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  2. Polity
  3. Economy & Yearbook
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  6. Persons in News
  7. Sports
  8. State PCS GK


  • Mitron, I wish you a happy independence day to all of you. As such my [T25] series contains 25 Mock MCQ aimed at UPSC IAS/IPS Civil Service exam aspirants.
  • However, now that UPSC Prelims is over for this year, so I’m diluting the level of difficulty, so that T25 series can be of help in the non-IAS exams such as CDS/CAPF, Staff selection, Bank and StatePSCs etc.
  • I usually don’t give direct answer below the MCQs but indirect hints. Because, then you’ve to read the MCQ again, and apply your brain. This improves your skills of logical deduction and comprehension.
  • This 22nd set focuses mainly on the current affairs from July-August-2018.
  • Timelimit: 30 minutes.
  • 2 Marks for correct answer; -0.66 marks for wrong answer.


Q. In 2018-Aug, Government of India tried to pass Triple Talaq bill in the Rajya Sabha With certain amendments. Find correct statement in this regard:

  1. Officially, it is called Muslim Women (Prohibition of Triple Talaq) Bill, 2017.
  2. If husband gives triple talaq then the wife, blood relatives and social workers can register FIR.
  3. ‘Triple Talaq’ is declared a ‘non-compoundable’ and ‘non-bailable’ offence.
  4. None of the above.


  • As such, the amendments which are not yet passed, are not asked in the competitive exams. However, I have framed this question so that you are aware of the developments for the purpose of interviews.
  • Government agreed for following changes in the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2017:
  • only the victim and the blood relatives can register the FIR.
  • Triple Talaq is made a bailable and compoundable offence i.e. wife can enter into a compromise and drop the complaint against the accused husband.

Q. In 2018-Aug, Lok Sabha passed an amendment to the Representation of the People (RPA) Act 1951 to allow non-resident Indians (NRI) to vote in Indian elections. Find correct statements in this regard:

  1. At present, only the armed service personnel are allowed to vote through proxies.
  2. At present, only the armed service personnel are allowed to vote through postal ballots.
  3. Once this RPA Amendment bill becomes an Act, overseas Indians will be allowed to use both proxy ballot and postal ballot, according to their choice.

Answer Codes:

  1. Only 1 and 2
  2. Only 2 and 3
  3. Only 1 and 3
  4. None of them


  • Postal Ballot: If a voter can’t reach physically to the polling station, he can take printout of the ballot paper and sending the ballot through post.
  • Voting by proxy: Voter can appoint a proxy (person) to cast the vote in an election on their behalf at the polling station.
  • At present, RPA act allows proxy voting and postal ballots to “service personnel.” It includes: 1) Armed Forces 2) armed police force of the state 3) Government officials posted outside India e.g. Ambassadors and High Commissioner, of India abroad, their staff etc.
  • Postal ballot available to both service personnel as well as the government officials who’re posted on election duty away from their constituency.
  • If NRIs were given postal ballot options, collecting, processing, verifying so many papers would be cumbersome, hence Government decided against it. Once this RPA amendment becomes Act, NRIs/Overseas Indians will be eligible only for the proxy voting.
Proxy Voting by NRI

How is Tabbu the abuser of IPS power, whereas Al-Baksh (Arbaaz Khan) the beneficiary of Art.35-A???… SOCHO!!

Q. 123rd amendment bill, 2017 was passed in both the houses of Indian Parliament in 2018-Jul-Aug to grant constitutional status to the National Commission on Backward Classes (NCBC). What are the salient features of this bill?

  1. It gives NCBC with powers of criminal court to inquire into any complains of atrocities against the OBCs.
  2. It gives NCBC responsibility to look into the complaints and welfare measures of both OBCs and Anglo-Indians.
  3. NCBC will consists of a chairman and six members.
  4. None of the above.

HINT: Read about the salient features of this bill in PRSIndia’s summary PDF.

Additional homework: Read about all the Constitutional bodies from M.Laxmikanth’s Indian Polity Book | जो की हिंदी मै भी है उपलब्ध!

