For UPSC CSAT Paper II (decision making) and General Studies Paper IV (ethics).

[Ethics WMD] Corporate Greed, Pinkwashing, PUBG Weekly Mrunal Digest from July week1-2022 for UPSC

Pinkwashing is the strategy of Companies to promote LGBT rights and products to distract from real issues. E.g. June, recognised as (LGBT) Pride month → Walmart and other companies launch rainbow coloured products tshirt, jackets, etc to profit. Netflix and Amazon Prime launch web series where LGBT actors are shown in positive and powerful light. But in reality many LGBT employees removed from job, not allowed to progress in career etc

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Ethics Integrity Aptitude related case studies from Nov-Week4 for UPSC general studies mains paper 4 (GSM4) – Nuremberg code for Medical Ethics, Sports Ethics, Domestic Violence

Ethics-LATERAL Entry. 1) present in Union Govt. 2) 2021-Nov: W.Bengal State govt seeks to rope in consultants via lateral entry for 50 posts in various departments through lateral entry. The age limit is 35-70 years, contractual salary ₹1.5 lakh-2 [...]

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Ethics integrity Aptitude related case studies from Nov-Week2 for UPSC general studies mains paper 4 (GSM4) – Scheme Awareness, Work life Balance, Cyberbullying

Case Study: Right to display food - Ahmedabad & Rajkot- municipal corporators/councillers demanding that all street vendors selling non-vegetarian food, including fish, meat, chicken, and eggs, as well as any restaurants that have non-vegetarian food, should be made to [...]

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