, but they say they can’t “deport” Vijay Mallya, only consider an application for his ‘extradition”
Judiciary: Misc. developments in May 2016
  • MH government banned beef in the state. But Bombay HC says juntaa free to eat beef imported from outside the state, since it’ll be right to privacy under Art. 21.
Death row
  • National Law University,. Delhi published first ever report on socio-economic profile of the prisoners. And found that most of the death row convicts are from poor, backward communities.
  • IPC Section 499 and 500 deal with defamation- with jail upto two years and monetary fine.
  • SC says it’s not against freedom of speech because the other party has right to reputation within the fundamental right to life.
Draft MoP
  • After SC declared NJAC unconstitutional last year, government has come up with Draft Memorandum of Procedure for Collegium system. But SC is unhappy with that too.
Judicial activism
  • Jaitley Statement in Parliament that Judiciary is destroying  legislature brick by brick. Courts can’t substitute executive. they must draw Lakshmanrekha.
  • Defense Minister Manohar Parikar says SC ban on diesel vehicles is senseless.

#4: Education related

NEET exam & Ordinance

NEET ordinance aka CSAT dhamaal v2.0

  • Till now, 15% of all medical seats are reserved for AIPMT entrance (as per SC order in the 80s). Only Indian citizens, NRIs and OCI card-walla can appear.
  • 2010: MCI decides to have National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) for all India admission in medical and dental colleges’ undergraduate seats. Notification issued in 2013.
  • 2013: SC stops NEET.
  • 2016: SC orders NEET as the single test for admission in all public and private colleges for MBBS and BDS. Retd. CJI R.M.Lodha panel will monitor the implementation.
  • 2016, May-1: NEET-1 held.
  • 2016, July-24: Those who were unprepared for NEET-I, will be given chance to sit in NEET-II.
  • Students and Parents from non-CBSE / Non-English medium boards are unhappy because of tough nature of NEET exam. They asked state governments to conduct another exam OR delay NEET by one year.
  • But Education is in concurrent list under Art.254. SC says State is empowered to regulate admission and fees. But if union issues a notification (e.g.NEET) then states can’t have their separate admission tests.
  • Ultimately, Union Government issued ordinance, with following provisions

For all the Government seats in Government and private colleges

85% seats
  • state governments allowed to organize their own tests, in 6 vernacular languages.
  • OR state government can use the NEET score-card.
15% seats
  • Via NEET score card, by all India counselling.
Management quota beyond purview of NEET and presidential ordinance.

Sidenote: Pak-Hindu girl Mashal Maheswari had secured 91% in CBSE exam but she couldn’t sit in the AIPMT because she didn’t have NRI or OCI card. But Shushma Swaraj helped her get admission in Karnataka Medical college.

TSR Subramanian committee- New Education Policy

  • TSR Subramanian is former cabinet Secretary (IAS), earlier associated with Green law review panel.
  • He Has submitted report on “New Education Policy” to HRD ministry, with following recommendations:
  • Replace 1986’s education policy, with new policy.
  • Create a new all India service- Indian Education services- similar to IAS, IPS and IFS (Forest)
  • Revamp UGC, AICTE and National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) ; allow foreign universities
  • Continue three-language formula  in schools.
  • under the present Right to Education Act, no kid failed till class-8 so they take studies in very casual manner. TSR recommended- fail kids after class-5. but give him 3 attempts within a year to clear exam.
  • Use ‘Digital India’ initiative to track all school students, teachers and learning outcomes
Education: Misc developments in May-2016
Mother tongue RSS demanding that Goa government must stop funding English medium schools- otherwise Konkani language will be eroded.

Rights issues

#5: Divyang Department

  • This is the new official word for physically disabled people, coined by Modi in December 2015’s Mann ki baat. Afterwards, Railway budget used this word in offical document.
  • Now Min. of Social justice and empowerment’s department for disabled is renamed into “Divyang Shasaktikaran Vibhag”.

Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan: PH-friendly environment

  • Gist: PH-friendly buildings, Softwares and public transport system.
  • To create universal accessibility for Persons with Disabilities.
  • By Divyang Department under Min. of Social justice and Empowerment.
  • CSR funds can be utilized.
  • Public-private organizations get “stars” similar to energy rating stars, for making Ph-friendly environment.

