1. Ethics: ENFORCEMENT Directorate (ED) has attached multiple properties worth Rs 82.77 crore linked to jailed Jharkhand IAS officer Pooja Singhal, a 2000-batch IAS officer. point to reflect- 1st Attempt passout automatically honest ho ye jaroori nahi. (regarding interview Qs ke older candidats are ‘difficult to train’.)
  2. Union had setup Delimitation Commission to readjust constituencies in Jammu and Kashmir. Petition was filed against this in Supreme Court. Union at J&K Reorganisation Act of 2019 doesn’t not preclude the establishment of Delimitation Commission by the Central Government
  3. December 2 and 3, 1984: Bhopal “gas tragedy.” Leakage of methyl isocyanate gas at the Bhopal plant of Union Carbide
  4. ’white paper revolution’: protestors holding blank sheets of white A4-sized paper. 1) during Hong Kong democracy demand protests in 2020 2) 2022 during anti-lockdown protests in China.
  5. Explained: E-rupee trials https://indianexpress.com/article/explained/explained-economics/e-rupee-india-digital-currency-explained-8301325/
  6. India assumes monthly presidency of UNSC for next two years. India to Focus on counter-terrorism, reformed multilateralism with Five S” approach: Samman (Respect), Samvad (Dialogue), Sahyog (Cooperation), Shanti (Peace), and Samriddhi (Prosperity). India had earlier assumed UNSC presidency in August 2021.
  7. UNION government has directed private FM channels to not play songs “glorifying alcohol, drugs, weapons and gangster/gun culture”, warning of penal action including suspension of permissions. Previously Punjab government had also issued similar notification.
  8. United Nations seeks $51.5 bn in donations to tackle “the largest global food crisis in modern history.” Caused in the aftermath of Russia Ukraine crisis.
  9. Insurance law review. Ball by ball commentary not important let them announce the bill at least.
  10. UCBs: RBI brings in four-tiered regulatory framework based on size of deposits of the UCBs. The extant regulatory framework classifies UCBs into two tiers — Tier I and Tier II.