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[Ethics WMD] Corporate Greed, Pinkwashing, PUBG Weekly Mrunal Digest from July week1-2022 for UPSC

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Pinkwashing is the strategy of Companies to promote LGBT rights and products to distract from real issues. E.g. June, recognised as (LGBT) Pride month → Walmart and other companies launch rainbow coloured products tshirt, jackets, etc to profit. Netflix and Amazon Prime launch web series where LGBT actors are shown in positive and powerful light. But in reality many LGBT employees removed from job, not allowed to progress in career etc

2 Dozen Mismatches in Prelim Answerkey- Coaching Classes vs UPSC Official & Devilal MCQ got cancelled

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Prologue Economy Answerkey Errors in Prelims-2021 Environment Answerkey Errors in Prelims-2021 Geography Answer Key Errors in Prelims-2021 History Culture Answerkey Errors in Prelims-2021 PIN/Award/GK Answer Key Errors in Prelims-2021 UPSC Canceled this Devilal Question Polity Answerkey Errors in Prelims-2021 Polity Answerkey Errors in Prelims-2021 Mismatch of 2 Dozen MCQs Why am I not taking names of coaching classes in Answerkey …

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[Download] Countdown to Prelims 2022 students ko DISHA ka amazing GIFT – Prelims 2022 RESOURCE BOOK – covering 620 pages of Current Affairs & Mock Tests + FREE Strategy Video & Sample Chapters from Disha UPSC Books

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Introduction UPSC CSE Prelims 2022 is just a month away! By this time, we hope you have covered all the major topics and are about to start your revision. It’s time to pull up your socks and burn the midnight oil! Coming 5th June, lakhs of aspirants will appear for the exam. Those of you who are appearing for the …

Weekly Current for UPSC: IndAus ECTA, Gene Editing, Chandigarh, Busa & More from April 1-to-7

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– EcoPill3B-Intl-Orgs: India-Australia Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (IndAus ECTA-2022) 😍 Zero duty access for Indian exports to Australia: Engineering goods, gems and jewellery, leather, textiles, apparel, footwear- total 96% of India’s exports to Australia. 😍 Zero duty access for Australian exports to India: Coal, sheep meat, wool, LNG, alumina, metallic ores ,Avocados, onions, pistachios, blackberries, cashews, blueberries, raspberries. 😍 …

3 Days Current: 29th to 31st March: Polity, Economy, IR क़ुछ ख़ास नहि Will Smith Punched anchor on Oscar Awards

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– Polity: Rights issues- The Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill, 2022- to replace the Identification of Prisoners Act, 1920. It’ll authorise the police to take “measurements” to tag those who have been convicted, arrested or detained. e.g. Police can take Prisoner’s impressions of fingerprints, palm prints and footprints; photos; iris and retina scans, physical and biological samples; and behavioural attributes, including …

4 Days Current: 25th to 28th March- : Polity, Economy, IR क़ुछ ख़ास नहि

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Polity – Polity: Federalism / PRI: Delhi Municipal Corporation (Amendment) Act, 2022 → 1) replacement of the word “government” with “Central government” in all places. So, this basically takes the Delhi government out of the picture completely when it comes to decision-making in the unified corporation. 2) Unifying the North, East and South MCDs 3) reduce the number of seats …

4 Days Current From 21-22-23-24 March – although nothing really exam worthy

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4 Days Current: Polity NEWS From 21-22-23-24 March ( nothing so great / exam worthy so I don’t feel making a video for it ) Polity – Polity: Local Bodies- Articles 243 provide for OBC reservation in local bodies. 2010: Supreme Court said it’s valid BUT “identification / survey” of “backward classes” required। Karnataka’s 33% reservation for OBCs in local …