Most of these are worth 20 Marks each (i.e. 200 words).

  1. Sustainable management of natural resources is essential to provide livelihood and environmental security’. Discuss.
  2. Define Total Disaster Risk Management Approach and refer to its pertinence for Disaster Management Cycle.
  3. Highlight development perspective to disaster management with focus on disaster management in riverine regions.
  4. Discuss major issues involved in disaster preparedness,
  5. Discuss the role of Information Technology in disaster prevention.
  6. Discuss the importance of Rescue and highlight various rescue methods.
  7. Shelter rehabilitation is concerned with various aspects’. Discuss.
  8. What are the major features of Emergency Operations Centre
  9. Various types of damages are required to be considered for undertaking effective damage assessment.’ Discuss.
  10. Highlight guiding principles of rehabilitation and reconstruction.
  11. Define the term ‘disaster’ and describe its classification.
  12. Write a note on disaster cycle.
  13. Describe the trends in disaster management.
  14. Explain the different methods of risk mapping.
  15. Describe structural and non-structural mitigation measures in disaster management.
  16. Describe the different steps in relief distribution in disaster management
  17. Discuss the essential features of damage assessment.
  18. Examine the problems in relief administration.
  19. Bring out the importance of people as the first responders in disaster management.
  20. Elucidate different skills and techniques adopted by a disaster manager.
  21. Highlight key environmental concerns pertaining to disasters,
  22. Analyse the important facets of disaster management in mountainous regions.
  23. Define vulnerability and discuss the process of vulnerability analysis.
  24. Examine the role of corporate social responsibility as an emerging avenue in managing disasters.
  25. Define disaster mitigation and discuss the contribution of United Nations agencies in it.
  26. ‘Warehousing and stockpiling form a very important component during disaster relief phase.’ –
  27. Analyse..Discuss the important steps in relief distribution. Examine the problem areas during recovery phase of disaster management,
  28. Explain the concept of first responder with special reference to the role of the government in first response..
  29. Write a note in brief on important disaster management strategies
  30. Define vulnerability and discuss the vulnerability profile of India,
  31. Describe in brief the major facets of disaster management in riverine regions.
  32. Highlight the significance of planning for ensuring disaster prevention.
  33. Write a note on key community based disaster management strategies.
  34. Corporate Social Responsibility
  35. Search and Rescue (SAR)
  36. Discuss the important steps in relief distribution,Explain the different types of damages that occur due to disasters.
  37. ‘The relationship between disaster and development depends on the development choices made by the individual, community and the nation’. Discuss.
  38. Discuss the leadership theories and styles.
  39. Emergency Operations Centre and Stockpiling practices in disaster  Management.
  40. Define disaster and refer to major environmental concerns. Discuss recent trends in disaster management with special reference to India.
  41. Discuss the significance of disaster prevention and highlight issues involved.
  42. Describe the methods for conducting risk assessment.
  43. What do you understand by disaster mitigation ? Discuss the guiding principles underlying it
  44. Discuss the significance and phases of Search and Rescue in disaster management.
  45. Briefly highlight the steps involved,in relief distribution
  46. Describe the objectives and features of damage assessment in case of natural disasters.
  47. “Disasters can provide development opportunities,” Discuss.
  48. Explain the role and functions of a disaster manager
  49. Define Total Disaster Risk Management Approach and examine its pertinence to Disaster Management cycle
  50. Throw light on the development perspective to Disaster management.
  51. Discuss the guidelines for Flood Prevention,  “There is emerging focus on building resilience through risk skating and transfer.”
  52. Briefly examine. Define Disaster Mitigation: and discuss the major mitigation measures.
  53. Highlight the general precautions observed in Search and Rescue operations,.
  54. Discuss, the major problems encountered in Relief Administration.
  55. Write a note on interlinkages between Recovery and Development.
  56. Discuss Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction Process.
  57. Examine the changing complexion of disaster management in the contemporary context.
  58. Describe the important phases of disaster cycle
  59. Discuss the importance of disaster preparedness with special reference to issues and problems in it
  60. Define Risk Assessment and underline the methodologies for conducting risk assessment.
  61. Discuss the guiding principles of disaster mitigation and elaborate the problem areas in disaster mitigation.
  62. Discuss the concept of community based Disaster Management and highlight its principles and challenges.
  63. What is Emergency Operations Centre ? Describe its organizational set-up,
  64. Define damage assessment and highlight major types of damages.
  65. Discuss the important guiding principles of rehabilitation and reconstruction.
  66. Discuss the role and functions of disaster manager.
  67. Disaster management has undergone an enormous change in the recent times’, Discuss.
  68. Define ‘Disaster and write an overview of natural disasters in India.
  69. India has witnessed a shift from relief to mitigation and preparedness planning’. Discuss.
  70. Discuss the major facets of disaster management in coastal regions.
  71. Write a note on capacity building for Earthquake Vulnerability Reduction.
  72. Discuss the significance of disaster prevention and highlight major issues involved in it.
  73. Define Search and Rescue and discuss its significance and phases,
  74. Discuss guidelines for provision of shelter management.
  75. Write a note on Incident Command System.
  76. Describe damage reports on disaster assessment.
  77. Examine the interlinkages between disaster and recovery.
  78. Discuss the relationship between disaster and development with the help of examples from developed and developing countries.
  79. Describe issues and responses to disaster Management in mountainous regions.
  80. Define vulnerability and describe its relationship with capacity.
  81. Examine the types and characteristics of corporate social responsibility with respect to disaster management.
  82. Discuss the principles of community based disaster management.
  83. Describe the various management guidelines for temporary shelter provision during disasters.
  84. Explain the different types of damage reports. Identify the different types of rehabilitation.
  85. Examine the role of sustainable development in disaster management.
  86. Discuss the role of disaster management authorities in disaster management.
  87. Discuss key stages of Disaster Cycle.
  88. Make an overview of Recent Trends in Disaster Management.
  89. Bring to light major initiatives on Disaster Preparedness in India.
  90. Discuss the process of Risk Assessment.
  91. Write a note on Community Based Disaster Management.
  92. Discuss various methods for rescuing affected persons in a disaster situation.
  93. Discuss the guiding principles for Shelter provision.
  94. Bring to light major problems in Relief distribution.
  95. Write a note on Disasters and Development.
  96. Discuss the role and functions of a Disaster Manager.


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Previous exams and assignements of IGNOU M.A. (Public Administration) course code MPA-018 on Disaster  Management

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