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Unacademy Plus Mrunal Economy for Prelims and Mains UPSC!
  1. Competition is stopped from now on
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Competition is stopped from now on

This time ~40 entries made it to the final zip file. (After eliminating the cut-paste-bullet “jugaad” articles from Hindu/idsa/epw etc.)
I blame myself for this low amount of participation, because:

  1. Earlier I had promised author pages for 10 high quality articles, but then reverted back on my own policy -Because some people (who earlier wrote good articles) had suddenly resorted to mass-spamming jugaad articles to reach the 10 article limit quickly.
  2. This time, I had not declared any book prizes specifically. As per the revised rule of Feb-competition. (Because explicitly mentioning book prizes in advance, was creating one type of bad incentive, attracting those jugaadi writers.)

But given these two changes in the rules, (some) talented writers would have felt demoralized, thinking “Why should I contribute, if there is no guarantee of a book, author page, money or fame?”

Therefore, less number of entries. Their thought process is justified. I would feel the same, if I was in their place.

The whole mess at Mrunal.org is similar to the Muhammed bin Tughlaq shifting capital from Delhi to Daultabad-Both in terms of changing the site theme, as well as changing the rules of write2win competition. I had some super-high-utopian expectations about this competition, but then it did not work out, So I tried to tweak the rules (for February) in hope of achieving it, but then you can see how my decision has backfired by low number of good entries. (+ in upcoming months- with State service exams and SSC, the number of entries most likely to decline even further.)

  1. I don’t have a big team of moderators to crosscheck the plagiarizers and weed out bogus quality articles. All these months, I had to do most of that work on my own, resulting in the loss of many productive hours (which could have been utilized to write more articles by myself.) The sad truth of life is- 50000 subscriber ki site hai, lekin harr kaam khud karnaa padtaa hai. Nobody comes to help in the time of need because they’re busy with their studies/job.  All I get in my inbox is queries about cutoffs, booklist and result dates- rarely someone offering to volunteer.
  2. I’ve to be concious about copyrights and plagiarism because in past I’ve received legal notices and police complaints despite having no fault of my own. This whole write2win thing is making me more vulnerable to such attacks, especially because of those jugaad writers.
  3. The Muhammed bin Tughlaq angle- My utopian/idiotic/perfectionist ideas are not aligned with what others want/deserve/provide.

Therefore, after considering these factors and conferring with my three trusted lieutenants (Shiva, Palas and Chandradeo), I’ve decided to stop the Write2Win competition at Mrunal.org
This article contains the last zip file of the competition series. I’m sorry, my heart is no longer in this project.
It doesn’t mean I’m ungrateful to all those who had contributed. Some exceptionally high quality work has been contributed in each of these competition. And in the process, I met many talented players, made new friends. So, all is not lost.
It also doesn’t mean the whole community work initiative is scrapped off from the internet. forumIAS.com has launched a separate portal for this type of activity / crowdsourcing:


[Listed in Alphabetical order of author name]
Aditya Ravi Chandran Bilateral Visits Part II-Sept to Dec 2013 (note: He had submitted first part in Jan competition)
Ajaya Kumar Padhan India Japan bilateral relations
Akshay Dhadda Current Account deficit
B BABLOO Current Compilation Jan 2014
Dipak Patel Polity Current-EOC, Pre legi- scrutiny, Death sentence, Janlokpal
Divya V Prabhu Tribes of India-quick revision for Prelims
JAYA VASANTHA KUMARAN.S Women Empowerment-comprehensive list of all measures, schemes
Lohit Lala Harappa Revision note
Namit World History WW1 and WW2
Raman Bhattad India’s  Relationship with Scandinavian Countries
Shrey Khanna Indian Health Care System-Weaknesses, Schemes and the way ahead
Swapnasarit Sahoo State Reorgnization-It all started with 29
Yash Chaudhary Power crisis in Union Territories-why

As per the revised rule of the Feb-2014 game:

  • Platinum/gold/silver category will be declared, but bookwinners will not be mentioned separately.
  • Jury has decided the winners, I’ll email them asking about their address and giving them a list of the books I’ve. They will give preference, I’ll send prize accordingly, without creating a public show about it.