Q. In 2018-Aug, the election of Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha was held. Find correct statement(s) about this post:

  1. Harivansh Singh of BJP became the new Dy. Speaker of Rajya Sabha, in 2018.
  2. In the table of precedence, he finds immediate place below the Chairman of Rajya Sabha.
  3. He enjoys a tenure of five years.
  4. Nominated members of the Rajya Sabha can’t participate in his election.

Answer codes:

  1. Only 1 and 4
  2. Only 2
  3. Only 3 and 4
  4. None of the given.


  • Vice President is the ex-officio chairman of Rajya Sabha. He enjoys rank#3 in the table of precedence, whereas Dy. Chairman of Rajya Sabha comes at rank #10.
  • Harivansh belongs to JDU.
  • RS members have tenure of 6 years, previous Dy. Chairman P.J.Kurien’s tenure expired not because he finished five years, BUT because he’s RS membership’s tenure expired.
  • RS nominated members like absentee-Rekha and absentee-Sachin CANNOT participate in President of India’s election. In rest of the matters, they enjoy the same position like the ordinary RS members.

Q. In 2018-Aug, the SC is hearing matter related to Article 35-A. This article deals with _ _ _ .

  1. Temporary provisions with respect to the state of J&K.
  2. Applicability of the Panchayati Raj provisions to J&K.
  3. Applicability of the Goods and Services Tax to J&K.
  4. Defining the “permanent residents” of the J&K.


  • Article 35A was inserted through a Presidential Order in 1954 in our Constitution.
  • It empowers Jammu and Kashmir legislature to define “permanent residents” of the state, and grant them special rights and privileges.
  • According to the Jammu-Kashmir constitution, a Permanent Resident is defined as a person who:
    • who was a state subject on May 14, 1954 OR
    • who has been residing in the state for a period of 10 years, and has lawfully acquired immovable property in the state.
  • Delhi-based NGO argued in SC that Article 35A goes against the very spirit of oneness of India as it creates a class within a class of Indian citizens.
  • If Article-35-A is repealed then it would allow people from outside Jammu-Kashmir to settle in the state and acquire land and property, and the right to vote, thus altering the demography of the Muslim-majority state.

Q. On 10th August 2018, the Monsoon session of the Parliament ended. Find correct statement about the sessions of Parliament:

  1. There are usually three sessions in parliament in a year – Monsoon session, Winter session and Summer session.
  2. Monsoon session has the longest duration among the three annual sessions of Parliament.
  3. To end a session, the President of India has to declare ‘Adjournment sine die’.
  4. None of the above.


  • Adjournment sine die = when the House is adjourned without naming a day for reassembly. It’s declared by the Presiding officer of the house, and NOT THE president of India declares Adjournment sine die. The presiding officer (Speaker or Chairman) declares the House adjourned sine die, when the business of a session is completed. Within the next few days, the President issues a notification for prorogation of the session.
  • There are usually three sessions in a year, viz, BM-W
  • 1. the Budget Session (February to May); which is the longest.
  • 2. the Monsoon Session (July to August/ September); and
  • 3. the Winter Session (November to December).

Q. Find incorrect statement(s) about the Republic day parade and Independence day parade:

  1. On both the occasions, there is a foreign head of state invited as chief guest.
  2. On both the occasions, there is a tableau from each state.
  3. On both the occasions, the flag hoisting is done by the President of India.
  4. All of the above.

HINT: all these statements are related to Republic day (26th January), not Independence day (15th August).

Q. In 2018-July, Government decided to grant Special Remission to Prisoners on the upcoming occasion of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Find correct statements in this regard:

  1. Commutation: reducing 5 years’ harsh jail to 2 years’ harsh jail.
  2. Remission: reducing 5 years’ harsh jails to 2 years’ simple jail.
  3. Respite: staying the execution of a convict on death-row.

