[Result] UPSC Prelim 2017 Result is out, 13,000+ qualified for Mains starting from 28th October

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  • To check your UPSC civil services prelim 2017 result, visit Official UPSC site LINK OR my mediafire link (if govt server unresponsive under heavy traffic)
  • On 18th June 2017, UPSC had conducted preliminary exam for civil services aka CSAT, and on 27th July 2017, they’ve declared result= within 39 days. Seems a new record for UPSC, because last year they had taken 40 days.
  • Last year, ~15,500 had qualified for mains, this year, less vacancies hence 13,366 qualified for mains-2017.
  • Those who cleared prelims, need to fillup a new form online before mains. It’s called “Detailed Application form” (DAF).
  • DAF will be available from 17th August to 31st August till 6PM.
  • UPSC’s Telephone numbers: 011-23385271, 011-23098543 or 011-23381125.
  • Those who qualified – congratulations.
  • Those who did not qualify- this is not the end of the world: Look at the right hand green box for the upcoming exams and for next year prelims, rectify for the lacunas in your strategy. If it was your last attempt or age limit then also it’s not the end of the world, you’ll find your true calling.
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135 Comments on “[Result] UPSC Prelim 2017 Result is out, 13,000+ qualified for Mains starting from 28th October”

  1. Six in a row….
    Clearled UPSC Prelims once again(6th time)….
    UPSC हमें नहीं छोड़ रही,हम कौनसा इतनी आसानी से तलाक देने वाले हैं !!!!
    UPSC के साथ प्रेम कहानी जारी है…..
    Hindi Medium,General Category, Optional History….

    1. can i talk to .u…pls accept my humble request…………………..my watsapp no….8989630931 .same is cell no.too

    2. waah kya baat kahi hai… Aapke iss baat se hum aapke deewane zaroor ho gaye hai.


  2. ThaNk You Mrunal ANNA,
    INN with 120 marks.

  3. Great.👍.

  4. Great.👍. Where Are You From.

  5. Superb , similar condition here but i know have to start and work on hard again.. its time to switch onn.

  6. For your roll no. if you have your question booklet you can check on it. You sould have written the roll no. on it. But I doubt if you have it or not

  7. The intake should increase because question was tough, wrong question was more in number,so there must be a hold in prelims result. May be there is some discrepancy going on, so we all should inform higher authority or file case in SC. Congratulations to all who have qualified but let the competition be more tough, let it not be within 13000+, it should increase.

  8. Of u will be eligible

  9. We want Mrunal to go back to 2013 and post materials.

  10. Hii Annaya plzzz call me 8686828266

  11. How did you get to know your score? I have not qualified and couldn’t find score anywhere.

  12. Anyone with optional Political Science and International Relations….???

    1. My optional is PSIR

  13. Yes bhai me vikash you can contact me at 8340440314

  14. sir my optional is political Science an dinternational relation

  15. mains tine table 2017

    30/10/2017-gs1 gs2
    31/10/2017- gs3 gs4
    1/11/2017- hindi english
    3/11/2017 optionals
    4/11/2017 you become IAS

  16. Suggest best books to economics and science

  17. sir,I request you to make a video on how to read and what to read in the Hindu newspaper (main page and it’s supplements) since it has a lot of changes recently.

  18. Sir, I preparing for CSE 2018.when should I start reading newspaper for prelims? And from which month upsc asks current affairs related questions in mains?


  20. Which books should be important sir.

  21. Tell me best books for sociology . Hindi medium sir.

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