[Listed in Alphabetical order of author name]
Aakash Bajpai Judiciary-problems with
Arun Chettiar Time speed Distance; Permutation Combination
Ashish Sharma CMS vs NETRA
Dipak Patel Crisis-Bangladesh And Ukrain
Hunny Sharma Crisis-Thailand, CAR, Venezuela, Ukrain
Hunny Sharma Coastal security
JAYA VASANTHA KUMARAN.S Science for SSC: vitamin, digestive system, circulatory system
Karan Rajpal Panchayati Raj & schemes
Kishore Sutradhar Syria crisis-understanding
Mani Kandan Ukrain issue
Neha Srivastava Maritime Silk Road
Pushpender Singh UKRAINE ISSUE
Ramanjeet Gupta Motivation and Time Management- in Practice
Saurabh Jawade Wakf Property Measure to strengthen
Shaashi Ahlawat Spectrum Allocation
Udita Gaurav Indian philosophy and heterodox sects for CSAT


When I/jury member(s) felt that

  1. Writer could have added some more angles/ issues/ fodder points AND/OR
  2. Writer could have compressed/structured/simplified the article a little bit more. AND/OR
  3. Writer could have won essay competition in certain magazines that give 1200-1500 rs. as price. But our competition format were different. Rules specifically mention we were not looking for scholarly essays here.

but they’ve direct/indirect utilities in MCQs/Descriptive/interviews. So my respects and salutations for their effort and their spirit of sharing.

[Listed in Alphabetical order of author name]
Anil Kumar Singh Journey of India to Development
Mahek Siddiqui Need of codification of Muslim law in India
Mohit Yadav Nanotechnology in Agriculture
Padam Singh Indians must value science
Pavan Kanuri How I Understand my religion
Shahid T Komath Old age pension, Water Management, Women electorate
SIDDHARTH SAHARAN The way of life- a poem
Suraj Pradhan analysis of IAS 2012 marks


Arun Chettiar Psychology- Language topic for paper I
Pavan Kanvas anthropology great and little traditions; nms complex;sacred complex; sanskritization; universalization and parochilization

Rejected Entries, Name not in the list

Some entries have been rejected, when I or Jury member(s) felt that:

  1. Effort not visible. Merely lifted passage from here and there and created bullets-without making it laymen friendly, revision friendly.
  2. Very Amateur and shallow writing.
  3. Plagiarized work from another author/blogger.
  4. Doubtful case of copyright violation. When I emailed you seeking elaboration, you’ve not given clarification about the ‘source’.
  5. Sent article to my any other email id except Mrunal dot help.

However if you think you didn’t belong these category and yet your article is not in above list, then probably I made some error while making the excel spreadsheets of author vs. subject. In that case, plz contact me via email and I’ll update the list.


Server #1: Zip file (8MB)


if above link doesn’t work –it means you’re using some javascript blocker addon or your office/college network admin has banned that server.

Server #2: To view docs online on google docs: click ME

For the zip files of past competitions (September, October, November, December, January), visit Mrunal.org/write2win


  1. Thanks everyone for participating and sharing. And if anyone feels hurt for not getting his/her due recognition/ranking despite the contribution, then my sincerest apologies. 
  2. Irrespective of the platinum/gold/silver categorization, I thank and applaud you all, for your gesture of sharing knowledge with the community and look forward for more of your articles in future.
  3. Competition is stopped from now on. Please donot send any more articles to my email id.

The sad truth of life is- 50000 subscriber ki site hai, lekin harr kaam khud karnaa padtaa hai. Nobody comes to help in the time of need.


Indian History Freedom Struggle Pratik Nayak

155 Comments on “[Write2Win] Result of February 2014 competition, Free zip notes for everyone”

  1. Mrunal thanks a ton for the good work ur doing. Ur website is God sent for an aspiring administrator from a small town like myself. The article writing (crowd sourcing) exercise is an innovative and commendable effort. 10/10 for the brilliant idea. It would have a great thing if the crowd sourcing was continued. However, I look forward to many more mrunal style articles in the coming days. Regards RNZ

  2. please don stop.please !!!!

  3. A long time reader here. It’s sad to see Write2Win go away.

    If you just need someone to moderate, I can do that. I can take complete responsibility, and work with any other volunteers to weed out copy-paste articles.

