• Earlier Madras High Court remarked that Election Commission of India should be put on murder charges for not stopping political parties from violating protocol. ECI complained about this remark to the Supreme Court. SC ruling:
  • 1) Madras High Court comments were harsh and inappropriate. Judges need to exercise caution in the off-the-cuff remarks in open court. Judicial language must be sensitive to the constitutional ethos. Judges must exercise restraint before using strong and scathing language to criticize an individual or institution.
  • 2) Madras HC remarks were made orally and they were not written in any judicial record therefore the Supreme Court cannot expunge them. And the media has freedom of speech and expression so they can publish such oral remarks- Because our legal system allows open access to courts to safeguard the constitutional freedoms.
  • 3) Citizens have the right to know what transpired in the “open court” proceedings- This also ensures that judges act in accordance with law and probity.
  • 4) However, Citizens don’t have right to know what exactly transpired the “closed/in-camera” proceedings involving rape cases, child abuse, matrimonial/divorce cases etc Where privacy of the victim is more important.
  • (“कोरोनावायरस के दौरान राजनीतिक दलों के प्रचार पर नियंत्रण न रखने के लिए चुनाव आयोग के खिलाफ हत्या का मुकदमा चलाना चाहिए”, उस भाषा पर मद्रास हाई कोर्ट ने थोड़ा संयम रखना चाहिए था ऐसा सुप्रीम कोर्ट का कहना है. हालांकि मीडिया को इस मुद्दे पर रिपोर्टिंग करने से सुप्रीम कोर्ट रोक नहीं सकता क्योंकि खुले कोर्ट सत्र में यह टिप्पणियां की गई थी, इसलिए नागरिकों को जानने का हक है.)


  • Securities and Exchange Board of India’s (Sebi’s) Harsh Bhanwala (ex-chairman, Nabard) technical group on social stock exchanges (SSEs). Report highlights:
    • 1) In the social Stock Exchange: Following type of biz/organization/social venture fund (SVP) can issue shares/bonds/mutual fund/other investment instruments for eradicating hunger, malnutrition, poverty, gender equality,LGBTQIA+ communities, rural sports, slum area development, affordable housing.
    • 2) Minimum investment size in SVP= Rs.2 lakh
    • 3) SVP will fall under category-I alternative investment fund (AIF)
    • 4) both both for-profit (FP) and not-for-profit organisations (NPO) can open such schemes. But, “Corporate foundations, political or religious organisations and activities, professional or trade associations, infrastructure and housing companies (except affordable housing) will not be permitted on social stock exchanges (SSEs).
  • WTO: South Africa and India had proposed patent waivers in TRIPS agreement i.e. Third world country Pharma Companies can make the Corona vaccines which were originally patented by 1st world countries pharma companies, without any fear of lawsuits from original researcher pharma companies. The USA was Opposed to the idea in 2020, but in 2021 they have agreed for it. Challenges?
    • 1) Even if the technology is transferred but the raw material is not transferred then vaccine cannot be developed
    • 2) Apprehensions that third world Pharma Companies do not have the adequate safety and quality mechanisms to produce such vaccines
    • 3) Pfizer vaccine requires very low temperature-Which may not be available in third world Pharma Companies.
    • 4) First World Pharma Companies invested billions of dollars in research and development of the vaccines. if they are to be produced by other companies without adequate compensation or royalty share then First World Pharma Companies will be demotivated in future to research more vaccines.
  • Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA, New Delhi) is a new statutory body set up under the consumer protection act 2019 to deal with fake advertisement and misleading claims. It has received complaint about an international air conditioner brand that is claiming to provide pure air after “destroying” coronavirus.
  • Cooperative federalism: PM-KISAN scheme provides 6000 rupees per year to farmers. The scheme was launched with effect from 2018-19 but West Bengal government has not yet implemented it, So their farmers are yet to receive a total 18000 rupees. West Bengal Government wants the union government to give the money to the State Government and then the state government will release it to farmers, Whereas union government wants to directly transfer the money into farmers bank account. (राज्य सरकार चाहती है कि केंद्र पहले हमको पैसा दे फिर हम किसानों को पैसा देंगे जबकि केंद्र चाहता है कि हम सीधा कि किसानों को पैसा दे देंगे.)
  • 2007: India and European Union started talks for free trade agreement but by 2013 the talks had stopped because Both side serious disagreements about tax structure (Indian idol-argument), data security for IT sector etc. 2021: After 8 years now both India-EU have resumed the talks again. Economic Survey has recommended India to shed its ‘big but poor mentality’- otherwise difficult to get any FTA concluded with USA/EU. (भारत सरकार की यह मानसिकता की हालांकि हमारे देश के GDP की साइज 3 ट्रिलियन डॉलर है लेकिन कि हम बहुत गरीब है इसलिए हम तो यूरोप से आने वाली चीजों पर टैक्स कम नहीं कर सकते लेकिन भारत से यूरोप निर्यात पुणे वाली चीजों पर कोई भी टैक्स नहीं लगना चाहिए क्योंकि हम बहुत गरीब हैं इसलिए हमको इंडियन आईडल बना दो – तो आर्थिक सर्वेक्षण ने भी कहा है कि इस गरीब इंडियन आइडलवाली मानसिकता से भारत सरकार ने बाहर निकलना होगा वरना कोई अमेरिका या यूरोप की सरकार भारत के साथ मुक्त व्यापार समझौते पर हस्ताक्षर नहीं करेगी)