Jat Quota Stayed

  • Based on Justice K C Gupta commission report, Haryana Government brought Haryana Backward classes Act
  • It created new reservation category named “Backward Classes Block ‘C’.
  • Six castes included in it- Jats, Jat Sikhs, Rors, Bishnois, Tyagis and Muslim Jats
  • They were given 10% quota in government jobs and educational institutions, and 6 per cent in Class I and II posts,
  • Highcourt has stayed this provision.

Jat Quota: Prakash Singh Committee

  • Prakash Singh is retired DGP of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Haryana government formed a Committee under his chairmanship to probe police negligence in Jat reservation Stir.
  • He blamed 90 police officials for dereliction of duty, and institutional decay in police administration.
Rights issues: Misc developments in May 2016
  • Australian NGO has released World Slavery report 2016. India ranks no.1 in Modern Slavery- because of its beggars and prostitutes.
Child Marriage
  • New data released in Census-2011 says 30% of the Indian women are married below 18 year legal age.
SC Judges in SC CJI K.G. Balakrishnan was the last dalit judge in Supreme court. Since last 6 years, there is no SC judge in SC.
Draft Women Policy
  • Earlier policy was made in 2001. Now Women and Child development Minister Maneka Gandhi released Draft Women Policy 2016- and called for review of personnel laws.

#6: Schemes

Gram Uday se Bharat Uday

Gram uday se Bharat Uday

  • 11 day long village self-governance campaign.
  • Start:14 April 2016; 125th B’day of Dr.Ambedkar, his birthplace Mhow (kalipaltan) MP
  • End: 24 April 2016:  Panchayati raj diwas @Jamshedpur.
  • Focus: oath of tolerance and harmony;
  • Strengthening tribal development and Panchayati raj institutions esp. in 5th Sch. Areas of 10 states.
  • Rural development, various schemes for farmer’s welfare, and livelihood of the poor.
  • Village farmers’ assemblies to promote agri.; government will inform they about Fasal Bima Yojna, Social Health Card etc.
Schemes- misc. developments in May 2016
Adarsh gram
  • Rural Development Minister asked Modi to provide funding for Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana. Because at present, no funding, MP has to adopt a village and do good from convergence of  other schemes. But majority of the MPs have not yet adopted villages, because there is no fund.
Aadhar Skype
  • Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gets Indian govenrment’s permission to enable Adhar authentication of skype account with finger print and IRIS scan.
  • This has potential applications such as court hearing, job-interviews etc. because other party can be sure that person on the video screen is not fake.
  • for more on e-governance models, application for General Studies Mains paper-II, Watch this Lecture video.
PM Ujjwala Yojana
  • BPL families to get LPG connection in women’s name. Rs.1600/- for each connection. Ministry of Petroleum and Natural gas will implement.
  • More information under this Economy survey video: BES161-P07
  • Swatchh Bharat Kosh: all donations eligible for income tax deduction
  • Companies can offset their CSR responsibilities under Companies Act 2013, by donating in SBK.
  • Donations above Rs. 10 lakh eligible to get certificate of thanks from senior officers from government.
Smart cities
  • 33 new cities selected for smart city project round #2. Lucknow tops the list.
26th May 2016
  • Two years of NDA Government. Info & Broadcasting ministry will launch “Zara Muskura Do” program to highlight Government success.

#7: Appointments

Judicial vacancies
  • Law commission report in 1987 said 1 judge per 10 lakh people.
  • Recently, Chief Justice said 70,000 additional judges required, to solve the case backlog problem.
  • Law minister says the number is not backed by scientific criteria.
Kiran Bedi
  • India’s first lady IPS officer and CM candidate for last Delhi election. She is now Lt. Governor of Puducherry.
Navy Chief
  • Sunil Lamba will replace R.K.Dowan as next Admiral.
  • Ex. Finance Secretary Ratan P. Watal appointed as principle adviser for social sector in NITI Ayog.
  • Ex-Delhi Police commissioner B.S.Bassi appointed as UPSC member. AAP criticized his appoint as a BJP political favour for Bassi’s handling of JNU-Kanhaiya-crisis.
  • UPSC Has invited companies to conduct online computer test for various job recruitment exams.
  • 1757: East India company started patronage based civil services, 1854: Macaulay committee recommended replacing the patronage based civil services to merit based civil services.
  • Civil service 2016: Tina Dabi comes first dalit girl to top the exam. Kashmir’s Athar Khan gets second rank.

Upcoming Article: Environment and Science-Tech developments in May-2016