1. “Cut-Paste-Bulleting”= doesn’t count as article
  2. Separate Author page rule revisited
  3. Book rule revisited (for February competition)
  4. Crowdsourcing = #Epicfail?
  5. Rules for February competition
  6. Blacklisted topics
  7. Technical requirements
  8. January 2014 Entries and winners
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    2. Winners
    3. Gold
    4. Silver
    5. Non General studies category
    6. Rejected Entries, Name not in the list
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“Cut-Paste-Bulleting”= doesn’t count as article

  • More than 140+ entries received in the competition. Unfortunately, many people just opened HINDU/IDSA/EPW/frontline/ some other government site or PDF, cut paste few paragraphs from here and there, create bullet points after every full stop, and submitted their articles. ~90 entries left after weeding out such jugaad articles.
  • So, I’m disappointed the way things have turned out in January 2014. Competition rule specifically mentioned that you’re free to refer to such official sites but you need to convert those points into layman friendly, revision friendly notes. If you continue the same high-flowery english from editorials, then what’s the point?  Even an illiterate person can turn paragraphs into bullets by pressing “Enter” after every fullstop.
  • In past month, I’ve allowed some of those entries in competition- hoping writers improve with time, every maestro was an amateur someday. But, if I continue allowing such entries then a day will come when everyone submits but no one reads other people’s articles because of the deteriorating quality.
  • Therefore, I’ve to get strict about quality, even if it means I become ‘bitter’ to some of the old friends and some people start hating me for being an arrogant bigot- otherwise the original purpose of this competition will lost and it’ll end up becoming an “assignment collection program” in some MBA/engineering college.
  • Anyways, I’ve tried my best to make sure only original articles are included in the zip file. But still, some entries may have crept in the zip file that are still copy-paste-bullet job from hindu etc. So I’m sorry, bear with me. If I just continue sanitizing and crosschecking this zip file further, then I’ll have no time left to write new articles myself.

Separate Author page rule revisited

  • One of the main reasons of this recent spur in such articles is my announcement of separate author page and the conditions being 9 gold+1 platinum.
  • As a result, some participants (who had earlier wrote good articles) they now made hasty cut-paste-bullet-jugaad type articles to cross the 9+1 threshold quickly. Some people deliberately broke down big topic into smaller articles to cross that threshold faster.. and so on.
  • I don’t blame them. People respond to incentives so, I blame myself for creating a bad incentive.
  • Therefore, I’m changing this rule. 9+1  doesn’t apply anymore. Now a Person will get separate author page, when I and the Jury members are satisfied with his/her overall quality of work over a period of time based on a top-secret “scaling” formula that factors in multiple criteria.
  • And, remember ^this case study for ethics [GS4].

Book rule revisited (for February competition)

Explicitly mentioning book prizes in advance= that is also creating one type of bad incentive. Public spiritedness of the community, is getting overshadowed by some form of materialism and thereby affecting the quality of overall contributions. So, From February onwards, mechanism is following:

  • list of books to win = will not be given in advance.
  • Platinum/gold/silver category will be declared, but bookwinners will not be mentioned separately.
  • Jury decides the top five, I’ll email those winners- asking about their address and giving them a list of the books I’ve. They will give preference, I’ll send prize accordingly, without creating a public show about it.

Crowdsourcing = #Epicfail?

  • Nope. I don’t believe so.
  • There are good people in the world who write great quality articles- they’ve done so in past months and in January 2014 competition as well.
  • But People respond to incentives, so I donot harbor any illwill/hatred against anyone- I only blame myself for creating bad incentives in this competition.

Rules for February competition

Writing Competition continues for February but I won’t be releasing a separate notification for Feb-2013 competition. So all the rules are given here:

Last date to submit: 24 Feb 2014. Midnight.

