[Win20CSP] Mrunal’s Free Economy Update Pillar#6: HRD- New Education Policy 2020, PRAGYATA, Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyaan (GKRA) & More

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Unacademy Plus Mrunal Economy for Prelims and Mains UPSC!
  1. Prologue
  2. Free Lecture & Handout on Pillar#6:National Education Policy & More
  3. List of Topics to be covered in next free Lecture
  4. Next Economy Batch for UPSC CSE-2021


Step#1: Download Free Handout & Step#2: Attend the Free LIVE lecture

Mrunal’s [Win20CSP] Economy Pillar#6: HRD- Education Polic, Skill, Poverty Updates

  1. (Assumption) You’ve attended my full-length economy course anywhere in 2019.
  2. 💾Download this PDF file containing Update Pack. Note: Handout will be uploaded by Monday 5PM..
  3. No need to take printout immediately, considering the Corona Lockdown. For the same reason, I’ve not kept any blanks in it.
  4. 📡: 28th September, Monday, 9PM Night: Attend the Free Live Lecture Lecture#12 on Pillar#6: HRD-Education Policy 2020, Health, Human Development It’s called ‘Unacademy special classes’, which means it’s basically free to attend for everyone. तो सभी का वहा पर स्वागत है।
  5. “>

Next Economy Batch for UPSC CSE-2021

I’m also pleased to inform, my full-length LIVE batch for Economy for UPSC CSE-2021 Prelims and Mains is currently going on.

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Stay Tuned for the Remaining [Win20CSP] Pillar#/4/5/6 update packs at Mrunal.Org/Download

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5 Comments on “[Win20CSP] Mrunal’s Free Economy Update Pillar#6: HRD- New Education Policy 2020, PRAGYATA, Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyaan (GKRA) & More”

  1. sir, i want to join economy program for 2021 but not on unacademy platform because unacademy have puzzle like platform 100 educator teaching same subject, wasting time unnecessarily and money also. if i am not interested in others teachers then why should i pay for them. I only want to join economy course for 2021, is it possible?

  2. Please send me any notifications for cse

  3. Respect sir
    When will be the update package for the notes of CSP20 batch will be released.
    Its getting bit hard to catchup with Newspapers as post covid situation made economy so uncertain.

  4. I must become an India Administrative Service Officer

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