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  2. Free Lecture & Handout on Pillar#5: Infrastructure, PPP & More
  3. List of Topics to be covered in next free Lecture
  4. Next Economy Batch for UPSC CSE-2021


Step#1: Download Free Handout & Step#2: Attend the Free LIVE lecture

Infrastructure: Private Railways, Tulip, Nagarvan GOCO-PPP & More

  1. (Assumption) You’ve attended my full-length economy course anywhere in 2019.
  2. ?Download this PDF file containing Update Pack. Note: Handout will be uploaded by Monday 5PM..
  3. No need to take printout immediately, considering the Corona Lockdown. For the same reason, I’ve not kept any blanks in it.
  4. ?: 21st September, Monday, 9PM Night: Attend the FREE LIVE lecture#11 on Pillar#5: Infrastructure HERE It’s called ‘Unacademy special classes’, which means it’s basically free to attend for everyone. तो सभी का वहा पर स्वागत है।
  5. ?: 28th September, Monday, 9PM Night: Attend the Free Live Lecture Lecture#12 on Pillar#6: HRD-Education Policy 2020, Health, Human Development

Next Economy Batch for UPSC CSE-2021

I’m also pleased to inform, my full-length LIVE batch for Economy for UPSC CSE-2021 Prelims and Mains is currently going on.

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