  4. your site is of great help to aspirants…peoples of our country always resort to shortcuts..by stopping write2win u took good decision…..

  5. is mrunal taking civil services exam 2014?

    1. donot say stupid things mr. nikil.

  6. yaar mrunal ne itne RTI kiye hai upsc ko ki inko interview tak to bulayegi hi surely

    1. I did nt want discussion to move in this direction

      1. so plz mind ur words
        All are for self interest
        And self interest leads to self respect and that leads to respect for others
        I respect mrunal a lot
        I just asked a Q answer to wch is expected in form of a fact and nt opinions

        1. if i hurts you , i am sorry, but you were talking on a divert matter so i said above comment.

  7. its very unfortunate to see some disturbing comments on this sanctum of learning.I request you to please stop this ridiculous comments.

  8. This initiative was really helpful. I stopped purchasing Chronicle and found this monthly folder far far better than chronicle
    I wanted to contribute so much, infact i thought that i will keep contributing even when i get selected
    Thats it
    Its is sad
    Crying does nt help
    Did mrunal even express his grudges for poor participation, did he even issue a warning once that he will stop it if all this continues
    He can continue with it
    And he is nt doing it
    He has taken a suo moto whimsical and arbitary decision wch is nt reason based
    This is a fact
    And this has to be stated

  9. maine offer ki thi help, remember mrunal? but instead of helping me understand where i was wrong in my thinking and approach, you out righted shunned me. still, i think your basic thinking is one of benevolent despotism and top-down dispensation of material and resources. you need to first change this, you NEED to assemble a team of workers and lead that team but will you? koi help ke liye nahi data kyunki tumhe help chahiye hi nahi, sad truth of life is that power has gone to your head my friend, you need to DECENTRALIZE control of the site, not just DELEGATE writing articles.

    1. communist ho kya bhai….

      1. “maine offer ki thi” not bhai …..Be careful

    2. @ gfox r u frm chennai………….

  10. Thank u Mr.Murnal for all the work u did

  11. as regarding the new subdomain my.forumias and the continuation of the experiment, i predict an overall failure for reasons you have not yet contemplated it seems, sorry to be the bearer of another sad truth. to see you/them offering cash rewards is also interesting since it means that enough revenue is being generated for the stakeholders to announce cash prizes, flipkart affiliations are really working it seems but back when i proposed monetization in a different vain, you reacted in vehement opposition of the idea, double standards, sir?

    1. are you thinks that you are smarter than mrunal sir? stop talking nonsense mr.GFOX or whatever name.

      1. no i do not thinks i is smarter than anyone rahu, but yourself not to get hyped over this matter and may relax

        1. so be happy and support and respect the decision taken by mrunal sir. o.k mr. GFOX.

    2. Is there anything wrong with flipkart affillations Mr.Fox? Like everybody else Mrunal need his kitchen fire to keep burning. Please stop showing disrespect to the man who is helping so large pool of aspirants without charging them a single rupee. IF earning were his sole goal he could open a coaching centre and I am sure he would earn in crores .

  12. Mrunal, this competition was very useful. If work-load is an issue, may I suggest decreasing the frequency to bi-monthly or quarterly? But, yes some of the articles were really very useful for Mains preparation. You can always work around the problems, dont shun it altogether. It was very good initiative.

  13. please publish answerkeys of cds 2014 , iam waiting since 4 days.

  14. sir please publish last 3 months sci-tech …..waiting for this.

    1. I get a notification while opening the file that the page contains…bla bla…. so cant open…

      Can you/anyone copy paste the content?

      1. DoPT approved it….

  15. mrunal in this new format when we take out the print. it leave almost 1 inch space on left side which waste paper. kindly look into it. earlier print use to be come out on enite paper which reduces the paper feed.

  16. mrunal sir, where are you? not even a single article?

  17. sir, please don’t stop this was a good practice for us to write and even compare with other eminent writers , my request is to consider your decision once again

  18. mrunal ji kuch likhiye please!!!your “writing holiday” is killing me!!!!

