[Tech] How to protect yourself from Online hacking, frauds, phishing? Internet and Netbanking Safety Tips

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This guest article, not directly-related to competitive exams but yet important for everyone who uses Internet. It’s authored by same Mr.Krapesh Bhatt, who had earlier wrote about the salient features of IT Act. (click me if you did not read it) Introduction Hardening Operating System: Use a good paid antivirus & Firewall: User Accounts: Securing Home network (wi-fi) How to … Read More


[Economy] Why would Mohan want Indian juntaa to be financially educated?

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What is Capital market, Primary market and Secondary market? What’s the problem with Capital market? Why do Indians not invest in sharemarket? What is financial Education? National Strategy for Financial Education $1 trillion investment in Infrastructure projects Technical stuff: What is Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC)? What is financial inclusion? What is Capital market, Primary market and Secondary market? … Read More


[Yearbook] Information and Technology Act: Salient Features and Provisions

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Introduction Timeline of Events Why was IT Act 2000 amended in 2008? Data privacy Definitions What is the punishment for cyber crimes? Who can conduct RAIDS AND INVESTIGATION for Cybercrimes? About the Author This is a guest article written by Mr.Krapesh Bhatt, an IT Security professional from Surat. Introduction Dear All, Firstly, I would like to thank Mrunal for providing … Read More


[Yearbook] National Child Labour Project and INDUS

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Gurupadswamy Committee Action taken on Gurupadswamy Committee What is National Child Labour Project (NCLP)? What is INDO – US DOL (INDUS PROJECT)? Gurupadswamy Committee Way back in 1979, Government formed the first committee called Gurupadswamy Committee to study the issue of child labour and to suggest measures to tackle it. Recommendations of Committee As  long as poverty continued, it would … Read More


[Yearbook] PM 15 Points Program for Minority Welfare

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What is 15 points program? What are the 15 points? What are the objectives of this program? Who are the target groups? What are the schemes? Equitable availability of ICDS Services Improving access to School Education Modernizing Madarsa Education Self-Employment and Wage Employment for the poor Enhanced credit support for economic activities Recruitment to State and Central Services Equitable share … Read More

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