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Mrunal’s UPSC GSM3-2020 Model Answer lecture: Science Technology, Internal Security Border Management Questions from last Mains Exam Solved!

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  1. Preparation Status:Reality Check
  2. The 100 Days Strategy
  3. Plausible Strategy
  4. Quantifiable Strategy
  6. THE FLOODS of readymade Material

To those who’ve never cleared prelims before,

This post is not to scare you but to shake you up before it is too late to make amendments.
Don’t be living in a fantasy world of what you’d do after becoming an IAS/IPS/IFS:

I’ll kick some ass and impress the hell out of my friends and relatives!

^Damn right but it all means nothing if you can’t crack the Prelims.
In fact for a serious player, nothing can be more insulting and humiliating than failing in prelims. Time for a reality check.

From 1st February to 20th May 2012= About 100 days to go before the CSAT 2012 Prelims.
So let me ask you a question:

How much have you prepared?

  • The word ‘prepared‘ means = you have impeccable command over the said topic, you’ve ruminated and digested that topic entirely. You’ll only need a cursory browsing of book or self-notes in last 4-5 days before Prelims. That is called ‘prepared’.
  • If you’ve read NCERT, GS Manual or any book for only SINGLE Time =does not equal to ‘prepared’. In it fact is equals to nothing, because In UPSC Prelims-questions, you either know the answer, or you don’t know the answer.
  • Speculation and Guesswork based on single reading=digging your own grave through negative marking.
  • So, How many topics are yet to be covered? What are your strong areas and weak areas?
  • You’ve to do an honest Self-assessment; you’re the best judge of your own caliber, and then make a Strategy for the next 100 days/ 3 months, which must be: Straight-forward, Plausible, and Quantifiable.




From Today, I’ll give 16-18 hours a day and finish ENTIRE SYLLABUS of GS and Aptitude!

  • You haven’t counted the mood swings, the hours wasted in friend/relatives’ weddings, cricket matches, movies, family outings, facebook , twitter etc.
  • (If you’re employed) Not to mention the hours spent in job assignments, unproductive chatter with colleagues, the daily-commuting between office & home and the fatigue associated with it + family responsibilities if any.
  • 16-18 hours per day, sounds good only in topper-interviews, in real life it is hard to sustain the attention and energy in studies after 6-7 hours on daily basis for a normal person, afterwards it’s just eyes moving across the book-pages, nothing actually penetrating inside the mind.
  • You will be able to pump 10-12-16-18 hours only when you’re neck deep in trouble and stress: when there is only one month or just 20 days left before the exam, you cannot sustain 16-18 hours study, continuously for 100 days. Except in Bollywood /Hollywood underdog-movies, where players with Desi-jugaad training can win against players with intense scientific training, e.g Rocky 4, which is not the case in real life.

Assuming that you can do productive study of 7 hours a day then,
100 days times 7 hours= 700 hours.
Sounds good? Divide it by 12 (topics of CSAT syllabus)*= Only 58 hours available for each topic!
*12 Topics = 7 Topics of GS + 5 Topics of Aptitude, according to the OFFICIAL Syllabus by UPSC for CSAT 2012.


  • Current events of national and international importance.
  • History of India and Indian National Movement.
  • Indian and World Geography – Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World.
  • Indian Polity and Governance – Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues, etc.
  • Economic and Social Development -Sustainable Development, Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector initiatives, etc.
  • General issues on Environmental Ecology,  Bio-diversity and Climate Change – that do not require subject specialisation
  • General Science.

We are not even counting the ‘sub-topics‘ i.e. Science = Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer etc otherwise it’d cross century before Sachin and then you’d be left with just 7 hours a day. Which essentially means you’ve got only ONE DAY For Each Topic : for everything reading, revision and practice.


  • Comprehension-Interpersonal skills including communication skills;
  • Logical reasoning and analytical ability Decision-making and problem-solving
  • General mental ability Basic numeracy (numbers and their relations,  orders of  magnitude, etc.)(Class X level),
  • Data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency etc. – Class X level)
  • English Language Comprehension skills (Class X level)

Again, not counting the subtopics such as Logical reasoning= Circular arrangement, Venn diagrams etc

Secondly, the strategy must be


I’m yet to cover Geography, But I’ll complete everything of it before the exam.