Blacklisted topics

  1. Anything less than 3 pages. (pasting photos doesn’t count in page length.)
  2. Anything more than 30 pages. (Because then in most cases it’s an assembled article, and nobody reads it.)
  3. Any flowery English full of passive voice and sentence connectors-similar to Hindu, IDSA, EPW, Government sites, pdfs etc. = no thanks. You must condense and summarize those points in your own words- in a revision friendly, layman friendly language.
  4. Copying direct points from idsa doesn’t count as “bilateral relation” article. you need to refer to multiple sources. (and Wikipedia doesn’t count as source.)
  5. Direct liftups from copyrighted books/magazines/material.
  6. Anything else uploaded on magazine/coaching/paid mock-test/postal material type website. [Even if you yourself contribute there for free, as guest author, I cannot accept it here in the competition. it’s like Modi vs Congress.]
  7. Please don’t write anymore articles on following topics because more the enough content has been shared / available on net/books.
    1. culture
    2. freedom struggle
    3. basic geography from NCERT.
    4. Polity: comparing Constitutions, RPA, federalism.
    5. Static IR theory related to- India vs neighbours.
    6. all the clichéd topics that make headlines in newspapers.
    7. Yearbook/pib/food security etc. topics. good compilations already given. unless you’ve something extraordinary to share.
    8. Anything else beautifully covered in Laxmikanth, Rajiv Ahir etc.
    9. Any GK type material.

Technical requirements

  1. Last date to submit: 24 Feb 2014. Midnight.
  2. Article must be in English. No SMS lingo please.
  3. must be in word file (.doc or .docx)
  4. Must be send to my gmail id “Mrunal.help”. I don’t check my other email id often.
  5. Must contain “Article submission” in the subject line of the email. (that way gmail filters it in separate folder.)
  6. At the bottom of your article you must include
    • your full name
    • No need to mention address/book preference anymore. Because book rule has been revisited. As explained above.
    • References used- they must contain full links. (hindu.com = no. you need to mention exact URL e.g. thehindu.com/opinion/editorial/tensions-in-ukraine/article5635946.ece)

Now let’s come to the result declaration for January 2014 competition

January 2014 Entries and winners


[Listed in Alphabetical order of author name]

IR Bilateral visits upto August 2013 Aditya Ravichandran
economy Disinvestment – timeline, pro and anti arguments neatly summarized in a table Akshay Dhadda
yearbook MNREGA- problems and benefits. George Sinha
geography ARCTIC VORTEX/Polar Vortex Kunal Khade
current Policy Roundup 2013- he has made summary of almost all policies, acts and bills Mukesh Yadav
History Post Independent India- various PMs of India and their policies. Goodwill Entry Neha Srivastava
yearbook GS2 note-Development processes- NGO SHG etc (Goodwill) pushpender singh
geography NCERT Class 6 and allied topics summerized in a quick revision note R Harish
Polity GS2- list of all statutory, regulatory and quasi-judicial bodies and functions Rajath G Krishnan
ir India’s Relations with Central Asian countries- he has made neat tables to summerize sci-eco-defense partnership. Goodwill entry. Raman  Bhattad
economy Economy vs Environment- GM crops, Mining and Nuke Energy. Goodwill Entry Shrey Khanna
sci Public Health-Polio, TB, Dengue, Leprosy, Cholera and other diseases. Goodwill Entry Shrey Khanna
History Reform movements in India Sivaprasad Menon
Polity Interlinking the rivers and National Water Policy. Sushant Kumar
Polity Delhi – Statehood vs Union Territory Swapnasarit Sahoo


Decision made according to the majority of Jury votes.

  1. Interlinking the rivers and National Water Policy.
Sushant Kumar
  1. Disinvestment – timeline, pro and anti-arguments neatly summarized in a table
Akshay Dhadda
  1. GS2- list of all statutory, regulatory and quasi-judicial bodies and functions
Rajath G Krishnan
  1. Reform movements in India
Sivaprasad Menon
  1. Delhi – Statehood vs Union Territory
Swapnasarit Sahoo
  • Hearty Congratulations. I’ll contact them one more time to confirm their addresses, then prize books will be dispatched.
  • And others need not loose the hope, competition will continue for next months + you can always win the separate author page for constant contribution of high quality articles.


