UPDATE: Mar-01-2014
This competition is stopped after February 2014 Month.

–following page contains old data–
Since September 2013, I’ve been holding these writing competitions. Top winners are awarded books, all the entries are put for free download (both winner and non-winners) so others can use it for their own preparation. Thus, everyone is gets guaranteed gift of free revision notes.
These entries have also been quite useful in the UPSC Mains-2013 papers, Especially in  GS1, GS2 and GS3.
Here are the links to previous notifications and result announcement.

  1. [Write2Win] Result of February 2014 competition, Free zip notes for everyone
  2. [Write2Win] Result of January 2014 competition, Free zip notes for everyone and Notification for February 2014
  3. (January 2014): Write Articles Win Books for prelim, mains and interview, PLUS free notes for everyone – 26th Jan last date to submit
  4. [Write2Win] Result of December 2013 competition + Free Notes for Everyone: Iran deal, Critically endangered species ready reference table, Pressure group, IR, Economy, Polity and more
  5. (December 2013) Write Articles, Win books for Prelims, Mains & Interviews +Free Notes as “Consolation” prize for everyone, 26th Dec. last date to submit
  6. [Result] November Writing Competition + Revision notes for everyone: culture, geography resources, bitcoins, bilateral and more
  7. (Nov-2013) Write Articles, Win IR/Diplomacy Books +Free Notes as “Consolation” prize for everyone, 25th Nov last date to submit
  8. [Result] October Writing Competition + Revision notes for everyone: Border Security, bilateral relation, Constitution comparision, culture, and more
  9. (October 2013) Write Articles, Win World History Books +Free Notes as “Consolation” prize for everyone, 25th Oct last date to submit
  10. [Result] September Writing Competition + Revision notes for everyone: representation of people’s Act, internal security, infrastructure and more
  11. (September 2013) Write Articles, Win Books +Free Notes as “Consolation” prize for everyone

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you give these books?

As a result of this site’s popularity, I get free books as samples, review copies and gifts from various publication houses, friends, well-wishers, senior and retired players. Since September 2013, I’ve holding competitions to give these books to talented writers.

Why should I participate in this competition, there are only five books and hundreds of contenders? The probability to win a prize is very low. Why should I share my knowledge with others? I think this is a waste of time!

  1. In the three GS papers of Mains 2013- many topics could be handled through these articles. so, the candidates who drafted those articles and had appeared in the exam- they could recollect the points very quickly compared to others who may have just read them from books. Hence by sharing knowledge with others, the person helped himself.
  2. You haven’t really understood a topic, unless you can fluently explain it to others without boring the hell out them. So if you try to write an exam-oriented revision friendly article, you’re improving your own preparation of that topics.
  3. Besides, all good entries will be put in a zip file and shared with everyone=you’ll be getting a big pile of free notes anyways- and it’ll have more important data for exams than the five award books listed here!

What will you do with these articles?

  1. I’ll put all article-submissions (of both winner+non winners) in a zip file. This Zip file will be shared along with the result announcement. That way, all aspirants can download the notes, and use it for their own preparation.
  2. I may edit-tweak a few of them further and publish under various categories of mrunal.org (e.g. /snt, /enb, /diplomacy etc.)
  3. If a submission is total bogus quality. It will be trashed, won’t even put it under the Zip file.

How can I know prizes are not randomly given through lucky draw or your close friends/relatives?

I shortlist the top 10-15 entries. Show them to a few senior players of UPSC, and with their ‘jury’ service, the top-5 Winners are decided.
You can see the entries of past winners, and the quality work they’ve done.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, some people hold stupid competitions to gather your personal info, then sell your email id and phone number to those tele-marketing companies, bogus MBA colleges and insurance sellers. But I assure you that I won’t do it.

Can I submit more than one article?

Yes you’re most welcome. they’ll be included in the zip file. But at maximum, one-person-one-address will be eligible for one book prize only. Meaning if same person submits three exceptional quality articles, doesn’t mean he gets three books.

I don’t want to any books, can I still participate?
Ofcourse you can. Your entry will be included in the zip file.