1. RBI Grade B 2018 Exam: Few days left for application
  2. Download Free Ebook with 50+ formulae for Phase-II
  3. Download Free Solved Paper for F&M
  4. What else to prepare for Finance & Management Paper?
  5. Tips from AIR 1, RBI Grade B 2017
  6. How Oliveboard can help in Preparation of RBI Exam?

RBI Grade B 2018 Exam: Few days left for application

  • RBI Grade B is one of the most prestigious banking exams in the country. This year, RBI has announced 166 vacancies.
  • The registration is open till 23rd of this month. Those who are planning but haven’t registered for the RBI Grade B exam, should do it soon.

Download Free Ebook with 50+ formulae for Phase-II

The Phase II exam is scheduled on 7th of September. It’s structure is as following:

Type Paper Marks Duration
Objective 1: Economic and Social Issues 100 90 minutes
Descriptive 2: English (Writing skill) 100 90 minutes
Objective 3: Finance and Management 100 90 minutes
Total marks 300

Today, Oliveboard is pleased to bring to you few preparation materials on Finance and Management (F&M) for RBI Grade B 2018 Phase II.

  • Unlike other banking exams, RBI Grade B Phase II is quite detailed and includes subjects like Economic and Social Issues and Finance and Management that needs dedicated study hours. If you wait to prepare after the prelims are over, you will not have enough time. Therefore, you should start as early as possible.
  • The F&M paper is objective type and includes 100 maximum marks with 90 minutes duration.
  • To strengthen your Finance and Management preparation for RBI Grade B Phase II exam with important F&M formulae, Oliveboard has created this free formula ebook:
  • 50+ Important F&M Formulae for RBI Grade B Phase II Exam: Download Now: http://bit.ly/fmformulaeebook
  • This ebook contains following topics:
    • Numerical on Time Value of Money (TVM)
    • Bond’s Present Value, Annuity
    • Uday Kotak Committee on Corporate Governance
    • RBI’s tourist weighted ratio: CRAR
    • Derivatives
    • FRBM panel
    • Capital to Risk (Weighted) Assets Ratio (CRAR) etc.
    • Types of non-verbal communication
    • Management techniques
    • Transformation leaders, Autocratic leaders
    • Goal setting theory
    • Paralanguage in communication

Download Free Solved Paper for F&M

RBI Grade B Phase 2 Official Handout – Solved Paper for F&M: Download Now: http://bit.ly/rbisamplepaper

What else to prepare for Finance & Management Paper?

Finance Management
  • RBI Circulars
  • Financial Management by Prasanna Chandra
  • An introduction to Economics by A.W. Stonier and D.C. Hauge
  • Monetary theory and Public Policy by Kenneth Kurihara
  • Economic Growth & Development by Mayer and Baldwin
  • Economic Newspapers, Economic & Political Weekly
  • Public Finance by K.K. Andley & Sundaram
  • Financial system: FAQ sections of SIDBI, NABARD, EXIM etc., websites, RBI website FAQ, Current affairs capsules
  • Financial markets & General topics: Google, updated documents
  • Numericals: Corporate Finance – Ross Westerfield Jaffe, Accounting Ratios from NCERT, Investopedia, YouTube videos
  • NCERT Business Studies (12th standard)
  • Organizational Behaviour by S.P. Robbins
  • Principles of Management by I.M. Prasad
  • IGNOU Management Notes
  • rbigradeb.com capsules

Oliveboard RBI prep

Tips from AIR 1, RBI Grade B 2017

  • Finance: I was already reading two newspapers- The Hindu and Mint- for current affairs. I relied a lot on Mint to cover my Finance portion of the F&M paper as it had good coverage of all Finance-related happenings.
  • Management: I went through the PDFs provided by rbigradeb.com. For some important topics like motivation and leadership theories, I read from some other sources on the internet.
  • My advice to you is that listen to everyone but find your own way. Take calculated risks, rely on your strengths, improvise when needed and give it your best shot!
  • I had planned to give mock tests between Prelims and Mains and had purchased Oliveboard test series.”
  • In general, while preparing for the exam, you must decide on 3 important things:
  1. Order of attempting various sections
  2. Time to be spent on each section
  3. Number of questions to be attempted

These 3 things mentioned above are dynamic and would vary from person to person, or sometimes even paper to paper, based on the difficulty level. Attempting a substantial number of mock tests (both sectional & full-length) would help you decide on the above-mentioned things. Do remember, the mock tests will serve their purpose only if you analyze them and devote sufficient time on mock attempt analysis, instead of simply taking a mock test.

How Oliveboard can help in Preparation of RBI Exam?

Oliveboard brings to you a complete RBI Grade B 2O18 preparation package that includes:

We wish you all the best for the upcoming RBI Grade B exam.