[listed in Alphabetical order of author name]

economy Financial Inclusion and rural credit A.Sunil Kumar
geography ARCTIC VORTEX- the winter shock in USA Abinesh
geography Disaster Management- Role of NGO and Media Aditi Gupta
ethics Ethics Basics and 2013 questions Akash Sharma
motivation Look a little closer Stare a little longer Anmol Tyagi
other Mains-2013 Player- Anshul has shared his thoughts over Delhi vs non-delhi, job vs stay home, importance of Hindu, Notes and other issues. Anshul Prakash
other Cycling as hobby- for interview questions Anuj Goyal
ir Relationship between Government and People- Egypt, Africa, Aus, Asia Anurag Anand
sci ISON Comet, Cloud computing, TB, Diabetis Arun Chettiar
Polity rights Issue- Persons with disabilities- policy, acts, 12th FYP target Aruna S
Polity Rights Issue- Senior citizens- policy, acts, 12th FYP target Aruna S
sci GM Crops- issues, Biotech regulatory bill Aruna S
geography Energy- Coalbed Methane Ashutosh Katiyar
Polity GS2-RPA- Salient features Paraisoodan B.PIRAISOODAN
IR South Sudan Crisis- brief overview Bharat Vaishnov
History Foreign travellars in ancient and medieval india for MCQs Bhaskar Sengupta
current PIB year end Docs of ministries. Goodwill entry Devaraj Subramanian
Polity Indian Constitution- Unitary or Fedaral Devika A
economy PPP- meaning, features problems-an overview DINESH S.
yearbook Self help groups-basics, role in society- an overview DINESH S.
ir Devyani case- brief overview Dipak Patel
Polity Judicial Appointment Commission Bill- features and issues Dipak Patel
Polity Nagaland and Central issues Dipak Patel
geography Energy – Shale gas, Thorium & Solar Energy Febin Cruso
current Summary of Editorials in Jan 2014 Hunny Sharma
other Mains-2013 Player- Hunny Sharma talks about his past adventures, mistakes, experiances in various competitive exams, plus Bontay booklist Hunny Sharma
geography Mercury Poisoning, Minatama Convention JAYA VASANTHA KUMARAN S
Polity Central  State relations- a revision note on basic Constitutional provisions JAYA VASANTHA KUMARAN S
Polity citizen charter-guidelines provisions JAYA VASANTHA KUMARAN S
geography IST-changing time of India Karan Rajpal
yearbook Malnutrition- challenges solutions and schemes Kishore Sutradhar.
geography Indian Standard Time- recent debates and issues Manas Sahu
ir Devyani Khobragade Case background and issues Manikandan A
yearbook Infant and Maternal mortality- MDG, government schemes, performance Manikandan A
culture Sangam Age Society Maulik Joshi
geography Climate Change, Delhi Summit, Carbon Tax & other topics Mohith Yadav
yearbook Year 2013 on pib.nic.in – A compilation of various bills and schemes of individual ministries Neha Srivastava
Polity GS2-Transparency & accountability measures pushpender singh
economy Foreign Banks Wholy Owned Subsidairy Model by RBI Rajith PR
motivation Motivation and Time management (part II). Ramanjeet started this series from December- in this second part he talks how to become a “finisher”. Ramanjeet Gupta
geography Energy- Geothermal Energy- meaning, benefits, resources in India, government initiatives Ravi Mishra
culture Indian Architecture related notes Salman Qazi
culture Culture- Art forms, painting, music- with mock qs and anwerwriting Salman Qazi
geography global dimming Shalini Raghav
essay Globalizing education- its impact on National employement Shashank Joshi
apt English grammar- Non, Possession, Case Shoaib Siddique
securty Indian Armed Forces- an overview, contemporary issues, basic GK Sidharth Saharan
Polity reorganization of states after independence Sneha Deka
History British India- total four entries on Acts, Land settlement, Viceroys and GG Swaraj Chhallani
other Mains-2013 Player- Vengatesh has shared his experience of prelims and mains preparation and tips for future aspirants Vangaesh
sci Higgs Boson God particles- explained VIGNESH K.R.
geography Energy-Shale Gas for india- its benefits problems issues Yash Chaudhary
Polity SECTION 377 CONTROVERSIES Yuvaraj Kandasamy


When I/jury member(s) felt that

  1. Writer could have added some more angles/ issues/ fodder points AND/OR
  2. Writer could have compressed/structured/simplified the article a little bit more. AND/OR
  3. Writer could have won essay competition in certain magazines that give 1200-1500 rs. as price. But our competition format is different. Rules specifically mention we are not looking for scholarly essays here.

but they’ve direct/indirect utilities in MCQs/Descriptive/interviews. So my respects and salutations for their effort and their spirit of sharing.