  • Drosera-30 is a homeopathy syrup with 91% alcohol content. 9 villagers in Chhattisgarh consumed it as a substitute for liquor & died. (सोचो कैसे नशेड़ी हैं कि शराब नहीं मिल रही तो होम्योपैथी की सिरप पी जा रही है)


  • G7 foreign ministers London Summit declaration- “We condemn China for abuse of human rights and using coercive economic policies. We support the entry of Taiwan in World Health Organisation.” (स्वाभाविक है चीन को मजा नहीं आएगा, और यह जानकर भारत को डबल मजा आ जाएगा.)
  • ⚾️?⚾️?✋Sri Lanka Bans Travellers from India due to Corona. I Wonder What the immature babu-shona interns of _ _ _ _ newspaper have to say about this decision of their Rockstar Hero Gotabaya Rajapaksa. (उन्होंने अखबार के वाचको को से माफी मांगनी चाहिए कि हम जरूरत से ज्यादा fanboy बन गए थे.)
  • ⚾️?⚾️?✋Bangladesh Government sends 10000 vials of remdesivir injection to India as “Medical assistance on behalf of people of Bangladesh”. (सोचो “Pharmacy of the world” भारत के क्या स्वर्णिम दिन आ गए हैं कि उसको बांग्लादेश से खैरात में इंजेक्शन लेने पड़ रहे हैं. यानी कि अब बांग्लादेश “विश्वगुरु” बन चुका है.)

Ethics GSM4☯️

  • Sport ethics: “Pitch sliding”= sport team support staff using Mobile phone to communicate the information to the bookies. Usually there is a lag of few second before an information (about goal, runout, etc) is aired on television and based on that sport Gamblers place their bets. So if the bookie gets the information in advance, he gets upper hand. However technically it is not match fixing and therefore it is not illegal in UK and New Zealand. But illegal in India.
  • Sport ethics: Sushil Kumar two time Olympic medalist wrestler accused of being involved in a brawl that resulted in death of 23 year junior champion. The junior champion was residing in a house linked to Sushil Kumar but he was not vacating the house so musclemen were sent
  • Brawl
  • death. Lesson? when people get involved with shady-characters in real-estate to make money, and use muscleman to get house vacated instead of seeking police help, it’s inevitable they’ll end up in some controversy.


  • Death: Ajit Singh, son of Chaudhary Charan Singh, Leader of Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD). He was Industries minister in VP Singh government, Chemical Minister & Civil Aviation Minister In Manmohan Singh UPA government
  • MK Stalin: chief of DMK party sworn as chief minister of Tamilnadu.


  • Island of Jersey (UK): After BREXIT, Britain wants restriction of the EU-countries fishing boats in this area. Now both France and Britain have sent their Navy ships to flex their muscles in this region. (मच्छीमारी के हक पर भारत-पाकिस्तान, भारत-श्रीलंका तो लड़ते झगड़ते रहते हैं, अब ब्रिटेन और फ्रांस भी लड़ रहे हैं और अपनी अपनी नौसेना भी भेज रहे हैं.)