Answer Codes:

  1. Only 1 and 2
  2. Only 2 and 3
  3. Only 1 and 3
  4. None of them


  1. Pardon: It removes both the sentence and the conviction and completely absolves the convict from all sentences, punishments and disqualifications.
  2. Commutation: It denotes the substitution of one form of punishment for a lighter form. For example, a death sentence may be commuted to rigorous imprisonment, which in turn may be commuted to a simple imprisonment.
  3. Remission: It implies reducing the period of sentence without changing its character. For example, a sentence of rigorous imprisonment for two years may be remitted to rigorous imprisonment for one year.
  4. Respite: It denotes awarding a lesser sentence in place of one originally awarded due to some special fact, such as the physical disability of a convict or the pregnancy of a woman offender.
  5. Reprieve: It implies a stay of the execution of a sentence (especially that of death) for a temporary period. Its purpose is to enable the convict to have time to seek pardon or commutation from the President.

Self-Study: Read about the pardoning powers of the Governor and the President from the Parliament Chapter in M.Laxmikanth’s Indian Polity Book | जो की हिंदी मै भी है उपलब्ध!

Economy & Yearbook

Q. In 2018-Aug, RBI transferred Rs.50,000 crores as dividend to the Government of India. Which of the following is the largest source of profit for RBI?

  1. Printing and demonetization of currency notes.
  2. Interest earned on bond holdings.
  3. Sale and purchase of foreign exchange reserve assets.
  4. Interest earned on cash reserve ratios parked by the commercial banks in RBI.

HINT: Interest earned on bond holdings.

Q. Find correct statement(s) about the State Investment Potential Index, nicknamed “n-SIPI-2018”, which was released in 2018-Aug.

  1. It’s prepared jointly by the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) under the Commerce Ministry and World Bank.
  2. Telangana has secured the first rank in this index.
  3. Both 1 and 2
  4. Neither 1 nor 2


  • n-SIPI-2018 is prepared by the economic think-tank National Council for Applied and Economic Research (NCAER)
  • For 2018 Ranking: 1-Delhi, 2- TN, 3-Gujarat, 4-Haryana….. Telangana is at number 8 and the lowest rank (21) is given to the land of board-exam-centre-wall-climbing-spidermans i.e. Bihar.
  • N-SIPI is constructed with six pillars classified under four broad categories: Factor-driven (land and labour), efficiency driven (infrastructure), growth-driven (economic climate, political stability and governance), and perceptions-driven (responses to the survey)
  • You should read about your state’s profile both for the UPSC and the statePCS interviews.
  • If I had asked about “Ease of Doing Biz. among Indian States” then both statements will be correct.
  • Self-Study: SEEPI Index MCQ in the T25-Mock Round#21.
  • Self-Study: Ease of doing business ranking of Indian states in MCQ in the T25-Mock Round#20.

Q. Find the incorrect statements about the ease of living index report, released in 2018-August.

  1. It was released by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.
  2. Chandigarh is ranked at first place, whereas Shillong was ranked the bottom-most 100th place.
  3. This index ranks the cities based on two parameters – physical amenities and economic opportunities, each having equal 50% weightage.

Answer Codes:

  1. Only 1 and 2
  2. Only 1 and 3
  3. Only 2
  4. Only 2 and 3


  • This index ranks the cities based on four parameters – institutional 25%, social 25%, economic 5% and physical 45%.
  • Pune first rank. Rampur (UP) bottom-most 111st Rank.
  • Shillong was ‘100th’ city to be selected as smart city- if you recall the MCQ in the T25-Mock Round#20.

Environment and Geography

Q. In the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) 2018, India was given 177 out of 180 countries. Find incorrect statement(s) about this index:

  1. It’s an annual report prepared jointly by the UNFCCC and IPCC.
  2. Switzerland has secured first rank.
  3. It measures Environmental performance with 40% weightage to Environment Health and 60% to Ecosystem vitality.
  4. All of the above.


  • This biennial report by Yale and Columbia universities, along with the World Economic Forum. Statement#2 and #3 are correct.
  • Topic in news because India is given 177th rank among 180 countries, and Government of India discarded this report saying, “It has not been explained or backed by scientific arguments, and seem to be arbitrary.” [Just like their own Ease of Living Index Wherein Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Karnataka, which have a number of big cities, found no city  in the top 10; but Interestingly, the capital cities of pollbound Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh made it to the top 10 list!

Q. In 2018-Aug, An American court fined $ 289 million to Monsanto for its product _ _ _ , because it causes cancer among humans.