  • Geography is not just one topic, it is made up of several: Physical, Human, Current, Indian and World geography.
  • If you haven’t been doing reading and revision diligently, there is hard chance of covering ‘entire’ Geography or even memorizing 15% of it.
  • From this day on, it’s going to be trade-off between one topic or another. You put too much hours in one topic, you’ll have to compensate it by compromising with another topic because the time will be in short-supply.
  • Just admit it, you cannot do proper-justice to each and every topic.
  • So, Plan must be quantifiable and not abstract.
  • Always check the cost:benefit ratio. = Hours invested in a particular topic vs probability of getting 1,2,5,7 or 10 questions from it  vs the probability of you actually recalling that answer in the exam hall.
  • Geography:
  • Physical: Full / partial / ignore.
  • Indian Geography: Full / partial / ignore.
  • World : Full/ partial / ignore…
  • and so on

(and if you tick *partial* then what is to be prepared and what is to be skipped?: that alone would require deliberation for some hours, and partial preparation=luck.)


  • For a champion boxer or tennis-player, even if he is in ‘shape’, he still has to do intense training in the weeks before tournament, for that mental conditioning- that feeling of reaching the peak, being in your prime state.
  • In military, there are separate companies: some ‘combat-ready’, others just for routine patrolling and sentry duties.
  • All soldiers have gone through same training; perhaps same years in service, but those Combat ready troopers are in a different level of physical and mental  state altogether.
  • You’ve to get ‘combat-ready’. That feeling of “Yes I’m anxious, but I can do it, come what may, but I’m ready for them.”
  • When you read the books, complete the syllabus = you’re just ‘getting in shape’, but you haven’t reached your prime yet.
  • 20-30 days before the exam, you’d have to put 10-12-16-18 hours a day for intense revision and practice to reach the prime.
  • Almost everyone: newbies and seasoned players alike go through a period of intense anxiety, stress and self-doubt in the days before any competitive exam. But those who’ve been preparing diligently, also start having that feeling of reaching the prime. But the problem with prime is that its effect doesn’t last for more than a fortnight.
  • What I’m trying to say is: When you decide to skip the attempt just 1 week before the exam, then all the time and energy you invested in reaching the prime, is wasted.
  • Next year next attempt you have to go through same effort all over again to reach your prime. Because UPSC syllabus is designed in such a way, hardly 15% of topics can stay in long term memory and a prelim that requires precise command and knowledge of topics.
  • So for Those who’re still in a limbo about their preparation level, about whether to appear in 2012’s prelims or not, now is the right time to decide whether to attempt or to skip. No point in wasting the effort to reach the prime. Remember only you can judge your caliber.  Whether you should appear or not, only you can decide so Don’t do something because others said so, don’t pick careers because others said so.
  • If you plan to appear for 2012 then from this day on, don’t give a single thought about quitting.

THE FLOODS of readymade Material

From next month, every major publication house (Wizard, Chronicle, PD, CST, Spectrum) even Coaches such as Daulat Khan etc will come up with their special booklets for current-affairs, size ranging anything between 150 to 550 pages depending on who is their target-audience.

  1. 150 pages Book for non-serious unprepared candidates who is looking for short-cuts and quick-fixes.
  2. 550 pages Book for sincere but amateur player, who thinks that GS is made up of only current affairs questions and he can mug up entire current-affairs book and the 50,000 facts and data given in it, by investing all of his remaining months AND that UPSC is going to ask atleast 15 questions from it and that he’ll be able to recall all the mugged up data inside the examhall without any mistake.

In any case: The probability of UPSC asking even 2 direct-questions from such readymade- books = Probability of Team India winning a test-match on foreign pitch.


Certain Publication houses make big (and often false) claims on the cover of their GS books, study material and magazines example

“60 questions in last prelims / mains were asked from our magazine/booklet.”

  • For a stressed candidate it’s like finding a panacea, he invests his money and rest of the months in such things. Stops reading or revising whatever he has prepared so far. He too is heading for #EPICFAIL.
  • Mind it: If you read something for single time- it means nothing in UPSC prelims.
  • (Frequent) Revision is NECESSARY. Shopping for more and more readymade books as prelims approaches= waste of time and money, unless you’ve the time to do second or third revision of the same book.
  • You must have faith in whatever books you’ve read so far, whatever notes you’ve made so far.
  • If you haven’t made any handmade-notes at all for frequent revision, be ready for the unbearable stress, panic and anxiety in the last week and night before the exam as you fumble through the books, while (trying to do) revision.

So where is the 100 Days-strategy?

  • Preparing for Civil-Services especially General studies, is like Kung-fu, everyone has to develop his own style.
  • There are no cut and dried methods to get you through this.
  • Everyone has different mental makeup and capacity to study, so everyone has to adopt a different tailor-made strategy according to his own caliber and limits. Noone can babysit you or spoonfeed you here. You can only get directions from others, you’ve to ride the tiger on your own.
  • Here, Strategy doesn’t mean a simple “recommended booklist, it is all about how you prepare the topics and train yourself for a competitive-exam. Always remember, for UPSC you don’t have to finish the books, you’ve to finish the topics.


