[CDS] UPSC Declared the result for CDS(II)2013 exam, Almost 9000 candidates selected for the SSB interview round

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UPSC has declared the result of CDS(II)2013 exam. Official Result Link: http://www.upsc.gov.in/exams/written-results/cds2/2013/wr_cds2_2013.pdf Total 8984 selected for the SSB (Service selection board) Interview round. The ratio of candidates shortlisted for the examination per vacancy is approx. 1:18 @Those who failed CDS(I)2014 is coming next month. So pour all your energy in reading-revision and practice of aptitude. Whatever you prepare for CDS, … Read More


[CDS/SSB] Tips on Personal Interview and Conference: Dos and Don’ts

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Before the interview Pre-interview preparations Interview Hands Eyes Sitting Posture Interview Questions Conference Process of conference This is the second part in the guest article series by Mr.Ketankumar Patil for CDS/SSB Interview tips. In the first article, he provided the overview of the various tests conducted during SSB interview phase e.g. PPDT, group discussion, GTO tasks. (click me to read … Read More


[RTI] official answerkeys for CDS English, NDA General Ability, IES (GAT) for 2011, 2012

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Introduction This R.T.I was filled by a reader Mr. Rakesh Singh, seeking official answerkeys for various competitive exams held by UPSC in last five years. UPSC on its part, continued playing Lord Curzon, said we keep answerkeys for last two years only and in that too, 2012’s answerkeys denied in most cases citing “Exam process” is not yet finished. Anyways, … Read More