1. Prelim-2018 Result Out
  2. Lowest result in last five years
  3. To Those who qualified: DAF awaits
  4. To Those who did not qualify

Prelim-2018 Result Out

  • UPSC has declared the result for civil services Prelim exam 2018. To check your result, visit Official UPSC site LINK.
  • On 3rd June 2018, UPSC had conducted prelims and on 14th July 2018, they’ve declared the result within 41 days.
  • What is new this time? UPSC also notified the candidates through their registered email that “Result has been declared”.
  • This is slower than last year, when it took UPSC only 39 days to declare the result.
  • UPSC Mains-2019 is scheduled to begin from 28th September 2019. That means you’ve barely 116 days to prepare. You can see the detailed Mains timetable on this link, including my PHD analysis about the same.

Lowest result in last five years

UPSC prelim result vacancies decline

ये देखो कैसा पतन हो रहा है.

Here is the data related to number of candidates qualified for the Mains exam in the last five years

Year Notified Vacancies No. of Prelims Cleared candidates
2014 1291 16900
2015 1129 15008
2016 1079 15445
2017 980 13366
2018 780 10468

Last year 13,366 selected for Mains, whereas this year only 10,468 have been selected in the 2018 round. This is because since last five year, each year, the number of vacancies have been declining, and UPSC Mains-quota is 12-13 times the final vacancies.

To Those who qualified: DAF awaits

  • Those who cleared prelims, Congratulations! You will need to fillup a new form online before mains. It’s called “Detailed Application form” (DAF).
  • DAF will be available from 23rd July to 6th August till 6PM.
  • UPSC’s unhelpdesk numbers: 01123385271, 011-23098543 or 011-23381125.

To Those who did not qualify

  • This is not the end of the world: Look at the right hand green box for the upcoming exams and for next year prelims (scheduled on 2nd June 2019), rectify for the lacunas in your strategy.
  • If it was your last attempt or age limit crossed then also it’s not the end of the world, you’ll find your true calling in some other field. My best wishes to all of you.