  • Your fate will be sealed the day you walk out of exam hall in that Sunday evening of 20th May 2012, But that’s just the beginning. Another Bigger Nightmare awaits: it’s called Mains.
  • Total number of days between May 21st, 2012 and October 5th, 2012 is about 130 days or 4 months and 10 days between Prelims and Mains.
  • In this time, You’re supposed to cover two optional subjects, each having length of a 2 years post-graduation course syllabus  + the infinite General studies syllabus + an Essay.
  • Not to mention the days wasted in speculating the cut-off and result dates. Not like you’re gonna start mains preparation from Night of 20th May 2012.
  • Not to mention the days wasted in deliberating about how to prepare everything, which books to buy which ones to ignore and so on.

In short, work hard and don’t underestimate the competition, there are no consolation prices here.

Indian History Freedom Struggle Pratik Nayak

105 Comments on “[Strategy] 100 Days to go before CSAT, Where are you?”

  1. Greetings to you Sir!!!!
    Just wanted to ask whether CSAT can be prepared in 6 months time??? I have been reading newspapers and magazines like chronicle and the economist regularly and have some grip over subjects like history and geography.Sorry for the earlier comment as it had mistakes in it.

  2. simply amazing..I did not clear the last time..but will do this time…did everything as per mrunal

  3. sir
    its an useful srticle…but y dont u give us a clear startegy of that 100 days plan..its hard to omplement in words sirr…sirr plzzz giv us an clear strategy of preparing ….frnkly plzzz feed us by spoon at this stage sirrrr.
    thanaking you

  4. sir can you just provide the link of the page on your blog where you have listed the books for prelims (economics, polity, etc) . i am not able to see the page now and earlier it was visible .

  5. sir actualy i read ur all articles.but i want suggestion from u regarding cmat exam gk.i was thinking of getting some upsc material but firstly i m jotting down some questions which appeared in the exam.
    sir plz tell me aftr seeing the questions from where should i study.
    first person to be insured in ESIC : our first prime minister
    Daichi Sanyo is a company from which country? japanese pharma company
    Exiled tibetan government is now based where? dharamshala
    Malhotra committee report was based on? Insurance
    Shiv Kumar Sharma plays santoor has got Sangeet Natak Akademi Award the Padma Shri and the Padma Vibhushan
    Abolition of untouchability: Article 17 of the constitution abolishes the practice
    precursor to taj mahal : humayun tomb
    bigelow director of hurt locker
    currency of bangladesh is taka
    yakshaganam is karnataka
    sarva shiksha abhyan is for education to all (6-14 yrs children)
    Indian railways earns max revenue from which source ? freight 70%
    Year of Mathematics will be celebrated on 2012
    HQ of IAEA veinna
    Where conference of World Economic forum held davos
    sir plz provide me the required guidance
    sir my exam is after 2 months
    sir i m vry hopeful dat u wil analyse the above questions and guide me as early as possible

  6. Hi Mrunal ji,
    Regarding Current affairs,can you please tell the “Time Period” of it for CSAT 2013.I appreciate if anyone answer for this! Thanks in advance…

  7. Dear Mrunal, your articles/strategies provide a clear-insight into the pattern and approach towards the examination. My question is – can you please give your honest feedback (as usual) regarding crack ias notes. I’m a working professional, i have given the civils once, but could not clear it.

  8. I am planning to appear in May 2013. I am very excellent in paper II and I reads somewhat during free time of my job, especially in saturday and sunday.

    should I have to appear this year?

  9. Respected Sir,

    Can I appear UPSC in regional Language?
    Mother toung is MARATHI)

    Sir, Please give me directions.

  10. Hi, your effort is clearly visible and much appreciated. thanks.
    My question is this: i have been told that i should not be giving excessive focus on gs1, and my aim should be to get 40% questions right in gs1 and 80% right in gs-2 CSAT. to get 40-50%right in gs1, my game plan:(please review and suggest changes)-i have to study polity(again), yrbook(1st time),geography (11th and 12th-4books(1st time)),history(will do only bipin chandra modern history)(1st time)and ive been reading and taking clippings of indian express and hindu since >3months,. since i am from science background, i will not be revising phy and chem too much, as the basics i remember. for economics i will do economic survey and have done the very basics from my pub ad syllabus which ive covered in classes and have a reasonable grasp on THE BASICS. what should be my approach from now on?(mid january2013) and how much stress on csat (gs-2) should i give? i attempted the 2012 paper(at home) and i KNOW i need practice in comprehension and venn diagram and one or two more small concepts.
    Please advise,i feel the panic coming on slowly.
    P.s-i also go through pib.nic.in and economist everyday,for half hour to one hour,but do not take notes of ALL seemingly important things.
    Thanks in advance,

    1. It seems you’re underestimating the level of competition. And this “cut-off” mindset (40 in GS and 80 in aptitude) is very dangerous for UPSC.
      Shallow preparation of General studies hurts at the mains, essay and interview stage.
      Read these five articles and amend your strategy accordingly.

