1. Write a brief note on Andean Community
  2. Nations in Andean Community
  3. Functions of Andean Community
  4. FTA with Mercosur
  5. Andean Passport
  6. Institutional bodies within the Andean community
  7. India and Andean Community

Write a brief note on Andean Community

Birth 1969 by the Cartagena Agreement,
Other name Comunidad Andina (CAN)
HQ Lima, Peru
  • encourage industrial, agricultural, social, and trade cooperation among members
  • promoting the independence and strength of the regional economy

Nations in Andean Community

Members Associated Nations Observers
  1. Bolivia
  2. Colombia
  3. Ecuador
  4. Peru.
  1. Chile
  2. Argentina,
  3. Brazil,
  4. Paraguay
  5. Uruguay
  1. Panama
  2. Mexico

Map-south-america-political Andean Community

Functions of Andean Community

  • Andean Community coordinates the commercial, industrial, and financial policies of member nations.
  • 1996 they decided to make their trading bloc to more closely resemble the European Union (EU), which included
    • secretariat possessing executive powers to resolve disputes,
    • Direct election of a parliament by citizens of the member states,
    • Formation of a customs union.

Andean community deals with the following issues:

  1. Trade in Goods
  2. Trade in Services
  3. Customs Union
  4. movement of people
  5. Common Market
  6. Common Foreign Policy
  7. Border Development
  8. Social Agenda
  9. Sustainable Development
  10. Economic Policies.

FTA with Mercosur

  • 1998 they signed an agreement with the countries of Mercosur, agreeing to create a free trade area.

Andean Passport

  • In 2001 the Andean Passport was created, enabling citizens of member states to travel between the countries without request for visa.
  • The passport is effective in
  1. Ecuador,
  2. Peru
  3. Venezuela
  4. Bolivia.
Institutional bodies within the Andean community
Andean Secretariat Executive body, with a full time Secretary General whose Secretariat is in Lima, Peru.
Andean Development Corporation (CAF) leading source of external financing for the Andean Community members, which is situated in at Caracas, Venezuela. annual total credit given by CAF is over US$ 2 billion. The credit is given to regional projects.
Andean Court of Justice in Quito, Ecuador and resolves disputes among member countries.
Andean Parliament policy advisory body and is situated in Bogota , Colombia.
Andean Congress Bogotá, Colombia

India and Andean Community

  • 2003, India and the Andean Community established a Political Dialogue and Cooperation Mechanism
  • We collaborate with them for issues related to environment, energy and food security, rural development and science and technology.