[Listed in Alphabetical order of author name]

essay Inequality and development in India Ambarish K. Sharma
essay Iran and P5- A brief Essay Ankur Rai
essay National language:Need and relevance in contemporary times. Anoop Hosmath
essay Earthquake- brief overview DINESH S.
essay Formation of New states- Telengana Koushik HR
essay Diplomatic immunity  Vienna Convention Koushik HR
essay Agro-Watershed Management and implications Kuldeep Prasad
other =>Apt. English Vocab- list of some difficult words from English Newspapers columns Manas Sahu
essay What MODERN YOUTH CAN LEARN FROM Vivekananda- for GS4 philosophers topic and Essay N. Mahanitya
essay Women treatment is barometer of nations progress Padam Singh
essay Is India a mature democracy? Padam Singh
essay GSLV- history and success after 20 years Sai Jyothi
essay GM Crops- advantages, disadvanges issues Sangeeta Bishnoi
essay Tiger conservation in India Suthan SP
essay Biodiversity- an Essay V.HARISH KUMAR

Non General studies category

Mains 2013 XP sharing

  1. Anshul has shared his thoughts over Delhi vs non-delhi, job vs stay home, importance of Hindu, Notes and other issues.
  2. Vengatesh has shared his experience of prelims and mains preparation and tips for future aspirants
  3. Hunny Sharma talks about her past adventures, mistakes, experiences in various competitive exams, plus Bontay booklist
  4. Anuj Goyal talks about cycling as a hobby and interview question related to it.

Optional Subjects

Political Science-security, power, world politics Aiman Reyaz
Law Notes-Administrative and International Law. Goodwill Entry Abhinaya Sakthivel
New public administration and Crisis State Akriti Shrivastava


Look a little closer Stare a little longer Anmol Tyagi
Motivation and Time management (part II). Ramanjeet started this series from December- in this second part he talks how to become a “finisher”. Ramanjeet Gupta


English grammar- Non, Possession, Case Shoaib Siddique
English Vocab- list of some difficult words from English Newspapers columns Manas Sahu

–end of entries—

Rejected Entries, Name not in the list

Some entries have been rejected, when I or Jury member(s) felt that:

  1. Effort not visible. Merely lifted passage from here and there and created bullets-without making it laymen friendly, revision friendly.
  2. Very Amateur and shallow writing.
  3. Plagiarized work from another author/blogger.
  4. Doubtful case of copyright violation. When I emailed you seeking elaboration, you’ve not given clarification about the ‘source’.
  5. sent article to my any other email id except Mrunal.help.

However if you think you didn’t belong these category and yet your article is not in above list, then probably I made some error while making the excel spreadsheets of author vs. subject. In that case, plz contact me via email and I’ll update the list.

Download Links

If you just download the articles but “thik hai baad mein dekhenge“ (I’ll read them later)=useless waste of bandwidth. These are all MS word files, you should maintain your own notes out of them by trimming and continuously updating the files as per your own requirements.  Don’t just let them gather space in your harddisk, extract maximum benefit out of it.

Server #1: Zip file (13MB)


if above link doesn’t work –it means you’re using some javascript blocker addon or your office/college network admin has banned that server.

Server #2: To view docs online on google docs:


For the zip files of past competitions (September, October, November), visit Mrunal.org/write2win


  1. Thanks everyone for participating and sharing. And if anyone feels hurt for not getting his/her due recognition/ranking despite the contribution, then my sincerest apologies. 
  2. Irrespective of the platinum/gold/silver categorization, I thank and applaud you all, for your gesture of sharing knowledge with the community and look forward for more of your articles in future.
  3. No separate notification for Feb-2014. Rules given in the initial part of the current article. Last date to submit = 24th Feb 2014, midnight.