[UPSC IAS/IPS] Lowest Vacancies in the Decade, Attempt to ‘rehabilitate’ the Interview-failed, No changes in Age, Attempt or Syllabus

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  1. UPSC CSE-2018 Notification out
  2. Lowest Vacancies in the Decade
  3. Interview Fail Candidates’ biodata to be shared with other recruiting agencies
  4. When can I expect Prelims & Mains Result?
  5. No change in Age-Attempt limit
  6. No change in structure of the exam
  7. No changes in Mains and interview syllabus or marks
  8. No change in the syllabus of the exam
  9. Can last semester student apply?
  10. How much fees do I need to pay?
  11. When will I get the hallticket/admit-card for prelims?
  12. Multiple applications by same candidate?
  13. Warning: Optional and centre
  14. OBC alert

UPSC-2018 Notification out

  • UPSC has released notification for civil services 2018 and forest service 2018 exam.
  • Last date to apply is 6th March 2018, 6PM.
  • Online application link is http://www.upsconline.nic.in
  • Apply at earlier because exam centers are first applying first allot basis.
  • Prelim exam to be held on 3rd June 2018. (How many days left- just watch the left hand corner green box of our website).
  • Helpdesk numbers: No. 011-23385271/011-23381125/011-23098543

Lowest Vacancies in the Decade

UPSC Vacancies decline

Data taken from the Notified vacancies in the official notifications of UPSC

  • As you can see from the graph, this year, UPSC has the lowest recruitment in the whole decade (782 vacancies i.e. 198 less than last year and 511 jobs less than the best year-2014.)
  • Therefore, less candidates will get chance to write mains exam. We can expect barely ~9360-10140 candidates clearing prelims-2018, compared to 13,366 candidates who cleared prelims-2017.
  • Similarly, ~2340 may be called for interviews against 2568 called for interviews of CSE-2017.

but there is another positive delelopment:

Interview Fail Candidates’ biodata to be shared with other recruiting agencies

UPSC notification also mentions that

  • Those who fail in UPSC Interview… their details will be shared with other public and private recruiting agencies so that even those unemployed interview-failed candidates can find a suitable jobs.
  • However, you can opt out of this data sharing ‘scheme’, if you’re not interested (or are worried about your ‘aadhar-privacy’). Read page no. 2 and 3 of the notification for more on this.

When can I expect Prelims & Mains Result?

  • In CSE-2017, UPSC declared prelim and mains results within 39 days and 68 days respectively after the exam. So, if UPSC continues to show the same level of efficiency for CSE-2018 then:
  • Prelim-2018 result can be expected on 12th July 2018. [Afterwards, you’ll have to file a new detailed application form-DAF, with documentary proofs. So last year / last-sem students eligible to apply, IF they think they can get provisional marksheet of graduation by ~July/Aug-2018.]
  • Mains-2018 result can be expected after 10th December 2018. [As per revised calendar, Mains starts from 28th September and runs for 5 days so it depends on which days they keep holiday.]

No change in Age-Attempt limit

  • It is same as last year.  Minimum age is 21 years.
  • Age is counted on 1st August of 2018. i.e. you must not be born later than 1st August 1997.
  • Candidate already in IAS or Indian foreign service (IFS)- not eligible to appear.
Category Maximum Age Attempt
General 32 6 [must not be born before 2nd August 1986]
OBC 32+3=35 9
SC/ST 32+5=37 till upper age
Physically disabled (Blind, Deaf-mute, Orthopedic) 32+10=42
  • if general then 9
  • OBC then 9
  • SC/ST- then upper age
J&K domicile 32+5=37 depending on above categories (Gen, OBC, SC/ST, PH)
Disabled serviceman discharged from duty 32+3=35 same as above
Ex-serviceman with five years duty * specific condition on page2 of notification 32+5=37 same as above

Above relaxation are cumulative e.g. OBC candidate from J&K = 32 + 3(OBC) + 5 (J&K) = 40 years up age limit. What doesn’t count as an attempt?

  • Ans. If you applied in previous exam, but remain absent in BOTH prelim papers, then your attempt is not counted.
  • If you fail in prelims, attempt is counted.

No change in structure of the exam

Preliminary exam
Paper 1 Paper 2
general studies (GS) aptitude / CSAT
Marks counted for selection in mains exam…yes
  • You need to get only 33% passing marks. i.e. 200 x 0.33 = 66 passing marks required to clear prelims.
200 marks 200 marks
0.33% negative marking 0.33% negative marking
20 minutes for blind and locomotors disability Same

No changes in Mains and interview syllabus or marks

English 300. Marks not counted in merit only 25% passing marks required.
Indian language paper (Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi etc. depending on your choice) Same as above.
GS (mains) Paper1, 2, 3, 4 250 each x 4 papers = 1000 marks.
ONE Optional subject 500 marks.
Written total 1750
Interview 275
grand total 2025

No change in the syllabus of the exam

Can last semester student apply?

  • Minimum education standard is graduation.
  • Candidates from last semester can apply. Once you clear prelims, you’ll have to fillup a new form called “Detailed application form” to appear in UPSC Mains exam. With this form, you’ve to submit scanned copies of your graduation Certi / last year mark sheet.
  • MBBS candidate must finish internship before interview phase.

How much fees do I need to pay?

General Male and OBC male Rs.100 for Prelims, Rs. 200 for Mains.
Female of any category No fees
SC/ ST, PH no fees

When will I get the hallticket/admit-card for prelims?

  • Hall ticket will be available online, usually 3 weeks before prelim exam. They don’t send it through post anymore. You’ve to download and take printout.
  • If problem, contact   011-23381125/011-23385271/011-23098543.

Multiple applications by same candidate?

