Ethics from 20 to 25th Jan, 2023

  • Ethics: Corruption: PEOPLE IN Uttar Pradesh ready to give lakhs in bribes to get a job as a clerk or evena sweeper but would not use the same money to open a paan or sweet shop, said Urban Development and Energy Minister in the Yogi Adityanath administration AK Sharma.
  • Ethics: Environment: Why Animals Kill There is no malice: they are just trying to get a meal for themselves and their young. READ Column
  • Ethics: IAS Case Study: AHMEDABAD Municipal Corporation (AMC) plan to ban the paper cups as they’re chocking gutters. But due to resistance by the shopkeepers, it has been postponed. At the moment, AMC planning to create awareness among the public to make them understand the harmful effects of these paper cups. So, the ban was not effected today.
  • Ethics: IAS Values: Officials should work with ‘citizen is always right’ mantra. “Like in businesses, you might have heard the ‘the customer is always right’ phrase, in the government service also, the mantra should be that the citizen is always right.” says PM
Sunak Without Seatbelt
  • Ethics: IPS Ethics: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak filmed a social media video in a moving car without a seatbelt. Police has begun investigation. Meanwhile in India, election Road shows done without any consideration for safety. Sunak now faces a 100 pound fine, if found guilty. Sunak later admitted, “I made a brief error in judgement. I removed my seatbelt to film a small clip. I fully accept that this was a mistake and I apologize for it.” If you are traffic DCP, and find Indian Prime Minister violating seatbelt rule, will you do anything?
  • Ethics: IPS Ethics: to decrease the nuisance of loan sharks and money lenders in Surat, the Surat Police organised a loan camp with the help of 15 nationalized and state cooperative banks in the district. Over 1200 people had submitted their documents with the bank’s representatives for loans at the camp.
  • Ethics: Leadership qualities- NZ female PM Jacinda Ardern resigns before finishing term. She admitted she no longer has what it takes to continue. She was the world’s youngest female head of government at the time of her election in 2017. She was a world leader and a mother who gave birth while in office and spoke at the United Nations general assembly meeting with a three-month-old infant in lap. Her supporters welcomed the decision for maintaining worklife balance, and preventing stress burnout, whereas critics argue that stress and pressure is part of the political life and she was not cut out for it. Her weakness in resigning need not be cherished.


  • Quote: You can carve your own path, be your own kind of leader. — Jacinda Ardern, NZ Ex-PM.
  • Quote: There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. — Maya Angelou
  • Quote: Who watches the watchers? — DECIMUS JUNIUS JUVENALIS
  • Quote: Win as if you were used to it, lose as if you enjoyed it for a change. — Ralph Waldo Emerson