  19. mrunal sir bachho ki bato ka bura mat maniyega..:)


  21. these competition was worthy…but not getting co-operation from subscriber n ppl i can understand tht..many a time i wonder whether u r doing all these stuff single handed..one man army like guj CM…many a time i seen ur article posted early morning 4 am or 5 am..can understand u working over nights…n despite that ppl here still uses bad words…. i remember gujarati saying “daya ni maa ne dakan kahye…” ..any help needed ready to donate time for that..without any expectation of rewards…

  22. mrunal sir…….. ye ukraine crisis kya h….. thoda btaiye pls…. koi b jo thoda briefly expln kar ske pls btaiye…. i missed the topic and now it seems out of my reach…pls reply anyone

  23. @^ download feb writing competition , check IR diplomacy folder. two articles in lucid language.

  24. @Sakshi:
    Ukraine Crisis:-

    = one of the former soviet reupublic (out of 15 ones)
    = seperated from russia (soviet union) after it collapsed in 1991
    = most of the population is russian speaking
    = a signatory was signed in 1994 b/w USA, Ukraine, Russia + others to maintain the soveriegnity of Ukraine.

    How the CRISIS Started ?
    = the protests started in Ukraine when = its currently ousted president “yanukovich” made energy ties (gas & energy supplies) with Russia for 10 Years = but local junta wanted ties with EU (european union).
    = the local population -Junta, captured the Govt. buildings & other important places in protest.
    = the president viktor yanukovich was removed = new parliament & leader now came in picture (but he is pro-russian)
    = russia made intervention by sending its troops into Crimea Border town of Ukraine + Russian parliament even passed resolution for military intervention in ukraine. = said that CHINA supports him (Cold war ally)
    = Western countries (USA, EU etc) = warned russia not to interven in the internal affiars of ukraine = otherwise they will impose santions like freeze assets etc.
    = It is one of the BIGGEST tussle b/w West & East after the COLD WAR era.

    1. 1)Just to add to your great work . Ukraine is the second most resource rich country in CIS . Often considered the bread basket of erstwhile Soviet Union . It also got the second largest chunk of nuclear arsenal post-disintegration . Thus it is an incredibly important country w.r.t Russia’s interest . Putin needs Ukrainians govt to be his side kick to dominate CIS .
      2)Crimea lies adjacent to the oil rich Azov Sea . Plus if Crimea goes over to a hostile Govt . , most important Russian sea port on Black Sea costs i.e. Rostov loses heavily . That is why Russian navy monitors the Azov sea passages , as this passage is Russia’s southern connect to Mediterranean and further on .

  25. sir, you are giving the invaluable efforts to share your knowledge(one of the greatest things a human can do in their life).i follow your articles regularly.I have the intension to help you out,but i am new to the writing skills and i do not know in what way can i help you?? But,i think, this is not the big hurdle to overcome.If you guide me,i can help you.I do have some selfishness in this because this will help in enhancing my knowledge in various aspects,writing skills and stands as a good guide for civils preparation(in future).So, i request you to do not stop this competition….

  26. do not stop this. by this competition we get articles on the topics of mains. and we revised the same through it. if it is a cut paste. no problem. if the cut pasted article is good then wht is the problem. please continue it. and it should be topic wise. and on the basis of received entries u should write the best article containg all the relevent facts.

  27. Sir, Do not Stop writing/Update. kindly tell me what can i do for you. You are working on wonderful task . I personally suggest everyone to follow ur Site. ur great sir .
    Please don’t stop writing.

  28. Dear Mrunal,
    Your frustration at the apathy of thousands of subscribers is justified. However, let us not forget that despite a project’s failure, lessons derived should serve as brick-stones to build a strong foundation for a new one. All those who contributed regularly to this initiative are worthy to be applauded, along with you. But please don’t be harsh to everybody, many subscribers are simply those who have done so to just have a feel that they are preparing for UPSC, without visiting this site often. The real utility of your site is for those who prepare with many odds in terms of financial or family constraints and hence can’t/don’t avail a regular coaching. They may be having less time to study/cover the syllabus and would’ve hence not contributed to their potential but must’ve anyway benefitted from the articles. Keep writing for their sake, and we do hope that some day your wish of having volunteers among subscribers gets fulfilled to an extent beyond imagination!

  29. sir plzz provide lectures of gs paper2,3and4 of mains

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