  • Every time you apply, you get new registration ID (RID). you must preserve RID because you’ll have to quote it again in the Mains application form i.e. DAF form.
  • If you applied multiple times (because of computer glitch, fee problem or xyz reason) then when downloading hallticket, you should use higher RID. Because higher RID corresponds to your latest application.

Warning: Optional and centre

  • in prelim online form itself, UPSC will ask you to fill the choice of optional subject and mains exam centre. And later on they don’t allow to change it. (Because in the Mains-DAF form, same data will be prepopulated.)
  • Therefore, make no mistake in filling up mains-optional, mains-exam centre and mains medium of answers.

OBC alert

To claim OBC reservation benefit in UPSC, you need TWO certificates:

  1. OBC caste certificate [under central list.] MIND IT: some castes are in state backward list but not in central backward list.
  2. Non-creamy layer certificate.
    1. Non creamy layer status depends on your parents’ income and property.
    2. It doesn’t depend on your income/property
    3. It doesn’t depend on your husband/wife’s income/property.
    4. If your mom/dad is government employee, then INCOME criteria doesn’t apply but his rank / designation matters.
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147 Comments on “[UPSC IAS/IPS] Lowest Vacancies in the Decade, Attempt to ‘rehabilitate’ the Interview-failed, No changes in Age, Attempt or Syllabus”

  1. “Prelim-2018 result can be expected on 12th June 2018. ” ( I guess you mean 12th July here ).

    1. Hello sir I am Lavanya preparing telugu midem syllabus plz sir

  2. Apparently, the J&K state hasn’t forwarded the extension bill, so Upsc hasn’t considered it yet. People have raised the concern and this might be looked into.

  3. Prelim-2018 result can be expected on 12th JULY 2018, NOT June. :)

  4. Plz suggest me sth.. what to do? I don’t find age relaxation criteria fr jnk .. I m from jnk and was preparing from last year. But now I m shocked . Plz help me what to do

    1. Hello miss.. I am also from J&K . I either couldn’t find the option for age relaxation. Though I can appear with opting for relaxation but still the option should be there

  5. Hi sir,
    regarding OBC certificate…. is it ok if I produce the certificate that is obtained one year back or do I have obtain fresh one?

    Thanks & Regards

    1. How did you get OBC certificate

  6. Not able to apply as J&K domicile age relaxation of 5 yrs is not available this time

  7. Mrunal Sir kya ab youtube lessons nahi bana rahe hein?

  8. sir please available the 2017 GS Mains Question paper and sociology optional paper with solution.

  9. True ! They are making fun of people of India and CSE aspirants. They want their personal servants as Secretaries.

  10. Community certificate date ..sir wale me kya fill krna h kon si date fill kre smjh me ni aa rha ..

  11. Prelim 2018 expected on 12th June 2018, Am I right?

  12. My dob 05.08.1986. Can I eligilble for Ias exam.i m from general category

  13. Can students who have finished last year but have a back subject ( result of which will come only in August 2018) apply for mains 2018 if they clear prelims?

  14. Hi
    U made a mistake i think… From what i read, only twice the vacancies will be called for interview…

  15. Hi,

    This time UPSC has option to write Essay & General studies papers in one medium…and Optional paper in other medium..!!

    Can someone comment on this…

    1. I have also applied GS 1 to 5 English Medium + Optional Hindi Medium…. is it acceptable

  16. Hi,

    This time UPSC has provided option to write Essay & General studies papers in one medium…and Optional paper in other medium..!!

    Can someone comment on this…

  17. Yes you are eligible but it would be your last attempt. All the best

  18. Hi
    Can anybody tell me If I get my OBC certificate signed from the Tehsildar instead of DM ,will it be considered ?

    1. It will be considered..

    2. Yes. Any officer of the rank Tehsildar & above. But certificate signed by Nair tehsildar is not accepted by UPSC/SSC

  19. hi there
    my father is a govt. teacher earning more than 8 lack per annum and mother is a housewife.
    do i belong to non creamy layer of OBC. ..?

    1. U belong to OBC, non creamy

  20. while filling online application for UPSC I can see there age relaxation column. I am 30 years of age now and belong to OBC category do i need to select age relation column?

  21. Hello Friends,
    My D.O.B is 07/07/1984 and I am from O.B.C Catagory. So will it be my last attempt. Kindly confirm. What is the date from which your age is counted.

    Kindly help.

  22. सर् मैं obc मै अता हू मैं अपने अटेम्प्ट भूल गया हूं उचित सलाह दे

  23. Sir, we need economic survey explanation for prelims freshers

  24. I have filled the form last year but did not gave prelims n filled no of attempts as ‘1’ in this year’s form . pls help me out . what should i do as mrunal site says that attempt will not be counted in case u didnt gave prelims both the papers ???

    1. if u appear in atleast one paper in prelims ,it will be counted as an attempt. its mentioned clearly in notification (no of attempts in eligibility section ). and as for ur mistake in form filling its better to fill another form with other email id because its almost impossible to rectify any errors in forms as upsc wont provide any chance.

  25. Sir please upload the lectures of Indian economy and economic survey on YouTube
    It will be of immense help for us.

  26. great work sir .thank you sir for giving all the above information in a very simple manner to understand in one go(reading).once again thanks a lot.

  27. Yes but I guess last attempt.

  28. Sir,
    Im coming under SC category and while applying for CSE in UPSC site,there is a column that asks the community certificate date.
    Should i get the new community certificate issued?
    Does UPSC gives some format to follow while getting new certificate?
    If I can use the old Certificate ,then how old could it be?

  29. I am student from J&K state and my age is more than 32 sir. Till last year we got age relaxation but this year’s notification is not saying regarding this age relaxation. Is it true jk students r not getting any age relaxation ??

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