?‍?Resuming Win21 Economy Updates Free LIVE Lecture Number 6 & 7

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Mrunal’s UPSC GSM3-2020 Model Answer lecture: Science Technology, Internal Security Border Management Questions from last Mains Exam Solved!

Yes Mitron, for upcoming UPSC Prelims and Mains 2021, to provide free updates to economy’s current affairs, budget & Economic survey- I’ve been conducting Win21 Series.

So far following free lectures completed (?Use Free Unlock Code ‘Mrunal.org’ )

Then due to Corona and Cyclone, I had to postpone / reschedule lectures.
Now I’m resuming it LIVE from Next Tuesday 9PM and Wednesday at 9 p.m.

Welcome to attend it live. ?Use Free Unlock Code ‘Mrunal.org’

Download its Handouts from Mrunal.org/Download

Indian History Freedom Struggle Pratik Nayak

8 Comments on “?‍?Resuming Win21 Economy Updates Free LIVE Lecture Number 6 & 7”

  1. बहारो फूल बरसाओ मृणाल सर फिर से आ रहे है , जश्न मनाये जायेंगे पार्टी होगी और एक दिन छुट्टी भी

  2. Wanna more knowledge about upsc exam, syllabus and your lectures and how can i prepare for upsc

    1. Singh is King!
      Are you preparing from college? Do you have any technical or art background? have you decided your optional?
      Be specific, then like minded ppl might contact you………

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