What is aldermen in Delhi municipal corporation?

  • Delhi Municipal Corporation Act of 1957, the Lieutenant Governor ( of the National Capital Territory of Delhi may nominate ten individuals as aldermen.
  • Minimum age: 25

Why controversy over Alderman selection in 2022?

  • Ideally, these nominated members/alderman should have experience in municipal administration.
  • 2022: LG nominated 10 alderman,
    • 1) all of them are BJP leaders
    • 2) some of them are not even ordinary residents of Delhi.
  • so opposition parties are unhappy.
 controversy over Aldermen nomination in Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD)

Nominated members in RS, LS, Delhi MCD

Rajya Sabha Lok Sabha Delhi MCD
12 members nominated by Pres- who’re experts in Literature, science, art and social service.” 2 Anglo-Indian nominated by Pres. But discontinued after 104th Amendment 2019 10 aldermen by Delhi’s lieutenant governor.

Voting Power of nominated members

Rajya Sabha’s Nominated Members Delhi MCD’s Alderman
1) Cannot vote in Prez Election
2) Can vote in VP election
1) Delhi LG appointed by the union government so no question of election or voting.
2) Can’t cast vote in election of Mayor
3)Can cast votes for choosing Zonal standing committee members.