  1. A herbicide (weedkiller) made from Glyphosate.
  2. Bt-Brinjal
  3. Bt-mustard
  4. Bt-cotton

HINT: Monsanto’s weedkiller product ‘Roundup’ contains the chemical Glyphosate, which is a carcinogen. Monsanto is an American agro-chemical company owned by Bayer-a German pharma company.

Q. Find correct statements about International Day of the World’s Indigenous People (विश्व आदिवासी दिवस):

  1. It is celebrated on 9th August every year.
  2. The theme for 2018 was ‘Indigenous peoples’ migration and movement’.
  3. Government of India and Government of Gujarat will jointly construct a museum of tribal freedom fighters at Rajpipla, Narmada District.
  4. All of the above.

HINT: For faster revision, I have kept all statements correct.

Q. In 2018-July & August, powerful earthquakes struck the Indonesian island of Lombok killing over 500 people. Find correct statements about the earthquakes:

  1. Earthquake’s intensity can be measured using Richter scale.
  2. Earthquake’s magnitude can be measured using Mercalli scale.
  3. Both 1 and 2
  4. Neither 1 nor 2

HINT: Both pairs are inversed. Read NCERT Class 11 Physical Geography Ch.3 | हिंदी में भी उपलब्ध.

Q. Government of India has proposed ban on Oxytocin Production for domestic use by private companies, and its sale by private chemists from September 1, 2018. Because:

  1. It’s misused by youth for substance abuse. (नशीले द्रव्य के रूप में इस्तेमाल करते है.)
  2. It’s misused by poultry farmers to increase weight of hens.
  3. It’s causing death of vultures who feed on the dead animals treated with this medicine.
  4. It’s misused by the dairy farmers and vegetable farmers.


  • Oxytocin is naturally secreted by the pituitary glands of mammals during sex, childbirth, lactation or social bonding, and is sometimes called “love hormone”.
  • It is used as a drug during childbirth because it can contract the uterus and induce delivery, control bleeding, and promote the release of breast milk.
  • But, farmers inject it in cattle- to increase milk production, and inject it in vegetables to increase the size. However, when such milk / vegetable is consumed, the traces of Oxytocin can cause cancer, impotence and other diseases in humans.

Science Tech & Defense

Q. Find correct statements about NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Which was launched in 2018 – August.

  1. It is named after Eugene Parker- the first scientist to discover Solar Flares and Sun Spots.
  2. During the journey towards the sun, Parker probe will travel through the orbital paths of Mercury, Venus and Mars.
  3. India has already sent Aditya-L1 probe to study the Sun in 2017.

Answer Codes:

  1. Only 1 and 2
  2. Only 2 and 3
  3. Only 1 and 3
  4. None of them

HINT: It is unlikely that any competitive exam will have such long and complicated sentences! However, I’ve framed it in this manner to give you more mental exercise:

  1. Eugene Parker was the first scientist to discover the solar winds.
  2. Mars is ‘behind’ the Earth. Can you expect A’bad-Mumbai Bullet train to have a railway-stop at Hyderabad?
  3. ISRO’s solar mission Aditya-L1 will be sent somewhere in 2019 or 2020.

Q. One of the objectives of NASA’s Parker Probe is to study the origin of Solar Winds. What are the effects of solar winds on our Universe?

  1. They produce auroras (stunning light at polar regions) on Earth.
  2. They make the tails of comets point towards the Sun.
  3. They can disrupt telecommunication on the Earth.

Answer Codes:

  1. Only 1 and 2
  2. Only 2 and 3
  3. Only 1 and 3
  4. Only 3

HINT: Comets’ tails are ‘away’ from the Sun. Self-Study: Read more about the Solar winds, Solar flares, Sun spots and other theory and contemporary affairs from Ravi Agrahari’s Science Technology Book | जो की हिंदी मै भी है उपलब्ध!

Q. In 2018-Aug, China successfully tested Xingkong-2 (Starry Sky-2) Find correct statements about these items:

  1. It’s a sub-sonic fighter jet.
  2. It’s an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that can penetrate any current generation anti-missile defence systems.
  3. It is a sixth-generation fighter aircraft (SGFA) with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) facility.
  4. None of the above.