      1. (Part 1 of 5): UPSC Exam Trends and Changes
      2. (Part 2 of 5) : Importance of Notes, Newspapers and Books
      3. (Part 3 of 5): How to approach General Studies for CSAT prelims, Mains and Interview
      4. (Part 4 of 5): Time Management, Coaching etc.
      5. (Part 5 of 5) Career Backup Plans: How to prepare for State PSC etc
  11. thanks for the prompt reply. I am not underestimating the competition, infact im sh*t scared of the competition as many have been preparing for over a year while this is my first attempt. i have read the articles, and tried to formulate my strategy :
    -have read Wizard polity,will read and take notes from Lakshmikanth till jan end.
    -have finished pub-ad once, plan to focus on prelims for the next 120 days
    -have to read geography ncerts. every other line seems to be improtant, what all should/can i remember?
    -history (modern) bipin chandra
    -polity ncert 12th , indian political history have to finish
    -everyone swears by pib.nic.in ,so i read and take printouts of imp stuff
    what should i do for aptitude? and how else to modify ^ ?

  12. Mrunal…. I liked your initiatives…. yesterday night i’ve made a 100 days plan. And today i found out that your blog covered the same topic… It’s really inspiring… This is my last attempt. Do or die.. that’s the thing left for me now… so i’m going to try for it hardly.. thanks friend… thanks a lot.. I won’t waste a single day ahead…

  13. sir, can u please refer the about online mock tests….whether can we prefer it and if yes wat are the famous online mock test conducting institutions,,,,….PLEASE REPLY SIR….

  14. sir, can u please refer the about online mock tests….whether can we prefer it and if yes wat are the famous online mock test conducting institutions,,,,….PLEASE REPLY SIR….

  15. Hello sir,

    I can do excellent for paper-II but I don’t have ample time to prepare for paper-I because I am an professional.
    Can you suggest me something for that?

  16. sir for csat paper 2 i’ve got
    Conceptual Approach to the CSAT (Paper – 2) 3rd Edition (Paperback)
    by P. N. Roy Chowdhury pearson publication … can i proceed with this or should buy TMH publication sir ……. and for geography for gs mains and prelims other than ncert 8 -12 books what book should i go with . i’ve Geography of India 4th Edition
    (Paperback) by majid hussain tmh publication . will this book be useful for gs prelims and mains ???? anticipating your reply :)

    1. given the few weeks left before prelims, not much point in getting new books for aptitude. just practice maximum questions from existing book.
      and Yes Majid Hussain is good both for prelims and mains.
      but again given that only few weeks left before prelims and that conventional geography has been declining (atleast in prelims) so your better off pumping more effort in environment biodiversity and allied topics from geography than trying to cover the whole Majid Hussain at this junction.

      1. sorry sir .. i forgot to tell that i wouldn’t be eligible to appear this year sir ……. only by 2015 i’ll be able to write …….. sorry sir ……. considering this could you please reply to the above question sir …. please

  17. thankx mrunal sir 4 providing such a valuable guidence..is blog pr ham der aaye par durust aaye…thnkxxx a tonnn sir..it helped me a lot in digging out good books and also wenevr i come to d blog i found myself brightning wid full dose of positive vibes..thanks sir..:)

  18. sir can u suggest me how to choose any optional subject for mains and how and when to start prepare for the same.i will appear for csat 2014.

    1. Hi chitra we going to face the mains with only one optional so you try to find your interst one and choose that as optional from the list of optional pappers in upsc website

  19. Sir I have strong will to prepare for IAS ,but now my condition is such that i am not where in the field of general studies .
    I have fear about failing in exam of IAS after giving my valuable time of next 1-2 years.Now i am selected for do Mtech in IIT But My life’s aim is to select in IAS.so Should i take drop for IAS or do mtech from IIT…
    sir please reply its important.

  20. hi Mrunal,

    is it a must to read Hindu news paper, i feel Indian express ( Delhi ) edition is better. plz suggest me which to read.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Hi nagashree no of institution perscribed maximum for The Hindu and most of the questions asking from that so i suggest you The Hindu is the best option.

      1. sir, i think we needs to go with either of the news paper i.e The Hindo or Indian express+ CST or Chronicle …that will be enough to cover 60-65%. we have a limited time and it takes abt 2-3 hour to study a single news paper so its impossible to spend more than 2-3 time only in news paper.

  21. Sir after see your website i got lot of confidence, you are my eye in the case of civil sevice

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