[Result] UPSC Prelims-2020 Result out in just 19 days: 10,564 candidates cleared for Mains against 796 vacancies!

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  • Usually after the preliminary exam is over, UPSC would take about 40 days to declare its result. (At least that was the scene prelims 2019 result.)
  • But in an unprecedented speed, this year UPSC has declared the result within 19 days! (Preliminary exam was conducted on 4 October 2020 and result is out on 23 October 2020)
  • UPSC system is to qualify 12-13x times candidates from Prelims to Mains against final vacancies.
    • As per the original notification final vacancies are
    • This time 796×13= 10,564 have been selected from the Prelims-2020.
  • You can check your role number here-

UPSC Prelims-2020 Result out in just 19 days. 10,564 candidates cleared for Mains against 796 vacancies

For the passed candidates?

  • Congratulations for your success!
  • You will have to fill up another form, named Detailed Application Form (DAF-I) between 28/10/2020 to 11/11/2020
  • With this form, you will have a upload scanned copies of your college marksheet, caste certificate etc.
  • Service preference (IAS>IPS etc) and State cadre preference is asked later on in DAF-II form, after the Mains exam is over, to only those candidates who qualify from Mains to interview stage.
  • For Topicwise Previous Years Mains Papers & Mains Strategy visit : Mrunal.org/mains

For the Failed candidates?

  • One stupid exam is not the end of the world. It cannot become a matter of life and death.
  • If age and attempt left, then prepare for the next exam but WITHOUT repeating the same mistakes that you had made this year.
  • If age and attempt is over, then also my best wishes to you. I am yet to meet a person who remained ‘forever jobless / workless’ even after preparing for UPSC.
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19 Comments on “[Result] UPSC Prelims-2020 Result out in just 19 days: 10,564 candidates cleared for Mains against 796 vacancies!”

  1. For those Who have not cleared the Mains ,as Mrunal rightly said you don’t go waste for not clearing this exam.I have went till interview 5 times and attempted the exams more than 10 times .This experience gave me lots of courage ,knowledge and patience in my business .I am now founder of Two Business which is running very successfully & I am enjoying the Entrepreneurship a lot .So if you pass its better if you fail it’s best as more lively and interesting opportunities may be waiting for you !And I request Mrunal ji to share interviews of those who have not cleared the Civil Services Exams but excelled in other fields .

  2. Sir I am preparing for prelims 2021 and this would be my first attempt. I have done my post graduation in Zoology and Sir as a Science student, I am finding economics the hardest among all subjects and I have lost many days in figuring out the strategy for economics but still not have an idea from where exactly to start and how much to read. I have been told that ‘Mrunal is the best for Economy’ and following that I have starting watching videos on your website. Sir could you please tell me that whether I should read NCERT’s first and then take help from your videos or vice-versa. Everone is saying that class 11th-12th ncerts are compulsory for preparation but there are a lot of graph work and mathematical terms which are going over my head.
    Sir could you please guide me. It would be a great help…
    khushboo yadav

    1. Skip those graphs and formulae…
      Just read what u can understand…
      U can watch Mrunal videos first…then cover NCERTs…

    2. Hey, even I have zoology optional. I am following Mrunal since past 2 years and it has worked out very well, all thanks to mrunal sir.
      You can contact me at telegram – dreamon123

    1. Graphs and equations aren’t important for economy. You should read class XII NCERT Macroeconomics first. Understand key concepts through Investopedia and solve previous year questions. Economic survey of last 2-3 years can help as well.

  3. Zor ka chaanta dheere se laga kal.
    But thank you Sir for being our lighthouse.
    By the way my result, Prelims 2020 : failed

  4. Sir i am BA external student in Gujarat university after my gradution in external i can apply for upsc examinations??

  5. Good afternoon Mrunal Sir.
    Sir can you please provide a lecture on How COVID-19 impacted the Indian Economy at large. There is so much of scattered information regarding all sectors. If you can do it, it will really be very helpful.
    Thank you!

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