  • It’s a hypersonic aircraft that travels faster than the speed of sound. It’s speed is about 5.5-6 Mach.
  • It can carry nuclear warheads and penetrate any current generation anti-missile defence systems.
  • Related MCQ: What is the use of S-400 Triumf Missile?

Persons in News

Q. Find incorrect statement about the novelist VS Naipaul who died in 2018-Aug.

  1. He was an Indian-origin author born in Caribbean nation, Trinidad.
  2. He was given Nobel Prize for Literature.
  3. ‘A house for Mr. Biswas’ is his famous novel.
  4. He always praised India, its civilization and its culture through his novels.

HINT: In his travelogue, ‘An Area of Darkness’, Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul heavily criticized India, its unhygienic atmosphere and caste system.

Q. Ramon Magsaysay awards were announced in 2018-July. Find incorrect statement:

  1. Indian engineer Sonam Wangchuk is selected for this work for his learning initiatives in Ladakh.
  2. Indian psychiatrist Bharat Vatwani is selected for his works for mentally-ill street people.
  3. This award is named after the former President of Singapore, Ramon Magsaysay.
  4. None of the above.

HINT: Ramon Magsaysay was the former president of Philippines. Lee Kuan Yew was the famous ex-PM of Singapore.


Q. 18th Asian Games will begin from 18th August to 2nd September 2018. Find incorrect statement(s) about this:

  1. 2018’s Asian games will be held at Jakarta, Indonesia
  2. the motto of Asian Games 2018 is: “Energy of Asia”
  3. The mascots of Asian Games 2018 are Bhin Bhin (a bird), Atung (a deer), and Kaka (Rajesh Khanna a rhinoceros).

Answer Codes:

  1. Only 1 and 2
  2. Only 1 and 3
  3. Only 2 and 3
  4. None of the given


  • They’re organised every four years. 2022’s Games will be held at Hangzhou, China.
  • For faster revision, I have kept all statements correct.
Asian Games Mascots KAKA

Proof: Kakas recieved more respect in Indonesia, than in their respective home countries. कितने अफ़सोस की बात है!!!

Q. In the World Badminton championship 2018 _ _ _ _ defeated _ _ _ _ in the final match held at China’s_ _ _.

  1. P.V. Sindhu, Carolina Marin, Nanjing
  2. Carolina Marin, P.V. Sindhu, Nanjing
  3. Carolina Marin, P.V. Sindhu, Beijing
  4. P.V. Sindhu, Nozomi Okuhara, Beijing

HINT: Carolina Marin (SPAIN) defeated P.V. Sindhu at Nanjing, China during August 2018. Earlier she defeated Sindhu at Rio Olympics, 2016.

State PCS GK

following questions are more relevant to the state service exams rather than all-India level competitive exams:

Q. IKEA is a furniture retail company from _ _ _ country, and it has opened its first branch in India at _ _ _ in 2018-August.

  1. USA, Mumbai
  2. Sweden, Bengaluru
  3. Sweden, Hyderabad
  4. Norway, Hyderabad

HINT: 2018-January: Government allowed 100% foreign direct investment (FDI) in single-brand retail without prior government approval. IKEA is a single brand furniture retail company from Sweden. 2018-Aug: IKEA opens first Showroom in India at Indra-the-Tiger’s Karmabhoomi i.e. Hyderabad.

Q. Find incorrect statement(s) about the Vibrant Gujarat Summit.

  1. This business-investors’ summit is organised annually since 2001.
  2. The theme of 2019 Summit will be: ‘Shaping of a New India’
  3. It’s organized by inDEXTb- an organization of the Government of Gujarat.
  4. None of the above

HINT: It’s organized biannually i.e. every two years. Theme is correct. The Vibrant Gujarat summit is organised by iNDEXTb: Industrial extension bureau of Gujarat Government, and not the Finance Department or Commerce Department or MSME Department.

Apart from this you should also prepare the brief biographies of M.Karunanidhi and Somnath Chatterjee who died in August 2018 for the respective state-PCS exams.